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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 19, 2016 1:37am-2:08am EST

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tonight did kanye sen taylor swift send kanye west over the edge? >> you'll want to hear what he's saying about taylor now.
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find out what has style experts so up in arms. and cindy crawford's rocking bikini body at nearly 50 years old. and we have former soprano's jamie-lynn sigler going public after her m.s. battle. >> and teresa giudice her husband heads to prison. >> we had to ask you if you would confirm reports that you o are expecting a baby boy. >> plus inside the top secret dating app. stars hooking up with other stars, who's on it? the "e.t" expose. now for february 18, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> adele makes a stunning confession about cryyng, how her grammy performance left her in tears. she is going to tell you about it in just a few minutes. >> but we start with kanye west,
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inflammatory things than t imperial rapper, but he was on his best behavior when he ran into paparazzi in l.a. >> he was an open book about everything from hisan finces to his feud with taylor swift. >> kanye, do you have anything to say to taylor swift? >> no. >> do you think taylor swift is obnoxious? >> taylorswift, do you think she should give you more respect? >> no, it's like i want the best for taylor, she should move on to real issues. >> the paparazzi grilled kanye about his so-called feud with taylor swift and it was a wild afternoon, 3:00 p.m., kanye was all chatty, talking taylor at l.a.x. >> if you like her music, listen to it. if you liy ke mmusic, listen to it. >> just one hour earlier at 2:00, taylor was moving on, dress shopping in beverly hills after calling out kanye monday at the grammys. barney's apparently shut down the entire second floor for swift.
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amist all of that, 2:31 p.m., "new york times" released a secret recording. the rapper's rant about swift. >> but a source close to west tells "e.t" quote, he did not yell at "snl" staff, this audio was secretly recorded as he was haven venting his frustration to his team. his set was taken apart without his team's approval. >> i'm 5 more influential than think other human being. >> next kiley's secret shoe deal with puma. remember how kanye tweeted 1,000% there would never be a kiley pu
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well, puma, just announced she's joining their team. and kanye was all smiles talking about another wild tweet, th one where he said he was $53 million in debt and wanted a billion dollar loan from facebook's mark zuckerberg. >> i just wanted to make sure that all entrepreneurs in america knew that they could possibly go under and still make it >> with all of this going on, kanye's got some people wondering what is wrong with him. here's the he actually may have figured it out himself. kanye sent out this tweet, quote, my number one enemy has been my ego. he then goes on to say there is only one throne and that's god it's. >> put it in your mouth and chew it. >> that is the craziness that happened when ellen sent adele
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into jamba juice do an earpiece. it was a riot. but the two also sat down to talk about tears, not laughter, michelle. >> adele got really candid about her grammy performance. turns out she was devastated by during her song. >> i cried almost all day yesterday. i would have crred it if went really well as wel if it would have been a standout performance, i would have cried as well. >> adele admitting that it's been a wild ride since monday night's mishap. she even got a do over, singing "all i ask" flawlessly to ♪ all i ask >> i actually thought it went well. i am a bit pitchy, anyway. it's emotion. i was embarrassed, i woke up the next moment to tweets say we still love you, don't worry. i said i didn't ask you if you loved me.
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here's another shocker, she stills gets stage fright. >> the more successful i get, the more pressure there is. >> oh, but you are winning, miss adele. i will this, pitchy voice or not she's always my favorite. her first u.s. tour in five years begins july 5 in st. paul, minnesota. got a little less than five months to figure out how to get a ticket inside. >> thanks, michelle. new york's fashion week came alive today to make sure that nobody repeated the fashion faux pas that blake lively committed. it's just awful. >> here's the oops that had fashion insiders crying foul. blake sitting in the front row at new york's fashion weak with her legs crossed. yeah, we really don't know how she sleeps at night. >> when you sit down at the show, the first thing that the producers shout is, uncross your
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legs. the reason they do that is there are hundreds of photographers trained on the ruway. and the reaswe don't want feet the shots. >> blake wasn't the only one to commit the offense. and elvis's granddaughter did it too. she attended the fashion show with her om elaine who even gave her a sassy spank on the behind. >> she actually made most of our clothes. >> blake lively, she's one of the best stars on instagram. and afterwards she posted a picture of herself with this amazing poppy dress with the caption, i didn't wake up like this. last night she gave us all fashion goals. 8 months pregnant and stunning in this black bodython halter. with lace cutouts from the side. >> could not be better, it's perfect. >> chrissie and john were at
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shoot. she told people, woet, i was getting my shots and everything in zanzabar. bruises and i had a little medical kit. i had to cover the bruises with makeup. >> let me show you my favorite gift of the day right now. chrissie giving a little lift and a look. >> she is magically delicious, honestly, she is so much fun. now, a little different situation for real housewife teresa giudice and her husband joe. she just got out of prison and he's about to go in as you k and word on the street is that they got busy and made a baby. jennifer asked her to is the correct the reco >> i have to ask you to address these reports of today that you are expecting a baby boy, is that true or not.
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>> no, no, no. look at that tummy, completely flat. >> no, and believe me, that's not happening. i'm sure joe would like a little joe jr. running around. i'm like 43, done. >> next month joe will enter this prison in ft. dix, new jersey to begin his sentence. >> i'm going to be a single mom shortly so i need to like i want to get businesses going again, i have got four mouths to feed. >> last night she partied to celebrate her best selling book "turning tables" bravo's andy cohen was there to support and now she's back shooting "the real housewives of new jersey". >> are the girls happy the cameras are back? >> no, no, no. my girls, listen, they're not -- they go with it, but it's really not her thing. she was going to do this whole singing thing and she's decided it's not for her. now she says she wants to be a criminal attorney. >> big
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passed away. recently she sat down with dr. oz after the throat cancer spread to her brain. >> the reason she came on the show is to make sure everyone knew that cigarettes have taken her life. >> ange says she smoked for 40 years. she actually quit smocking on the day she found out she h cancer, but obviously it was too late. jamie-lynn sigler gives us an exccusive update on her battle with m.s. and we go inside the secrets world of celebrity online dating. investigation revealed. >> the majority of people on raya are definitely tens. and we get some dish those orlando bloom-katy perry romance rumors.
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together? that's next. just added the to the list academy awards, oscar winners morgan fr and
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katy perry and orlando bloom, people have been wondering, okay, are these two a couple or are they not? and cameron may have just gotten the answer. >> here's the thing, jason ba almond a couple of weeks ago was part of a big dinner celebration that included katy and orlando. so when i saw them at the hollywood premier, i gave it my best shot. >> there's photos of katy perry and orlando bloom, do you like them together? >> they are so much fun. >> that sly smile says it all. >> the co-star glowing for a different reason. >> being pregnant in heels is a whole other thing. jennifer goodwin expecting another boy. with a utopia's girl power message.
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hippy. >> i love that, no, it's gorgeous. everything's against an actress going into this business, and i'm not crazy skinny, so i'm extremely lucky. so theyed is asked what with i saw, and i expected them to say put some meat on those bon >> and joseph fine's family meet and greet with the pope. >> my daughter's really too young to underst but i think they felt that this was rather extraordinary. >> i thought the actresses at the utopia premier acted pretty good. but joseph's kids will follow him one day. speaking of social media, it was the most liked instagram pic of grammy night. and taylor said she the hottest date of the evening. and i think joe zee would agree. >> oh! >> there was no manipulation.
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>> i'm serious. >> this is amazing. >> she definitely served up some serious sex appeal, the makeup, the dress and that gorgeous hair. >> music is an expression in all aspects, i feel like in fashion you can go a little bit more overboard than you normally could. >> the 23-year-old is the face of pantene. they lathe latest spot the new pantene commercial is all about strong women and strong hair. and we say selena owns that. >> i have been really excited work and collaborate with people who think whatever you go through in live makes you stronger. >> what's next? her revival world tour. >> this album means so much to me and i'm ready to do it. >> selena's tour kicks off may 6 in las vegas. >> and coming
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which stars are on the new rielebty dating app. it's so private, but what's so secret? >> which hear that raya is the new bigng thi. >> no comment. sopranos star jamie-lynn sigler talks about keeping up with her young son. >> mommy can't play baseball. i'm not up and running the bases, but i'm doing all i can.
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it's totally unfair what mom is doing, now she's making this little movie scene out of it. >> that is how we first met jamie-lynn sigler, on the sopranos when she was only 16 years old. >> she was halfway through that first season run that she found out that she had m.s. now she's not hiding it anymore. she's telling our samantha harris how she's living and working with m.s. >> how have you had to alter your approach to a shoot day? >> it's sort of like a gas tank and you have your amount of energy for the day and you sort of allocate and use it where you know you're going to be needed. so i rest when i need and i'm here and ready when the cameras are rolling.
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>> cameras are up, let's go! >> cameras are now rolling where jamie-lynn with her baby daddy. >> it's been overwhelming in a good way. everything i feared about coming out about it has not happened the complete opposite happened. i mean i have been working consistently since. which is crazy. >> although sigler has been battling m.s. for years, and while you can slow the symptoms for years, jamie-lynn was still able to can go public. >> i thought it would mean that people were going to be judging me and i don't feel that way necessarily. and also it's been fun. and he's coming to an age where he will be aware, i don't want him to think i held anything back. >> her son beau is 2 1/2. >> wants to do is that mommy can hold him and cuddle him. >> and
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and mommy can hang. i just don't run the bases. i'm up and doing everything i can. >> actually cutter and jamie-lynn got married just last month. >> you married your baby daddy? >> finally. i used to call him my baby daddy and now he's actually my husband. >> you're with cutter now? >> we're four years in relationship and we didn't think it would be necessarily any different, but it's fun to say husband and wife. and we're a unit, we're a team, we always have been, but it's even that much more official and real. >> now jamie lynne has said that she and cutter who happens to be a baseball player would love to make more babies and just keep having fun. >> jamie-lynn sigler has found her man, but for many, finding the right one is not as easy. and the famous do not necessarily want to pop-up on bumble, so for them exclusive
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is key. >> we hearat th raya is the new hot date. >> no comment. >> it's an amazing app for the elite. >> have you guys heard of the app raya? >> i have friends that are on it. >> it's lake a dating site where you have only approved people on it. >> how exclusive? and just what stars are on the secret app? kelley confirmed it and till sue sounds lake raven simone is too. >> everybody is talking about it right now. >> now i like it's a s society like illuminat rooirks. it's members onlld
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hard to get into. and it is hard to get into. >> the "new york post" page 6 also claims that patrick schwarzenegger, matthew perry and joe jonas is on it. but the selection process appears using a mix of fame, looks and instagram followers. >> we asked one member who agreed to talk if we kept her 50id identity a secret. >> so the application rocess starts by just entering the instagram handle of the friend who referred you, who have to be a member of the app already. then they have access to your instagram. waiting to be accepted to raya is like waiting outside in a line at a club. you just want to see what's inside. >> no surprise, a lot of applicants are wait listed, but if you're accepted, the app costs $7.99.
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>> the raya profile that i when i signed up was joe jonas. and i immediately took a screen shot and sent it to my girlfriends and a notificati popped up on the screening telling me that i should protect the privacy of other people on the a approximate p >> and kelly told us it's more about seeing who's out there than findinging a soul mate. >> it's an interesting app, but what i like about it is that everybody actually has to do a v i'm not re looking to rely on technology to get a date. >> we are in the vetting process to get on raya is so selective that some people end up on an indefinite waiting list. thank goodness we don't have to go on there. >> which a actress started on the fiist season of facts of life? the answer is next.
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plus paul mccartney's ex heather mills speaks out about shwhy e's kept her daughter away from the limeli
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welcome back, everybody to the show. in tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which actress starred on the first season of "facts of life" and the answer is molly ringwald. who turns 48 today. >> her another lady's love back in the '8 0s, rick springfield and tomorrow he's nly talking to us. >> 35 years after his biggest hit. >> i can't get on the stage without playing
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