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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  February 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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meteorologist. >> we may see a little bit of know even before midnight, but overnight tonight and much it's day tomorrow we'll have snow eventually transitioning into sleet, rain and freezing rain. you see how the clouds are starting to move in. the air is very dry around here, so this is going to take several hours for the precip to overcome the dryness to make it to the surface. temperatures mainly in the 20s and look at the teens up across new england here. very cold
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many areas. we do have winter weather advisories up from last night through tuesday morning. when you get to frederick, western loudoun, northern falkier, the blue ridge,shenandoah valley, we are looking at winter storm warnings there because we are going to get enough snow and even a little bit of freezing rain and sleet that will warrant that. a look in here by 11:30, snow moving in. upper teens to around 20 degrees. periods of light snow overnight. there will be snow when you wake up tomorrow morning. that snow will be light to moderate through the day on monday. then, in the afternoon from the south to the north, we'll see the rain start to work its way toward us. looks like 4:30, give or take an hour we'll see that transition from snow to sleet to freezing rain and some areas in the north will hold on to freezing rain and drizzle for several hours. tomorrow night before we transition to rain which could be heavy on tuesday. imll come back with more on the
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we'll deal with big weather. >> thank you. on the approaching storm, we have everything you need to know on our wusa 9 app. let's look at the roads right now look good right now. maryland highway officials say their crews will be dloid tonight. dc mayor says d. d.o.t. crews will be on full defloament beginning at 1 -- deployment beginning at 11:00 tonight. the cold emergency is enacted mean shelters may be open with overnight warming shelters and v-d.o.t. is asking you to stay off the roads entirely tomorrow, president's day. tonight's dangerous cold means homeless shelters are filling up fast and wusa 9 is live in arlington with what they are doing there. hey, there, stephanie. >> hey, deborah. a-span here is at full capacity. there are p
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here tonight. the homeless service center had beds, showers and serves three meals a day. it will not turn anyone away seeking shelter during the dangerously cold weather tonight. people staying here told me they are thankful for the services and as i mentioned, a- span is at full capacity, but the sheriff's office is right nearby and they are prepared to open up an extra room for people to stay there tonight if need be. reporting live in arlington, stephanie gailheart, wusa 9. >> thank you so much. if you see someone who is homeless who may be impacted by the extreme cold, stephanie says you can call the hypothermia hotline 1-800-535- 7252. plans under way right now to bring the body of screement antonin scalia home to virginia -- supreme court justice
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antonin scalia home to virginia. he was found dead following a hunting trip at a west texas ranch. earlier today, law enforcement officers led a procession to take his body from that ranch to a funeral home while they are awaiting word whether an autopsy will be performed. battlelines are being formed over an appointment. scalia processer. >> he was often seen as the keystone of the conservative majority on the high court which frequently split with the four more liberal judges. >> he will be remembered as one of the most consequently judges and thinkers to serve on the supreme court. >> president obama said he would nominate a replacement setting up an epic bat well republicans on the court. >> he can nominate someone. >> mitch mcconnell, the senate's top report
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block any obama appointment to the supreme court. >> it just speaks to the unbelievable level and us precedented level of republican obstructionism against obama from day number one. >> funeral arrangements for scalia have not yet been announced. >> president obama has ordered flags at all federal buildings and bases to remain at half staff until justice scalia's burial. >> a new development in the major maryland child pornography investigation. it turns out 22-year-old deonte carraway tried to widen his web and volunteer at another church. this second church has a relationship with the zion praise tabernacle lutheran church where police say he recorded videos and worked as a youth choir director. >> there's actually two
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churches connected here. we spoke to the pastor at trinity lutheran who also knew carraway. he tells us he first met the 22- year-old carraway in june 2015 during their vacation bible study. it's held over a few days, a religious education program for children and carraway wanted to become a volunteer. >> when he showed you up, we was -- up, we were concerned because we didn't know him and somebody we don't know and wants to volunteer we always are cautious with that and then also because of an apparent gap between his age and his maturity level just somebody who works with kids, you kind of get a radar that says, huh, i wonder what that's about and you kind of instinctively exercise a little extra caution. >> he deposit swing and a miss for a -- didn't submit for a background check before the program started so he wasn't allowed and he saw him in passing when he was there with zion youth choirs say others ofme
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the 12:30 service. pastor dan says he always saw him with the same two or three kids on saturdays. >> tonight at 11:00, we'll tell you how this pastor says he helped shed more light on this growing investigation. the shocking news about some of the background checks that your children's teachers go through. this is a story you need to
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cleared with background checks. an investigation by "usa today" and tech know media which owns this -- techno media which owns this station finds that teachers end up back in the classroom. here is how the system who is supposed to protect your children just isn't makeling the grade. >> -- making the grade. >> they are supposed to be honest. they cheat by crossing statelines. >> i am not a liar. >> colorado elementary teacher daniel garcia lied about qualifications to at least five school districts. after several forced resignation, he moved to seattle and lied his way into schools again. >> was it a mistake to put this guy in the classroom? >> he wasn't necessarily a danger to comirn. >> i'm not saying i'm perfect. i made my mistakes obviously. >> as florida was revoking his teacher license for forgery and failing to act on a student suicide note,
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in colorado. they revoked his license after caught allegedly trying to meet a 13-year-old boy on nbc's "to catch a predator." >> they pulled my license when they dent have grounds to -- didn't have grounds to and i let it happen because i didn't have money to fight it. >> after that episode, this guy got a substitute job in the state of indiana. he was supposed to be flagged in a national data base of problemteachers, but there's confusion as to why the system failed. >> the nonprofit nas tech maintains it. they even forget to add names allowing problem teachers crossing statelines back into schools. there is no federal law requiring reporting. >> we wanted to make sure the federal government is doing everything they can to make sure our comirn are being -- children are protected while they're in these schools. >> we found 9,000 disciplined teacheis
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>> it's not a perfect system. >> the data base director believes it usually works. why aren't all states on the same page to make this system more efficient and more reliable? >> because each state is different. they have different rules and regulations and laws that govern the certificates. >> it's really about protecting kids. it seems like we could come up with a clear, consistent set of terms and rules. >> a case of states completing their homework and -- not completing their homework and allowing problems back into schools. wusa 9. >> two fs and a ds. this is the grade our area got for from the sister station -- from the sister station. they graded each how they background checked new and incoming teachers. to get more info on the results for maryland, virginia and the district, just go to our wusa 9 mobile app. we are looking at the dreaded wintry mix
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>> we are talking about a big mix of different types of precipitation. >> an impactful storm tomorrow. >> give us what we need to know. >> everyone is going to see snow. the only question is how much snow do you see before it changes over to sleet, freezing rain and then rain. it looks like the rain could be heavy around here by tuesday. we have a lot to talk about. winter weather advisories for most areas especially west of the bay. when you get over toward the blue ridge from frederick, werchloud -- western loudoun county and west out towards theshenandoah valley, winter storm warnings in effect and potentially freezing rain. i want to say a little bit. it could be from a thin glaze to maybe .15 of an inch. it is not a big ice storm, but a problem nonetheless. the act live moving in tonight. i want to show you this. i want to ng
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a good 2-3 inches the the model wants to get over six inches here with the bulk of the snow falling between midnight and 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. notice how the lines starting to straight there. it does look like probably 2-4. pretty good guess is what i'm thinking right now. that what i've drawn here. got a 1-3 you're going to transition earlier maybe by mid- afternoon. through the district north and west, a general 3-5. some could get six inches. on top of that, we'll have a little bit of sleet and freezing rain before the mix to rain which will be occurring tomorrow night. in some cases, north and west it could be late tomorrow night. untreated surfaces will be slick because it is really cold. we had single digit lows this morning. the ground is frozen solid. even when we get above freezing, we could get freezing rain after that until it warms up enough. snow to mix late afternoon into tomorrow night. we are talking about some areas west and northwest which could be a little slick tuesday morning in the
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that tran -- quickly that transition does or does not occur. tuesday, rain could be possible before the system goes away. bundle up for sure going out tonight. teens to low 20s right now. did get to 26 for the high. wind chills not too bad, but feeling like 10 in hagerstown, not much of a wind chill south waldorf same at 22. 24 the dew point still below zero. air still very dry. humidity at 32% will eat up some of that initial moisture before it reaches the game. arctic air in the northeast. southwest, 81 in phoenix, 67 in dallas and as the warm air moves in, that's helping this storm system develop. with the snow about by 12:30, light snow on and off tomorrow night. tomorrow, snow. all this blue area snow. pink is the sleet and freezing rain working its way north. by 3:30 through southern maryland, approaching
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take, there will be pockets in the evening hours on monday. they will be dealing with sleet and freezing rain. that will transition monday night and again heavy rain on tuesday until it tapers off in the afternoon. some light snow. after midnight, we may get some earlier than that. i'm trying to battle the dry air in place right now. teens and 20s, untreated services will be late. i'm expecting 2-4 and 3-6 possibly west and northwest. 26 and 36, more like hagerstown, those areas. look at this on tuesday. we it coe get into the 50s -- could get into the 50s. other weather alerts for tomorrow and tuesday. wednesday not too bad. maybe an early rain or snowshower. second half of the week, it will be easier that's for sure as temperatures next weekend look like they'll be in the 50s. >> you'll be doing a facebook
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>> ok. >> we have hoops. nba all-star game is tonight. wizards represented by john wall. last rodeo for kobe bryant hanging them up after this
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now wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> well, the older you get, the more careers you witness. we have see seen -- seen the greatness of lakers guard kobe bryant since 1996. he's won five nba titles and is calling it quits after this season. he has one more all-star game in him. he will play tonight in the last one for him east versus the west up north in toronto, canada. kobe always likes to shoot, but expect him to get up plenty of shots tonight. i have the over on that. john wall has already been named mvp of the wizards so far
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the third straight season. lone wiz in the game. wall has been great so far this year. too bad the wizards have not followed his lead as, of course, they have struggled, but not john wall. i'm kind of still annoyed that this guy aaron gordon of orlando did not win the slam duonnk c testlast night. look at the lazy boy dunk. that's a sight to behold. this is jack lavine of minnesota. he wins list title, but i think aaron gordon is the real champ. >> he was robbed! >> number two, maryland had a humbling loss to wisconsin last night and there was an ugly incident to boot. late first half, it wasn't the boot. it was freshman center diamond stone and he used his hand in a scrum when he slams a badger's play's head into the hardwood. this is the initial play. take a look at the replay as he falls on top of the player and slams the head.
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the double technical was fouled, but stone could get suspended moving forward. >> did i not see it -- i did not see it. i heard about it and it was a pretty physical game at the time. i will watch it and talk to him about it. i talked to the officials and was satisfied with their explanation of it. we have terrific officials in this league and we had a great crew on this game tonight. these games are hard to officiate, but i thought they handled the situation extremely well. >> maryland women on the road at northwestern this afternoon off to a blister start. fastbreak lay-up, terps open up the game red-hot. 14-0 run. wildcats would rally in the thfour, northwestern cuts the deficit to just five points, but too much of the turtle today. breanna jones for the inside lay-in. she had 14. maryland wins 79-70. g. w. women having a great season to far hosting
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work the ball into the paint setting up kelly with the easy leiup. later -- lay-up. later in the quarter, in transition, chase beautiful, driving lay-in as they win by 72-62. cool event at the university of maryland. they call it "the beauty and the beast event. gymnastics and wrestling going on at the same time. i wonder if it's hard to focus when you are doing that. good crowd on hand at xfinity center. maryland gymnastics and wrestling both at the same time. congrats to the maryland wrestlers got a win knocking off george mason. there was no cross competition. it was separate. no wrestlers went at it. the maryland women gymnastics te did not win. they lost in a tight one to rutgers. finally, maryland basketball struggled in the loss to wisconsin, but give it up for the students who
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mob during a time-out. i saw them practicing. they practiced 45 minutes before the game getting it right and they executed it to perfection. oh, to be a college student once again. >> you can go back, frank. nothing is holding you back. >> i'm getting a little too old for that stuff as danny glover used to say. >> we have lots of weather to talk about tonight. you can get updates at any time on our app and see you at
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