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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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drk driving laws on two fronts. from the first look at video of a crash that almost killed a police officer to a disturbing discovery, how can drivers with multiple drunk driving convictions still get behind the wheel? glad you are with us at 11:00 p.m. >> we begin tonight with a police officer who came within inches of losing his life. now we have the newly released dashcam video to prove it. >> you know why i pulled you over? >> he squeezes himself against another car. the mirror cracked his ribs. still the officer runs to his cruiser and chasing down the man. >> you hit me with your car. you didn't stop. i had to
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you almost killed me. >> inside the car empty cans. he had a cold one in his pocket. blew a .20. today he was found guilty of dui and cocaine possession in last year's incident. a judge gave him three years in prison. the officer tells us he had six prior suspected dwis. drunk drivers who have multiple convictions and little to know deterrent from climbing behind the wheel over and over again. wusa 9's andrea mccarren and chris mull whoop hit the streets -- mullein who hit the streets with law enforcement. . >> reporter: we wanted to learn how it is possible a driver could have six, seven, eight,
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and still get behind the wheel. >> they are regarding me [ bleep ] >> reporter: he appears to be in denial after his second arrest for drunk driving in 8 weeks. >> reporter: but we watched and rolled. >> runs the stop sign. >> reporter: as he took off. he is just one of an aralming number of repeat offenders police are seeing across mary. land >> e shwas drunk. i stopped her. >> reporter: the woman arrested again two months later. >> she said she was coming from visiting her sick father. dressedane bunny costume -- dressed in a bunny costume no pants. >> reporter: social media playing a surprising role. minutes after this check point is put
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facebook light up with warnings to avoid the area. it becomes quiet. the check point is shut down but not before 7 arrests. including four for dui. in maryland there is little deterrent for drunk drivers to change their behavior. >> even given jail time, they are given the weekend to work program. they don't even see the inside of a jail. sounds like it is a jail program but they are reporting to the outside of the jail, they are picking up trash over the weekend and that is considered their jail sentence. >> you arrested me already for a dui. >> reporter: there is no fear of what his future will hold. >> this has to stop. >> reporter: the state of virginia will revoke a driver's license for
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three years for the second offense and three years, indefinitely. andrea mccarren, wusa 9 news. >> that check point has been a trouble spot for the last few years. police made 244 dui arrest in the area. 7 fatal crashes and another 42 alcohol related crashes. in d.c. tonight history in the making. nearly 10 years behind schedule the h street phase of the d.c. street car project will begin taking passengers tomorrow. no more set backs and delays, at least we don't think. on h street northeast with a look at the day many people thought would never come. >> reporter: 24 hours way. it seems like the day has come where the long awaited street carbs will begin to pick up ss
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cars that some folks say the project lost its luster. >> got so many times it is going to open. >> reporter: it is about time. wait, are we sure this time? we heard this before. >> i will be peeping out the window tomorrow to make sure. i am going to get on it to see. >> reporter: he heard plenty in the two years he lived on h street. >> heard about it. >> going on for years. testing and testing and testing. >> reporter: it takes time to get something major right. in the case of the street cars they are 10 years behind schedule. while it took the district a decade to finish the project, it only took six years to build the first railroad in the 1860s. took michelangelo to paint the sistine
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who is counting? some stopped caring. >> back in people's heads. not something people are talking about. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> yeah. yeah. okay. >> liability is the biggest question. till there is something that is reliable it is not something to consider. it is in your way. >> i think it will come, it will run and people will be excited about it. >> reporter: still she is hedging her bets. >> reporter: in the event that the h street trolleys are not running -- >> we are still up and running. >> reporter: after years of uncertainty, what is a little more. >> who knows? >> reporter: one thing, initially fairs will be free for passengers. at least while they figure out how it will collect fairs. on h street, wusa 9 news. >> another thing that might encourage
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trolley is no rain, no snow, no wind, no cold. allyson rae has the weekend forecast and one day will be better than the other? >> man, wait till you see sunday's forecast. the day that everyone has been waiting for. teases you for the spring weather. tonight it is cold out here for sure. temperatures into the 30s and 20s. you know, the wind is really dying down but every now and then you get a gust. feels brutal. feels into the 20s and tomorrow morning we are going to be into the 20s. look at all the sunshine heading our way. it will be cool tomorrow into the mid-40s. but still not a bad day by february standards at all. the weekend forecast coming up but make sure you get our wusa 9 app and check
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>> all right. thank you. the race for the white house. in the battle for campaign endorsement. a big win for donald trump. this was the scene in texas as new jersey governor chris christie threw his support to his one time rival. >> who is the best person to stop llhiary clinton from getting inside the white house again, this is the best person to do that. >> the support didn't end there. governor chris christie will travel all over the country out campaigning for donald trump. don't be surprised if spelling bee champions rally behind our bio. marco rubio probably had english teachers sworning as he took -- swooning as he took trump to task. a trump typo. >> i think he meant to
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great honor. i don't know how he got that wrong. great honer. >> here are the other tweets he referenced. trump mangled the words light weight and choker. voters in virginia will get their chance to weigh in on that tuesday. -- on this tuesday. the virginia primary. >> this year analysts say one of the keys to victory will be what happens in fast growing and fast changing loudoun county. we sent wusa 9's garrett haake there to get the lay of the land. >> reporter: the population of loudoun county exploded, growing richer and more diverse and turning areas like historic leze burg into political battle grounds, with campaignophorouses you might see -- campaign offices you might see in iowa. . >> reporter: with four days vift till the polls close in
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fighting for voters. >> the economy is important. i want to make sure we will have someone that won't take us into another role. >> reporter: president obama turned it blue in 2028 and barely held the county in 2012. now the fastest growing county in the state, and the richest county in the nation is once again up for grabs in the primary and the general election. >> now loudoun is rich and changing and diverse. and so the trump message won't resonate as well there. >> reporter: on sunday marco rubio's strategy is to win big in northern virginia to off set losses to trump elsewhere in the state. in december trump campaigned in manassas but the san bernardino shootings over shadowed his rall
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resonate with republicans? >> yeah. definitely fiscal economic issues. taxes is a big issue. >> reporter: whoever wins tuesday will certainly return this fall. >> in a general election loudoun is where democrats democrats and republicans will fight tooth and nail. >> reporter: on the democratic side, polls show hillary clinton nearly doubling bernie sanders support across virginia but the numbers should be tighter here in loudoun county. on monday night hillary clinton will be campaigning in northern virginia, possibly here in loudoun county as they hope to be a big super tuesday win. garrett haake, wusa 9 news. before super tuesday there is south carolina and tomorrow that is where hillary clinton is hoping to expand her winning streak over bernie sanders with a win in the democratic primary there. both have been
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state. bernie sanders wrapped up his appearances in minnesota tonight. hillary clinton spoke at a fish fry in orangeburg, south carolina. stay with wusa 9 news for the latest developments. download our wusa 9 app for updates whenever and wherever you need them. in d.c. people have been able to possess small amounts of marijuana, how much has changed? that story is coming up. >> picture this, the ceo of instagram had a big meeting today with the pope. see how a baltimore phot
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all right. breaking news right now out of new york city. cbs news reports out of new tark that yoko ono has been
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possible stroke. firefighters say she was unconscious. she was rushed from her home to the hospital past 9:00 p.m. we will stay on top of this story. a year since d.c. voted to partially legalize marijuana. but for one of the men in getting it on the ballot the fight is far from over. wusa 9's ellison barber with the story tonight. >> excitement was really -- i mean, unbelievable. >> reporter: they didn't just support initiative 71, they drafted it. back in 2011 police raided their store and seized glass wear that violated the laws. >> we were upset with what happened. we wanted to make a change. we wanted to make it legal in washington, d.c. and cannabis
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went to an attorney. got a initiative written up. 70% of the voters voted for it. >> reporter: he had one of the biggest things they hoped to see was a drop in the number of arrests. and they have. police arrested 200680 people for marijuana. in 2015, they arrested 408. a major drop. but he says it isn't enough. >> there are people that are in jail suffering. this is one baby step in a larger picture to empty the prison system. >> reporter: when it comes to legislation there is still more to come. >> we are waiting for the mayor and the city counsel to come back with a task force that will tell us about the cannabis clubs, public use. ticketed events, you know, places where people consume cannabis. the task force is coming
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with recommendations. we will find out what the recommendations are. >> reporter: ellison barber, wusa 9 news. >> he and his business partner are also trying to put pressure on the city counsel talegalize marijuana -- to legalize marijuana sale like in colorado. last year congress included a provision to prohibit marijuana sales in the district. a judge sentenced a former pastor and d.c. police officer to 18 years in prison for sexually abusing two teenage girls. darrell best abused a 16-year- old inside his office in southeast where he was the head pastor. he abused a 17-year-old inside his office at police headquarters and been both incidences he was wearing his police uniform, his badge and had a gun. the child pornography scandal out
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scandal sent shock waves through the community. monday i will have a special report. we sat down with three survivors and what they have to say is frank and helpful for so many of us raising children. >> child sexual abuse is the cruelest crime you could commit on a kid. just like murder. you are murdering that kid's heart. >> our special report on surviving child sex abuse monday night at 11:00 p.m. also join our facebook page, wusa 9 we will have an expert to answer questions monday night. we want you to have a chance to contribute to the conversation. the head of instagram met with pope francis today to discuss the power of images. one of the pictures he shared was taken by a baltimore photographer we with eached on caul cal last
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opwusa 9 last year -- featured on wusa 9 last year. the picture made the cover of time magazine. he says knowing the pope has seen his work makes him want to push even harder. all right. we are talking about a fantastic weekend after some kind of week. >> yeah. we had a rough week weather wise and this weekend we can make up for it. we will see good weather. it will be cool. it is cold now but we will see the temperatures climb right through sunday. what about the 3-degree guarantee? not too bad. a high of 42 and we reached 40 degrees at 4:00 p.m. just two off. going with a high of 47 for tomorrow. join howard tomorrow at 11:00. cold saturday morning, yep but the winds are dying down. lots of sunshine saturday and sunday. both saturday and sunday are gorgeous looking days. sunday it will
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make your plans, head to the dog park. it will be a good looking sunday. saturday is great too, just cool for me. mild on monday and tuesday. ahead of rain on wednesday. and then the cool air is back at us. future cast, look at all the sunshine. high pressure is in place. the winds start to turn a little bit saturday afternoon into saturday night. a mild sunday morning. into the 40s. heading to the 60s. can't ask for a better looking sunday for the last weekend of february. so for tomorrow 23 to 35. cold out there. lots of sunshine, though. the winds turn from the west to the southwest into the evening. tomorrow 44 to 50 degrees. not as breezy. on the cool side. 62 for sunday. it will feel like spring time. we stick with the mild weather monday and tuesday. we will see a chance of showers on wednesday and cold air for thursday and friday. >>
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got this weekend. fantastic. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] friday night, we do coldness, we hit the ice and the hard woods and special high school stories on tap coming up and insi your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives.
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now, wusa 9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the ice melted outside but not in the hockey rink. it was a battle tonight. stone bridge taking on wood bridge. grace olsen was there. >> reporter: fans piled in to the ice rink. tonight the northern virginia league hosted its championship game. >> i go to every game. i go to practice. i watch this practice. i recruit for the team. >> reporter: the bulldogs made the ice their may ground. led by player of the year and points leader and goal leader. >> we ever en
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undefeated. >> reporter: they played where the capitals get their game on. >> very special knowing the caps play on the ice every day. being in the atmosphere is great. >> 26282628 win -- 28 straight wins. >> we have the best team. didn't give up a goal all playoff. >> reporter: with the 6-0 win stone bridge is a 7 time champion. grace olson, wusa 9 news sports. >> the bulldogs are heading to nationals. congratulations. hoops play off. keeping it close. nice passing. easy layup. blue devils pull
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spring brook wins 83-67. >> steven strasburg got his start with the washington nationals but where did he learn? >> reporter: we know steven strasburg can hum the 95 miles per hour fastball, where did he get his start? it was from his grandmother. >> used to go over my grandparents house as a kid and i would start going out in the backyard and and play with my grandmother and grandpa. when i got older my dad would take me out and throw me bucket after bucket. always pushing somebody in the family to play catch with me or throw me battle practice. >> reporter: now sharing he gets away from the game with perspective and hanging out
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and plays golf with his two- year-old daughter. that is the latest from here, back to you. >> talent runs in the family. hockey. a milestone for the great 8. alex ovechkin scores goal number 40 on the season for the 8th time in his 11 year career. caps win, matching last year's total. a lot of games left to play. >> with the presidential campaign there is another political party that is looking to enter the race. it features a particular face to our area. meet the k-9 party. >> you sounded a whistle of alarm and called these dogs home, america. now it is time to mark our territory
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vote butler blue and georgetown jazz in 2016. >> okay. [ talking at the same time ] >> look, there are two rivals getting together to support one
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