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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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day, we'll explain. to prince george's county now, where we have new information on the death of a mother and her 2-year-old little girl. >> police arrested 25-year-old darren maurice johnson. he saturday young girl's father. wusa 9 stephanie gayle hart has more. >> reporter: we checked and she has been in trouble with the low -- the law before. today, i spoke with the victim's pastor about his arrest. it's not over yet. god has his eyes on him. and i believe that justice will be served. >> bishop robert pitts is looking to a higher power for guidance during this troubling time. lashante davis and chloe were like family to him. >> it's a great void. >> reporter: today, prince george's county police arrested darren boswell johnson for the murder of his own daughter, 2- year-old chloe, and the murder
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of her mother, nashante davis. last fall, court documents show a paternity test ruled he was chloe's father. recently, a prince george's county judge ordered him to pay $600 a month in child support. >> i think that probably set him off. because he had to pay child support. >> reporter: yesterday morning, the family was shot and killed in the parking lot of their fort washington condo. chloe was still strapped into her car seat. >> she always wanted me to be her god mother. and she was such a lovely person. >> reporter: davis was a second- grade teacher at brad bury heights elementary school. her students and their parents are heartbroken. >> it's sad. it don't make sense. and whoever did it, they should pay for it. >> nothing has happened yet. just sitting in jail, not just going to do it. you know? so we just have to find out how the core system runs. the family is still in the
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process of making funeral arrangements. but the funeral will most likely take place sometime next week. reporting live tonight in prince george's county, stephanie galehard, wusa 9. >> and we are waiting for authorities to hold a news conference with new details about this crime. that news conference right now, scheduled for 5:30. police george's police are investigating a homicide in maryland. police say a man was shot on to death in the 2500 block of darrell drive. there are reports two men were seen running from the area. police say they do not believe this was a random act. a virginia tech student charged in the death of a 13- year-old, will have her bond hearing tomorrow. natalie keepers was arrested. she is charged as an accessory. keeps' -- keepers' classmate, david eisenhower was charged. starting next year, 10 public elementary and mitt
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schools will add an extra 20 days to the cald. delia goncalves has more. >> reporter: hart middle school here on mississippi avenue, southeast. chosen because the community asked for it. principals want that extra classroom time. and parents tell us they wanted to know that their children was in a safe place, most of the summer. >> okay. so where's your variable. >> reporter: teachers at charles hart middle east will get more construction time. and kids will get more learning time. that's the pitch behind an extended school year, 20 extra days. so what was the first thing that came to these students' minds? >> oh, my gosh. more. i was a little frustrated when they first told me. >> reporter: it takes a little getting used to. but research shows the 200 instructional hours will help close the achievement gap. most schools are in the most challenged ward of the
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district. 7 and 8. >> so we're going to go on. >> reporter: 7th grader, sadirra simon and gina miller needed some convincing. but they're on board now. >> are you ready for an extra 20 days? >> yes. i know i struggle in some classes. >> the first thought that came to my head is education. >> tony not worried at all. the 6th grader knows the road to clem starts -- college starts now. >> i hope to have a great college and career, and i wanted to succeed in life. >> and i'm sure he will. and he says that starts now. the work starts now. and henderson, the chancellor says it does as well. so i got my hands on the proposed calendar. and this is what you all want to know. parents and kids at home. the first day of school looks like it will likely be august 8th. and the last day, july 13th. back to you in the studio. >> that just seems like a lot of school there, doesn't it? >> the 10 schools that took part in the city's pilot
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program to find out if your child's school is on the extended year list, you can check out our wusa 9 mobile app. turning to campaign 2016 now, where the republican presidential field is getting smaller once again. senator rand paul announced he's dropping out of the race to instead focus on winning re- election to the u.s. senate there in kentucky. there are widespread reports that former pennsylvania senator rick santorum is also ending his presidential bid. >> new hampshire, the place to be now, as candidates go to search and vote in the nation's first primary. marco rubio has a jam-packed schedule there in the granet state. -- granite state. one of his prime opponents, chris christie is talking about it. >> he's talked about the things he's fought against. he's a nice person but simply not ready to be president of the united states. >> if you vote for me, i will unight the conservative movement and -- unite the conservative movement and the
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republican party. >> bernie sanders' party is rejecting the argument that he is ahead simply because he's right next door in vermont. president obama paid his first visit to a mosque today. >> he led a town hall meeting meeting with about a dozen muslim leaders around the world. the president called for unity among american faith communities and asked for muslims around the world to help combat the extremist ideologies of groups like the islamic state. >> we are one american family. we will rise and fall together. it won't always be easy. there will be times where our worst impulses are given voice. >> the white house said that mosque was chosen because it represented the diversity of the muslim community. about 1% of the u.s. population is muslim. four people are being treated for injuries they received in a d.c. ambulance
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crash. a chevy equinox in the ambulance collided at naylor road. the ambulance was in the process of transporting a patient when that crash happened. a second ambulance had to be brought in to complete the run. the accident happened around 7:00 this morning, cause of the accident significant delays in -- causing significant delays in that area. the red cross is helping three people displace boo a fire that happened here in arlington. the flames broke out on north nelson street this morning. the firefighter was alerted pie a passerby -- aert lettered by a passerby. not clear yet what caused the blaze. tracking metro. and many riders are complaining that cell service is just not working at a few stations. today, metro acknowledged, yeah, there say problem. a damaged communication cable knocked out wireless service to the vernon square. gallery place, judiciary square and union square stations.
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here's the bad news. fixing the problem requires access to a tunnel, which can only be done on the weekend. it will be scheduled for service during an upcoming weekend. paying people not to commit crimes. >> it's all part of a new measure passed by the d.c. council. under this bill, city officials would identify up to 200 people, considered either at risk of committing a crime, or becoming a victim of violent crime. they participate in a behavioral therapy program. and if they stay out of trouble and complete the program, they would receive some sort of stipend. >> i would be for it, as long as it's for something in terms of, you know, it's not just cash. maybe it's a card they can spend on food, clothing or shelter. >> i guess there would be less crime. but does that come out of our taxes? >> good question. well, similar program in place in richmond, california, reports that 80% of participants have not participated in any crime. but d.c. mayor muriel bowser
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wants to look at the program. she said it should be focused on summer jobs for at-risk youth and turning that into a year-round program. ahead on 9news at 5:00. uber has a puppy problem. turns out there were not doggies -- enough doggies to go around on a day they promised cuddle therapy. and topper is back tonight with the yellow weather alert. and unseasonable warm temps on the way.
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you'll get 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. for a network that moves as fast as your business. right now, upgrade to fios 50 meg or higher internet and phone and get $250 back. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. store there is -- there is an alert out tonight for a rapp rabid -- rabid fox. peggy fox joins us now from mcclane with the latest
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details. peggy? >> chatted with a woman a short while ago. and she's fine. she's been to the doctor today, after receiving several shots to prevent rabies. she told us that when she saw this fox coming at her, she thought she just startled it. she did not think the fox was rabid at the time. just that it perhaps had been injured, because it had blood on its nose and on its foot. however, the fox did come at her three times. and the last time, bit her. she's just glad that it happened to her and not one of the children in the neighborhood. >> everyone has been waiting at the bus stop, in cars. and you know, just grabbing kids off the bus and putting them in. >> some people in that neighborhood are -- in this neighborhood are on edge. after what some believe was a rabid fox. >> i happened to notice a fox walking really slowly across the yard over there. sandy rosen blat was walking across her front yard yesterday afternoon, when she saw a fox that was injured. >> i noticed it had a cut on
5:13 pm
its nose. >> reporter: she did not think the fox looked sick. but just might have been startled, when he came at her three times. the third time, breaking the skin on her leg. >> it came back at me. and just the scrape. it just broke the skin enough. >> reporter: she called animal control and went in for treatment. >> i got a tesinous shot in -- tetanus shot in my arm. and a shot in both of my thighs. one in my hiney cheek. >> reporter: animal control officers went door to door, alerting residents. >> concerned until it's caught. but i don't know if they're going to catch it. you'd almost have to go into the creek or woods or something down here. >> they have not caught that fox. the last it was seen, it was going down this street toward pemet run. and living so close to a stream, this neighborhood does see a lot of wildlife. they do see foxes pretty often. but this was unusual. so they are asking people to be
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on alert. and if they see a mammal, any animal, a fox, raccoon, looking strange, acting strange, to please call them. reporting live in mcclane, peggy fox. wusa 9. >> and they are asking that if you see that fox or any other animals or if you have any possible symptoms, to please call animal control. if there is an imminent threat, though, of course, you should call 911 immediately. maryland governor larry hogan delivered an upbeat state of the address today. >> speaking to the legislature in annapolis. they touted job growth and called for bipartisan support in the future. >> together, we have been tested. but in the face of adverse it, we were not -- adversity, we were not democrats or republicans looking backward, we were marylanders, with our eyes faced forward, looking for a better tomorrow. [ applause ] >> hogan also praised state
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leaders for overcoming all the challenges, including his own cancer diagnosis. he told us he is now 100% cancer-free. people are bracing for tornadoes am one touched down in scuba, mississippi and made it all the way to alabama. one father and his family hid, as that twister barreled through his home. >> survived. it's the grace of god. >> reporter: no reports of any injuries or deaths. but that same storm system, fueling tornadoes in the south. it's creating blizzard-like conditions across the central plains. a whiteout in central minnesota prompted a travel ban. after more than a foot of snow fell in that state. >> so for a day long of snow, we don't have anything to complain about. >> we don't. >> the snow pack acts like a sponge and can absorb some of the rain. it's kind of good and bad, having snow north and west of
5:16 pm
town. all right. let's start with a live look outside. foggy. 52 right now. come on, temps, you can do it. you can do it. winds out of the south at 7. pointed out at noon, it was a classic case of cold air damming. it still is. but i think we'll end up in the 50s eventually. radars in the last hour. you see yellow pop up here. fairfax, montgomery county. and southern maryland to the northern neck. we'll have one more deluge, before we see things calm down a little bit. this is heavy rain. rockfield, silver spring. up the spur and passed into american legion bridge and toward fairfax. heavy rain in fairfax. out in river road. again north of rockville ands also around silver spring. that's indicated in yellow. rainfall rates there could be about an inch per hour. this is moving off to the north and east. this heavy activity that is now in western montgomery county, crosses over, goes into
5:17 pm
rockville, about 5:17. and brookeville at about 5:37. okay. let's talk about some of the areas that have had some problems today. out in leesburg. water, 8 to 24 inches deep from the south fork and catoctin creek. closed some roads east oflies -- of leesburg earlier. barnesville, some intersections were closed at peach tree. they got deep snow pack in loudoun county and upper montgomery county. and brookeville, that road was closed also from high water. all in all, bad. but we told you there was a little flooding. we were under a flood watch. in fact, that continues until 6:00 a.m. shower and fog lingers tonight. bus stop temperature in the 40s. primarily dry. breezy and still nice. clouds will linger east of town. and a chilly finish to the week. clouds will still linger, east of town, thursday and friday. 10:00 tonight, showers all but gone into southern maryland.
5:18 pm
a lot of clouds come over. let's hope these temp comes to fruition. 58 on future cast at 10. 53 in leesburg. by morning, not that crazy cold. upper 40s downtown. 43, gaithersburg. 44 also in fairfax and dale city. and by 9:00 a.m., still about 45. in bowie, under partly cloudy skies, and about 47 in fredericksburg. there will be a mix of clouds and sun tomorrow. but temperatures still getting very close to 50 degrees. the breeze will make it feela little cooler than that. on the day planner, 50 to start. but then 46 at 9:00. back up to 50 under partly cloudy skies at 1:00. friday, again. morning clouds, east of town. not a bad day, mid-40s. that's about average. and near 50 on saturday, with sunshine. next seven days. great on sunday. having a super bowl party. wow, perfect. 52. 42 on monday. arctic air returns next tuesday and wednesday. good chance of snow showers on tuesday. and not even freezing next wednesday. all right, topper. thank you.
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well, it was supposed to be a nationwide effort to get puppies adopted. spend $30 to have uber deliver a puppy to your door. >> sounds exciting, right? enough people tried it that there wasn't enough puppies to go around. this is the magic of television you may have missed in person. deborah? >> yeah. absolutely, adam. i mean, look at this little guy here. actually, they're named -- many of them are named after presidential candidates. you're looking here at carly fiorina. i'm calling this one tank, though. he's pretty heavy. if you missed it, maybe you didn't know about the uber puppy thing. or maybe you tried and tried and tried and failed. guess what? we have a little present for you. and it sounds a little like this. [ laughter ] >> i don't know what to do! >> reporter: oh, the unmistakable sound of people with puppies. their names are bernie sanders
5:20 pm
and mitt palmne. >> they were on the uber app, asking for puppies at exactly 11:00 a.m., when the promo started. they lucked out. me, not so much. not louise either. nadia put in two requests. no dog. >> reporter: leslie carlson and her northwest d.c. coworkers got a puppy visit. dana and hers, too. >> eyes are closed. baby. >> reporter: so for all of you who missed out on uber puppy, are some of the washington animal rescue league's puppies puppies puppies puppies and adult animals, too. >> this is the best puppy wednesday ever. >> i have to agree. this definitely is the best wednesday ever. because i get to hold this little guy here. if you were disappointed, you can imagine the kids at hope imagine elementary at northeast d.c. because we told them we
5:21 pm
were going to bring them some puppies will so they must be so disappointed. so this one here, this is for you guys, live at the washington animal rescue league. i'm debra alfarone. >> tough assignment today. just calm you down. >> it was tough. totally. >> he's so chill, too. all of those pups are adoptable. we have a link to the website. >> i'm going to call dibs on that little guy there. coming up on the consumer alert. sales for 2016 halted. and we'll tell you why toyota will have to pay big bucks. and right after the break. a state of emergency in florida as the zika virus continues to spread. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like
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it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great? [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined.
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5:25 pm
in venezuela. >> the bottom line to the public in the continental u.s. remains the same. if you're pregnant and thinking of traveling to a place with zika spreading, don't. >> the zika ri -- virus has been linked to thousands of cases of serious birth kefect. -- defect. the world health organization is also warning european countries to start preparing for a fight against zika. honda has issued safety recalls for its new sporty civic. apparently the two-liter engines can fail because they may have been missing snap rings that can cause damage to parts. honda says it will notify owners in march. $22 million. that's how much toyota will pay for allowing dealers to charge higher interest rates than caulk indications. -- caucasians.
5:26 pm
and brick and mortar store in seattle across the country. the online retailer plannings to open up 300 locations in malls. and oreo has a new campaign to introduce a new flavor. they installed the wonder vault. so people can get a taste of a snack that tastes like a filled cupcake. >> wonder vault. pope francis. they're on a list for candidates for the nobel peace prize. the afghan women's cycling team. and a woman who championed the rights of isis rape victims are also on the list. they are looking for a winner who will alert the world to sexual violence, used as a tool of war. still ahead, why the national zoo is excited about this new video of giant panda cub baby. will a judge throw out bill cosby's sexual assault charges? and d.c. lawmakers want to fork over cold, hard cash to some people to not commit crimes. plus, right after the
5:27 pm
break, residents in one d.c. neighborhood say they're plagued with dog attacks. with the help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can stay happy and healthy in their own home. ♪
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several people in the ward 4 area are calling for change. >> multiple dog attacks have been plaguing the summer w. the latest happening just this past week. stephanie ramirez. >> adam, jan, this last attack happened in the parkview neighborhood. 44-year-old ross is a secret
5:30 pm
service agent. his dog is an italian mastiff. got a strong man, big dog, still badly injured in this. >> reporter: tired and still recuperating. 4-year-old moby just laid there, as wusa 9 spoke with his owner about what happened last sunday. >> it was about a 10-minute battle of listening to him cry. >> reporter: ross yerger's worst nightmare. saying they were walking down the street when a dog with a reputation for being mean ripped loose from its owner's grip and attacked moby. yerger jumped right in, trying to break the dogs loose. >> i found that regardless of the number of times i go to the gym, i'm not strong enough to do that. so as a last-ditch effort, i took my hand and shoved it down the biting dog's mouth. >> reporter: a witness this neighbor ended up offering her shovel to stop the attack. >> something i hope i never see again. it was a lot of blood. i went in the house and got some mth and stuff to put --
5:31 pm
some medicine and stuff to put it -- on it to clean it. >> all of this at a ward 4 community meeting. where others shared more stories of multiple attacks since the summer. >> i'm not for butting -- for putting the dog down. i'm for proper training, proper conditions. and proper management, not only by the homeowner or pet owner but by the city. you know, this is obviously more than just a problem within one block. >> reporter: and yerger said he actually blacked out in the ambulance. he's now getting treatment for rabies. he doesn't want the attacking dog put down. but he said he is still concerned that this dog has gotten out plenty of times before ask they're also concerned that the attack happened right in front of the psychology. >> big problem for him and others. wusa 9 has reported on severe attacks in the past, where the dogs were euthanized. in this case, a washington
5:32 pm
humane society officer deemed that the dog is a danger. they have complied. or they get a warrant to take the dog away. howard county schools have disciplined four students. following the release of a racist video. the students were disciplined in accordance with the code of conduct. the video shows a mount hebron student, speaking out against the black lives movement. yesterday, students walked out of school to show their outrage about the video. right now, investigators are trying to determine the call -- cause a housefire. the flakes broke out on williams court. and a joint home also suffered smoke damage. one resident was forced to find somewhere else to stay tonight. we are awaiting a decision on whether sexual assault charges will be dismissed against bill cosby. or if the case will go to trial. lawyers for the comedian say a former prosecutor's decision not to bring charges against
5:33 pm
cosby, 11 years ago, brings him today. cosby is charged with assaulting andrea constand at his former alma mater, temple university. cosby contends, the sex was consensual. the convicted murderer made famous in this serial podcast made his case for a new trial in a baltimore courtroom today. adnanadnan syed was convicted in 2000 for the murder of his girlfriend. now, his lawyer says that an alibi witness was a big piece missing from the puzzle. they argue that it was a calculated decision by his previous attorney. a plane sucked out in midair. the plane had just taken off from an airport in somalia, when a bomb blew a hole in the
5:34 pm
cabin. video shows it just after the blast. the plane was at a relatively low altitude. the body of the passenger who was blown out of the plane was discovered later. >> what were they doing? who were they doing it to? >> bpa accused of failing to add anti-corrosive agents to water supply. it was the decision to switch the water supply to the flint river. elevated degrees of lead has been found in the flint water supply. and also in the blood of children there. new video of giant panda cub, bay bay, already spreading like wildfire on facebook. hoos here he is now eat -- here he is now, eating solid food. they say he has developed a fondness for sweet potatoes. the story has been shared over 1,000 times already since it was posted by the ñzoo on facebook earlier this afternoon.
5:35 pm
so trending now, a esbethda woman's viral rant, directed at her former sorority. and a burger joint could soon be coming to d.c. yellow weather alert continues. in fact, here is live doppler. we have pretty good showers and even thunderstorms, right along 95. stretching from laurel into silver spring and back into town. we'll talk about when the arctic air rolls in. and we'll have a few flakes
5:36 pm
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let's get to tonight's trending stories. we have some fun ones to share with you. a bethesda woman is getting national attention tonight, after she lashed out at her former sorority. >> alex purdy rushed the sorority. now she explain yes she left in -- why she left in this viral utube video. >> i was so upset to see the way women were treating other women. to see women in leadership roles, telling us that we should care more about what other people think and what we look like. i was expecting to align myself with a group of women who encourage each other to be individuals and to develop intellectually. >> purdy also says that
5:39 pm
sorority leaders would give members weight loss products. a celebrity burger joint may soon be headed to d.c. and i personally am excited about this. >> she hasn't shut up about it all day. actors danny and mark wahlberg, along with their brother fall, are on the retail hunt for wahlbergers. it has been featured on a chain. wahlbergers has six locations. and they hope to have as many as 150 in the next five years. >> i like how marky mark comes to visit. >> you don't really care about the hamburgers then. >> no. a crook with a notoriously common name -- >> beezow doo-doo zopittybop- bop-bop, that is his name, folks. attacked two law en, -- lawmen. the officers chased him down. and that's when beezow grabbed the officer's gun, bit his finger.
5:40 pm
swropity bop -- yes, that is his name there, beezow doo-doo zopittybop-bop-bop. >> how do you even fit that in on a driver's license? >> hyphens and everything. what were his parents thinking? he changed his name. shocking. >> clearly. >> he has an easy explanation, so he says. it was very philosophical. >> we'll have to research on that more later. >> or we could forget that we ever heard about it. uber has changed its logo. the new one is there on the left, old on the right. which makes sense to you? the "u" has been replaced with what looks like a backwards "c." the company and cofounder said the company needed a new look to did along with its changing mission. reaction is mixed. one person tweeted, the only thing i can't see in the logo
5:41 pm
is what i need to see. the "u "for uber. for another user, for another uber branding, well done. it's supposed to mimic a transportation network. >> howard is back with more on tonight's wet ride home and when we'll see the rain come to an end. and we look back at the redskins first-ever super bowl win, back in 1983. and right after the break, identifying and preventing terrorism at super bowl 50.
5:42 pm
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the paris attacks and the attack in san bernardino are on minds as they prepare for the super bowl. >> they are trying to prevent anything from happening. teri okita is live once again from san francisco. hi, teri. >> hi, adam and lesli. unfortunately, there is a serious side. san bernardino is not far away. so security is tight.
5:45 pm
>> heavily armed officers are visible at super bowl event this week. the san francisco bay area is expecting a million visitors each day. and keeping everyone safe has been a project for federal, state and police agencies. >> our number 1 mission in any special event is to prevent acts of terrorism. >> reporter: on the ground, in the water, and in the air, police are using high-tech equipment to search for explosives, and watch out for any suspicious activity. >> put eyes on anyone within the 30 nautical mile radius. >> reporter: all the intelligence and data funnels to the fbi center, not far from levi stadium, where police agencies can instantly share information. authorities admit, suspects acting on their own are a concern. >> it's all about identifying the lone wolf before he or she acts. >> reporter: super bowl organizers told us they want tight security. but not so overwhelming that it
5:46 pm
becomes intimidating for fans. >> it makes you feel safe. but kind of makes you feel like you're in a foreign country. >> reporter: on super bowl sunday, 70,000 will pass the stadium. authorities say there is no credible threat, but they're taking no chances with the safety of fans and players on the nfl's biggest day of the year. >> reporter: the super bowl is the single largest sporting event in the world. federal authorities put it on par with a presidential inauguration. and you know how big those are in washington, in securing this operation. live from super bowl city, i'm teri okita. back to you guys. >> all right, teri. thank you so much for that. we are just days away from super bowl 50. you can watch the panthers and broncos go at it this sunday. but right now, we're going to see topper go at it, with mother nature. >> and rains lifting out. >> and i went 62 for a high today. and i am really sweating that out. so far, we've seen 54.
5:47 pm
pure lesson in cold air. it's 70 south of us. and 60 west of us. >> so it's getting warmer. >> i'm holding out hope. i have until midnight. just want to point that out. right now, down to 52. winds out of the south at 7. still light showers at the airport. heavy act cyst is essentially east of i-95. in fact, we'll put this into motion. darker green and yellow. pretty good rains, rolling through northern saint mary's county. we'll zoom in a little bit. and we have a pretty good rain. we're not going to exactly dry out quickly. even though the rain has ended and you're west of 95, roads are going to be wet for a while. dunkirk, shady side, everything headed to the north and east, and we'll zoom in a little more. in fact, moderate showers in bowie. flecks of showers here. queen anne, some rain. if you're going down 301, you're going to have some slow going. so showers and fog will linger
5:48 pm
tonight. bus stop temperatures in the 40s. most of the spots tomorrow. and then breezy and still nice on thursday. and chilly finish to the week. but still a very nice friday. in fact, temperatures about average for this time of year. okay. future cast. 10:00 tonight, everything essentially gone. certainly all the showers and rain of any consequence, pushing into the delmarva, across the bay. and temperatures, that would be nice. 58 downtown. that may be a little overdone. but notice, it's still mild. 52 in gaithersburg. that's at 10:00 tonight. now, tomorrow morning, a little cooler. clouds are going to linger, especially east of 95. might even see a couple of showers linger into southern maryland through tomorrow morning. temperatures, though, not too bad. 43, gaithersburg. 41 in frederick. 40 in winchester. this is about 6:00 a.m. by 9:00, mix of clouds and sun. and again, more clouds east of i-95. temps still back in the low to mid-40s. not bad. and even by 1:00, we're near 50
5:49 pm
downtown. 50 in culpepper. 51 in fredericksburg. and even 48 in leesburg. by 6:00 p.m., so about 24 hours from now, these clouds are going to be just stubborn, east of 95. so you folks in southern maryland, both tomorrow and also friday, you're going to have a lot of clouds around. not that much precipitation. but a lot of cloud cover. and late tomorrow night, we begin to clear out. and temperatures fall back into the 30s. for tonight, yellow weather alert continues. rain and thunderstorms ending. except south and east. just chilly with fog and temperatures in the 40s for lows. winds will become northwest at 10 to 15. and yes, i'll fix that typo. 40s to start tomorrow. then 50, by 1:00, with partly cloudy skies. we're okay on friday. just a little chilly. kind of a reality check really. back in the 40s. but that's average. and near 50, pleasant on saturday. next seven days, sunday, great. 52. having a super bowl party? perfect. low 40s on monday. i could even put a flake in here monday afternoon.
5:50 pm
but chance for snow showers tuesday afternoon. does not look like snow at this point. but showers possible. but even colder, arctic air temperatures, below freezing. >> new information tonight in fairfax county. >> police released this picture from the crash. that happened back in november. investigators believe that white vehicle may have been involved. killed while crossing franking conia road, just east of south van doran. detective are still trying to talk to anyone who may have information. a prince williams county man is on bond. moustapha baker was pulled over on a traffic stop, last night in woodbridge. investigators say when baker's car was being searched, the suspect attacked the officer. he was eventually arrested. cops say baker appeared to have been drunk at the time. a denver broncos practice squad safety the not -- will not be in california. >> the team sent ryan murphy packing after he was
5:51 pm
questioned. now, murphy wasn't arrested. but his brother and a suspected prostitute were both cited. broncos head coach gary kubiak said it would be best for the team, if they went ahead and prepared without murphy. now, wusa 9, game on sports, with kristen berset, brought to you by x fin it. oh -- xfinity. >> the stage is getting set. the city is just enjoying this week. the field preps are in the final stage. the folks at levi stadium, promising no holes. as we get closer to the big game. a look at super bowl city. as denver and carolina prepare for sunday, we'll be taking a look back at washington super bowl memories. the burgundy and gold got their revenge, 10 years later. for the first world championship title. before the big game, wusa 9 glen brenner sat down with members of the hogs to talk about their name and how the
5:52 pm
persona all came about. >> wbbm tv proudly presents, high on the hog. with glen brenner and sonny jergenson in california. >> came up with the idea. and he printed us up t shirts. and it just mushroomed from that point on. >> a while -- once once in i while. >> local ping-pong. >> whatever we want to call it. we do our studying very hard at the bar. think about a back side. once he gets going, he's got this. and secondary, defensive back has got to be crying to see him coming around the corner. 245 pounds to tackle him. >> here's that play boston was talking about. arguably the most famous play in washington history. john riggins, 43 yards in the touchdown. fourth quarter. giving the burgundy and gold the lead. super bowl mvp, finishing with
5:53 pm
166 rushing yards. >> studying pretty hard at the bar, though. i'm not sure they would be able to get away with that kind of interview these days. >> exactly. i know, before the super bowl, all of that attention, taken away. wouldn't happen now. >> john riggins has his favorites for sure. >> a lot of favorites for the lifelong washingtonians here. coming up at 6:00. and i'm joined by bruce johnson. donald trump is calling for the redo in iowa, after accusing ted cruz of cheating to win this week's caucuses. also ahead at 6:00, former d.c. mayor, vincent gray set to make a big announcement. first, how your social media profile might keep you from getting a job. the result little of a new survey coming up next.
5:54 pm
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what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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stir a good -- a good resume and solid references. turns out your social media can also play a big role into whether or not you get the job. >> reporter: like most 22-year- olds, genitha benjamin spends a fair amount of time on social media. >> i used linked in. and used instagram and all of that. >> but when the clem grad -- college graduate was looking for a job last year, she watched what she posted. >> i thought, i should keep it all professional, because it's all online. >> reporter: and new research shows that that's a good idea am because businesses are
5:57 pm
looking. one-third of companies have disqualified candidates in the past year because of information found on their social media accounts. in another survey, office team asked hiring managers the most common social media mistakes job applicants make. 45% said posting negative or inappropriate comments. 35% said posting or being tagged in inappropriate photos. >> if you're too opinionated, too negative, it could come off to someone that you could be a problem in the workprase. >> and -- workplace. >> and you think staying offline is the answer? 17% question those who don't post regularly or don't have a social media profile at all. >> reporter: having a professional presence online works for benjamin. she recently got a corporate job. her first out of college. hena daniels for cbs news, new york. >> and you know what? it's not just applicants. a survey from catholic test
5:58 pm
prep said 45% of college admissions officers look at a student's social media account. that is quadruple from the percentage in 2008. right now at 6:00, would republican presidential field shrinks by 2. and both democratic candidates prepare to host town meetings. >> they rest a man they -- arrest a man. and the toddler's mother. we've learned that d.c. mayor vincent gray has decided. he began his political comeback in ward 7. >> good evening. i'm bruce johnson. and i'm jan jeffcoat. showers will linger through the night. >> reporter: right now, we put the umbrella down in northwest. but showers east of 95 winds picking up a little bit, too. and also milder air is trying to make it in to the metro area. most of the rain now is east of 95. there is still a flood warning in much of loudoun county. some of the roads are still blocked. goes until 12:45 we say it over and over again.
5:59 pm
do not drive across it. just take it home. here's a look at live radar. essentially, east of 95 is where the showers are. nothing really heavy. a little fleck of activity that indicates into calvert county and southern anne arundel county. all of this is pushing across the bay and should be out of here in the next hour or so. leonardtown, we'll have your activity to the south. and prince frederick to the north, as it heads across toward came cambridge. and some could linger much of the night and come back tomorrow morning if you're in southern maryland. rest of us will be on the way to clearing out. we still have that flood watch in effect for everybody. including fairfax and d.c. and bowie until 6:00 a.m. and the lighter green here that you see, that is actual flooding that you can see occurring. you can find out where it's flooding on our app. when we come back, we'll talk about cold air, the weekend and if we'll see snow next week. >> got it, topper. the field of republicannial candidates getting smaller.
6:00 pm
rand paul bowing out. and there is word that rick santorum is about to back out as well. all sides are working the crowds, big and small. >> reporter: marco rubio is trying to convince new hampshire voters, he is the republican party's unifier. >> if you vote for me and i am our nominee, i will unite the conservative movement and the republican party. >> reporter: some voters are still on the fence. >> what would it take for rubio to get your vote? >> that's a good question. i don't know. stand out. show me that you can take the lead. >> i want to see more than what i see on tv. >> reporter: gop rival, chris christie is touting his gubernatorial experience and taking aim at rubio's senate record. >> he talks about the things he's fought against. what has he done? he's a very nice person. but he is simply not ready to be president of the united states. >> reporter: rubio has a jam- packed schedule every day, leading up to the primary. hillary clinton is hitting the ground in new


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