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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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tributes to multiplatinum music superstar prince are dotting the dmv. some theaters turning it back to 1984, showing the icon's cult film "purple rain." hello, i'm debra alfarone. we've learned tonight prince's remains have been cremated and a small group of family friends and musicians have celebrated his life in a private ceremony at his paisley
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weeks until we know what killed the 57-year-old pop music legend. tonight in our area, some theaters playing his 1984 film "purple rain." matt has been talking to fans in prince george's county. what are people saying tonight? >> moviegoers are emotional as they recall all the amazing memories prince gave them with hits like little red corvette, when doves cry, and of course purple rain. >> reporter: prince starred in purple rain in the 80s, playing a character loosely based on himself, a young, inspiring, ambitious artist falling for a woman as he tries to make tint highly competitive music business. his story touched millions. >> he gave a lot of himself to what he did. and i appreciate that from him. >> it's your way of honoring him? >> it is, very much so. he
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that was during my era of time. >> reporter: prince wasn't just loretta hancock's era. she's here to watch purple rain on the big screen with her daughter yolanda for the first time. >> my mom went through a phase where we couldn't listen to secular music. >> reporter: yolanda went behind her mom's back and watched purple rain on television a few years later, making it one of the many phases in her life that she associates with prince's music. >> there are times in your life that you associate with music, phases in your life. and i remember being in medical school and in residency and being completely exhausted but i put delirious on, i put other songs on that would carry me through after working a 36-hour shift. >> reporter: now she sings the hits with her daughter. >> ♪ raspberry beret ♪ the kind you saw in the second hand store ♪ >> how was it in there? >> it was emotional
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awesome. >> the crowd was very, very encouraging about it. they had moments where they would just clap and cheer which i thought was very respectful of him. >> loretta and yolanda never thought prince would be one of the artists that the world lost all too soon. the seven-time grammy winner was 57. >> the tributes just continue to pour in. this one tonight in brooklyn, new york. that's bruce springsteen opening up his first show since the death of prince tonight with the song purple rain. walked down the stage bathed in purple lights and with no intro, just started playing the iconic song. he was shot five times in an ambush that killed a
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consecutive swain is out of the hospital and back at home. a fire engine from morningside volunteer fire department picked up the 19-year-old from maryland shock trauma unit in baltimore and took him back to the morningside volunteer fire department earlier this evening. >> i haven't seen him on the scene of that call that night. visited him here in the hospital. see him get to go home and complete his recovery is a very good thing. there's a lot of trying times as he completes his recovery both physically and emotionally. this is not the kind of event at the fire service we're used to going to. >> swain and fellow firefighter ulmschneider were shot when they went to check on a man. ulmschneider died of his injuries. people were ordered out of a metro train tonight after an arcing insulator led to smoke inside the tunnel. metro says around 8:00 tonight the insulator was
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friendship heights. metro's red line was closed between van ness and medical center. wisconsin avenue was blocked off for a short time. no word tonight of any injuries. in silver spring, maryland several people with criminal records say they not only want but need a second chance. stephanie ramirez has some of the stories behind the people wanting to clear their names and what one nonprofit is doing to help. >> reporter: in a room where most didn't want to be seen -- >> i quite frankly speak correct english. i'm not up there saying hey man, hey dawg, wreaking of marijuana, asking you for a job, on welfare. no, that's not me. >> reporter: he says he can't find a job because of what's on his record. he tells us he got in to trouble after the military. >> which has all but ruined my life. >> reporter: this man can't get in to public housing with his record. >> i don't need it on my record. i been t,
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man with marijuana-related charges. >> i just graduated and i've been applying to numerous jobs and haven't really been able to find any. >> reporter: the job opportunities task force says roughly 13,000 people exit maryland state prisons each year with difficulty returning to the workforce. that's why they held the first montgomery county expungement shield and clinic where attorneys worked one-on-one with nonviolent offenders to see what can be restricted or removed from the public case we have access to. >> it's possible because of a bill governor hogan signed in to law. there were a few bills that went in to effect. the act that allows expungement of nonconvictions and expungement of a crime that is no longer a crime. each has guidelines including a three-year trouble-free wait period. >> you truly have to show that you're disciplined and you've truly turned away from a life of crime. >> no more joke t
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so i'd like to just be forgiven, given a second opportunity. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> those who came there today paid a $30 processing fee. otherwise guidance from the maryland state and prince george's county bar associations was free. george mason university changing the way it investigates allegations of sexual misconduct. that word comes after a student won a lawsuit challenging the university's process. some of the policy changes include hiring a full-time sexual misconduct investigator and a revise appeals process. the student who challenged the process won reinstatement to the university after arguing that a consensual relationship was wrongly classified as sexual misconduct. the first national cannabis festival got underway at rfk stadium today. while people were able to buy pot paraphernalia and get tips on how to grow marijuana, lighting upas
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those attending today's events say they wanted to emphasize positive aspects associated with legalizing the drug. >> everyone is here for the same cause. i think a lot of the police, they understand the reason a lot of us are here, marijuana is not necessarily like the same that everyone has been perceiving all this time. >> opponents of marijuana legislation say regular pot use among adolescents can lead to an addiction. interesting side note, even though today's festival took place on federal land which prohibits marijuana, the district of columbia leases the land that houses rfk stadium. so dc law prevailed during today's event. turning to the weather, it was a nice day today, but how long can we hang on to this warm weather? let's get right over to first alert meteorologist melissa outside. >> a big difference this afternoon versus what it looked like outside this morning while we had areas of rain tracking through the a
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weekend. we're looking at a pleasant sunday. it's turning in to a chilly evening though. we've got a clearing sky and dry air. right now 59 degrees. reagan national, a lot of spots in the suburbs also falling down in to the 50s. it's 50 already in frederick. 55 in wind chester. culpeper, 56. you'll notice it's a cooler night tonight verse last night. it's also not as humid. you can't feel the air out there. high pressure building in. that's going to keep the sunshine going in to the second half of the weekend as well. so a preview of your wake-up weather tomorrow morning, there will be spots in the 40s tomorrow. i think we hang in the mid and upper 40s in the district but there's going to be some outlying suburbs that may briefly dip in to the upper 30s tomorrow morning. look at the sunshine coming in. 9 and noon as well. with that sunshine it will be a quick warmup for us. we're headed, a lot of us to around 70 degrees tomorrow. but it gets warmer on monday. we'll talk about how
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warm dry weather sticks around and we'll track when the rain returns coming up in just a few minutes. with five presidential primaries looming on tuesday including maryland, the candidates spent the weekend on the campaign trail. and taking swipes at each other. republican frontrunner donald trump took aim at hillary clinton while ted cruz criticized both trump and clinton as politicians who can't keep their promises. hi>> ts is crooked hillary clinton. then people start yawning, leaving. the whole thing is a disaster. >> they talk good on the campaign trail. then they get in office and betray us. i have to give donald credit. he's betraying us before he got elected. >> it's going to take everybody working to turn that around and to get back to where we're really trying to take care of people. >> secretary clinton heard the same evidence that i did. she
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>> meantime, republican candidate john kasich campaigning in ohio today. he's currently trailing trump and cruz. know who wins what on tuesday with our wusa 9 app. coming up tonight on wusa 9, a special bond between a little girl and her local trashman. >> and we'll show you the special group of girls keeping earth day going. >> what if you can't afford those pricey doctor visits? when we come back, a place where the checkups are free.
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earth day celebrations continued this weekend in and around the nation's capitol. the watershed society hosted a cleanup of parks, neighborhoods, and streams along the anaosteo-- anaostia river. >> it's very fun to help the environment and if they just try to pitch in a little bit then we can help the environment perfectly. and if everybody sees it's fun, our earth can become a better place. >> i would like that girl
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for president. we're told girl scout troop 4984 has a special group within their troop dedicated to helping the environment. in northwest washington today an all-day health fair provided free dental and eye exams for those who may not have money to pay for doctor's visits. doctors say poor teeth and poor eyesight can lead to bigger problems like diabetes, heart disease, infections and sometimes even death. today's event at the carnegie library was aimed at education and prevention. >> you know why you're brushing your teeth? >> so i can stay healthy. >> right. give me a five. >> sometimes dental and vision is separate. my insurance doesn't cover it. it is a separate cost. >> the event was hosted by the national hispanic medical association, a nonprofit established in 1994 in dc.
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sitting here with us tonight. you might be used to seeing howard but we have melissa nord who is new to the station. >> he's on vacation getting much needed time off. so i'm going to talk about some sunshine. i'm bringing you a sunny forecast on this saturday evening. we're looking at your 3-degree guarantee from today and we got it correct. we forecasted 73, topper did yesterday and the actual high was 71. so we were within the 3-degree guarantee. tomorrow i'm forecasting 69 degrees. slightly cooler. we'll have to see how close we are to that. clear and chilly tonight. you can already feel it outside. feeling a little bit more crisp outside tonight versus what it was like yesterday. sunny, a nice sunday ahead. we're going to be warmer for monday. tracking a warming trend. a little cooler tomorrow. warmer monday. and showers and a few thunderstorms return to the
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tuesday. two more dry days ahead before we see the return of the rain which is actually much needed at this point. right now a lot of spots in the suburbs already falling through the 50s. 55 in manassas. gaithersburg, 52 degrees. in terms of the overnight temperatures waking up tomorrow morning, we're going to be in the 40s for a lot of us but there's going to be a few spots that may be briefly down in the upper 30s from frederick to gaithersburg. 39 degrees. 47 the low temperature tomorrow morning in washington so you will need some jackets early tomorrow but not for long because the high pressure hangs in here once again and that brings us more sunshine in to your saturday afternoon. so your day planner tomorrow moing we're starting off in the 40s. we keep the sunshine, really light wind tomorrow in comparison to today. that means a quick warmth for us. noon-time temperatures running around the low 60s. we'll continue climbing in to the upper 60s and a few low 70s tomorrow afternoon. pretty pleasant all in all.
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will be a little bit cooler. culpeper, low 70s tomorrow. that's going to be a pleasant day to say the least. we've got sunshine in store for us as we go in to your afternoon tomorrow. as we go in to monday it is going to be a little bit warmer and we'll have a breezy wind from the south on monday afternoon as well. that's going to help temperatures bump up in to the low 80s and we are going to see clouds increasing late on monday. this particular model run, hey, isolated shower possible monday. so i'm keeping it dry for monday afternoon but i do think in to your tuesday that's when unsettled weather returns to the forecast. here we are tuesday at 4 p.m. thunderstorms are turning. we'll be monitoring that for a potential weather alert day but right now i'm trying to remain optimistic, keeping it green for the time being. we're in the upper 60s tomorrow. monday we're in the low 80s. tuesday the return of some afternoon showers and
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week looks a little bit more like april. we'll have a few chances of some showers which is needed at this time of year and a little cooler temperature, up and down, kind of typical for spring. >> sounds about right. i still like monday though. i'd like a whole week of mondays. >> i'm going to take that day off. [ laughter ] >> i think i will too. this is a great story. trending now, the sweet bond between a 3-year-old illinois girl and her local trash man. little brooklyn likes to wave to the guy she dubbed the smily garbage man every trash day. when her birthday rolled around, little brooklyn decided she wanted to give him one of her birthday cupcakes. her mom posted this picture on facebook of the cupcake exchange and the story went viral. how cute is she? he's very smily, absolutely. mom says brooklyn gets so excited to see delvar that if they miss him in front of the house, they have to drive aroun
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some local high school chefs are turning flour in to gold today. in a scene that looks like an iron chef competition, students from dc and prince george's county public high schools chopped, mixed and stirred their way through a culinary competition at oxen hill high school. prizes included scholarships for careers through culinary arts program or ccap. students had two hours to prepare a two-course french meal from memory. they were judged on taste and presentation but also on organization, timing, sanitation, and skills. if you think having four legs makes it tough to strut your stuff down the runway, you'd be wrong because tonight was the fashion for paw runway show. to raise money for the washington humane society. nicki gracing the runway with her pup. he also looked pretty spiffy in
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his top hat. each model raised a minimum of $3,000 for the nonprofit. isn't that cute? >> reggie white. i love it. tennessee volunteer. >> she loves the vols. >> we love our nationals. back home looking for another win. and there were a lot of strikeouts. that from tanner roark against the twins. we've got details coming up next.
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you could not ask for a much better start to the baseball season for the nationals than this. 12-4 record atop the nl east, making baseball fun again. some inner league play at nats park earlier this afternoon, taking on the minnesota twins. that guy, ryan zimmerman, he's going to single up the middle here, scoring anthony rendon and our guy bryce harper. he'd get in to an out here. ran himself in to an out but the damage was done. monster game for tanner roark. seven innings pitched, allowed two hits, three walks, zero runs, w
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career-high 15. tanner roark was on point. top of the 9th, jonathan papelbon on for the save. gets escobar to fly out. nice grab in left. nats win 2-0. skip dusty baker on the outing. os fans watched them take on the royals. that baby is going over the wall. solo shot crushes, 6th of the season. manny machado continues his hot hitting. goegto -- going to double to left. birds win at the royals 8-3. the capitals have only mustered one measly goal in the last two losses. a huge game 6 tomorrow at noon. so caps still a chance to close out but they did
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night, outshooting the flyers in the home loss. but they could not beat michael neuvirth, 2-0 loss. despite all the momentum the caps have lost, their chatter is about staying confident and trying to get the series done tomorrow. >> any of the 15 teams, 14, whatever it is, still have life. they're still ticking. they're still holding out hope that they can win a championship andt' thas everybody's goal. game 6, here we go. winner of the caps' series faces winner of this season. penguins and the rangers. this one was all penguins. pittsburgh scored five straight goals including four in the 2nd period as the pens roll 6-3 and await either the caps or the flyers in the next round. we hope it's the capitals. we know this guy, bruce boudreau and the ducks taking on the predators. anaheim looking to take a 3-2 le
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cam fowler scores to give the ducks a cushion. they win 5-2. game 6 is monday in nashville. nba now. john wall is the wizards' best player and he fully endorses the hiring of new coach scott brooks. wall telling the washington post that brooks was hired to bring a title to dc and not to lure free agent to be kevin durant who used to play for brooks at oklahoma city to dc this offseason. big summer ahead for the wizards. speaking of kevin durant, game 4 of the thunder's series against dallas went final. dirk nowitzki in possibly his final home game. he finished with 27 points but not enough, thunder proving to be too much. durant actually a rare night where he was held under 20 points. but oklahoma city wins anyways. 119-108, commanding lead 3-1 in that series. mls action. dc united taking on the revs
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rfk. 33rd minute, nagle buries it. they bury two more goals. his first mls goal. dc united wins 3-0 at rfk. united needed that and they get it done. >> absolutely. how about tanner roark, , huh? >> 15 ks. >> good, good stuff. next, what to expect heading out sunday morning and a quick look at next week.
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ranking from top to bottom. car company of the year? luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded. better be some awards behind what you are paying for, right? the final answer. chevy. the most awarded car company two years in a row. wow, it's like a luxury car. i was shocked. i mean it's like, this is chevy? for a limited time, get cash back for 15% of the msrp on most remaining 2015 chevy vehicles while they last. find new roads at your local chevy dealer tomorrow morning when we head out for maybe a run or church, you'll need a coat. >> it will be chilly tomorrow morning but in to the afternoon, look at the sunshine. upper 60s to low 70s. warmer on monday. we'll be in the low 80s. then some showers and storms return on your tuesday. so it's a warming pattern but one where we get showers and storms. that's what we really need. we've got a rainfall deficit
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we'll hang in the 70s and some upper 60s the rest of next week. with more showers and storm chances in the forecast for thursday. and friday as well. so looks pretty much like april. and people who are asking for allergy relief, it's still going to take some time until we get a lot more rain to try to get those levels down. >> i was complaining about the rain a little bit. just a little light hearted complaining but we need it. you can get updates on wusa 9. tune in tomorrow
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