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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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frederick and out i-66 once you get past fairfax county, rained and snow showers working up 95, frederickburg northward. no problems when you leave the terps game either. temperature-wise above freezing in frederick. 36 gaithersburg. how much snow? here is one computer model. not a lot. .3, .2. zero. a trace to 2 inches should sum it up with the heaviest amounts south and east of town. we will come back and tell you if the sun appears over the weekend and when it will start to finally warm up. >> topper, thank you. to stay on top of the approaching snow and keep up with the latest closings and alerts, download the free wusa app. our team will be on the air at 4:00 a.m. to help you navigate any of the trouble spots in the morning. we have an update on some breaking news that we have been following all evening. manassas city police surrounding a house on aspen place where they believ
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armed men may be holed up. schools were locked down as authorities received reports that two hispanic males were firing guns at passing vehicles. the students have been sent home. police received a tip there are automatic weapons and potentially explosive material in the home. we are monitoring the story and will bring you the updates as soon as we have them. open warfare in the republican party. mitt romney, the 2012 nominee called donald trump a phony and fraud and playing americans for suckers. >> and the front-runner fired back in his usual profane way. bruce leshan, i imagine the split is evident at the harbor. >> reporter: it is. we are in this atrium overlooking the potomac river and there are loud arguments. the antitrump forces figuring they got to stop the billionaire if they want
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in november. the trump supporters mystified why the party leaders are firing broad sides at the likely nominee. >> he has neither the temperment or judgment to be president. >> anybody but trump saying of. the 2012 nominee insists it is not too late to stop trump. romney blasted the billionaire in ways that are impossible to take back. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worth less as a degree from trump university. >> he failed horribly. >> reporter: trump returned fire before romney got started. >> donald trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how the economy works, to create jobs for the american people. >> he posted a facebook video of romney praising him. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: and suggesting profanely at a rally in maine how desperate romney was to get trumps endorsemfo
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endorse. i could have said might mitt drop to your knees. he would have dropped. >> among the foot soldiers in prince george, the warfare feels like a slow motion disaster. >> i think he is destroying the conservative party. >> it makes me ashamed of america. >> reporter: who do you like. >> rubio. >> reporter: there is a clear split. casting ballots at the conference famous straw poll. >> trump. >> of course. >> reporter: even among the strum pay tears that believe he is drawing thousands into the party there is terror that the split will cost them any chance of victory in november. >> people will stay home. there is a lot of hate out there and anger. >> reporter: cruz and kasich,
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rubio and trump speed saturday. mainstream conservative critics tried to get them to dump trump. it failed. live in prince george county at national harbor, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> thanks for that. a top aide to marco rubio accuses sea pack organizers in the tank for trump. the reamount star donated millions to the union. a spokesperson said they are giving an opportunity to hear from all the candidates. >> tonight's republican presidential debate is in detroit. the debate will be the first time trump will face fox news anchor megyn kelly since that clash -- they clashed at the first g.o.p. debate in august. kelly does not expect trump to be combative. some political experts disagree. >> why should he change. it has worked. what he has done so far
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quarter of the delegates needed to secure the republican presidential nomination. ben carson won't be at the debate. word is he will drop out of the race sometime tomorrow. that announcement could come when he addresses sea pack at the meeting held in this area. in an interview with yahoo news he refused to endorse another candidate for the g.o.p. nomination. for late breaking developments from the campaign trail and news from the g.o.p. presidential debate in detroit, check out the free wusa 9 app. president obama says the family plans to stay in washington for a couple of years after he leaves office so that his youngest daughter, sasha can graduate. she will be a sophomore at the end of his second term. president obama says transferring her in the middle of high school and everybody knows this, will be tough. >> yeah. a 16-year-old girl forced into prostitution is safe tonight. her alleged mp
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school bus driver are facing serious charges. 36-year-old raleigh mcclam who said he drove buses for prince george county school and 22- year-old saivon sharpe face human trafficking and child sex abuse charges. they say they forced a girl to have sex with men. she called police in december but quickly changed her story. the men were arrested almost two months later after an undercover sting. >> it's a dangerous situation for these victims. especially when you are 16. she described to the detective, when we were called to the hotel, she met a male. he pulled a knife. she didn't know what to do and became scared. >> police believe there are more victims out there and they ask anyone that believes they were a victim to call right away. prince george county schools won't comment on the employee's status by the way. a second day care worker is guilty tf child abuse in the
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in 2013. the jury returned guilty verdicts on nine charges against kiara sprigs. she faces up to 22 years in prison. her coworker was convicted in january of several felony counts of child abuse. she will be ten sentenced in may. an update on shots being fired at fairfax police. 19-year-old sayed fayed has been charged with assault on a police officer and falsely summoning police. he allegedly called 911 from the family's home and then fired a pistol in the direction of police who responded. the weapon turned out to be a starter pistol. nobody was hurt. police believe the incident stemmed from a family argument. he is being held without bond. we are waiting for a maryland court of appeals for a critical decision in the freddie gray case. scott broom is
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where the highest -- in annapolis. >> reporter: the case against the police officers in the freddie gray case have been on hold and will stay on hold until the appeals court makes a decision. for the first time all six baltimore city police officers charged in the death of freddie gray appeared in one courtroom. one, officer william porter, appealing a judge's order forcing him to testify against two others. >> in our first trial, 100% of the jury heard about the case. >> reporter: gary proctor said the client's rights against self-incrimination will be trampled if he is forced to testify. >> every time he gets up on the stand, he subjects himself to a perjury charge. >> reporter: assistant attorney general carrie williams says the opposite is true because immunity severely limits the prosecution's case. >> he is in a better position. >> reporter: marilyn most by is not talking about what may be a legal disaster in the maki
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a court of appeals rules against her. in december, mosby's case ended in a deadlock with jurors unable to decide if porter was restops i believe for fretted di gray's death by ignoring his pleas for help. once the appeals court makes the decision the first officer tried is caesar goodson, the man driving the van. in annapolis, scott broom. >> whether or not he is compelled to testify against others, he is set to be retried in june. a bit of a backlash on bernie sanders after he treats that romania has faster internet than the u.s. >> a man that
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switch to better. switch to fios sources tell cbs news investigators are confident debris found came from flight 370. the airplane part with the words no step is believed to be from a boeing 777, the same type of plane that disappeared two years ago. blaine gibson is one of the men that found it. >> i just knew when i saw it that it possibly could be and t in
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authorities. >> only one piece of flight 370 has been found. a section of wing did wash up on a french island in july. more than 1200 miles away from the latest discovery. trending now on twitter, immunity for a former staffer that set up hillary clinton's former private e-mail server. he is cooperating with the justice department investigation into clinton's possible mishandling of classified information. he previously invoked his fifth amendment rights before congress. meanwhile, clinton's rival bernie sanders is catching heat on twitter these days. yesterday he tweeted that people living in buca rest, romania have access to much faster internet than here in the u.s. some are making fun of sanders and others offended. the u.s. should
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requirements for romanians so their engineers can travel to the u.s. to fix our internet problem. coming up, national park service delivers disturbing news about the future of the memorial bridge. >> it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our fams ilieface. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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a lot of people are mourning a true trailblazer. lauralee may have done more for people with disabilities than anybody else. >> she had down syndromes. we have the story of one woman's inspiration. >> reporter: lauralee lived her life in a way that made others that lived their life without disabilities look like they are standing still. >> i am proud that laura was an inspiration to others. she was an inspiration to me and to others that could see what she was doing and accomplishing. >> reporter: simply put, lauralee did things first. the 33-year-old woman with down's syndrome died in her sleep. >> it was a terrible shock. she was -- she was active and happy up until
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about how she died. it's about what she packed into her 33 years. her parents say she wanted to be like everyone else if everyone else lived life to the fullest. she broke barriers. the first person with an intellectual disability to attend george mason. >> they have students from all over the country. >> reporteshr: e testified before congress, met senators and president's, changed mind and policies, an advocate and independent. here she is commuting to her job at the world bank. >> for us she was our darling daughter and so loving. >> she was not shy of doing things, trying things. she loved to cook. we would cook chinese food. >> reporter: she danced, volunteered, traveled and gave love freely. >> love to give toasts. >> at a wedding, she has to give a toast. >> she opened the door and pioneered the path. >> people would look at her and
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my child can do that. >> reporter: she was the first person with down syndrome to testify before the far fax school board, virginia board of ed and congress. there is not enough time to talk about her accomplishments. in the end her heart gave out. >> being remembered all over the area. thank you, deborah. laura's distributions to the down syndrome community continue. >> a memorial fund has been set up. students in two educational programs that lawyer way was instrumental in creating, we have the links on our wusa 9 app. the maryland senate passed a bill that calls for jail time for adults that host teen drinking parties. the first offense could be one year behind bars. the maximum fine doubles to $5,000. the legislation is alex and calvin's law. they died, you might recall, in an alcohol related crash last year after
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party in north potomac. the host of the party was cited for furnishing alcohol to minors. he paid a fine. memorial bridge will have to be closed within five years unless it gets the money needed for major repairs. concrete is crumbling and rivets are corroding. the cost to make repairs is about $280 million. the dire warning triggered a response from virginia lawmakers. they vow to find the funds needed to keep the bridge safe and open. four-wheel drive stuff? >> no fun with this. southern maryland ironically because usually we talk about rain, they may be in the bull's- eye. they could get two inches. >> i know how fun with you means a lot of accumulation. >> you know me too well. >> a live look outside. it's getting cold. in the 30s. abov
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snowing in southern maryland. winds southeast at 13. looking at the radar, we have snow across the metro area south and west down to charlottesville and back to richmond. notice how far back the snow goes. right now over the last hour you can see the snow enveloping frederick, leesburg, fairfax county up 95 past pots sylvania and eventually old town. we will zoom in and we have snow in laplata, mechanicsville to the northern neck. not snowing inside the beltway but lakes are not -- flakes are not far away. light snow overnight. a trace to two inches. that will be about it. bus stop temperatures, 30s. could be slick spots in the morning. we have a weather alert for early tomorrow morning. snow gets out early, 6:00, 7:00 except for southern maryland. chilly but lots of sun in the
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a quick hitter then we will forget about it by tomorrow night. 10:30, there is the snow. temperature above freezing. 33 gaithersburg. 36 downtown. 33 sterling. by morning most of the heavy activity or heavy snow in southern maryland ore down to the northern neck. light snow culpeper to leesburg. 29 gaithersburg. 30 frederick. there could be slick spots tomorrow morning thus the weather yellow alert. sun increases in the afternoon. 40 by 1:00 p.m. saturday another system rolls through at night. primarily rain or snow shower. not a big deal. 50 with sun shun sunday. 60 monday. near 70 tuesday. low 70
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welcome back. we are live at the x finiti center in college park. the terps play host to illinois. they need the win so they can get the bye. perhaps the emotion of tonight, the fact that at this time eisen i don't remember night will propel the team. among them is the only four- year player on the squad, jake layman. his grandma picked him up from class. he will best be remembered for his loyalty.
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won a lot of games. loyal to me, loyal to the program. he is on pace to graduate when he was a freshman. i didn't think we would get that done. he will graduate in may. >> reporter: i am joined by walt williams. this team, this is the time of year this team should be peaking. they struggled the last few games. what would you like to see as they head into the tournament. >> i would like to see them be consistent with what they do, with the strength of their team, getting the ball inside to car tear and stone, establishing an identity, being consistent with that and the speed off of that. >> these senior night. what does the senior leadership done for this team and the program. >> huge for this team. you have so many young guys that
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them in and play consistent basketball. we have been as of late. a little bump in the road but they have been playing consistent good basketball due to the senior leadership of those two guys and the way they are playing together. >> they are getting much honored due tonight. we appreciate it. maryland-illinois in about a half hour. back to you in want studio. >> double bye would be huge. we have to win tonight. snow is breaking out. looking at a trace to two inches. don't freak out. it will be okay. update coming up. >> we are on an extra half hour tomorrow morning so you can check out the latest delays and closings. >> we will being back
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>> pelley: the grand old party establishment fights back. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. watch, by the way, how he respond to my speech today. >> pelley: we did. >> mitt is a failed candidate. >> pelley: also tonight, our correspondents give us a rare look inside syria's civil war. >> reporter: so this was an american air strike. >> pelley: major donors cut off the largest veterans' charity after we exposed how the money is being spent spp and a soccer star pledges to donate her brain to study concussions. >> the more we know, the more we can help protect the next generation and the generation after that. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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