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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the next 7 days. he had a long violent criminal history and his relatives -- say it was a 34- year-old illinois man names james brown that shot and killed a trooper that stopped to talk to him at the gay hound bus station in richmond. chad der meyer, a father of two. >> reporter: before the encounter that ended with the trooper dead. james brown had been charged with murder, intent to kill, aggravated battery with a firearm, failure to abate police and more. trooper dermyer had no way of knowing any of that when he walked up to him.
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strangers and friends placed bouquets on trooper chad dermyer's cruiser, outside state police headquarters. parents struggle to explain his death to their children. dermyer was on a training exercise with a dozen other trooper at the richmond greyhound depo. 30 seconds later after he stopped to talk to brown, he pulled the handgun out and shot the trooper repeatedly. >> this man was like get down, get down. >> reporter: two other troopers returned fire, brown continued to fight with medics and officers, as they rushed him to the hospital where he died. >> the loud noises didn't make sense. i was like there is
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that's gun shots, then there were five or ten more. >> reporter: he would pull off the interstate to save a lost dog. he is survived by his wife and two young children. >> my prayers and heart are with his family. >> reporter: in addition to murder, brown had been charged in aurora, illinois, with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, aggravated battery of an un born child, intimidation and felony possession of a women, his aunt told colleagues in richmond, he vowed never to go back to prison, he said that he would fight it out with police. live at virginia state police headquarters. >> trooper dermyer
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wearing ace body armor and the superintendent says they are recommended but not required and not clear it would have saved him. two women hit are expected to be okay. hundreds will show respects for trooper chad der mier and the many law enforcement officer whose put their lives on the line each day at saturday's united for blue rally, starts at the law enforcement memorial in northwest and ends with a march to the national mall. united for blue aims to pay respects to what officer dos everyday, -- officers do everyday. kelly is the president and says it's been a heart breaking month and a half in our area. >> my husband goes out to work every night, i don't know if he is coming home anymore. yesterday was a training exercise. he was shot and killed. she was shot and killed over a training exercise. how does that happen? how is the community not enraged. i have
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the last month just between the officers with prince georges county, last night with the virginia state police. >> she is not the only one. tonight, they are hold aggieness cook off fundraiser at the fraternal order of police lodge in northwest on 4th street at 6:00. more problems at the washington monument. >> for a second time this week, elevator malfunction is forcing the closure of the monument. 86 people on the observation deck had to make the trek down a lot of stairs , the monument will remain closed through saturday while the crews try and make the repairs. broken elevator caused a shutdown on tuesday as well. metro watchdog tweeted out this response to the elevator trouble today. washington monument, now run by ramada. now, fairfa
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that robbed and sexually assaulted a woman in knife point at springfield. it happened on commerce behind a busy shopping plaza. ray is live. you've talked to the victim? >> reporter: that's right, bruce, minutes ago we talked to the 40 year old victim, who says she was on her way to work. she was walking alone when she was grabbed by a man at knife point, dragged in to this dumpster behind me, robbed and sexually assaulted. property manager rick florez is passing out fliers detailing the attack, it shows two surveillance pictures of an older model red 2-door car with a white or gray patch on the driver's side door.
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the female victim through a translator talks with wusa 9. she was on her way to work when a man with a knife grabbed her and pulled her in to the dumpster where he took money and sexually assaulted her. >> that's awful. >> that's crazy. >> we have to take in to account to tell my employees and co-workers to be careful. tell them to go in doubles. >> it can happen to anyone. >> reporter: the woman was able to break free and call for help. >> avoid this area at 6:00 in the morning. >> this is a good neighborhood. there are hard working people here. >> reporter: the woman says she doesn't believe this was a random act because this
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paid by her ex-husband. police will not verify or confirm that she was targeted. is866411 tips or text tip 187. dc is joining other states banning travel for district government employees to north carolina. mayor mural stands with the lgbtq community and against discrimination after a controversial law was passed there. debra alfarone is live with reaction. what are you hearing? >> reporter: people i spoke to today at the lgbt center for the community applaud the mayor's stand but not everyone agrees. here is a recap of the law that has states picking sides. the controversy all comes down
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north carolina's controversial new law is that it requires transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds to the sex they were born with b not the gender they id with now. talking about multi-stall bathrooms. >> there is work to be done for the lgbt community. >> reporter: travis is from north carolina, the mayor's ban follows, connecticut, vermont, washington, san francisco and new york and seattle. david mariner who workses for the rights, sums it up like this. >> if your state is not working for lgbt community, it's not welcoming for anyone. >> reporter: we heard both sides. don't think no one should right a law discriminating against no one. >> to be in target with your child in the bathroom and a person that looks like a woman comes
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that's confusing to kids, i think. >> i saw a great meme on facebook the other day that was like, you have gone to the bathroom with a trans person and didn't even know it. we are all trying to pee in peace. >> reporter: the law in north carolina also stops cities and towns from putting in measures to protect people on the faces of sexual orientation and gender identity. we are live along 14th street tonight. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> companies like facebook, google and dow have taken stances against this law. new information on the news paper vendor accused of stabbing a man at the addison road metro station. after a day-long search, daniel brown surrendered to police. he is facing assault and other charges. he was happening out the free -- handing out the free express newspapers when he got in to an argument with a
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stabbed him three times. the victim, 24 years old, is in stable condition at the hospital. alexandria police are investigating the first homicide of the year. police say he suffered a head injury on tuesday while being robbed along the 200 block of south alfred street and died from injuries today. police have no suspects in custody. prince georges county, a man was shot and killed, in capital heights, at 1:30 this morning, on shady glenn terrace. the victim died at the hospital. police don't believe this was a random act and looking for the shooter. let's turn to the race for president. the next big prize is wisconsin, which holds the primary on tuesday. the polls show republican ted cruz leading front runner donald trump by 10 points. fellow republican john kasich predicted the gop nominee will not be crowned on the campaign trail but at the party
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>> everybody tried to figure out my math, cruz needs 90% of remaining delegates. that's not going to happen. >> the polls show bernie sanders with a single digit lead over hilary clinton in wisconsin. clinton might be seating the state to him while looking ahead to a larger prize. it's new york and it holds the primary april 19th. clinton campaigned there today. dc council plans to hold emergency vote tuesday on legislation that would put democrat bernie sanders on the dc primary ballot. his campaign submitted the fees and paperwork to the dc democratic party, but the party did not notify the board of elections until after the deadline. the districts democratic primary is june 14th. we are getting started on wusa9 at 5:00, two brothers from prince georges county on different teams in the final four competing for ncaa
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little bit. drivers tired of the car shaking through the potholes. back with the strong storms making their way through the dc area. right after the break, more protests on the streets of dc as demonstrators rally against nu
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today president obama announced a public inventory of the united states nuclear stockpile will be revealed. this never happened before. not far from the summit, people united together to protest nuclear weapons. stephanie gailheart is live where most of the talkses have been going on wi
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activists are lobbying on capitol hill, and today they gathered on the square, raising awareness about nuclear weapons. huddled together and holding signs, global zero activists are pushing for change. not far from the protest, the nuclear security summit is underway, this year's focus, preventing terrorism. the summit isn't tackling a major issue. >> world leaders are not addressing the elephant in the room, the 15,000 nuclear weapons. >> reporter: this inflated nuke helps send the message, they want world leaders and the president know it
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worldwide. >> in a world where foreign policy is dictated instead of militarization. >> reporter: he knows survivors of fukushima daiichi and . the summit wraps up in 45 minutes at 6:00, we are expecting traffic to get congested in this area around the convention center, to avoid this area if you can. more on what is going on inside the summit, coming up at 5:30. prince georges county, darryl johnson indicted on two counts of murder. back on february 2nd, johnson killed davis and her daer
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chloe in a dispute over child support. the child was shot and killed while she was strapped in the child seat in the back of the car. the troubling discovery along 395 in fairfax, virginia state police say they discovered a body in the grass. the medical examiner trying to determine an identification and cause of death. >> dc kicks off the pothole palooza today. no pranks intended. despite what you might think, the district has been hard at work trying to build the craters. the city says it's committed to filling the potholes in less than 72 hours. we got to see the technology they are using to get our streets nice and smooth. >> i think they are late on this. most of the damage has been done. people are in
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potholes. it was an early spring, we had the cold spells as well. we are dealing with spring-like weather in strong storms. severe warning dropped at 5:03, a strong storm up that way. back to where we should be on our weather computer here, as we are looking at stuff here. give me half a second folks. we are looking at the storms that are going on right now. we got first alert doppler, we are starting on the big picture, one to the north, one to the south, the one to the north is going to miss the metro. that's quickly pushing past frederick, westminster, at 50, 55 miles per hour. this line of showers and storms, west to fredericksburg, harrisonburg, that will be tracking over the next couple of hours. westminster to mount airy, we are getting hit hard with heavy downpours. it's not severe. westminster here in the
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few minutes, shrewsberry, this is going to go towards pennsylvania. south of culpepper, towards orange, racing towards the northeast, at 50 miles an hour. we think it's going to be towards the -- mount vernon 6:00 p.m., the nats, they are home, they got a game. a preseason game over at national's park with the twins. you will have to watch that. weather headlines, after today's 80s, big changes for the weekend. showers tomorrow morning, southeast of i-95, a better chance, i haven't put a yellow weather alert for the morning. east of 95, if you got a sports event, maybe one of the kids games, watch for that. a high wind watch saturday night, sundays morning, we could see gusts 40-50 miles an hour overnight saturday night in to sunday morning. cold air, well north and west, when you get to upper
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montgomery, louden, towards i- 81, freeze watches in effect. a colder shot of air for tuesday. we might not get out of the 40s tuesday, considering we are in the low 80s, 81 washington and gusty. mostly cloudy skies at the moment at national. dew points in the 50s. it doesn't feel terribly sticky but spring is going away for a few days. great lakes, 30s there, chunk of that is coming our way. the last gasp of winter, battling on the northern lakes with snow. springtime storms south. that battle is going the go on for the next several days. we will be caught in the cross fire. for tonight, evening showers and storms, mostly cloudy, cooler by tomorrow morning, in the low to mid 50s, with showers around in the morning, especially east of i-95. 50s in the morning, more sun in the afternoon. not as warm. 58 to 66. windy tomorrow night in to
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sunday morning. sunday, sunny and 52. monday, showers return, especially in the afternoon, tuesday cold incomes the 40s, showers -- cold, in the 40s. showers could hamper opening day of the home opening day for this 2016 campaign with highs in the 50s. straight ahead, the curse of the bradford pair, a story getting looks on social media and not quite sure why. getting a new smart phone will cost you a little bit more. and americans continue to turn away from soda. i will tell you about that in our consumer alert.
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. nit championship trophy. gw upset number one seed, 76-60 in the garden in new york city. it was the school's first national basketball title, the team 28 minutes this season, is the
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congratulations to them. i got a consumer alert, we start with verizon, and customers can expect to pay an additional fee if they upgrade their phone. the company will charge extra $20 to activate any upgraded device, regardless of whether you buy the phone from verizon or some place else. $20 upgrade fee kicks in on monday, april 4th. soda consumption down for the 11th straight year in a row. diet sodas took a hit. the drop marks the lowest level of drinking the sweet stuff as americans switch to health alternatives. the company filed for a patent for talking drone propellers, the blades will make warning noises and shout out phrases like, watchout, to alert people
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for the third day, the curse of the bradford pair is one of the hottest stories on we are stumped by why it's so popular. >> it's not just us. other stations are doing the same thing. the tree was a popular choice for homeowners and developers here in this area as well as other parts of the country. in part because of its white bloom in the spring. experts say the species became invasive and harms native plants and trees, when the trees mature they grow weak and start splitting. >> any wind storms or big thunderstorms, they would get weak wooded and start splitting and then they figured out through the years it's not such a great tree. >> the missouri department of conservation says there are other trees that will provide the very same beautiful white bloom without the problems caused by the broadford's care. >> you see
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beautiful, not sonice to other plants. straight ahead, it's about family for two prince georges county brothers. the special story of how the athletes are sharing the same court this weekend. frightening moments a at shopping mall after a baby is kidnapped bay complete stranger -- by a complete stranger. world leaders gather in dc to stop the threat of nuclear terrorism. storms are moving through parts of the washington area. find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski
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lts." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. sphorls on first alert doppler -- storms on first alert doppler. >> especially in northern virginia now, to the north, those storms left frederick, quickly racing off towards the northeast, tracking this, this was severe earlier, heavy downpours, new cell trying to pop west of leaseburg, off towards the east, northeast, this is booking almost 50 miles an hour. north of leaseburg, lovettsville, more concern with this area of showers and thunder, see the lightning, east of shenandoah, between cull pepper and orange, this is also off lifting to the northeast, with lighter showers towards fredericksburg. tracking towards northern virginia, towards wato
5:31 pm
towards the plains and middleburg, it has enough of an eastern push we got to watchout, could be getting up towards mount vernon, 6:15, the nationals and the twins have a preseason game at nats park. that could cause delays there. if you are going out this eve, got to watchout for few showers and storms here and there, as we go through 7 or 8:00, after that, it will be quieter as temperatures fall from the 80- degree reading early in to the 60s by 10:00. back to you. world leaders are gathered in washington for day 2 of the nuclear security summit. heads of state are here to discuss the threat of nuclear terrorism. >> reporter: president obama urged fellow leaders to protect 2000-tons of nuclear material from terrorists, pakistan considered particularly vulnerable. >> there is no doubt if these madmen ever got their hands on a nuclear
5:32 pm
to kill as many innocent people as people. this is a success of diplomacy that hopefully will be able to copy in the future. >> reporter: critics say the deal merely delays iran's nuclear progress and doesn't end it for good. north korea poses a possible nuclear threat according to columbia professor, richard bets. >> the regime in knock is probably the -- north korea is probably the wildest and craziest government in the world, isolated and economically weak and always interested in finding sources of money. >> reporter: the risk of a nuclear attack was greater during the cold war, but he believes the threat will continue to rise in more unstable places around the world. brian web, for
5:33 pm
>> the u.s. released a public inventory of supplies of highly enriched uranium. pot protests scheduled for tomorrow in front of the white house. >> activists are fired up about reforming marijuana laws, they will be lighting up there on the streets at 4:20 in the afternoon. that's cannabis code for smoking pot. the group is calling on president obama to loosen federal restrictions on the casual use of marijuana. decision to rename the george mason school of law after the late supreme court justice antonin scalia is rubbing students the wrong way. it's been trending on facebook. fellow justice calls it a fitting tribute, some current and former students are not happy that a judge with held conservative values be given a visible problems on campus. a father and son seen pointing guns in an east
5:34 pm
found shot to dead . two of police don't know in the men were actually firing their guns or simply pointing them. members of the navahoe nation are demanding answers after a police officer shot and killed a native american woman. she was accused of shoplifting, a case of beer in winslow, arizona, they say she fought back with a pair of scissors when the officer tried to arrest her, that's when the officer fired five times. navahoe nation members are demanding the release of that officer's name. to prince georges county, two brothers could very well end up playing each other in the ncaa national championship. >> guard for the north carolina tarheels, brother chris jenkins, is a forward with the wildcats, rucks russel reports from houston, texas with more of his ly
5:35 pm
>> reporter: he is happy as a final four dad can be. proud of his son, who sports the number zero for the unc tarheels and chris jenkins, the young man he calls his second son, wearing number two for villanova, the brits took him in when he was a small boy and became his legal guardian. >> we used to have saturday and sunday workouts, i used to tell him, i said look, you have to understand that you got to make sacrifices, for something you really want. >> reporter: both boys wanted to play basketball. >> you can tell that the fire was in him, they were competing and wanted to win. >> reporter: with both respective -- if both respective teams win saturday, they could face up against one another in the final. >> we both have to stay focused and get the win coming up on saturday. >> reer
5:36 pm
>> root for the best guy, whoever wins. support the guy that has his head down at the end. >> oklahoma and care lie carolina in the finals. >> i haven't invested anymore at all. i want whoever to win, win. brit senior tells our partners, kids living out their dreams at the highest level is a beautiful thing. heartfelt letter from a 11 year old gets a response from president barack obama. >> madison explains her dad is set to be released from prison in august. she says, i want him to have a great job, a house and to see me more often. mr. obama writes his administration is pushing to improve rehabilitation programs like job training and drug counseling and would help with housing, education and health care and the president encouraged madison to hold on to her optimism. he says he is confident she
5:37 pm
things. letter from the president. trending now, couple of our favorite april fool ts pranks from big named companies. >> this treadmill run is about to go horribly
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no such thing as election insurance. >> part of an april fools prank put on by e insurance. in the fake ad, they said the policy would protect your home in case you decide to abandon it after the november election. it comes with several options, weekly home maintenance and holiday lights., is not selling pricey homes for pets in the dc area. here are the ads. biscuits was selling this one bed, one bad, best friends drive for $275,000, included a clock ball throwing machine. this is a tree house sold by balls of string. two beds, one bath charmer on hairball lane, for $325,000, complete with a self cl
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links, you are an april fool. >> you got too much time of your hands. you need to get a life. >> there are no streets with those names. the new commercial features taylor swift geting too caught up in drake's music during her workout. >> come on. that didn't really happen. that is fake, you know that's fake. don't you think? >> i would have thought it was going to be the hotline bling song. i guess you can fall out for that one. up next, a local high school hopes the 25edition of the special spring sports tradition. coordinated response to stop the zika virus from spreading in the itun
5:42 pm
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. murder mystery is the focus of 48 hours. mark wa, a promising 23-year- old law student was stabbed to death. it happened after a night of drinking with gupta
5:45 pm
girlfriend. gupta confessed and changed his mind. the rest of the story tomorrow night at 10:00. 7-month-old baby safe after kidnapped by a total stranger inside a shopping center. >> look at the video from pennsylvania's king oppression mall. see the suspect walking off with the infant. she be friended the mother, when the baby started crying, she asked the hold the baby. the woman took off and word spread among shoppers. >> i didn't care about clothes or anything i came to mall for. >> detectives spent five hours searching for the woman and the baby and found them 9 miles away. officials from around thest, getting ready for the zika virus, the goal to prepare the most at risk state for the possibility that
5:46 pm
virus will will be transmitted locally. >> more than 300 federal state and local health officials gathered at the cdc to get ready for the possibility of zika outbreaks in the u.s. >> working through action plans for every jurisdiction, that's affected. that means making sure that they are prepared to monitor and respond. >> reporter: cdc director, tom freedens says the response is critical to protect pregnant women and their babies. it's linked to a rare birth defect called microcephaly. officials can't fight zika if congress doesn't approve the 1 preponderate $9 billion aid package. >> reporter: -- $1.9 billion aid
5:47 pm
there have been 312 travel related cases. of them sexually transmitted. 27 were in pregnant women and one person developed a rare neurological disorder. zachary thompson says his workers are going door to door to get the word out. >> each individual resident has to take a responsibility to make sure they remove standing water. >> water. >> zika is spreading in puerto rico, authorities are concerned hundreds of thousands of people could be infectd with zika in coming months. parts of georgia are cleaning up this morning after nasty weather royaled through and these are pictures from warner robins georgia. it left a trail of damage, trees toppled on to houses, a dozen homes were damaged. no one was hurt. take a look at the mess in fayette county, alabama. >> reporter: the family that owns the
5:48 pm
county, says if a tornado came, they would hide in this pit and be safe but you can see if they had during this storm, they would have been dead. >> a lot of clean up thousand. it did a lot of damage. it's devastating. i'm glad everybody is okay. >> when you see all that damage, it is incredible that everybody caught this the chaos. it's going to be all right. >> that time of year, you need to stay up on the weather, thankfully, we got a couple of storms this evening. not that much going on. the air is kind of dry. that helped us out. we got to watch it for a couple of hours, things are going to bun settled. spring like weather we've had, 83 today. warmest since mid november, we will be talking about more weather, freezing potential coming up saturday night and again next week. north and west, freeze watch, north and west, saturday night. this broken line of showers and storms, from the west side of the new york metro,
5:49 pm
next couple of hours, one strong storm earlier, briefly severe, that raced quickly north of baltimore, there is a little shower, that's on the border of frederick and montgomery, dicker zonks us the ca roarra, trying to straddle the border. you can see this, towards the northeast, quickly, maybe damascus. stanleys around the culpepper area, about to lift in towards southern, this is moving northeast at 50 miles an hour, as i said earlier, the nats, twins, preseason, national spark, may get clipped by this. towards warrenton 6:11. fairfax 6:25 potentially dc at 6:37. behind the line of showers, it gets colder, when you get to the other side of the mountains. cleveland is in the 40s, along with toledo, 20
5:50 pm
warm air in place, that's not going to last. we will get chilly here. hope you didn't put the boots or sweaters away. you are going to need them. temperatures falling to the 50s in the mountains, low 80s in most of the metro right now with partly to mostly cloudy skies, the winds are gusting out of the south, southwest, 30 miles an hour, saturday night, sundays morning, may gust 40-50 miles an hour. coldernary canada, dipping in to the northern u.s., the battle is on from winter, bringing a little snow to the great lakes to the severe weather. the threat this afternoon is now southern georgia, down in to florida, some of that rain is towards the carolinas, we got to watch this briefly area pushing through this evening. tomorrow morning, for your south and east, dc, i'm concerned if you have plans, maybe you go running, kids got a sporting event with the soccer and little league teams going on already. could be a few showers, especially in the morning. by the afternoon, some sunshine working wa
5:51 pm
saturday night with a couple of showers, mountain snows and this one potentially, the gusty winds late saturday night, early sunday morning, 40 maybe 50 plus. low to mid 50sing evening showers and storms. tomorrow morning showers, especially east of i-95, in the 50s to start. not as warm, low to mid-60s. that's a couple of degrees above average. up to 62 on the average. sunday windy, chilly, 52. it's going to feel colder than that. monday back in the 60s with showers, especially in the afternoon, cold on tuesday, 48, 58 wednesday and looks like showers potentially for the nats home owner thursday, highs back in the 50s. i made it, we have a nationally ranked high school lacrosse team in your area
5:52 pm
weekend, playing against other top times in the country part of the 25th annual spring fling.
5:53 pm
gw basketball showing folks, we probably should have gotten in to the ncaa tournament. colonials capturing the nit, ending the season with a win. colonial is driving back after the game, sure the ride was fun, they got to foggy bottom at 4:00 a.m., sleep deprived but feels goodto be champs. >> it feels great to be honest, it's an honor to be in this position, knowing we won the nat. live the last season as the champions is a big deal. we are excited about it. >> congratulations. drive back last night. >> i could imagine. >> they were pumped up
5:54 pm
whole way. coming up new at 6:00, veli coverage continues out at richmond, virginia, learning about the state trooper killed at the bus station as the community prepares to pay tribute. another officer lost the line of duty, what is behind the show of force you will see on virginia streets this weekend. what it means to win in wisconsin tuesday, why this election could pack a punch to the front runners on both sides, see
5:56 pm
ocrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
5:57 pm
tesla is taking reservations for the newest car they unveiled last night and we are going to put our resources and see what we can do for you. >> i don't need the big one. ly take the one they are talking about now. it could be the company's biggest test yet. >> reporter: the wait is over for the car that could make electric automobiles go mainstream. >> this is really important for the future of the world. >> reporter: tesla's ceo says the model 3 can go 215 miles per charge and 0-6 in 6 seconds, priced at $35,000 the vehicle is the company's first dive in to the high volume affordable car market. >> you will not be able to buy a car for $35,000 or close. >> reporter: earlier models suffered sub design proble
5:58 pm
and production delays. analysts say that has to change this time around. >> people are expecting this car to be a breakthrough moment. i talked to an auto executive that said we expect tesla to innovate. the question is can they execute. that's the question. >> reporter: to help with production, tesla built its own battery factory, the model 3 will ship at the end of 2017. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> tesla trying to open another store in virginias they have a location in tysons corner and looking for a second in richmond. >> there are stores in annapolis, bethesda and k street right in the district. the richmond community prepares a tribute to a state police trooper shot and killed in the line of duty and learning more about the man that pulled the trigger. if you have been trying to get and the district today, you know it hasn't been easy from potesters to street closur.
5:59 pm
a special tribute to another young officer, lost in virginia, this weekend's show of force for officer ashley gwendon. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm bruce johnson. a bomb waiting to spaking as careerville with a dislike for police. police identified 34 year old james brown the third of illinois, as the man who shot a virginia state trooper. brown vowed to go down fighting rather than go back to prison. bruce is live with the tragic reminder of the danger our police officers face. >> reporter: people have been coming here all day, leaving balloons and flowers on trooper dermyer's cars police are trying to explain why brown shot him. they are also trying to figure out how a guy who had been charged with murder did just 3 years in prison on
6:00 pm
charge. then got out and got ahold of a ba rettta, a semi automatic 40 caliber weapon. virginians struggling to explain the unexplainable. >> they put their lives in their hands everyday for you and me. >> reporter: trooper chad dermyer had a chance encounter with a man on a hair trigger. james brown had long violent charging sheets including murder, intent to kill, aggravated battery, with a firearm, aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, aggravated battery of an un born child. he vowed never to let police take him back to jail. >> the loud noises didn't make sense. there is no way that's gun shots. there were five, ten more. >> reporter: police say they found 143 unspent


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