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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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this lawsuit is filed on behalf of students at the elementary school who have been impacted by caraway's alleged actions. it was a lawsuit initiated by parents of a 5th grader at the school. it's been released by the same firm representing a victim who filed a lawsuit yesterday as well. this is initiated by a different victim. again we are told he is according to the lawsuit in the 5th grade. they say caraway used his position to be able to get children in different locations at school and then sexually assault them or take videos. the have economic tim says caraway used the kik app to get in contact with him. you see a lot of cars and parents are arriving at the school for the meeting. this is set to take place at 6:30. the administration and parents are going to sit here and talk. the principal who is on
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a standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge is finally over. it lasted nearly six weeks. the last four people occupying the site walked out and surrendered to fbi. they were the last members of the group that took over the complex on january 2 demanding that federal lands be turned over to local control. last month you might recall the group's leaders were arrested in an incident that saw one of the occupiers shot and killed. one by one, low income immigrant families living in one of fairfax county's last affordable neighborhoods are losing their homes. the managers of the mobile home park are demanding social security numbers from every resident. if they cannot produce them, they're being evicted. bruce leshan has been talking to the families. >> reporter: the managers here at waples mobile home
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numbers so they can conduct criminal background checks on residents but people who have lived here for years without social security numbers, people who have been paying their mortgages here for years on their mobile homes say this is just terribly unfair. this construction worker, carlos hernandez, says this small mobile home is the only thing, only small piece of america his family owns. >> i want my kids to have a better future. >> reporter: he and his wife are raising his three boys and a girl here, their growth carefully charted on a door frame. the three youngest are u.s. citizens and eric is okay because they brought him here when he was four. hernandez has paid taxes, paid rent on the land, and the mortgage on the house. >> he says i feel really confused because we have been living here for probably 12
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to be coming to an end with an eviction notice. >> 9:00 am on february 16th. so you have five days. what are you going to do? >> i don't know. >> reporter: hernandez like about 15 other families here has no social security card but has a virginia license and federal tax id number. but that is no longer enough for the managers. >> frustrated and at the same time worried because i don't know what's going to happen if we get evicted. >> reporter: the family tried to transfer ownership of the home to 21 year old eric about you a judge turned them down. >> they rejected it. they said it was too late. >> reporter: you don't have any place. carlos hernandez and his family lost the first round in
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county general district court, but attorneys from the legal aid justice center are going to be back in court tomorrow trying to get him a new trial. we'll let you know how it turns out. bruce leshan, wusa9. >> managers of the mobile home park denied to talk but supporters say they can check to see if they have criminal records with their names and tax id numbers. hernandez says he nor anybody else in the family has been in legal trouble. we are working on more information on a house fire in prince georges. the fire broke out in the basement of a home in the 4300 block in capital heights. at some inpot firefighters had to vacate the structure because there was so much clutter filling the house that there was a risk it can go up in flames. sheriffs office released the names of two deputies shot and killed yesterday. >> daily
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logsdon 16 years. daily was shot point blank in a panera restaurant when he approached a suspicious man. >> reporter: did he inspire you? >> he did inspire me that i want to become a police officer one day. he has opened my eyes to want to become one even more. >> he paid the ultimate sacrifice and we are eternally grateful. >> other deputies shot and killed the gunman, 68 year old david evans. there were two outstanding warrants for his arrest, a criminal warrant for assaulting a police officer in florida and civil warrant in hartford county. a north dakota police officer died after being shot responding to a domestic violence call. the suspect in the shooting was found dead after an 11 hour standoff. investigators say he exchanged gunfire with police and may have shot himself. a riverdale, georgia police officer has also died
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line of duty. investigators say a drug suspect shot the officer as police raid the suspect's apartment this morning. the suspect was shot and survived and is in critical condition. a family who narrowly escaped from a gas explosion has a strong message. they ran from their house right before their basement blew up. they returned today for the first time since the explosion. they want to tell residents if they smell something unusual, be sure to call 911. >> if it wasn't for them, no one would have knocked on my mom's door. >> what would that mean? >> they wouldn't even be here now. >> washington gas is continuing to take out the lines to shore up the leaks. southern california utility says it's plugged a run church grieved well that's been leaking natural gas for weeks. it drove thousands of residents from their homes and has been
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symptoms including headaches and nausea. residents won't be a i louised to return home -- allowed to return home until the well is permanently sealed. a deadly gas explosion leveled three new york city buildings. prosecutors say the defendant set up an illegal gas line to one of the buildings. the march 2015 explosion killed two people and injured 22 others. a high ranking member of congressional black caucus questions bernie sanders role in the civil rights movement. >> dozens are dead after a fight and fire breaks out in a northern mexico prison. >> you want to know where our arctic air is coming from? look at canada. highland falls is about 2 below zero. this is heading south. already we are 26. that is not a wind chill. we'll show you some dangerously cold wind
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52 inmates are dead and 12 are injured following a massive riot inside a prison in northern mexico. prisoners fought with sharp weapons, bats, sticks. a fire broke out during the fight. there were no reported escapes. the incident comes days before pope francis is due to visit yet another mexico prison also known for violence between #? cartels. death toll from a head on train collision outside munich germany has climbed to
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injuries today. some of the people seriously hurt remain in grave condition. at least 69 people were injured when a train derailed in egypt. the train was heading to cairo when it hit a concrete barrier causing two cars to over turn. the train's conductor has been arrested. south korea showed off what it says is debris from north korea's missile launch last weekend. three pieces of rocket were found on the ocean floor of the yellow sea. debrisdebris has been recovered. albert einstein is proven right again. the out of the world discovery scientists have made is coming up next. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders square off tonight in a
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders will debate each other again tonight as democrat presidential candidates focus on the caucuses. >> marlie hall has the latest from the campaign trail in milwaukee. >> reporter: republican presidential candidates are turning on the southern charm
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florida senator marco rubio told a crowd he favored a more respectful tone. >> when republicans tear each other up, democrats cheer. >> reporter: across town, john kasich made a humble request. >> if you like me, give me a vote an get on the phone and call a bunch of people. >> reporter: polls show donald trump has a commanding leave. >> it's a movement. it's a movement to take our country back. >> reporter: jeb bush questioned trump's motives. >> you want an entertainer in chief, someone who will say whatever he wants to make it all about him. >> reporter: democratic candidates will face off for another debate here tonight at the university of wisconsin milwaukee. >> this should be an important exciting debate now that the candidates have drawn almost even. >> reporter: university of wisconsin professor katherine olson says clinton must connect with key voter groups. >> she needs to show she's passionate about what the voters she
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care about. she can't just be knowledgeable about policies. she has to show she's in touch with young people, african- american vote, the women. >> reporter: those are exactly the groups with which sanders has been making gain. also today, hillary clinton won endorsement of congressional black caucus and tonight one of the most prominent members john lewis of georgia is trending on twitter for his comments about clinton's opponent sanders. he questioned the extent of his participation in civil rights movement saying he never saw or met sanders at any event. sanders has frequently talked up his history as a civil rights activist while at the university of chicago in the 1960s. two dozen senators calling on the army to reverse a policy policy -- known as women air force service pilots or
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they flew military aircraft in noncombat roles. for years they were permitted to have ashes placed at arlington but last year the army reversed course. it said the group never should have been let in in that space at arlington is limited. maryland announced its first confirmed case of zika virus. there is still no word on who is infected or where they live. health officials would only say the preponderate traveled to a country where zika transmission was growing. 80% of those with the virus don't show symptoms but in pregnant women it can cause a rare birth defect. more than 60 years after his death, albert einstein is making waves on twitter. that's what people are talking about, today's announcement that scientists say they've detected existence of gravitational waves. the scientists claim a collision of two black
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led to the discovery. astro physicists say this can change the way some people observe the universe. >> let me guess, coldest day of the year? >> yeah, and it's going to be colder saturday. >> are you still cold? >> yeah. >> it's kind of chilly. >> we are looking at the potential for snow showers friday night and a little bit of light snow sunday into monday and i am thinking mainly rain tuesday. let's start with our three degree guarantee. i am feeling pretty good about this. we went for a high just below freezing with 31. we shall see how we did at 11:00. keep track of it that way or download our app. i don't know why you wouldn't do that anyway. temperatures are down to 26 and that's a straight ten, not a wind chill. dew point, the goose egg. the winds will subside tonight but temps will fall into the teens. bitterly cold. bus stop temps are 12 to 25 tomorrow but no wind chills. snow showers friday night,
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i talked about this earlier especially along i-81 corridor. i can't snow showers in the metro area. if they roll through, they can day down a dusting. keep that in mind if you have plans tomorrow night. i see mainly rain tuesday with temperatures in the 40s tuesday. at 10:00 tonight, 24 downtown, 22 fairfax. by morning, still generally clear and cold. 18 all the way down in fredericksburg, 16 manassas. by 9:00 a few high clouds to the south and west, 21 sterling, 22 leesburg. clouds roll in by 1:00 with a little bit of snow shower activity around luray. this will cause slick roads by this time tomorrow. how much roll through the
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area? futurecast doesn't say much. i think we will see some snow showers tomorrow. 20 to start, 28 by 11:00 with clouds and 31 by 1:00 p.m. saturday, we still run the risk of a snow shower especially north along i-70, only 25 for a high, 26 for valentine's day but dry. the next seven days, monday light snow and even light snow sunday night. rain tuesday can end as snow and maybe snow showers wednesday, still cold on thursday. we'll be back with sports right after this. >> yes he can. he was tired of hearing no. a man with aspergers has found what makes him tick and it
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wusa9 game on sports. for the first time since 2007, two area high school basketball stars will represent the d.c. area in the mcdonald's all american game on march 30. acum my includes lebron james, carmelo anthony and blake griffin. tonight two local stars face off on the hardwood. they both told us that the honor required a lot more than many realize. >> early mornings, late nights. criticisms, constructive criticisms, staying up at night and watching film. >> you
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off the court. a great person can play on the court and i think you gotta be a winner to be able to do it. you can't be fine with losing. that's one of the things i have in me. >> the annual mcdonald's all american game began in 1978 but it wasn't until 2002 that a girls' game was added to the mix and one of the 24 female athletes selected is kayla charles, a guard for riverdale baptist. >> the reports on her are incredible. of course she's going to marlin and they tell me she is the total package. if she's going there, i can assure you she's aegirite one. >> kyla charles. i apologize. congratulations to them. upper levels and honors for the basketball team, named to late season top 20 list for the wooden award. trumball leads maryland in points, assist, free throw
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the second rate turps host wisconsin saturday. before the game against south africa in the world baseball classic qualifier, they performed a traditional war dance hoping to bring whatever positive juju they can to their game. apparently it didn't work because they lost 7-1. you know how baseball players are with their superstitions and traditions. new zealand thought they would add something else. >> it was a good show. >> might be the last time they do it. how bad? >> wind chills below zero saturday morning and saturday night. and then a little bit of light snow monday but i am still favoring mainly rain tuesday. keep a close eye on that. >> cuddle with your honey this weekend. >> every week. >> what do you
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>> pelley: a key endorsement for clinton and a warning about nominating trump. >> we're going to be destroyed in the general election. >> pelley: also tonight, will u.s. olympic athletes be endangered by the zika virus? a rare one-on-one interview with the head of the c.i.a. isis has access to chemical artillery shells? a college president's scheme to rid his school of struggling students. and a story brings sheer joy to a child. not the words, it's the voice. >> then elsa accidentally hurt anna and both girls rushed... >> this is the "cbs eveni captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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