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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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cameron walker left open. rosco allen snagging the rebound and cleans it up. allen, senior, their leading scorer, 16 points to lead stanford. >> spero: this is rosco allen. left open. back of the rim. no. cruz battles allen for the rebound.
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>> spero: let's get you the capital one cup impact performance. gabe york. 32 points. most by a wildcat this season. ties a school record with nine threes. >> doug: why not? he's earned it. nine threes on foenl 14 attempts. gabe york has carried the wildcats and they survived cal -- i still think cal along with oregon are the two most viable ncaa tournament teams to go along with arizona but cal has potentially three first-round draft picks, could not close out the cats the other night because of gabe york's three late three-point shots, an 11-0 run to end the game, for cal a team very dangerous in tournament play because they have so many different options to score, defensively. >> spero: if the wildcats continueo
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they'll be all anyone can handle in the postseason. three-pointer, everyone getting in on the act. for arizona. that's justin simon with the corner three. final 2:25 left. tough finish for stanford. they will end their regular season 15-14 and just 8-10 in conference play. dorian pickens has not been his usual self this afternoon. pickens, this afternoon, just two of 10 from the field. >> doug: really, really struggled to create his own shot against this stingy arizona defense. >> spero: hazzard, make it three threes. >> doug: what a day for jacob hazzard -- his uncle, rasheed, i had a chance to grow up playing
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with, an assistant with the knicks. >> spero: also spent time with the los angeles lakers. >> doug: of course. >> spero: their staff. the back of the rim, outside another look at an open three. malcolm allen. that sums up the afternoon for stanford. their offense has not been there for them. there comes walker setting the table for sharma. impressive finish and contact. it's on comanche. tonight on cbs begins with "ncis: los angeles" followed by back-to-back editions of "48 hours." tonight, only cbs. arizona has hit 12 threes in the half. that's a record in a half in the history of this program and you are talking about some illustrious three-point shooters that have come through this place. >> doug: one of the great players to play in this place, my good friend miles simon, m.o.p. of n
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national championship -- but if you look, his number is not retired. in order to retire somebody's number at arizona you have to be a player of the year. >> spero: high standards. >> doug: yeah, except jason gardner's number is retired because he was the six foot and under player of the year. steve kerr, got an emotional award but sean elliott was the player of the year that year. i'm going to make the ply to do the right thing. >> spero: is that it? >> doug: damon stoudamire's number should be retired at arizona. steve kerr's should too -- donated $1 million, not why his number is hanging up in the rafters, they went to a final four in kansas city. damon stoudamire's number should hang up in the rafters, mighty mouse, and miles simon, the m.o.p. of arizona's only national championship. >> spero: so many great players, an endless list. >> doug: gilbert arenas, c
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budinger, derrick williams, andre iguodala, gordon, there has been talent in the desert and if you spend time on campus you understand why kids want to come here, if you spend time at mckale center you understand why they want to come here. >> spero: no doubt sean miller has restored the luster to the program after a couple of down years, the way that the lute olson era ended, again, winningest program in the country since the beginning of 2013. as they ready themselves for what they hope will be another deep postseason run. >> doug: and you know for stanford -- stanford is an incredibly proud program in their own right. mike montgomery has won more pac-10 titles than anyone outside of john wooden and johnny dawkins because of injuries caught a cold stretch and they've struggled to regain a foothold in the pac-12. >> you mentioned the fact that rolsco allen could well come back depending on theit
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he makes. where do you think the cardinal go from here? >> doug: they need all their personnel back next year. without their point guard. without their best rebounder. both out for the season. cardinal got to go to vegas and figure out how to stay above .500 so they can qualify for the n.i.t. >> spero: an emotional senior day in tucson ends with a lopsided victory for the wildcats. sean miller, johnny dawkins exchanging pleasantries at courtside as arizona will get a first-round bye in the pac-12 conference tournament. now for doug gottlieb, spero dedes saying so long from tucson. tonight on cbs is "ncis: los angeles" followed by back-to-back editions of "48 hours." this has been a prejudices r presentation of cbs sportsz. we send you to greg -- seeks sports. we send you to greg gumbel in new york after this.
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>> greg: tonight on cbs begins with "ncis: los angeles" followed by back-to-back editions of "48 hours" tonight only cbs. welcome "the road to the final four" greg gumbel, clark kellogg, seth davis, let's get you caught up on what's happening in the missouri valley conference, semifinal, first game tonight, northern iowa, wichita state. >> clark: the only three wichita state made in regulation. fred vanvleet. trying to get a shot at the end of the horn. doesn't go. we go to extra basketball and the panthers -- this was the shot of the game. gave them the breathing room they needed. jerry morgan splashing the three. wes washpun who was outstanding all game long seals it and the panthers play for the championship tomorrow. >> seth: a long eight days for gregg marshall and his team. they do not have an at-large resume'. they have one win against a team ranked in the top 7
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r.p.i. we've got bubble teams with three and four wins over the top 50, you say three of their losses were without fred vanvleet but five losses including today were with fred vanvleet and i think as we get closer to selection sunday, clark, they're going to be running out of real estate, i don't think wichita state goes to the tournament. >> clark: there is not a runway long enough i think for wichita state to make it as an at-large at this point in time, i agree with seth, a difficult decision but one that will leave them out. >> greg: the missouri valley conference, northern iowa qualifies to play for the championship against the winner of indiana state and evansville. let's show you what comes your way here on cbs tomorrow. number 24 s.m.u. will pay a visit to cincinnati at noon eastern time. missouri valley conference championship game at 2:00. then 14th-ranked maryland, 12th ranked indiana, 4:30 eastern time. cbs tomorrow. we thank you for joining us. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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>> a woman is sexually assaulted as she sleeps in her college park apartment. police are now looking for an alleged rapist on the loose. i'm debra alfarone. prince george's county police are looking for that man tonight and our matt yurus has the latest. matt? >> reporter: debra, police just wrapped up searching the neighborhood for clues. they say the alleged rape and burglary happened here in college park on the 4500 block of fourdom lane this morning. according to a statement released by university of maryland, she was asleep and thought she was having sex with her boyfriend. she didn't realize it wasn't him until she said his name and he didn't respond and she felt his hair. he left wearing a dark hoody. >>
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the police came and that is what woke me up. >> this is a good neighborhood. a lot of students. the university of maryland is just up the road. we have never had any problems like this that i know of. >> reporter: police say that the apartment building and the apartment itself were left unlocked and the victim did not suffer injuries. the neighbors are shocked and scared. live in college park, matt yurus, wusa9. >> thank you very much matt. switching gears, people who live in five more states will gather to caucus or cast their votes in primary elections today. maine, kansas, kentucky, and louisiana are the republicans and the democrats will face off in louisiana, nebraska, and kansas. craig boswell has the rundown. >> reporter: people booed donald trump as he walked out of a caucus site in wichita,
6:19 pm
to a conservative convention to go to kansas to get support. >> i love you all. give us a good result. lit be one of the greatest votes you ever make turnout is high in kansas. and it is a tight race between trump and cruz. it was much warmer for the texas senator. >> we have been able to win over and over and over from the grass roots. this process doesn't need to be mean or nasty or filled with personal insults. >> reporter: cruz and trump are well ahead in the delegate race with 165 more up for grabs. democrats are voting in three states. louisiana, kansas, and nebraska. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are both focused on michigan which is on tuesday. >> hillary clinton supported almost all of these
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trade agreements. >> reporter: clinton is expected to win louisiana and nebraska tonight bringing her closer to the democratic nomination. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> and to keep up with the race to the white house, go to our wusa9 app. conservative republicans gathered at the gaylord resort at the national harbor to hear what gop hopefuls have to say about running the country. donald trump dropped out at the last minute, a sign of lack of commitment to their cause, they say. >> dr. carson was my candidate until he dropped out. planned on hearing mr. trump and senator rubio. i think trump is a little bit afraid that he is not a true conservative and he understands that. >> i was heartbroken. not a big fan of trump, however, you know, he's so
6:21 pm
entertaining you know. you just got to go and hear him speak. >> the trump campaign issued a statement saying the controversial candidate decided to campaign in kansas instead. well, in local politics, he's back. former dc mayor vincent gray is going for the city council seat and stephanie ramirez was there. >> reporter: it was not a packed church, but there were a lot of people here from the area. almost everyone stood up to hug and greet vincent gray. it kicked off in the house of praise church in northeast. when gray started talking about his campaign, one of the first things he said, he will not turn from injustice when faced with it, speaking in part about the federal investigation against him. >> we just want to move on from that. i think it is clear they didn't
6:22 pm
have done something with it. >> he has been at the top position, and you know, as mayor, coming back as a council member, i think he would be affected. >> i don't think that's a good idea. >> why not? >> he didn't do too good when he was mayor. >> reporter: we will have more from residents and an answer on mayor bowser on if she will support him. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> and stephanie says there may be some tension there since gray supported alexander in elections past. both told stephanie they haven't spoken to one another about gray making his run official. well, they are committed to protecting and serving the public and sometimes they pawa their lives. the old town sports pub in manassas today, dozens of people turned out for public safety appreciation day. the event pays tribute to all first responders with a free barbecue plate. everybody else paid just $9 a plate. a portion of the ee
6:23 pm
benefit the families of slain police officer gwendon. the idea for the fundraiser came amid an outpouring of community support. >> it is just overwhelming. you know. we go out into the community on a daily basis. people come up to us and they don't know how to offer our condolences. but just to let the people to know by coming up and telling an officer, we wish to express our condolences for your fallen brother or sister, it means a lot to us. >> some of the money raised from today's event will also benefit dc motorcycle police officer shawn hickman who was struck and injured by a drunk driver in 2013. we are after a wet start to sunday morning. we should be getting some really great weather. howard has your fu
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave.
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's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. >> you know, it's good to be you the next couple of days. >> it's good to be me most of the time actually. >> i like that positive attitude from howard bernstein. >> and weather wise, we will be lucky. spring is coming back. if you are a snow lover, you have one more chance for it. a chilly day. there's the capital wheel. we are 42. only got to the mid 40s . 45 was the high this afternoon. a south wind at 10 miles an hour. we are in the upper 30s and low 40s . if you are going out tonighou
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for sure. a little later on, we will have rain and snow showers and this clipper system which is moving quickly toward us. we are okay for the next few hours. at the futurecast, notice the rain showers, the mountains and snow showers, overnight, just cold enough at north and west, we could pick up some minor accumulations on the grassy areas but sunday morning there will be some clouds to start the day and sun to finish the day. and then, the mild air starts cranking in here next week. transition into the 60s on monday and 70s , tuesday, wednesday, thursday. tonight, rain and snow showers developing. 30 to 36. it could be half an inch or a coating in some grassy areas north and west. not expecting any real problems with this. 30s and 40s with the early shower. mostly cloudy. more sun as the afternoon wears on. still on the cool side. 48 to 53. now, as we get into next week. milder monday. 64. fantastic
6:28 pm
72. by the time we get toward wednesday, that will be the pick of the week. thursday, could be a shower in the afternoon. 72. a couple of showers thursday, friday, saturday, but still mild in the 60s. >> we just need to get through tonight and tomorrow. >> you got it. >> and it is all smooth sailing and no snow ever again? >> i wouldn't say that. went sir on life support. >> there you have it. we will see you back here when? >> 11:00. >> frank hanrahan will be here too. see you then. !
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>> axelrod: campaign 2016. voters make their choices in five states with dozens of delegates up for grabs, will the races tighten? the class of 2017 puts the new s.a.t. to the test. essay optional. and those arcane vocabulary words erased. >> and jack montague knocks down-- >> axelrod: yale university's basketball team in turmoil in the middle of their best season in half a century, their captain is now off the team and out of school with no official explanation. and a once-in-a-decade superbloom as california's death valley teeming with life. >> it's amazing to me that anything lives here. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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