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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> breaking news. on the maryland state trooper who's in the hospital after a bad crash trapped him in his car. it took rescue workers nearly an hour to get him out and cause backups for miles. we are learning more about the trooper hurt and the person responsible. maryland state police say one of the troopers is in critical condition.
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in college park with the latest. allison, what do we know about the driver. >> the man that hit the trooper is 60-year-old presod galawali. i talked to his wife and she did not know what happened. she said her husband works in virginia four days a week and was expecting him home and when she got there she had a message from the hospital saying he was in the hospital because of minor injuries related to a car accident. police say that this black mercedes benz is presod's but before this they say it was involved in a crash, a hit-and- run. as he left the scene of one accident, police say he ran his car into a state trooper parked on the side of the highway investigating a differen
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accident. >> a tow truck comes towing two vehicles and struck that car that hit the trooper and pushes that vehicle in the trooper's side door and the trooper was struck pretty much twice, one from the rare and another one coming in his door. >> the crumbled tan car belongs to another man. >> when you step on the scene and see one of your own it is disheartening. >> the rookie police. his first year on the job and right now he is fighting for his life. >> the trooper definitely sustained very serious injuries. >> while investigation is far from over. there are prayers being asked for. download the app to
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latest on this breaking news story. we will update the trooper's condition and bring you the latest as they happen. the man accused of hitting and killing montgomery county police officer noah lay ali pleading guilty and the driver took xanax and was smoking pot and drinking alcohol before he got behind the wheel. ringling brothers circle event bike performer was injured. he fell during a performance and some of the people there sent us details of what happened through social media. this woman says she was at the circus when it happened and she said after the fall of the circus crew, there were a lot of people standing around that injured acrobat.
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requesting the ambulance. this witness that wrote to us said it whats a bicycle rider. he came down the ramp and we saw a spark and he went down head first and never got up. and then we got a photo tweeted to us from the scene as well. >> a statement from the circus says the performance was taken to the hospital for evaluation. we don't know his condition. tonight is the first of 8 ringling brother shows happening at eagle bank arena in fairfax county on the george mason campus. leaders in annapolis want to fire the two men in charge of the city harbor master's office and gearing up for a big boat show in annapolis and wusa9 have learned that the police department is investigating the disappearance of $3000 in cash. now, city officials would not confirm that the reason harbor master flip walters and deputy bill brooks are being terminated. i spoke to walters that says he
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decision and both men are on administrative leave. passengers had e to b evacuated after a metro train got stuck in the tunnel east of the roslyn station and it turns out it was one of the 7000 series and the newest model of railcar in the fleet. some onboard were stuck for an hour tweeting about the heat and lack of air and the cause of the problem is still under investigation. take to the streets outside the new york republican gala. the dump trump rally was held near grand central terminal. inside ted cruz and john kasich campaigned for the state's primary election. outside protestors called donald trump a raisist and declared new york city a no trump zone. >> in brook land new york hillary clinton and bernie sanders met
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for their most contentious match-up yet. the show down comes just five days before new yorkers go to the polls. cbs's jamie utis reports from the brooklyn navy yard. >> excuse me. >> senator, please. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders came out swinging with the senator questioning the secretary's judgment. >> i question a judgment which goes to the war in iraq. the worse foreign policy blunder in the history of the country. >> talk about judgment and talk about the kinds of problems he had answering questions about even his core issue breaking up the bank. >> the candidates clashed over toclinren's onlatiship with wall street. >> i stood up against the behaviors of the bank when i was a senator.
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>> senator clinton called them out. >> wall street or a $15 minimum wage or guns the candidates hit each other hard and the crowd reacted. >> what about the gun manufacturers in america. >> well, i have got a d minus voting record from the nra. >> the latest poll shows hillary clinton with a ten- point lead over sanders in new york. voters will decide the final numbers on tuesday. jamie lucas, cbs news new york. >> five more states hol their primary elections on april 26th and that includes maryland. >> many turned out for early voting that started today. if you are already registered you can show up at your polling place and go ahead and cast your vote. new this year if you haven't registered you can show up at a polling place, register and vote all on the same day. mb
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early voting which ends april 21st. find your polling place and stay informed throughout the election and download the wusa9 app and get election alerts when you want them all the way through november. so a big night, huge night for hockey fans the caps beat the flyers in the first game of the nh lplayoffs. looking good, great start and this is just the beginning and we got a lot to get through and let's get to wusa9 mola lenghi that spent the night in the center. >> the fans have cleared out as you can see the empty seats and 35 -- 45 minutes ago as they poured out of the verizon center. the excitement was tangible. tens of thousands of people pouring out, yelling and screaming obviously and yelling and screaming and there were some flyers fans that mixed in there not
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power in numbers and volume tonight as caps fans came out strong creating an electric atmosphere at the verizon center. not just inside the verizon center but outside as they poured out in the streets after the game. obviously this is just the first game of the first round of the playoffs so there are at the very least a few games left if not many more hopefully many more but caps fans are pretty optimistic. >> the fans got into it. >> it was electric and i am having a great time. the caps are in it and we will win it. >> going to get nasty later on. >> what did you think of the atmosphere. >> crazy. lots of people and lots of fun and it was a good game. >> we will see the flyers on top and not done yet. capitals collapse and doubters. >> in the past. >> go caps. >> going
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it is all here, no doubt. >> definitely heard some of the excitement there. and this win by no means will determine the rest of series against the capitals but fans say it is nice to silence the critics and some of the doubters who were calling for another capitals collapse in the playoffs and they say it is nice to get the first win out of the way and silence the doubters, still a lot of the hockey left to play. live at the verizon center. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. i like how you worked in the flyers fan staying positive but no need for him to do this. thank you. that was the scene. >> you are not biased. >> that was the scene outside. let's kick it back to the verizon center where kristen berset was there for the actual game. >> rocking the reds. >> loud out there and you can imagine how loud it was here inside the verizon center. you heard mola lenghi talk
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after a handful of losses people are wondering if the capitals could flip into that playoff mode. again it is one game but they got the victory and they got the nervous excitement out as well and when you go into a playoff game you don't usually see a lot of penalty. these are two physical teams and it wouldn't be a caps game without tom wilson dropping the games. carlson with the power play and jay beagle, snoopy coming out to steal the deal for the capitals, give them breathing room. they do admit their slow part was because of the nervous excitement. >> so much fun to play in front of the fans and the place is rocking. it
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of us. >> maybe too excited. stay focused and play our game. >> take the excitement from game one into game two that is saturday and guys the magic number is 15. in 16 games they have one already. 15 to go. coming up in sports kristen berset. we have more fun nights and fans on social media showed us how they are rocking the red. game one and game faces. bring it. here is an adorable fan pick from katlin. >> the bulldog is ready to go. tweeting it is playoff hockey o'clock. that's a mean-looking face. missy strong with alex. totally ready for game one. >> and here is amk that is ready for the playoff. do we see
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>> i would think so. >> and instagram user mermaid saying in honor of my baby experiencing his second playoff season and beagle being on the ice tonight. love it. the happy ending for a good dog now part of a much bigger pact. i'm meteorologist howard bernstein, chilly and we start in the 40s on friday and
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delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message.
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p tonight we got a heart warming update. >> demetrius the rescued mastiff with health problems that owners forced to find her a new home or lose her apartment. after our story aired. our viewers stepped in with offers to help. garret haake continues the story. >> reporter: when we met demetrius the scars and tumor told the story of a dog's life hard lived with note much time left. >> we
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>> a landlord told her rescuer, that she couldn't keep the dog in her apartment and the vet gave her worse news. >> she says two or 3 or 6 months. she had a good life, maybe one year, we never know. >> after our story aired we got dozens of emails looking to help demetrius and now she has a new home with lots more room to roam. >> they like it cold. they won drink warm weather. >> debbie runs a problem called the rough ranch sanctuary that places unwanted dogs in loving homes. those in need of special care like demetrius will live out her days in homes. >> i think my dog will work with the group. >> debbie's pack has 9 members and
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dead on the side of a road and proud proda a great dane playing with ace demetrius seemed to settle in fine. >> she looks pretty happy to be here. >> she is happy. that's what i noticed about her and that's what people say when they see her. they say she is happy. >> they say all dogs go to heaven, demetrius got there early. in hay market virginia garret haake. >> now the next step is getting a tumor on her eye removed and getting spade. both procedures may prolong her life. that would be fantastic. >> we are happy with the forecast you have been doling out. >> topper picked a coupe of good days to take off. >> he planned this. hew
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sure. >> you could work on your golf game and any game you want outside. the weather will be great here for the next five or six days. the 3 day degree guarantee. we made it up to 67 degrees. chilly night tonight and once again frost advisory in effect. it is west of i-95, some patchy frost and lows down into the 30s overnight. right now you can see york is down to 37 and frederick to 41 and low 50s in a few spots with the winds are staying occupy and we will see the folks dropping like winchester and colpepper 42. the weather camera, 53 in town and dew point in the low 30s and that's where we will drop. a little bit of a breeze southeast of 13 and mixing the air
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to speak. stagnant weather pattern is with us and what you see is what you get except for for a slight warming trend. well into the 60s saturday and low 70s in spots sunday with our next shower chance slim tuesday but i'm thinking late thursday and friday the way it is looking. you can see the big area of high pressure and the jets going all the way up here. high pressure right over ohio and michigan and extending to us. in the meantime we got the storminess out west. low pressure coming in towards portland and there will be a major winter storm on the rockies, maybe four feet and rain down south and nothing will penetrate the area of high pressure for days and days to come. so, hey, we are in a good spot. lows in the 30s and 40s and that frost advisory west of i- 95. winds light and tomorrow morning grab the sunglasses and
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the jacket and starting in the 30s and 40s. northeast winds at five miles per hour and in the afternoon low to mid 60s. a pleasant finish to the work week. how about your weekend, saturday, 68 and sunday around 70. and as we head towards next week we will warm up monday, tuesday cools down a little bit and there is the showers at 70s coming on thursday. and a little bit dry out there and a nice stretch of weather. >> the first game of the playoff series and hockey huge to set the home ice tempo and the caps hosted the flyers and the
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philadelphia. traffic alert. the string meeting of the world'sbar starts tomorrow. the areas you need to avoid if you want to stay out of traffic.
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with frank hammerhead brought to you by xfinity. >> the caps want a great stanley cup run started with game one. hosting philadelphia at a rockets ride. plenty of fans. look at the young kids getting ready. the story of the holpe, brayden holpe with 19 shots and 11 of them came in the first period. late second now. tide started to turn and john carlson scores and beautiful shot and one-zip and caught in a bad line. jay beagle wide open and that's a goal, 2-0 caps and game with one final save and a melee as there is a one-zip zero lead in the best of 7. to verizon center with kristen berset. hey kb. >> hey i know they wer
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way and get the nervous energy out of the way. you got to give credit to the special team. the games filled with penalties and the caps were perfect. four and four in the penalty kill. a lot of the cred to it brayden holpe. the highest save percentage. 18 more shots to get his 3rd career shutout in the post- season and some of the players saying he is one of the main reasons he stayed in the game. >> he has been standing on his end winning games and with a bunch of p ks relying on the goaltender and obviously stood on his head and those kids giving us momentum. >> so we go on and i think most teams play we
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forget about it. >> so you hear them and that's kind of what it was like in the locker room. happy to get the win but not all of this excitement because it is one game in a series and, of course, there's so many more just to get past the flyers and 15 more, they need to at least to get the stanley cup. that will do it for us at the verizon center. i'm kristen berset, frank, back to you in the studio. thank you, kristen. great job. bryce harper, one man wrecking crew. the nats off to the best start. number 99, 23-year-old, not anymore. mammoth shot to right. that's number 100 for his career and get this, his first career grand slam! and the nats go on to win 6-2. he broke the scoreboard. >> randy whitman coached the wizards to two
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cost him his job, fired and the wizards will look for a new head coach. we want someone that will divide the system to suit the talents of the players and someone that is a coach on both sides of the ball, not only in the defensive side and the offensive side but could blend the two together. are you ready for some football. guess what is released earlier. the redskins schedule opener tonight. how about the return of r giii, in cleveland in week four and go across the pond to face the bengals in london. thanksgiving day temperature. time to make your plans. >> november is a great time to spend in london. >> i think he is willin great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it.
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take us out of here. >> chilly start. 30s and 40s in the morning. a beautiful friday and saturday and beautiful sunday and warmer monday and you know, smooth sailing. topper is off but he left an easy job for me. >> was that almost 80 on monday. >> we got this big parade going down. saturday morning on the wall. >> don't forget your sunscreen. >> i'm sure. that's it for us
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>> stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) ( audience chanting stephen ) >> stephen: thanks, everybody! ( audience chanting stephen ) thanks, everybody! thank you so much! ( cheers and applause ) welcome to "the late show!" thanks so much, everybody! thanks so much! please! thank you so much! it's very nice!


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