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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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spill that has georgetown pike at river bend road closed in both directions. it's going to be that way for awhile because it appears to be significant. we'll get the all clear as soon as we get it. shows us how things are shaping up. you heard howard talk about the wet, slick conditions and we are seeing them all over the place. you have to watch out for that. to the maps right now, no issues in prince georges county. we are doing fairly well traveling inbound on 50. southbound on the vw parkway, much more coming up shortly. for now, we'll send it over to you. this is wakeup washington on wusa9. >> it is friday, good morning, dmv. >> right now at 6:00 a.m., we are following several breaking news stories out of prince georges county, including a violent crash. >> super bowl halftime shows are known for their pop culture moments. i'm jamie in san francisco with
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how cold play is preparing. >> and party of two as hillary clinton and bernie sanders go head to head for the first time. wakeup washington at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. and we're following breaking news out of prince georges county. a tractor trailer jackknifes in bowie after a car slams into it. the crash happened on route 301 at 10:30. three people inside the car are in the hospital right now with nonlife threatening injuries. the truck driver, both not injured there. at this point, still no word on what caused that crash. >> a live look at what could be a tricky commute for some. a wintery mix. makia turner is in the storm tracker tracker 9 with a look at the roads. >> reporter: hey, good morning. we're in the area of lesbee and calvert county and we pulled
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over -- >> she's where we learned that calvert county schools are closed this morning. breaking overnight, police in prince georges county are looking for a suspect in a deadly shooting. it happened around 12:30 this morning on southern avenue near suitland parkway. that's in temple hills. a man was taken to the hospital where he later died from his gun shot wounds. police say this was no random act. and shocking new details have been released in the killing of a blacksburg teenager. prosecutors saymy nicole lovell's killer carefully planned her killing and painting. messages led to virginia tech student, david eisenhauer. deciding together that eisenhauer would cut her throat. keeper is accused of kidnapping and the disposal of lovell's body. police say confessed to
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shooting his two-year-old daughter and mother has been denied bond. darren johnson was upset over child support payments. to find the latest, the wusa9 app. it is free for apple and android devices. >> it's day three into the case featured in the cereal pod cast. >> lawyers for syed earn a tblor courtroom arguing he deserves a new trial. syed is accused of killing his girlfriend. asia was grilled for hours. she alleges that attorneys from the state had influenced her testimony in the case. coming up on 6:04, we are four days away from the first in the nation new hampshire primary. last night, for the first time, democratic contenders, hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head to head in the latest poll sanders is leading clinton by 2 to 1 in the granite state. what did you think of last
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night's debate? >> nick giovanni is finding out this morning, getting the buzz on the street. good morning, nick. >> reporter: we're talking about more drama than some may have expected. the inevitable candidates not so inevitable anymore as bernie sanders came up. the photo finish in iowa. we're not talking about the primary debate, with those leading. it's getting interesting. some folks, watching this debate very closely. >> not real happy with the way the race goes. every time we have a debate, all of the candidates spend all their time picking on each other. what each other has, not done. what is a contra addition out there looking for the right candidate. >> reporter: running through some of the tweets that we've seen in response to last
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night's debate, specifically show you one with the hashtack, bernie sanders closing arguments was amazing, said one tweet. thank you, bernie, i believe in you. the score cards, sanders knew information or punches. hillary was able to stick and move throughout the contest. and one more tweet to show you, great debate tonight. two great candidates with great exchanges. much better than the lol, gop. the hashtag, bernie and hillary: taking center stage tomorrow will be the republicans before getting their first shot. we will not be closing in two weeks. lots to talk about and we'll be doing that all morning long. wusa9. >> we just heard from the wall street journal poll that donald trump has a significant lead in
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new hampshire so far. 6:05. >> rubio and cruz are moving up, too. >> still to come, could he be america's most hated man? as congress gives martin an earful, that drug boss fires back on twitter. more on what he had to say coming up. >> and a health risk over flint's water crisis. we'll be back. >> white flurries here, is still some light sprinkle activity. the heaviest snow east of the way. sun comes out later this morning and i'll let you know how warm we will get for your friday coming up in a few minutes. >> certainly can trip you up as you head out the door. thankfully, we're off to a good start. moderate volume picking up on 95. i-66, this is a live look as you way into springfield and hop on the be 95. we have a few trouble spots,
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this is a yellow alert day. now, here's wusa9's first alert weather. >> that's a yellow alert morning. the wet snow has made for a lot of wet roads. we had a little bit of slush down earlier in parts of southern maryland, southern calvert, southern st. mary's, the eastern shore seems to be getting the worst of it. the more moderate snow there and the blue area, which was across southern maryland on the northern neck. now most of the blue is east of the bay pulling in toward delaware and north new york, where they are expecting 9 inches of snow for central and eastern long island, for us, the back edge of the snow, the light snow and the flurries is coming through areas generally along route 15. there hasn't been much going on
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at all. look at these temperatures. most of them in the mid 30s. on the eastern shore, i have seen snow coverage. that means the lesser traveled roads are covered. i've been checking out, a lot of the cameraings toward california, lexington park, so looks like any real accumulating snow is east of the bay. we do have some delays from anne arundel and king george and st. mary's. calvert closed for the day. this goes down to colonial beach and westmoreland as well. but we'll see sunshine building in as temperatures, which are on the 30s now, will climb into the low to mid 40s later on. breezy, too. larry miller, what's it looking like out there? >> we are still doing fairly well, we do have mounting volume vol volume all over the place. the 304 is running 10 to 15 minutes late: mark train is running 8 to 10 minutes late.
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so just account for that. let's give you a live look outside and show you how things are shaping up. 650, that's the inner loop there. man, it is slow going this morning. we have volume all over the place. typical for your friday morning, i almost said monday. we are doing well along the beltway, but we still have that mounting volume. watch out for that. let's show you how things are shaping up. traveling inbound on 50. you won't find any issues making your way into town. the traffic does get significant as you get closer to town. so just watch out for that. no issues on 301 in both directions. we are still doing well on prince georges county, largo, you guys are good to go out in that area as well. on the bw parkway, watch out for volume as you get closer to the 11th street bridge. you'll be good to go. weather and traffic returns on the 9s. for now, we'll send it over to
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you. >> the zika virus hits home. several cases right here in the district. >> plus, can california cap a gas leak that has been one of the state's worst environmental disasters. >> elton john, u2, and the guy that plays the buckets have choose, choose, choose.
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michigan governor, rick snyder may have lied about his knowledge of health problems. e-mails obtained by a public watchdog show high ranking members of snyder's administration had knowledge the tainted water was causing disease. those e-mails were received by staff months before governor snyder says he was made aware of the issue. michigan lawmakers are moving quickly to start approving $30 million to help pay the water bills of flint, michigan, residents. the bill passed the senate and it goes to the house next week. california hoping to have that out of control gas leak under control by the end of the week. crews will work on capping that leak that started back in october. the blowout at a natural storage gas facility uproared thousands of residents and spewed climate changing methane. i'm nikki at the live desk.
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two police officers in the bronx are recovering this morning from gun shot wounds. the officers were shot during a drug investigation on thursday. both are now in stable condition. one suspect died after shooting himself in the head and two more are now in custody. that's the latest. now back to you. >> martin has angered congressional members. he may have taken the 5th during thursday's hearing, but his body language and his twitter account spoke volumes. the 32-year-old rolled his eyes as lawmakers tried to question him about jacking up the price of a life saving drug. he also took to twitter calling the lawmakers names. making friends fast here in washington, d.c. and around the world. >> watching it,. >> no disrespect, of course. >> that's what his lawyer says. >> he said he didn't mean anything by it. >> a little loving term. >> in the best possible way. >> weather wise, we had snow
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overnight. it hasn't done anything here in the metro, except make streets wet. southern st. mary's, parts of the northern neck, the eastern shore. calvert county schools have closed. >> a long list of two hour delays. >> anne arundel, colonial beach, a lot of areas on a two hour delay. we do want to show you first alert doppler. you can see the snow and the rain. yeah, it's been a mix in spots. especially along the coastal areas. we see blue areas coming up now and they were earlier today. they were down on the northern neck and southern maryland. they moved to the eastern shore. all of this is light shower activity. i put the temperatures on. mid 30s. it doesn't. it did down south. that's why areas from california, lexington park over to lusbee. watch out for slushy build up. on the eastern shore, we've had some heavier snow. a little colder cambridge down to 32. we've had those areas snow cover on the roads.
6:18 am
you still see blue showing up there, so don ton, easten headed in toward delaware, that's the worst of it for today. i'll show you the big picture one more time. how everything is moving off toward the northeast and you see in toward ocean city, we're mixing in toward moderate show. while the back edge of the flurry, almost to leesburg. as far as our forecast, we'll get rid of this stuff. sot sun will be back here by mid-morning. this afternoon, mid 40s. it is going to be breezy. dress for 30s, because winds gusting over 20, it will feel like it's in the 30s. temperatures right now, just about everybody above freezing. that's why i'm thinking we may get a few slick spots early. 44 this afternoon, 25 to 30 tonight. upper 40s saturday. season will be chilly. sunday looks good. super bowl sunday. going to grill for your super bowl party, you'll be okay, 52. and winter returns next week. and i'm watching tuesday, not
6:19 am
be surprised if we have several inches of snow on tuesday. not like the last storm, but potential problem, nonetheless. >> i have my mittens on stand by. all right, we do have an accident on the outer loop of the beltway between the 95 interchange and new hampshire avenue causing some delays there. here's a live look from our traffic cam. you can see what's going on. so we were trying to figure out why was the volume here significant at 6:19 in the morning and that has a lot to do with it. so we're not seeing the accident in the camera, which is an indication it might be off to the shoulder. they may be working against commuters, so watch out for that. back to the maps, no issues nor some of our friends out in brandy wine, upper marlboro. you guys are doing really well this morning along 210, pennsylvania avenue. even 301, free and clear of any problems. if you're going to be traveling southbound on the parkway, starting at fort meade, you are
6:20 am
looking at a 19 minute commute. you can see from the red here that the volume starts to pick up. again, volume and delays as you get closer to town. watch out for that. nothing you can do about it, so be patient. traveling northbound, starting at prince william parkway, working your way up to 395. a 13 minute commute. eastbound on i-66, starting at sully road, working your way northwest, now a 29 minute commute. weather and traffic back on the 9's. we'll have an update, we'll bring that to you shortly. we'll send it back to you. >> just like the commercial, it's the final countdown. super bowl 50 right here on wusa 9 is now just two days away. >> keep your day job. >> the halftime show, they have good entertainment. unlike what i just did. >> cold play is this year's headline act. jamie attended their press conference ahead of the big show. she joins us live from san francisco, including her close encounter with cold play.
6:21 am
>> yeah, i don't know what is better. my close encounter or mike's song. the artist play for free because there's such a huge audience. last year almost 120 million people watched the super bowl halftime show. and cold play says they are ready. the british band, cold play, was confident and funny at their super bowl 50 halftime news conference. >> we don't do press conferences that often, so please forgive us if we aren't that good. >> front man, chris martin has been practicing this week. this is car pool karaoke on the late, late show with james cordon. his dad showed off his sax phone skills thursday and asked to join the band on stage at the game. at the nfl shop, we caught up with fans who are very excited about the entertainment. >> a lot of people don't watch
6:22 am
the game so much, it's about the commercials and the halftime show. >> beyonce will perform, but would not confirm any other surprise guests. lady gaga will sing the national anthem. >> what do you think she's going to wear? >> who knows. she is always just a surprise. >> and while everyone knows cold play's music, no one seems to know the other band members. >> what do you know about john, will, and guy? >> i don't know who they are. >> guy, will, and john, how much does it drive you crazy that chris gets all the attention? and along those lines, chris, could i have a hug? >> a little stunned, but not shy. martin did, in fact, give this very excited reporter a hug as he walked out. highlight of the week, i have to tell you. get this, it takes just eight minutes to set up the stages for the halftime show. the performance is anywhere from 12 to 15, and then it's 7 minutes to break down and get
6:23 am
back to football. mike and andrea. >> amazing. amazing. >> and well played with the hug. excellent. nice work. >> i was going to ask if she was having fun, i think you are having a good time. >> thanks, jamie. >> good. well it's never too early to get ready for the big game. you can join us tonight for a super bowl special from 7:00 to 8:00 right here on wusa9. we're having a party. watch and you might win an instant man cave, including a 65-inch tv and a leather recliner. >> can't beat that. 6:24. still to come, some new revelations in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. >> plus, heads to school. we'll take you along to his trip as he meets some excited school
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welcome back. pet picks 9 goes to florida where a police officer has adopted an abandoned puppy. >> this is a viral picture from facebook of officer marcus montgomery cuddling up with his new best friend. a tiny puppy. the two crossed paths after a call to a local shelter for a problem with an employee. montgomery couldn't put him down and after a quick call to his girlfriend, their family grew to three. >> big man, little puppy. okay, topping our news at 6:30, the man scheduled to be tried for a second time in the chandra murder case today. making a ruling.
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howard bernstein on more on the snow causing several two hour delays and one closure this morning. >> calvert closed. anne arundel and st. charles, king george, colonial beach, all on two hour delays. winter weather advisory has been canceled north and west. d.c. isn't in it, either is baltimore. the areas to the east still are, and you know, we do have some slush buildup. temperatures, even in southern maryland, generally in the low to mid 30s, it did snow heavily enough for a few hours that we did have the buildup. you see the blues and they were down here earlier. you're not sad. i'm talking about the heavy snow. those are the colors that you see on our doppler. that's been moving toward delaware and new jersey. we have light snow and flurry activity on top of us making for wet streets here. also down across charles county. we have breaks here. this is light stuff now across calvert, some slush, especially on the back road. watch out for that. this will all be out of here in
6:31 am
the next two, three hours. let's go over to larry miller and see how the wet roads are affecting your commute. >> we have that accident on the outer loop of the beltway between the 95 interchange and new hampshire avenue causing delays in that area. you can tell just by the color how significant it is. once you get past it, you'll be good to go. i do want to let you know, slick roads a factor, especially along the parkway. here's a live look to show you how things are shaping up. eastern avenue, the volume starts to pick up once you get closer toward the 11th street bridge. for our metro commuters, a delay on the blue line this morning. you can expect delays to the town center because of earlier train malfunction. buses are running on schedule. for now, we'll send it over to you. >> this is wakeup washington on wusa9. good morning, i'm mike hydeck along with andrea roane. breaking news overnight, a fire
6:32 am
destroyed a house in prince georges county. this happened in riverdale on auburn avenue in the 6400 block around midnight. no one was hurt, but the family dog was killed in the fire. firefighters say when they got to the house, they spotted heavy flames on the first and second floors. >> the men scheduled to be tried a second time in the chandra levy case will be in court later today. he was granted a new trial because a key witness lied during the first trial. levy disappeared while jogging in 2001. her body was found a year later. i'm nikki at the live desk with breaking news about wiki leaks founder. a un panel ruled in his favor. he has been holed up inside ecuador's embassy for three years. we're taking a live look right now where he is in the embassy right there, expected to walk out any moment.
6:33 am
the panel read their decision this morning that he is being unlawfully detained by britain and sweden and should be freed. u.n. group also says he should be entitled to compensation. now he could still be extradited where prosecutors want to question him over rape allegations, which he denies. right now, he has not been charged with a crime, but a warrant is out for his arrest. a spokesperson said it would formally contest the findings, back to you. >> thank you, nikki, campaign 2016. in the first one on one democratic debate. >> last night, hillary clinton and bernie sanders met in new hampshire days before the first in the nation primary. how did they do? nick giovanni is live with more. good morning, nick. >> reporter: andrea, good morning to you. we're here inside tasty diner because it's here in diners like these that candidates are spending time. we want to hear what some of
6:34 am
these diners had to say and what they took away from last night's debate. we run into some mixed reviews overall. overwelmingly in the end, a lot of people impressed with what former secretary of state, hillary clinton, brought to the table. >> she's unbeatable. >> why is that? >> she knows more. she's done more. she thought more deeply and carefully. when you cut away all the nonsense, she addresses a much larger population. >> are you surprised how close the polls seem to be between her and sanders? >> actually, it is surprising, but at the same time, i think they are not that different. >> reporter: and echoing that sentiment, as you take a look at some of the tweets we've seen coming in for that debate. the trending topic overnight. take a look at one saying why don't we have copresidents. intelligent debate and compromise by example. another tweet reading, who won the debate?
6:35 am
i don't know. it was a greater pleasure watching two articulate adults talk passionately about real things. again, we'll see exactly how those numbers shake out coming up on tuesday in the first primary in the nation. then of course, it's super, not far away, a lot to talk about leading up to those moments. the republicans have their debate coming up tomorrow. we'll be following that throughout the weekend. nick giovanni, wusa9. >> 65:00. a new report shows that hillary clinton wasn't the only secretary of state to have class fid e-mails on our personal server or using a personal account. the watchdog says former secretary of state, colin powell and secretary of state, condoleezza rice received national security information on their personal e-mail accounts. so is this the beginning of the end for ben carson's
6:36 am
presidential campaign? following his fourth place finish in the iowa caucuses. the cuts were made to position the campaign for the coming months financially. >> maryland officials are meeting to talk account dialing down technology before the april primaries. elections administrator wants to use paper ballots indead of touch screens. they can't display all the candidates on the same screen, last names near the bottom of the alphabet. >> obama care reaches an important milestone. why this may make it harder for republicans trying to dismantel the affordable care act. >> and shows off his rock star status at a local elementary school where he met the heros of our military family. >> you know, it's light, it's pretty, it's melting on contact here in d.c. areas in southern maryland, southern st. mary's,
6:37 am
eastern shore, you have slick spots. this is moving quickly away and the sun will be out. i'll tell you what that means for your friday in a couple minutes. >> you're waking up all over the dmv. watch out for slick conditions, wet conditions on the roads. this is a live look right now at the wilson bridge traveling between oxen hill and alexandria. you're good to go. we have issues on metro and mark and bre. you'll want to stay close. much more coming up the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. this is a yellow alert day. now, here's wusa9's first alert weather. >> now we have that yellow alert up for the snow and light rain on the wet streets. a little bit of slush. i want to show you first alert doppler. we are seeing the back edge of the snow move through the district and across parts of the northern neck. toward d.c., you see how leesburg is out of it, frederic is done. a little bit of light snow and
6:41 am
snow shower activity. even in southern maryland, the intensity of the snow is dropping off quickly. still, a little bit of moderate snow. see the 34. the stripe of blue toward them. so they have some snow covered roads, especially on the eastern shore. and down in california, maryland, got a report of .8 of an inch there. let's check in with larry miller and see what the wetness is doing to the commute. >> certainly having an impact on how quickly traffic is moving or slowly rather. moderate volume on the beltway. 98 on maryland and virginia. slow on i-66 as you get closer to fairfax. slow on the bw parkway once you get close to the 11th street bridge. we have a few alerts for you this morning. fredericksburg 306 are running anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes late. watch out for that this
6:42 am
morning. a live look shows how things are shaping up. traveling from suitland, making your way into d.c. no major issues this morning. traffic is flowing freely, but expect volume to kick up a notch or two as we get closer to the 7:30 half hour. i want to show you how things are shaping up. noissues as you travel to mitchellville. wet, slick roads working against you as you head out the door. much more coming up shortly. for now, we'll send it over to you. >> what we know about the three confirmed cases of the zika virus. >> and one restaurant in san diego served an unusual customer. how this little sea lion pup made his way into the diner. >> this the kui king. this cop nabbed more dui drivers than anyone
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
good morning, 6:45. thank you for waking up with us, washington. want to get away? well, looks like weather isn't going to be a problem. had a few snow showers this morning, but things are moving out and the streets are just fine. howard has the forecast coming up in a little bit.
6:46 am
>> our daily snapshot comes from from the uk daily mail. two adorable red pandas appear to be playing a game of cops and robbers. it was captured at the grandby zoo. adorable. >> here's another adorable little picture. a sea lion takes us to a booth at a local restaurant. it was likely trying to find a warm, dry place to sleep. >> so cute. okay. so this morning our wusa9 service dog, bunt, is saluting some children whose parents serve our country in the armed forces. >> invited to long branch elementary school along with his friend, andrea mccarren. >> we have a very special treat for you. >> the 574 students at long branch elementary school greeted bunt like a rock star. >> it means a lot, because their fathers and mothers
6:47 am
sacrifice their lives for our freedom. >> how many of you have a mom, a dad, who is in the military? >> children in every grade here are from military families. many of them based at nearby fort meyer. they learn to endure long deployments. >> sometimes they come home and they are okay. but sometimes they come home and they're not. >> the kids showed bunts how many military families are in our mist. >> i train him everywhere, including here. >> bunt showed them what a service dog can do. >> how does it feel to be training a dog? >> many of the heros and leaders of the wars in iraq and afghanistan are the parents of current and former long branch students. >> the kids truly miss their parents and we can't be their parents, but we can show them that we're thinking about their parents all the time. >> nearly 600 students and staff members gave bunt a pet or belly rub as they said good-
6:48 am
bye. he is very even tempered and he is very intuitive. he knew exactly the kid he needed to go to. >> one child stood out from the crowd. >> i thought that was pretty amazing. >> andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> if you'd like bunt to visit your office or organization connected to the military, police, or firefighters, send them an e-mail. his address is bunts president and see the story again on the wusa9 mobile app. >> he doesn't type well. time to see what our partners at cbs are covering this morning. >> gayle king is wearing red on this national wear red day. good morning, gayle. >> yes, andrea, i can't see you. are you wearing red? >> yes, we are. >> sort of. >> well, mike is supporting us in the effort. >> mike, okay, good to see you both. we are covering last night's clinton sanders showdown in all the major news of the day,
6:49 am
plus, former first lady, barbra bush rips donald trump as a comedian. why she thinks he is bad for women. norah's conversation. it's fantastic with barbra and jeb bush. make sure you say something about my interview. so, mike and andrea, i'm saying something about norah's interview, it's amazing. also we're in florida where the man hunt for bonnie & clyde ended overnight in the shootout. and the super bowl halftime show, sometimes can grab more attention than the game itself. oh, norah o'donnell is approaching. the news is back in the morning. is there something you want to say? >> if you tell gayle a secret, she tells it secret. >> of course she does. >> she keeps it in confidence. >> i thought i was supposed to share. >> did you see the ratings news? >> no, what. >> you cay what? what about the ratings news. >> we're over 4 million
6:50 am
viewers. >> congratulations. congratulations. good stuff, guys. >> we love that show. and gayle, you have a presuper bowl interview to brag about. >> listen, oh, i know, i'm really looking forward to that. i'm really looking forward to that. i have high, high hopes. fingers crossed, legs crossed, eyes crossed, i'm excited about it. we are looking forward to joining you at 7:00. >> and congratulations on this race. >> thank you, gayle. >> interviewing the president and first lady. >> you spilled the beans. i think everybody knew. >> i think we advertised. i didn't spill anything. >> let's show what is going on. we have snow right now, that's quickly pulling away, and visibility is fine. we may have a couple wet flakes, but streets are wet here in town. slushy build up across southern calvert and the eastern shore. those seem to be the only areas dealing with any bit of slush or snow on the ground, on the
6:51 am
roads, that is. snow reported near california, lexington park area. temperatures will climb into the lower, maybe mid 40s. with the winds today gusting over 20 miles per hour. we have gusts in the 20, 30- mile per hour range. this storm is producing a lot of snow to the east, especially in the new york area, long island, parts of southern and southeastern new england. for us, a little bit of snow and you can see how quickly the back edge is pulling east of route 15. light snow left over with fairfax county, almost out of sterling here and prince william as well. we have breaks, but more snow coming in towards charles county. lighter snow toward st. mary's, where there's slushy buildup. and that's been about the worst of it. cam bring is 32, light to moderate snow. that's the worst of it. so, this is pulling away and in much better shape later this
6:52 am
morning and into the afternoon with a high of 44. kind of breezy, too. mid 20s in the suburbs. a good weekend. 48 tomorrow. 52 for super bowl sunday. maybe set up the grill for the party. now monday, wind is going to return with snow showers. tuesday, i'm looking at a system that may drop several inches of snow. not big, but a problem nonetheless and then cold and a couple flakes wednesday and thursday. i'm not going to say speaking of flakes, but that would be nice. >> the shade of howard bernstein is real. oh my goodness. man. love him anyway. okay, we still have the accident on the outer loop of the beltway between 95 and the new hampshire avenue causing some delays in this area. actually maryland state highway administration saying look, they have delays in many of our interstates along in maryland. that would include the beltway, parts of i-270 and 95.
6:53 am
let's give you a live look. this is west of connecticut avenue. you can see some pretty significant volume on the inner and outer loop. it's rocking and rolling in that direction. you'll have nothing to watch out for. be careful about the slick conditions because we've had a few accidents as a result of that. back to the maps, traveling on the bw parkway, working your way down to southeast. a 23 minute commute. you'll see the bulk of the volume on 95, even parts pouf dale boulevard up to 395. a 17 minute commute this morning. traveling eastbound, we continue to do well, but you'll see. a 19 minute commute and southbound on 9270, working toward the capital beltway, a 21 minute commute. a live look from our maryland camera, shows how things are
6:54 am
shaping up here. traffic flowing freely in this corridor. much more coming up shortly. we'll send it over to you. >> thank you, larry. in our health alert, obama care has beaten expectations for signups. 13million people applied for healthcare. the increase means republican may find it harder to deliver on their promises to repeal the healthcare law. three cases of the zika virus has been confirmed. one case is from 2015 and two from this year. one of the most recent involves a pregnant woman. people riding on the london tube often see many performers. >> but the evening commute is -- tommy mcfly has more from the studio. >> yesterday, elton john took to a train station in london to do a little popup concert. he showed up with a piano and did some of his hits.
6:55 am
♪ [ music ] sounds the same everywhere he goes. and he left a note saying this piano is a gift, love elton john. a gift to the train station. i guess they'll have other open mic nights in london. he also is releasing an album today. maybe that's something to do with that. have a great super bowl weekend, guys, back to you. i'm nick giovanni live inside tasty diner. talking about last night's democratic debate. and it's interesting, i'll tell you, why the polls show bernie sanders is in front of hillary clinton in new hampshire right now. coming off that have photo finish in iowa. the inevitable candidate on the democratic side. we'll see what the numbers have to say in new hampshire coming
6:56 am
up on tuesday. leading up to that on the republican side, of course the debate is tomorrow night. donald trump's name has been thrown around a lot in here this morning as well. we'll see you. be sure to join us on wakeup weather sunday. cbs, face the nation host will be joining us at around 7:50. you'll want to be there for that, leading up to the first in the nation primary coming up on tuesday. we're live in bethesda, nick giovanni. >> wonder if face the nation will be at the super bowl on sunday. and speaking of super bowl sunday, looking nice around here. this morning, we have a little bit of snow to get through, but it's light stuff here in town. a few slick spots in southern st. mary's, the eastern shore. we'll be much better in a few hours. 40s this afternoon. next week, winter returns. some late snow showers monday and i'm watching tuesday. that could be a problem around it's not going to be that bad, but could be a problem.
6:57 am
>> snow strikes again. >> all right. stick to traffic. >> so we have that accident on the outer loop of out beltway between the 95 interchange and new hampshire avenue. looks like traffic is moving a lot better than it did even 15 minutes ago. so we're giving you the all clear there. traveling inbound on 50, going through yarrs like bowie, you'll be good to go. watch out for slick roads around town. >> cbs this morning is next aftera modern day bonnie & clyde.
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton and bernie sanders clash over wall street in a contentious debate. >> a multistate case end in a shoot-out with the couple dubbed the modern day bonnie and clyde. >> it started with a marching band and now features the biggest musical acts in the world. we will take you inside the evolution of the super bowl halftime show. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. and the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out and let's talk about the issues! >> sanders and clinton face off in new hampsh


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