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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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crews on the beltway this afternoon. thanks for joining us. the trooper is identified as 26- year-old israel gunnashanondo. he was investigating when a vehicle involved in another wreck struck his car. this happened in prince george's county and put traffic at a standstill in both directions. all lanes of the interlope did reopen earlier.
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two lanes of the outer loop reopened an hour ago. we don't know what caused a train train to stall this afternoon. more than 1500 passengers were stuck on the train for more than an hour. they walked off of the train to another one and to the rosalyn platform. no one hurt and no fire or smoke. new information on the man accused of hitting and killing police officer noah. the attorney says his client has agreed to plead guilty and could face up to ten years in prison for vehicular manslaughter. he admitted to smoking pot pot and taking xanax behind the wheel. a plea hearing is scheduled for next month. >> a woman in
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loudoun county. police had been on the hundred for emily king. the fight with the 26-year-old ended with her shooting him in the stomach. the victim is expected to survive. a family has sued a prince george's county facility over the death of their loved one. reuben bibbs died after wondering away from a picnic. his body was found 22 days later, an autopsy found he essentially froze to death. his loved ones sued the person after taking care of the 81- year-old. >> my father was a kind, loving person. every day, i think about him suffering and being out there alone. just haunts me every day. >> maryland's office of healthcare quality fined woodmor house 75 mun 7 -- hud
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correction plan. a resident died from being assaulted from another resident. >> unbelievable. embarrassment. reactions on twitter about the decision of metro's new ceo to close the gates on a new cutting edge system. metro spent 25 million-dollars working on new fare gates that would let you pay with your phone or credit card. called nearfield commune cases. metro says too few people are willing to even try it so the transit agency to spend another 150 million-dollars installing it. i would rather pay with my phone. >> i don't see any problem. >> you are happy with the smart phones. >> we're old school and we are not truss worthy enough for that. >> we are not talking a savings at this point. if you are thinking the metro could use that 150 million- dollars to solve some of its other old problems, you better think again. the ceo
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money to replace fare gates. back to 40 years ago. dc mayor continued to push for the raise of the minimum wage in the district and planning to submit a deal to the dc council this week to increase the rates to $15 an hour by 2020. under legislature signed by former vincent gray in 2014. the current minimum wage will increase by one dollar to 11.50 an hour in july. 40,000 verizon workers walking the picket line for a second day including a handful of locations right here you want area. they are on strike fighting for better benefits and job security. the walkout affects the land line and internet service and not wireless. the customers won't notice any disruptions. however, some verizon customers are feeling the impact of ri
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everett scheduled an installation when the strike started. he called verizon and he was assured they would be up to the home but no one showed up. >> i am exasperated and i am thinking about paying more to actually have someone else to come out and do the work. >> verizon did call everett to tell them they could not reschedule his appointment because of the work stoppage. the company is working hard to keep the disruptions to a minimum and bringing in more nonunion employees to cover the striking workers. a couple of metro stations closer to having their names tweaked. today a committee approved of changing smithsonians and foggy boggy gw kennedy center. the more descriptive name could increase tourism. the national park service in kennedy center will have to pay because they are the ones that requested the changes. the full
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vote on the issue. president obama will deliver the keynote address during howard university commencement ceremony next month. the university will give him an honorary degree doctor of law which is the school's highest honor. set for saturday may 7th and given speeches at rutgers and to the air force cadets in colorado springs. i'm kristen berset, the verizon season, the post-season is here and caps preview coming up. i'm meteorologist howard bernstein. a nice day and a chilly night and frost advisories west of i- 95 and i have the seven-day forecast that will put a smile on a lot of folks faces. coming up in a few minutes. early voting under way in the state of maryland. a look of voters in prince george's county. one of the candidates sits down with us. congressman chris van holland joins us live in the studio to answ
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names are on the maryland ballot for retiring senator barbara's seat. we are are asking candidate to come and talk with us. >> first is chris van holland and represented the 8th congressional district since 2003 and served in the house of delegates and the state senate and lives in kensington maryland. thanks for coming here. >> great to be here. >> this question is from martin harry if elected to the senate, what is the first bill you will introduce? >> the very first bill ul
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our economy in a way that make sure that people are working hard and to get higher wages and better benefits and i have put forward a plan called growing paychecks for all, not the wealth of the few and which means increased worker productive translates to higher wages and benefits through policies, whether it is work force development, whether it is changing the tax code so we make sure that we don't have a tax code that favors people that money over money. there are are a number of things we can do. a huge issue. >> you have become the senator from the state of maryland, what do you do about metro funding do you think maryland and virginia ought to be giving more money or the federal government. you saw what happened on the hill yesterday. >> i did and the one thing we should not do is the federal government should not mess around with
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dollars that we provide annually to metro. i was proud to team up with congressman tom davis, a republican many years ago to get that federal allotment of 150 million-dollars a year. beyond that i would like to see the jurisdictions come up with a long-term capital investment plan for metro and the federal government can certainly be a part of that and be a partner in that. but we need it because right now the monies are barely keeping it going. >> eastbound are -- earn is going to have to pay more? >> yes. >> there are a lot of people in maryland don't believe it is improving at a face enough time so what do you think about more busy in maryland to create more jobs. >> that
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we need to generate more job creation in the state of maryland and there is a number of things we can do. i have proposal in congress is to change our tax code which right now creates these perverse incentives for some american companies to move overseas and park a lot of the company, two trillion dollars overseas and change that so there is more incentive to invest in the united states. and places like maryland and there are things that we can do. and we need to make sure we have a work force to attracts employers and i have been focused to make sure we have a strong community college system that provides the skills that the employers need so that we can build better pipe lines and when graduate from a community college or four-year program you know the skills match up with the needs of the employers and that will improve people's oppoit
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opponent with the congressman from maryland. a lot of women will play a vital role. african-americans will play a vital role. she claims to represent and she does both and she is appealing and making no bones about it appealing and you are both vying to replace a female where african-americans and women under represented. what do you say to that? >> when i think of senator bash mccullsky, she is focused on getting results for all marylanders. just this morning i was in prince george county at the wayne curry recreation center and joined by a whole host of african-american women, community leaders. people like state senator joanne benson. people like the head of the prince george's commission for women and here is what they said. they have said that people of all races and all backgrounds and people of all genders are looking for someone that has a track
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the right way but actually delivering results for people in the community and that's what i have done and i am proud to have been endorsed by the seiu, one of the leading organizations fighting for workers' rights and they supported my opponent in the last election and on board now and the same is true of leaders in prince george's county. baker and the elected officials in prince george county have supported me because i have been working for education and working for transportation and not just fighting the fights of the federal level and as the senior democrat i have been doing that. but really delivering results for people in maryland. >> let's talk about female voters because we want to go to our facebook page and get a question from ann bennett that wants to know who are you supporting for president and why? >> well, i'm supporting secretary clinton and my opponent in the primary and i are doing that but i will
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that i think we have a very good debate going on within the democratic party. and a lot of the ideas that bernie sanders has put forward are ideas that i not only embrace but put forward, for example, the idea of putting a fee on wall street transactions. i put that forward long before the campaign started and i would use some of those revenues to help middle class taxpayers exchange the child dependent tax credit and make sure that work really pays. so i think that there are lots of good ideas coming from bernie sanders and secretary clinton. here is what i would say. when i go past a lawn that has a van holland clinton sign i give it a thumbs up and van holland and clinton on it, i give it a thumbs up. focused on the senate race with two great candidates and you know, we just started early voting in maryland. and i have been focused on
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thanks for joining us. >> tomorrow night we will be joined by republican candidate kathleen shadayga. >> and early voting runs from a week from today and primary day april 26th. for a complete list and the bios you can download our free app. there's no debating their decision. find out why they are boycotting the state. the debate finals at liberty university. >> just beautiful, wasn't it? cool temperatures for the cherry blossom parade and emancipation activ
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>> about a dozen high school debate teams in virginia boycotting the state finals because of comments made by the private school's president. the two debate members from mcclain one first place in the regional competition but they are not going to the state championship next week. they say they are taking a stand against anti-moslem comment made by jerry caldwell, jr. >> we are hoping by the stance with students that are helping, we are hoping to show a dialogue that goes against this. >> this is
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but a discussion. should we allow people like caldwell to dictate what we can and can't do. >> complaining that taxpayer money helped to fund the activities at liberty. always watching and tracking. wusa9 first alert weather. dc ready most accurate. >> in a nice stretch of weather and nice evening. temperatures in the mid-50s and 63 in leesburg and we're at 60s and at 11:00 i will let you know if we did okay with the 3- degree guarantee. pretty on the weather cam with 60s on the nose in washington. dry air and dew point at freezing with a light southwest wind. a cold night coming up with frost advisories and the stagnant weather pattern will keep it around. rain looks hard to find and talked about i-95 and pleasant weekend and the next ch
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a shower won't be until late thursday. naturally lots going on and especially out west. this will be a major snow maker in the rockies and high pressure in the upper atmosphere will protect us for several days to come. the forecast, clear and cold. frost west of i-95 and you shouldn't have planted anything yet. 30s and 40s for the friday morning. so grab a jacket and the sunglasses and winds north at five and a nice afternoon, sunny and pleasant and 65 tomorrow for my 3-degree guarantee and on the three day forecast saturday, a cool start and 68 in the afternoon and beautiful sunday 70 and warmer and temperatures back in the 60s tuesday and wednesday and there's the showers
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset. >> if the regular season match- up between these two teams are any indication we are in for a fun series. three of the four were decided by one goal. you never know what will happen. you see the fans in the verizon center and joining me now is one of the caps biggest fan. i am loving the face paint. a big caps fan. >> absolutely. >> what do you think. how can the caps go to the future. >> if they play their game, they can compete with everybody. they can play fast and heavy and they can hit hard and score a lot with good defense. i think some of the big differences from the team, i think tonight will be a critical game. the tone is going to be set early. i would like to see them hit
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they are going have to weather a little bit of storm. philly will come out with a lot of energy to begin with and holpe will be tested but he only gets stronger with every period so i think it will be a good exciting fun game and in the end, i think they will come out on top. >> you can see the excitement and the fans that are here. >> absolutely. >> at the verizon center. excited for the post-season and excitement that the caps will take this one. >> absolutely. >> and everybody is getting the bracelets to maybe the caps will light the lamp like the bracelets are lit up. jim and i will watch the game and have highlights at 11. i agree to everything. tonight is critical. they have to be physical and jump out there and hit them hard. >> and set the tone for the whole series. they know what it takes. they will come out furious. >> i think you are right. >> we don't have the score yet. do we have a score? >> no score yet. >>
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>> it will be exciting. weather, quiet and cold tonight and beautiful days coming our way. that's the news at 7. have a great evening. bye.
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>> kelley clarkson welcomes a baby boy. how mama is doing tonight and what she's going to name that little fella. lam more -- lamar odom, his first interview. >> we're courtside at the star studded staples center sendoff for kobe bryant. >> and gwen and gavin agree on their divorce. is adam levine leaving the voice? what these contestants accidently let slip. >> i actually was very shocked. plus taylor swift like you have never seen her before. rocker sheets for "vogue," but why are some are calling her interview down right rude? geurt yo proton packs ready. only "e.t" is on the set of "ghostbusters."


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