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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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first at 7:00, breaking news in the case of a prince george's county school volunteer who admitted to producing child pornography at the school where he worked according to police. >> one of the victims said that deonte carraway and the principal at judge sylvania wood elementary where carraway worked who is held on $1 million bond. police believe he had at least 10 victims. and top leaders in prince george's county are meeting with the media as you can see from the live look at this news
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and we are there listening to the plans of how the county will move forward and we will have an update once the news conference is over. and another development in the case half an hour ago with an e-mailed statement attributed to the carraway family saying, quote, as a family who loves him dearly, we do not condone the actions. right now the district, police are investigating the death of a baby. police say the peab already passed away when they arrived to the home on van buren street in northwest. five siblings wered in and were -- wered in and were -- were inside and believed to be home alone. the case is under investigation. and two deputies were shot and killed after confronting an armed man in
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in abingdon north of baltimore. one officer responded after a disturbance at a panera restaurant. he was shot, and another deputy tracked down the suspect. he was shot and killed. the suspect was shot and killed a short time later. a 19-year-old victim has died, found stabbed in the 7400 block of locksboro lane about 2:00 this afternoon. officers performed cpr until medics arrived. detectives have reason to believe that was not a random act. charges are pending after a man shot himself and shot his way into the hospital to get help. the 53-year-old with a self inflicted gunshot wound walked up to a locked
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hospital and shot through the glass to getted in and then fired his gun again while they tried to help him. police say they had to talk him into putting down his weapon. >> bewildered. we never have anything at the hospital. >> i worry about security. where was security? >> there is a lot of gun violence and it makes me sad. it seems like this happens a lot and it's unfortunate. >> the man survived and he is getting medical attention. and a a story getting a lot of attention. people are saying that a person died as a medic performed cpr as it tookany minutes before the
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the victim's parents say that people need to stand up. >> everybody there needs to scream and shout. it could be you next. who knows? >> the fire chief said there was a medic on the scene within six month -- minutes but no ambulances nearby to take the victim to the hospital. they are hoping to have more private ambulances to transport patients with minor be froms that should free up ambulances for emergencies. you can read the story on the free wusa 9 app. carly fiorina and chris christie are calling it quits while donald trump is saying that his campaign is shaking up politics
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>> i can change the game. i have a chance at new york. i'm going to win virginia. i'm going to win certain states. >> are you going to win south carolina? >> oh, i'm going to win south carolina. >> and bernie sanders is celebrating his easy victory over hillary clinton in new hampshire. the two will square off tomorrow night in wisconsin. today is ash wednesday marking the beginning of the season of lent. and the d.c. archbishop celebrated math in downtown washington. and in his homily, the archbishop asked people to show compassion in the days leading up to easter sunday. the emanuel church of the resurrection offered
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go at three locations. >> i was kind of stressed out. i wanted to get my ashes but we were at seminars, and someone on google asked us to go, and we said let's jump in the car and run over here and do this. parking is free. >> lent marks the period after fasting before easter. one of the most congested highways in the country, the plan to toll and widen i-56. we're tracking a few snow showers and flurries in st. charles and st. mary's
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right now, following breaking news in prince george's county where the top brass just wrapped up a news conference on a child porn
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one of the schools. >> ellison, what did they have to say? >> reporter: well, we heard from a lot of people here today. this entire room was filled with police officers and people representing the school district. we got an update from police, and they are saying that they are continuing this investigation. we heard from them saying they think this will go be ongoing and they have identified 11 victims, seven directly abused by carraway. and we heard directly from the school superintendent, also. >> i'm asking all prince prince georgans to keep these children and their families in
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>> we will fully investigate internally whether the many policy programs or safeguards we put in place were properly implemented and whether we needed to re-double our efforts with new policies, safeguards, and procedures to make sure that we minimize the risk of such heinous acts again in the future. >> reporter: now, there was a civil lawsuit that we heard that was filed earlier,alliedly filed earlier by the family of the victim that had a photo on a kick app that police found and were able to investigate. no one really commented directly on that, and dr. maxwell said he was not aware of the lawsuit and was not served any papers, but if some of the allegations in the civil lawsuit -- one being that the principal was aware of possible misconduct, if that turned out to be the case,
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at prosecutorring. >> you know, you gotta wonder, the principal is on administrative leave. anybody else they are look at that might have been complicit in allowing this to go on for several years? >> reporter: right. as far as we know, he worked in glenarden, and i asked if they thought there were victims there, and they said they haven't ruled it out but are looking into it, and they are still looking into it. they say this investigation will last months and a lot of questions that the parents still have weren't necessarily answered here today. >> all right. that just makes you so angry and upset thinking this happened inion ed in -- in 1 1
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caught on camera, a dramatic rescue off the coast of turkey. take a look at the coast guard as they save a man from a sinking boat. the man was clinging to the tip of the boat and the only part still sticking out of the water, the tip, and he grabbed onto the man and the crew pulled them both to safety. today, congress opened hearings into the zika virus and pressed for $2 billion in emergency aid. and there are 66 reported cases in 17 states and the u.s. 85% of people who get the illness do not get symptoms. but it can lead to head and brain abnormality in unborn children. a 93-year-old world war ii veteran, norwood thomas from virginia beaver, flew to australia to
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wartime girlfriend. they hugged for the first time since the war. they said that the flame is still strong after all this time. >> he loves you. the love for you is real love. it's special. >> okay. let's cut to the update. they are both single and they plan to spend valentine's day together. beyond thaty thedon't see what their plans are. >> so cute. a good reason to check the powerball tickets from the $1 billion drawing. there is a millionaire out there who may not know it. they're dying and fighting for a right to die with dignity, a powerful and emotional story that even has an opinion about tonight on wusa 9
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♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? one of the worst traffic choke points in the washington area will finally be widened. >> the virginia government struck a deal to allow tolls for single drivers during rush hours. >> reporter: when the
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announced the plan to toll i 56ed in the beltway, there was a huge backlash, and now we have a deal, a breakthrough to fix one of the most hated bottlenecks in our region, i- 66ed in the beltway where arlington county has stood steadfast against any widening of the two lanes in each direction has now given in. >> a bad thing for transit. >> yes. >> reporter: i-66 is reserved for carpoolers in the rush hour right now but the deal would open up the lanes to a toll, all lanes during rush hour. if you're a carpooler, you ride for free and single drivers will pay. >> it's the way traffic works. people want to get from a to b and how are we going to pay for it. >> reporter: commuters think that tolling a highway that is now free is wrong even if it
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means more capacity. >> it's crazy. i don't know why they can't just extend it. i have no idea why. >> reporter: rush hour times will be extended for four hours each way in the morning and evening and tolls will affect inbound and outbound lanes. at peak time, the ride is free. the project is to start with environmental impact studies. tolls are to start next year and the new lane will open the following year. the average toll is expected to be $6 each way. peggy fox, wusa 9. turning to three lucky people who have wing tickets from last month's $1.6 billion powerball jackpot and probably don't know. maryland state lottery officials say that a ticket worth $1 million was sold in blatten isburg, and another in silver springs, and yet a third 60 at 0
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charlie brown's tavern. if you are one of the lucky ones, you have about four months to claim your winnings. >> i didn't rails -- realize it was only four months. they need to come forward soon. >> they do. arctic air blast tomorrow and arctic blast number 2 on saturday. unbelievably cold. and a live look outside at the weathercam, and even national, 29, and the dew points keep falling. winds gusting to 25 and the wind chills already in the single digits and low teens and it will just get lower through the week and into the weekend. saturday night, they'll be below zero. here's first alert doppler out of fells county into calvert and st. mary's county, and the heavy activity is in the blue. and again, another hour, hour and a half before they ve
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completely. more snow showers south of d.c. bus stop temperatures, 18-26 but dress for the single digits tomorrow. snow showers oned from and saturday especially saturday with widespread activity on saturday and the second arctic front. once we get -- actually, we're below freezing right now and we probably won't crawl until above freezing at monday in the afternoon. that can cause problems with your batteries, car batteries and pipes, so if you had burst pipes before, open the cabinet doors. 24 in gaithersburg, and 25 in silver spring, and 6:00 a.m., 21 in manassas, and 22 in fairfax, and 9:00, temps are not skyrocketing. 25 in fredericksburg, and at 9:00, only 19 in hagerstown. only 20 in martinsburg, and
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along i-70, and 30 in the beltway and 32 to fredericksburg, and 6:00 p.m., we fall into the 20s across the board. what about wind chills? this will be the story. the wind chills tomorrow morning, 9 in gaithersburg and 6 in hagerstown and martinsburg. does it get better? not much. by noon it feels like it's in the teens and 16 in bowie and silver spring. so get ready. the day planner, 20s to start and 30 at 1:00 with sunshine. friday, a couple of snow showers possible late and back up to 30 and arctic blast number 2, a good chance of snow showers, 25 and i think temps will fall during the day on saturday. sunday, valentine's day, 26 and cold and light snow possible monday night into tuesday. thursday not look like
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snow and back to 40 with clouds coming back at us on wednesday. thank you, topper. they are world champions because the u.s. women's soccer team snagged
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the u.s. women's national soccer team is six months removed from a world cup championship win but they put that behind them because it's time to focus on a gold medal. it's been hard with the czika outbreak in brazil but they have to put that aside because qualifying in the olympics is starting tonight. the women's team won three gold medals in a road already and this year, another with a mix of fresh faces and veterans. >> people talked a lot about last year but you have
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>> it's great to just turn to the next chapter and take care of qualifying. and you know, we have a good group here. a former redskin is recovering from a gunshot wound while being investigated by police. according to tmz sports, jacques morgan shot himself in the leg. he told police he was cleaning his gun in virginia when it accidentally went off. his injuries are not life- threatening and has a court date in march. college hoops, gw and st. joe's just started in foggy bottom. early on, st. joe's leading, a nice ditch to miles to give the hawks a 15-8 lead and next possession, cavanaugh with the hoop and we'll have highlights and reaction tonight. gw could use a signature win
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make the tournament. all right. so he shoots himself and is charge wednesday a crime? >> that's right. >> hope he's getting
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tonight, the new trump movie? johnny depp doing a dead-on donald impression. >> this is the second best selling book of all time. >> best selling book of all time. >> we go behind the truth as trump unleashes his secret weapon. pregnant daughter, ivanka trump. >> you are good friends with ivanka. >> we talk about everything. >> "zoolander 2" takes over new york fashion week. >> entertainment to wow. >> "e.t." is front row for jen and justin's date night on the runway. >> this is how we always go to the movies. >> also tonight, i've never done anything like this. >> our gwen stefani grammy exclusive. as we flash back to "e.t.'s" greatest grammy moments. john mayer's au adele' >> just stopped me in the hallway. congratulations. >> this one is for all the mom's. mother's day movie exclusive


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