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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now at 11, a shocking crime scenes becoming more bizarre. it turns out the suspects in the fatal ambush of the innocent police officer recorded the brazen attack. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm lesli foster. three brothers are in custody for the crime nor killing jacai colson. colson may have been accidently shot by another officer, but those three brothers a s
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death. the officers and the chief are emotional, outraged, and asking for our help. tell us more. >> reporter: michael ford allegedly walked towards the police station and immediately started shooting. his brothers did not, but police say what they did is just as horrific. >> that image is of one of the ford brothers on a video recording device taping this, his brother shooting a prince george's county police officer. >> reporter: by the time he arrived in front of the district 3 station, police say michael ford had a plan. he intended to die, and 15 minutes before the gunfire erupted, he recorded a last will and testment. his brothers watched and video taped as ford shot at police officers and passing cars. >> i heard fbi, and then the
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minutes. >> reporter: colson arrived in plain clothings, and colson's actions put the other officers in a position to stop ford, but ultimately they don't believe ford's gun ended colson's life, another officer did. he says it doesn't change anything, and these men are the reason that jane and sheila colson are without their son. >> reporter: police are still trying to find the two people who were in the cars, drove by during the shooting, and they said there's a possibility they could have driven by and not even realized they were hit by the gunfire. those are the people police would like to talk to. i want to show you behind me, turn together police station, you see officer colson's car, covered in black bunting. all day the cars on the hood have been growing, and more and more people are coming by to pay their respects. ellison barber, wusa 9. >> the police community and in deed the entire
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mourning. thank you. jacai colson would have turned 29 this week. he had been on the force 4 years. friends from the police academy remember him as someone who always wanted to serve and protect his community. and colson grew up in boothwood, pennsylvania, just outside of philadelphia. he played basketball and football at chichester high school, the starting quarterback who earned the respect of his upper class men. his parents, james sheila colson were so proud of their son. his high school coach remembers when the two men recently got to exchange a life-changing moment. >> i was standing in the end zone, and it was the thanksgiving game, and he came up and said, coach, you ready for this? he said his father was so proud. >> he remembers colson as a future leader and role model leaving so many with a loss for
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blood. he was inspired by his grandfather, the 40 year veteran of the police department. right now three brothers, all suspects are in custody in connection with the ambush, and all three will be charged with second-degree murder, and six counts of attempted first- degree murder and nine counts of the use of a handgun and several other charges, and police call michael deandre ford the shooter. he is hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. 18-year-old elijah ford does not appear to have a police record, and 21-year-old malik ford has been arrested at least once, charged with theft under $1,000. wusa 9 will of course continue to follow all angles of this story from the continuing police investigation
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shooting to officer colson's funeral that will attract officers from around the country. for news 24/7 download our wusa app. more showers are moving our way. let's go right to topper. >> reporter: this is going to be a nuisance deal walking the kids to the bus stop. the radar over the last hour, all the showers for the time being, southwest of us to harrisonburg, and they are head our way. we will zoom in a bit, and showers to the west of harrisburg, and to the west and out southwest of winchester, and everything pushing to the east. the good news is most of the showers are coming in by day break and get out of here mid- morning, and it will not be long-lived. 4:30, showers across the board, temperatures in the 40s, and then by 6:00, light showers and temperatures kind of
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start. 46 in silverspring and fairfax, and by 8:00, a couple of leftover showers, particularly east and south of i-95. we will come back and track when the sunshine returns, and a reminder, download our app. it's free. i don't know why you wouldn't do it. you get the 3-degree guarantee, and we have all that coming up. >> turning now to presidential politics, and less than 24 hours away from perhaps the biggest night of the campaign. >> several states including ohio and illinois will make the presidential choices tomorrow, but no state looms larger than florida. on the republican side, the state's 99 delegates will go to the winner of the popular vote, coming down to a bat between donald trump and marco rubio. garrett haake is live with the rubio campaign in southern florida. what are you seeing and hearing? >> reporter: well, bruce, marco rubio raced down the coast today for four final campaign events including the last one in west miami wher
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polling shows rubio down a few trumps. down but not out of leech of a major upset. -- out of reach of a major upset. they have to have it tomorrow. >> reporter: marco rubio started the rally looking backwards. >> 11 months ago yesterday i announced i was running for president of the united states from that building. i did it under the theme of new american century, and i don't think we spent enough time talking about that over the last few months. >> reporter: once florida's rising republican star, rubio is now finding himself in the fight of his life against donald trump in his home state. here he only mentioned trump's name once but peppered his speech with the elusions to the man who could derail his campaign tomorrow. >> my whole life i have been told being humble is is a virtue, and now being
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a weakness, and being vain and self-absorbed is a virtue. >> i went to a trump rally. >> reporter: what did you think? >> i switched today. i wanted to hear personally what he had to say about everything, and that changed for me. >> reporter: blocks for the rally a massive trump condo building is a reminder of the juggernaut that rubio faces. >> he's a good guy, but i'm concerned if he will pull off the votes in florida because trump is trump. >> reporter: in tampa, in front of a much larger crowd, trump, too, reflected on the movement he has tapped into. >> the biggest story in all of politics worldwide today is what is happening with the republican party, and what is going on is and has been, they call it a phenomena. >> reporter: rubio made a final stop at a park in his hometown of miami. he told the crowd in english and spanish with their help he could come back
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now early voting in florida is isa big deal. 2million ballots are cast. neither rubio or trump have public events here in florida untitomorrow night when both will hold watch parties with trump holding his at mara largo where he will have a press conference tomorrow night. we will be there. garrett haake, wusa 9. mitt romney campaigned today with john kasich, and romney said kasich has a real track record, and he is urging republicans not to support donald trump, and kasich promised to keep his campaign popular. >> i'm not going to take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> trump and kasich are neck and neck in ohio. sheriff in north carolina says after a review of the evidence, donald trump will not face charges of inciting
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last week. the sheriff had been investigating if his rhetoric criminal intented to this, the antitrump protester getting sucker punched as police led him out of the stands. 78-year-old john mcgraw was charged with assault for throwing the punch, and trump later said he may cover mcgraw's legal costs. sarah palin cut short her time on the trump campaign trail after her husband was seriously injured in a snow mobile accident. he is expected to recover, and palin's father said it was a freak accident in a facebook post. she said her husband is the toughest guy she knows. the house overwhelmingly approved the bill that condemns ethnic minorities as genocide. the russian president, vladimir putin has ordered much of the russfo
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withdraw that comes as syria enters peace talks in geneva. an isis fight chore just defected in northern iraq is apparently from fairfax county, and today, apparently two men who may be the men's father and brother pushed around photojournalists, and the older man demand the journalists turn off their cameras and leave, and he swatted at their camera. >> i am on public property, sir. >> do not touch my camera! >> he then grabbed the garden hose and sprayed the photographers. police arrived and talked to the men in the home. the pair ventured outside, a bit calmer but refusing to answer a questions, and in public records they are listed as the public residence of mahal price. price is a palestinian american who
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defected. eight firefighters are home from the hospital after getting injured when a wall collapsed on them during a fire. the scene was captured on video, and the firefighters were batting flames in a townhouse in germantown this morning when the outer wall buckled and fell on top of them. they have now been treated for theirinjuries. schools and metro riders are running into the problems thanks to a fire earlier this morning. coming up next, we will tell you why it's closed and if it will affect your morning commute. a new twist in the shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan, why the suspect says uber made him do it. ♪ [music] ♪ and a little rose garden freestyle. see what happens when the creator of hamilto
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. right now the fire that broke out in a metro
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this morning is still causing problem tonight. >> several stations are still closed for repairs, and mola lenghi is live. what's going on there? >> reporter: we have seen countless riders walk up, surprised, unaware to find out the gate the were shut at 9:00 tonight. bar nothing setbacks during the repairs tonight, service is expected to be fully restored for the morning commute tomorrow morning. trapped, prisoners of an unreliable transit system, these are just a few of the riders dealing with the rippling effect of the morning fire. after delays and signal problems, tracks will be closed for repairs, some finding out the hard way. >> reporter: i guess you were not expecting to see the gates down at 9:00 p.m. >> i thought about checking the app, but i 't
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>> reporter: do you usually take this home? >> yeah. >> kind of frustrating. >> reporter: you think he was frustrated now? what about when the shuttle bus that metro was supposed to provide just left? >> very frustrated. >> reporter: tough times. >> yeah. >> reporter: it began as a tough morning for crowds of riders who were delayed up to an hour after the 4:30 a.m. fire. >> it was a complete mess. >> reporter: this metro rider is talking about just one station, and some, like marcus howard may say the complete system is a mess. >> it comes with scrutiny considering the past management, and i just want to see results at the end of the day, with the communication, like i said, with tonight, and you can see, a lot of folks are fully unaware. >> reporter: less than 6 months on the job, and paul whittfield is aware of the agency's long list of problems. >> obviously a40-year-old has challenges, but we have to anticipate and be proactive so we don't get in this situa
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we have to minimize that. >> reporter: well in lieu of train service, they are offering free shuttle bus service for all affected station tonight. i'm mola lenghi. >> thank you for that, mola. watch wake up washington tomorrow morning at 4:25 for the latest on the commute, and you can always turn to our mobile app to stay on top of the latest condition. download it tonight so it's ready for your a.m. commute. an uber driver has been charged with killing six people last month in the kalamazoo, michigan, area. a police report released today says the suspect told investigators he was under the control of an uber app through his cell phone on the day of the shooting spree, and we are hearing 911 calls made to police, and one of them came from a woman who found a neighbor gunned down outside of
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tried to protect a group of children. >> who is the person that shot? >> i don't know. the car said -- oh, please, please don't move. they are coming. please don't move. we got the kids. >> dalton is behind bars, charged with six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. >> you know alexander hamilton invented a lot of things in the day, but he never became president. >> today he did take over the white house. ♪ your name is? >> alexander hamilton! >> president obama congratulated the creator for bringing the show to life and suggested his next musical.
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together, and it's a show about congress for example. [ laughter ] >> maybe that will help. the first family are big fans of the musical, and the president took daughters sasha and malia to see hamilton last year after michelle obama caught the show in the spring. >> the tickets are highly covenant. >> you have people! >> you got people! >> i do have people. >> i have no people. >> i have people but no tickets. [ laughter ] >> my people is giving it away. let's talk about the 3- degree guarantee. we felt pretty good, but it was really close with that northeast flow. we went for the high at 56. phew! we made it. 53. i will go with 63 for tomorrow. i brought it down 1 degree. a live look outside, and it's not a very inviting night, 48, and some winds out of the northeast, and some light rain and drizzle and fog, and
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good stuff. okay, here's the radar over the last few showers. showers to the west of us, to the south of us, headed to culpepper and warrenton over the next hour and a half. and the western suburbs, into fairfax and leesburg and around route 7 about 2:30. yellow weather alert tomorrow morning, and about after midnight to 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. bus stop temperatures, 55 with showers, and take along an umbrella. the 70s return on wednesday after morning clouds, and that's the best week, no doubt about that, and the front will go through wednesday evening, and it's back to cool and chilly to finish off the week ahead. it's a battle between win ther and spring. 5:00to 6:00 in the morning, temperatures pretty uniform, and mid-40s, north and west, and maybe 45 for hagerstown, and about 46 in fairfax, and by 9:00, just some spotty showers here and there especially down to the south and east of i-95, and
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then by 12:30, 1:00, showers pretty much gone, and clouds are hanging tough for awhile, and temperatures even despite that, back into the mid-50s. 56 in dale city and humpheries, and 56 in rockville, and look what happens, sunshine bit evening, and because the sun goes down later that will help us get back into the 60s, probably 63 or 64, and the day planner, showers in the morning, clouds hanging tough, and then in the afternoon, upper 50s by 1:00 p.m., and now wednesday, we have to keep a slight chance of showers and clouds in the morning, and that's a great day. mid-70s, and for showers on thursday, and cooler. upper 50s to near 60, and then it will be cool for awhile. cool finish to the week on friday. low 50s on saturday, and cold rain on sunday, and holding into the 40s for monday with the afternoon sun. speaking of 40, the year was 1976, and gerald ford was president, and the average price of
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was $47,000, and the ink jet printer was invented, and as a nation we celebrated the bicentennial, and our your own bruce johnson hit the airways here on wusa 9. tomorrow is his 40th anniversary at the station. take a look at that hair! everyone wants you to grow the fro back! he has not changed much, and neither has his passion for the news or this community. >> tomorrow night we will start to celebrate bruce at 5:00 you better show up. >> i'm thinking about calling in. >> you better not do that. a special show planned, and we will look at your career and impact, and you need to be here for that, and anyway, tonight on facebook, we took a look back on bruce's 40 years on the airways and a candid conversation, and lot of you joined in with festive wishes for bruce. one says congratulations
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ho years and an amazing man with integrity. debi wrote, 40 looks good on you. another barbara said i have always admired your professionalism. congrats to one of my faves. we want you to share your congratulations with bruce. happy anniversary! >> happy anniversary! >> do i get a car or something? >> not from us. >> not tonight. maybe tomorrow. >> we have so much love to give to you on behalf of everyone. >> i will pick up your dry cleaning tomorrow. the mad ness is about to begin. >> what can fans expect
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all right, are you ready? you got your brackets? we are studying for the ncaa tournamenter, and coach steve is joining me. maryland basketball a month ago, we were thinking this is the year. one or two seed, and
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sudden, they are the fifth seed. they are facing south carolina state, and disappointing for a home, but just wiping the slate clean and saying we have an opportunity here. >> reporter: the slate is wiped clean in march, and this is a tremendous opportunity for them. i think going out west is is a good thing. they need to get back to playing efficient offensively. they have to move the basketball and they get open to spot the 3s, and then let's get touchdowns idea for carter. carter expands his game and they have to move. you can't stand and watch melo do his thing, and sometimes they get caught looking too much. >> virginia, a number one seed. they have learned it out of the acc. they have a nice road, and michigan state is looming in the region, but they are a top seed. >> reporter: it's deserved. they have had a heck of a regular season. they defend as well as
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style that is difficult. they are very methodical, and they execute their offense at a high level, and they have to go through the players, and virginia had trouble with carolina, and more so than michigan state, i'm worried about perdue looming, and if virginia can get to that point, they need better interior play, and outside of anthony gill, like toby coming off the bench outside, they missed some chips that could check out the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! try a flaky filet-o-fish made with sustainably sourced fish, a big mac made with 100% beef, chicken mcnuggets made with white meat, or a quarter pounder with cheese seared on the grill. pick any 2 for $5 bucks. ♪ bada ba ba ba
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>> jon: welcome stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪


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