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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 24, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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quickly cleared out as it moved into the district and maryland. >> lightning and thunder and driving rain became the landscape and the backdrop for the monument and incredible scenes in d.c. this is the national mall. all the lightning really kind of spicing things up on the way home. >> and we have been continuing to follow developing news out of southeastern virginia, waverly, sussex county where the severe thunderstorms turned deadly. >> state police are confirming three people have been killed, one of the victims, a small child and the damage extensive. we have more now. >> reporter: lots going on, and we have been looking at everyone's tweets to the reporters on the ground but to recap, three people have died and eight people are injured. a severe storm, a possibly tornado in waverly. if you are not familiar with
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around 2:40, and what i want you to listen to. this is from our richmond station on the scene. >> this is where the mobile homes were and confirmed by law enforcement that at least three are dead. family members are telling me that a family member was tossed across the street. the mobile homelanded on the other side over here of a church. the winds came through here. they only lasted about 2 or 3 minutes, but it was dark. it was raining sideways and it was ripping up everything in its path. >> reporter: and now you are looking at cell phone video, and he was describing what took place, a 50-year-old man, a 26- year-old man and a 2-year-old toddler died. and people told him it was only three
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everything apart, cars flipped, trailer homes torn in half and garages torn apart and debris everywhere, and the roads are impassable. this is a woman who said she lived through it. >> thank you about the damage so far. >> there is a lot of damage. you know, the laundromat's gone, the house is gone. trees down, wires are down. it's a mess. >> what did you see coming through? >> i heard like a big boom. i went to e my parents, and they were running through the house. there was a tornado. >> this is michael from a dispatch center ying there was a possible
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and he was showing us heavy damage. this is a person who covers this locally and knows this area. this is from cbs 6 in richmond, a photo. route 460 and 40, two roads. if you are not familiar with the area, they go right through it, and it's absolutely impassable. there were reports in the area of seeing a funnel cloud and certainly, just a really sad story. >> the virginia state police telling us that the folks that died after the mobile home was destroyed they were found 300 yards away from where the mobile home was just to give you an impact of how strong it was and to underscore that a mobile home is no place to be when a tornado warning is coming through. >> that's why everything topper says is so important. you really have to listen and really have to know. the app is so important and we are not just saying it to say
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advice that our smart meteorologist have to say. >> this is a still developing story and we'll be on it throughout the night as we get a full picture of the totality. >> and that's waverly and here at home, we had all kinds of damage from power lines down, trees down, and it's a situation at one home where there was a collapse. somebody was trapped in the home at 2415 riggs road. and he was extricated. we don't been his condition or if he was trying to take cover. but it's been a real mess. and breaking news. the governor has declared a state of emergency across the commonwealth. >> no more tornado warnings for calvert or st. mary's county but i still under a severe
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thunderstorm warning. that's great news and southern maryland, you're clear and good news that the tornado watch has been trimmed. fairfax, not in it. d.c. you are. howard county and charles and prince george's and points south are still on the watch until 7:00. west of 95, you're done with severe weather except for flooding. when there is a warning it evens it's occurring. go to a basement, interior room and stay away from windows and protect yourself from flying debris. even with the thunderstorms, stay away from the windows. and heavy rain right around dunkirk and upper marlboro, cook. deal, whatever rain and shadyside, still heavy rain as well. we'll back out and still looking at
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warnings, the yellow boxes but notice no redboxs. no tornado warnings in the area. but the severe thunderstorm warnings going for another 9 minutes or so for arundel, prince george's, st. charles counties. good news. no longer a tornado warning but take this seriously with the entire metro area under a flash flood warning until later tonight. if you haven't left for home yet and you think it you is done, it will be slow going. it will take a while to get the rivers and streams in their banks. still a thunderstorm warning, and still pretty hairy on route 2, and rain and flooding but no tornadoes heading your way. if it's
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it's flooding whether it's a warning or a flash flood warning, and that will be around for a while. please keep that in mind even though the threat of severe weather is diminishing, but the flooding will continue. it takes a while and that's the last thing to return to normal if you will. the futurecast, still have pretty good rain in southern maryland. there are still storms southwest of the northern neck which could creep into king george, cumberland and maybe into st. mary's and calvert county once again. 8:00, still showing good rains through charles county. it may be a wee bit over done. i agree with this activity to the south across the rimplet 9. --river, and 9:30, everything is essentially done. anything to add? >> looking to the storms to the south in the
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still a tornado warning on them. >> they are down into here. >> way south there, and as i look at the circulation, i want to show you nothing terribly tight. i mean, one little guy east of 360, warsaw, right there. but that's about it. i'm just going to check values. we have circulation. 72? that's--okay. that's the one thing we're tracking, and this is moving across into southern st. mary's, valley lee, st. george, and we'll have to watch these areas to see if this will hold together and they're moving like 50 miles per hour. ve they really are moving very,
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for southern maryland, we don't have any warning, but i'll go back to the radar. we have a lot of heavy rain and a ton of flood warnings. these green boxes are flood warnings. >> all the way back to loudoun county. >> exactly. >> even though the weather is long over and we have had rainbow pictures from you, the flooding is still going on. >> right, with that out of the nowhere neck -- i'm going to loop this here and i imagine we'll have more severe thunderstorm warnings for calvert and st. mary, and probably not st. charles but it will be a while you have to deal with this. >> here is the latest. the tornado watch trimmed. no tornado warnings except for the northern neck. we'll watch carefully the watch to the south. and for now, i think we're all right but remember if you're under a tornado warning, you need to have a plan and need to know where to go. seconds
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back to you guys. >> they sure do, flash flooding, trees down, power out, traffic lights flashing here and there, and a house fire and another collapse. it's been a very busy night. >> and our crews are fanned out across the district, maryland, and virginia looking out for the damage, and we have tens of thousands of dominion reporting power outages but it does seem for a moment as you just heard from topper that the immediate danger that the weather situation has has subsided and appears to be more safe. >> that's it for us. and you can get the latest updates on the wusa 9 app on our website. we will be back here at 11:00 to wrap up all of the events of the evening.
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monday "e.t." at the oscars as the stars dream of gold. >> everyone says it's your year. >> we're going to have a great time. >> leo. >> gaga. >> j-law. >> parties, winners after hours. >> on the red carpet, breaking down the best and worst dressed of the night. >> you're wearing the best -- >> i know, crazy. >> oscar coverage you won't see anywhere >> it is really overwhelming. >> monday only on "e.t.." >> we're hosti sng apecial on sunday from the red carpet. "e.t." at oscars live on top and to find it in your area go to "e.t.".com. >> mary is always with us in spirit but she is a busy woman these days. working on the sitcom baby daddy. and tonight, on abc family,
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will see a side of mary that y have never ever seen before. >> cranberries? >> cranberries. >> mary's melt down gets auto tuned after her rant as a producer was secretly taped. we should point out, mary is playing herself. but with a fictional anger management issue. >> all the people in this world that i have seen mad, this is one of them. >> they have created this exaggerated version of me, who is really a control freak and a mean one at that. so you know, it is my inner evil coming out, obviously. >> i'm mary hart! >> on the death of a senior producer. >> taking part in hurricane hart is baby daddy taj mowry. >> i'm sorry i'm taking this out on you. but wanting to vent. finally i do.
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these years together that i ate >> the cool thing is everybody is seeing mary's sense of humor she is having a blast with the character. and she is still as busy as of. she ran right off the set to a flight, right to a flight. she will never slow down. >> why should she? >> no. >> someone who finally got the chance to slow down melania, doing an in-depth interview. donald trump's wife, melania. and what she told us about possibly becoming first lady way back in 1999 as we go inside her lavish manhattan >> how many shoes would you say you have in your new york penthouse alone? >> last night on people versus o.j. simpson, faye resnick takes center s now "e.t." back with nicole brown's confidante. >> very afraid of him. > why was she dropped as a witness? that's ahead.
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we now have another tornado warning for st. mary's county until 8:15. no real surprise here if you have been following this all along. we're looking at up to shear 105 miles per hour. this is a serious storm and we've been tracking it all evening. it was south of the northern neck and northeast of richmond. so we can go back to 17, that would be great if we could do that. but see the shear is pretty serious. so it indicates some rotation and this is a tornado watch in red trimmed from the west. this is a tornado warning right now and either side is a severe thunderstorm warning. and the watch goes until 11 and the warning in st. mary's goes until 8:15. go to an
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protect yourself. when it's a warning, it's occurring. when it's a watch, it's possible. but a warning is occurring. big storms and rain in leonard up to, solomon and newland, and you folks in southern maryland, you may have to wait until past 9:00 to get rid of the severe weather. and west of i-95, you're clear but that said in southern maryland, calvert, st. mary's county, the potential for severe weather in the next hour or so and a tornado warning until 8:15. please, take that seriously if you're in the area. there is your tornado warning until 8:15 and either side of that, a sliver on either side is a thunderstorm warning until 8:30. we will keep you posted online and on air and you can download ou >> this is the living room. >> this view, oh, my goodness. >> fantastic. >> how many shoes would you say
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you have just in your new york penthouse alon >> maybe, i would say, 1 >> that's melania with the then 4-year-old barron trump. >> what a nice picture that is. >> here he has like, he is running around and driving around. >> melania told msnbc nothing, including her husband's white house run, will keep barron from being the priority. >> i'm a full-time mom. and i love it. so i decided not to be in the campaign so much. but i support my husband a hundred percent. >> you can certainly support a husband and several languages. she speaks italian, french, and german english and her native language, slovenian. >> this is a scene from o.j. simpson. >> that is connie britain as faye resnick, one of nicole
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cashed in on the death while writing a tabloid tell all saying nicole is more sin than saint. owe opened the "e.t." vault and took a look back at our interview with faye to sort out the truth from the fiction. >> my everythi she was my confidante, my spiritual sister. >> that was true if you're to believe what resnick told us in 1997. >> i had never met a woman that was just so loving. just such a great friend. >> but resnick parlayed her friendship with nicole into a six-figurepayday. the advance she received for the tell-all that did tell all. >> nicole is my best friend in every way. >> he used to hide in the bushes and watch her have sex with other guys. >> did o.j. watch nicole from the bushes? they told us he did. >> we used to check the bushes all the time to see if o.j. was there.
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>> by have a problem. > throwing a monkey wrench into the trial, while o.j. could have been seen as an abusive story, resnick will not be a witness. >> faye resnick's name will not be on the witness list. >> later telling us she only had the purest of motives. >> it is my goal to tell who the vanishing lady was. >> that's pretty much what connie who played faye told us. >> the intent is definitely too show her in a good light and to b awareness to some heof t issues that she had. >> but where did the tv drama possibly take liberties with the truth? >> going clubbing and partying. drinking and cocaine. >> cocaine, really? >> actually nicole did use, according to faye. >> nicole was into drugs. >> o.j.? >> i don't know now.
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divorced couple i think i've ever known. >> that wasn't true towards the ends says resnick. >> nicole wasn't interested in him any more. >> nicole was very afraid of him. >> half the time resnick appeared to resent the notoriety. >> but these days she seems to have embraced it. still besties with long time friend, kris jenner. faye is also friends with re housewives kyle richards but haunted from that tragedy two decades a >> i have nothing to say to anyone. what happened 20-something years ago. that was a very hard time. and we were frie >> one of the few things that faye finally remembers from that time period, she posed for playboy in 1997 and saying at the time it was the best offer playboy had ever made. >> in our entertainment tonight birthday, which actor was
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patrick swayze ro "dirty dancing"? billy zane, matt dillon or tom cruz?
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>> travel consideration provide by -- welcome back to the show, everybody. tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which actor was originally considered for the swayze role in "dirty dancing"? >> that's billy zane. reportedly lost the part when they found out he couldn't dance. billy is 56. >> a little bit of a problem if you can't dance for "dirty dancing". we're going to get a brand new "dirty dancing" beca is working on three-hour tv event and they have found their johnny. his name is cole. he obviously works out -- >> a lot. >> a lot. like all the time. >> this guy can dance.
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>> jeff: previously on "survivor"... you have two minutes to salvage whatever you can off this boat. 18 new castaways divided into three tribes. the brains tribe has a ton of knowledge. >> i worked for the government doing data analysis. >> jeff: no one's resume was longer than debbie's. >> i'm a captain, civil air patrol. i have extensive training. >> blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. >> jeff: but it didn't impress her tribe. >> she annoys everybody to death. >> jeff: the beauty tribe, the women thought they could use ty. >> ty's perfect to take along with us. >> by tai got caught looking for a hidden immunity idol, making himself the odd man out. >> i don't fit in, so i feel like i'm in trouble. >> anchor: the b


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