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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 2, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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tonight, an "e.t." exclusive. >> don't trusttanyone. >> teresa and joe's last inteeview before he goes to prison. the tense new jersey house wife. her husband in tears. what will they say to their kids? >> my daughter, melania, tells me you are going away for a lot more months than mommy. >> the rumor and speculation is that you would be deported. >> then -- >> another "dancing with the stars" shake-up. first julianne left and now why her brother, derek, is out. now wait until you see the sexy new star back. >> and confessions of a celebrit >> we have hollywood's best kept secrets. >> actor ben and jen scandal and "e.t." expose. behind closed doors. >> i've gotten every offer you can think of. >> ahend t love life, jessica biel dishes on her date nights
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with justin. >> that's like a great date. >> and the boca beach club hang out with dwayne johnson and zac it's "baywatch." and if you need a partner, business on the top, check it out. "baywatch" on the bottom baby, yeah. >> now, march 2, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. kevin is on the "baywatch" movie set. he's going to be joining just a few minutes. cameron mathison is filling in today. >> exclusives just keep coming. less than three months after theresa giudice is released from prison her husband joe is about to get a three-plu sentence for tax evasion. >> and jennifer has the only interview the couple is doing before the family, again, a mother free and father behind bars. top story. teresa and joe, last days of freedom. >> and anything you do for joe to prepare him for what it may
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>> i think that's the easy part, going to jail. >> i think it is what they put you through before you go. try to mentally and physically break you down. that's the hardest part of everything. i think going to jail is the easy part. >> that happens in just 21 days. >> amidst a massive media spectacle, reality stars, teresa and joe were convicted on federal fraud charges. teresa serving 11 1/2 months in prison. released 70 days ago. well, now it's joe father of four faces 41 months behind bars. >> kids got computers. they go on computers. they know everything. my daughter, melania, tells me, you're going away for a lot more months than mommy. >> what do you you will miss the most about not having your husband at home? >> him being so handy around the house. >> that's it? >> i mean, that part ---and of course, miss him at night and cuddling with him. he keeps me warm.
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i'm going to miss the passio and -- >> the new jersey house wife says at least once a week, she will make the hour and a half trip to see joe at the federal correctional institute in ft. dix new jersey. >> conjugal visits are not allowed in the state of new jersey, right? federal prison? >> right. >> and that's another stupid thing. that doesn't make any sense. >> teresa says she fell in love with yoga during her time in prison. >> i'm definitely a lot calmer than i was. >> and she is trying to get joe into the practice before his sentence. >> what's the best part of having her home? >> she is doing mommy duty again. that's off my shoulders now. last night, i went to say good night to melania, and she was saying, you know, tomorrow is march 1st. and it's just getting closer for you to leave and whatever. >> and this was interesting. during jennifer's interview at a
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serious and kept up a brave face. but what felt like a telling moment, he wiped back t during a break. after a ough topic, the prospect of deportation to his native italy after serving his time. >> there is a chance of th happening. nothing in life is but i mean, you know, we'll deal with that when i get out. >> taking it day by day. >> right now it is not an issue. something i have to deal with when i get ou >> and insight into their money situation. teresa told us they restructured their finances. she said she is looking fo job and will be back on housewives for season 7 later this year. >> as long as they are careful with their taxes. two days before joe reports to prison, is the return to "dancing with the stars." and there is a ballroom shakeup. nancy, you know i love my
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>> this is the first season in five years -- singing and dancing in the rain ♪ >> no derek and no julianne. what's dancing going to do? derek is taking time on to bring singing in the rain to broadway. the best gene kelly at the oscar bash and julianne leaving her judging post to pursue other projects. and maybe running into hockey player, brooks. judge lane goodman is comi back. and classic sitcom stars kim fields, tooty from "facts of life," and "full house" star, jodie sweetin >> you dancing? are you? >> rumors keep flying around. >> and while heading to new york, she danced with val for an episode of "fuller house" and confirmed on gma she is partnering with keel. >> i'm finally glad i can say something because i've been keeping ii bottled up. >> and "e.t." is breaking news, my former dancc partner is bringing sexy back.
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gentlemen. "dancing with the stars." >> very exciting. but i can't believe it. i never thought i would be back. >> we still got it. originally left in 2010 to raise a family and says "ddncing with the stars" will always be home for the houghs. >> they have such a great relationship and derek won a million times. it is time for them to move on and do their own thing. i'm sure they will be back. >> great to see her again. now back in 2013, performing singing in the rain with "dancing with the stars," but derek is spinning around with an umbrella at 4 years old. and you can see the broadway production is a live long dream come true for him. >> kevin frazier rocking bow board shorts because he is is first on the set of the "baywatch" movie. tough day at work, kevin. look the at company you keep. >> nancy, this is my life. i'm with dwayne johnson and zac efron. is there a better movi
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>> no. no. just to be clear, there is not a better movie to be on right now than "baywatch." especially with this dude. >> this is where it's at, man. >> look at the shape this guy came in. >> this guy motivates to you work out. follow him on instagram and he is an animal. >> you are playing the character of david hasselhoff, mitch. did you talk to david? >> yes, david hasselhoff, the hoff, has been amazing. from day one, so supportive. he's like, if there is one g who can play me, only one guy, yeah, the rock. >> i love tha tell me about your character. >> i play matt brodie. he is like the brash young recruit he doesn't see eye to eye with mitch in many thi >> no, i think he is a prick. can't stand him. >> did you have a red white and blue bathing suit there? i would flash ou guys, but -- >> no, no, no. >> we will come back a about something you're doing with kevin hart. >> yes, we will talk about something i'm doing with kevin hart.
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>> meanwhile, while they chum it up, there were two big premiers. christian bale debuting a night in cuffs it in l.a. and whiskey tango fox trot where tina fey said she is still on a sugar buzz from the girl scout cookies at the oscars. >> so buying girl scout cookies. >> all right, tina fey. get that money, girl. >> i was off-camera waving a $20 bill. when i saw what we happening, i said, okay. i made sure i got samoas. then matt damon, who wants samoas. i'm like, i got them. >> a long shot. >> christian, who snagged a thin mint from matt admitted, he's not a f >> taste the cookie basically. >> co-star, margot robbie, in this va jump suit, so hepsycd on her oscar-star encounter. >> i got to sit next to benicio del toro.
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>> jen thanked tina and amy poehler and vanity fair for getting her through a tough year. >> really? that's so nice. she is a lovely, lovely lady. >> i remember dancing really hard with her. in our first golden globes after party. first time i missed hosting golden globes. oh, we don't get to dance live with jennifer garner any more. >> jennifer also addressinggthat ben's nanny debacle in that intervvew. and coming up, telling you about another celeb caught in the middle of a nanny scandal. an "e.t." expose as a-list nannies tell us their shocking stories. >> one in particular who has a baby -- >> and behind the scenes of new live tv musical "the passion." the last days of jesus with modern music. ♪ ♪ that's next. >> closed captioning provided --
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>> i'm doing "demons" from imagine dragon. >> wow. that's kind of dope. >> with jesus. >> you're doing a duet? kind of a little back and forth. >> set in 2016 to modern day music, a twist on the easter tradition for many christian faiths. this production of the passion features stars like seal, trisha yearwood, as mary, mother of jesus. 16 popular songs, including celine dion's "love can move mountains." mostly live show will have pretaped segments. i visited the set for one of them. that's jesus, and his disciples, including chris daughtr
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>> we're here live. >> you work with one of our favorite people in hollywood. eva longoria. hey guess what, taking a little time away, to go play jesus. what did she say? >> oh, you know eva. she is like, oh, jesus! >> and every single member of our icasts, they do, they embrace their faith. nd tyler perry is the host a narrator. he is excited. he has a message for religious skeptics. >> we are staying close to the bible. how can you go wrong when you say the word? >> that can be a sermon tyler. >> let me tell you about stand-out moment that you cannot miss in this production. during jesus's trial, a tina turner classic, we don't need a another hero. trust me, it is a show-stopper. >> sounds like aalot of it will be. between the cast and music. great, in new orleans. >> so huge. >> i can't wait.
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cannot wait for jessica beil, she is opening a kid-friendly restaurant. and she is telling us how she and justin keep their marriage so sexy with so much going on. >> is he going to be here a while? >> hollywood nannies in tears, home wreckers and too close to kids. >> i fired nannies like >> don't go away.
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okay, so jessica biel and justin timberlake get our award for cutest couple at the oscar party. jessica dished all about her hubby when she sat down with fashion guru josie. he styled jessica for her cover in 2007 and they've been friends ever since. ♪ ♪
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>> you and justin looke you had so much fun at the oscar vanity fair party. what is a date like for you? >> i like old-fashioned dates. dinner, movies. >> really? >> makeout. dinner, movie, makeout. thalit's ke a great date. >> other than good old-fashioned makeout dates, how does it couple keep their marriage strong? ve their own hobb justin owns this new york eatery and jessica is two days from opening her own restaurant. oh, fudge. >> justin is also in the restaurant business. any tips or pointers on how to do this all? >> i think he was at first also like, you guys are nuts. >> is he going to be here a lot? >> yeah. because i'm going to be here a lot. and i have a good place for him. and a place that i feel safe for him to be in. >> and kid-friendly plac where they reunited. these two go way back. he styled her for covers. they have given each other awards and joked around with jt.
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>> he usually says, he is sort of the ringleader, sending out a big e-mail and say okay, let's get together. let's have lunch. >> you talk to each other all the time? >> yeah. >> yeah, a lot of celeb support. this is her squad of partners. >> jess wanted us to be cheers. >> we all do. >> norm? >> you look just like him. >> so it is called oh,fudge. where does that name come from? >> sb's husband, brian. i think he was trying to say, oh, [ bleep ] but kids were around. so he said oh, fudge. >> and that's it. >> good way to keep it g-rateed. >> jessica has on-site au pairs there. so there is drawing, painting class, while you >> here at hollywood, stars have many to help with their children but we have seen in the news how badly that can turn out. nanny-gate scandals have struck ben and jen. gavin and the lis
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and so do the stories. we have talked to insiders who know the world intimately because they have lived it. tonight, confession of a celebrity nanny. >> as celebrity nannies, we have hollywood's best kept secrets. >> a former nanny and author of "nanny confidential." >> hollywood matchmaker and a nanny for several famous families, she said she has gotten indecent proposals from employers. >> i've gotten every offer. from a celebrity high profile mother. from a father. >> our investigation revealed four major secrets. number one, money is no object. >> toddlers or preschoolers, g to starbucks every morning before preschool to get their baby ccino or they can't function. they will tell you themselves. parents like their children to be bathed in diamond water, which i didn't know what this was when i first started working. but water run through diamond to increase the ph level of the water. >> hollywood husban
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forget mary poppins. >> i have to make love to you. >> think of "the hand that rocks the cradle." you know, the nanny as home wrecker. >> relationship between nannies and families often get per you are working in someone's home and it is an intimate relationship. >> this week susan sarandon's daughter describing what she says was her own almost nanny gate on her blog. happily ever after. she writes that her husband received a so-called accidental text from their nanny that read, omg, girl, did i mention to you how hot and sex my boss is? i would love to blank his brains out. ha ha. one nanny friend in particular has a baby to a celebrity father that many don't know about. >> ben and jen's nanny prompting cheating allegations which ben vehemently denied. so did gwen's nanny. she started dressing like gwen. kind of like "single white female."
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>> you've got to be kidding. >> and a sad angle to all thi the connection to the kids. mariah carey says she lets nannies go if they get too close. >> i fire nannies like this. i hate doing it. but i have to. if they try to make their selves more important in the babb's mind than me -- >> once you get too close, and i guess that's just the reality of the job. you know, like everyday -- everyday you go to school and when the bell sounds, the child runs out with their hands out ready to see you. and you are so excited to see them. and one day you're just not phere for them. >> finally, nannies versus papar >> here i am, turning the wheel. >> that is leah with britney spears in 2007. a time she says she was a britney decoy.
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running red lights. weey re hitting cars. you hear it. you can see it. there is a time where we went to ngnset tan, it is about me doi something. paparazzi were trying to get a shot of her dress. so i did a nice back kick. not anything too hard. he kind of fell back into other paparazzi. i was just like, you're pathetic. like let her live her life. >> nanny slash security. >> we should point out it is very rare you hear a nanny talking about who she worked with because they often sign extensive confidentiality agreements and that can often extend past the star's death. >> stickaround. kevin hart having a daddy day. we will show you.
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>> before we go, tune-in alert. tonight, andy cohen's 1,000th bravo. >> chrissy teigen and chris chenworth. >> hardest working man in all of hollywood. on april 5th, cohost mtv awards with kevin hart. >> i'm cohosting my mtv awards with my much bigger twin, kevin hart. we are going to crush it. >> i was with him last weekend. he hosted a rally in los angeles. more than 5,000 people showed up. it was a big day for kevin. the rally was a lot of fun. check it out as we say good-bye. >> come on, baby, let's go do this run.
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>> i'm a big deal, kevin. >> there is no losing. only winning. just be better than the next. you caa be better. somebody write that down.
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>> anchor: previously on "survivor"... at the brain tribe, debbie's oddball behavior -- >> we have the biggest. >> jeff: -- marked her as an early pawn. >> that's what you want, the brains to have no game. >> jeff: at the beauty tribe, the women's alliance was growing stronger. >> the girl's alliance felt natural to me. >> jeff: while tai's hunt for the idol -- >> you will need a key to open this box. >> jeff: -- was growing more desperate. >> i cannot get the idol. >> jeff: at the last immunity challenge, brawn lost again. sending brawn back the tribal council. facing tribal council, alecia appeared the obvious vote. >> blondie, she's useless. >> but jenny was having second thoughts. >> jason is starting to


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