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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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his struggling bid. senator ted cruz just announced that if he wins the nomination, carly fiorina is going to be his running mate. >> you know, hillary clinton, like so many politicians, hillary clinton has made her millions selling access and influence from inside the system. and donald trump has made his billions, buying people like hillary clinton. [ applause ] >> they are not going to challenge the system that has sold us all down the river. they're not going to challenge the elite. they're not going to challenge the crony capitalists. they're not going to challenge the washington insiders. they're not going to challenge the lobbyists. gosh, their campaign is filled with them. no. they're not going to challenge the system. they are the system. >> fiorina endorsed cruise earlier this year, after abandoning her own presidential bridge. the formerchief executive at hewlett packard has never held elected
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macdonald may not be going to court after all. several justices expressed concerns about his corruptions conviction. wusa 9 peggy fox joins us live from outside the united states supreme court. peggy? >> reporter: adam, this was a surprise today. with antonin scalia gone, there was talk that this hearing would not go well for bob mcdonald. the opposite happened. and several justices said they had problems with the justices' case. and they seemed to side with macdonald. >> i'm incredibly grateful for supreme court of the united states for accepting this. >> reporter: most seemed to favor the governor. >> have a lot of faith in my lawyers and the justice system to get this right. >> reporter: bob macdonald and his wife were convicted of taking gifts and loans from johnny williams. and in exchange, using the power of his office to help williams
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>> never in my time during my public years of service have i ever done anything to abuse my powers in office. >> reporter: mcdonald set up meetings, he said were normal things governors do. but the federal office said they were all official acts, which amounted to bribery. several disputed the definition of official act. justice breyer said the case puts at risk. he said this could give the department of justice enormous power. justice cagle said i'm upset with these charges. >> we were encouraged by today. but the justices will study the papers and make a decision in a couple of months. >> defense attorney hank aswill said he has
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>> the danger for others is, it's too vague, for them to understand exactly where the line is. terms of quid pro quo bribery. it's hard to conform your conduct to the law, if you don't know where the line is. >> he said the governor knew where the line was, but the line moved. >> reporter: not all of the justices spoke up. so we don't know their opinions. now, if the court strikes down the conviction, the government attorney said that would be, quote, a recipe for corruption and would send a terrible message to citizens. if it is struck down, there is a possibility we could see a retrial. reporting live at the supreme court, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> remarkable day and a remarkable saga there, peg. thank you. a third straight day of violence at a d.c. high school. this time, it's metropolitan, washington metropolitan high school northwest. that's where one teacher was injured and another arrested. stephanie ramirez was outside the school to
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>> reporter: d.c. met was outside of howard university. the teacher was injured enough she to had been transported to -- had to be transported to the hospital. the teacher was trying to break up a serious brawl. >> one of two juveniles arrested after what police tell us were a series of fights inside northwest d.c., the washington metropolitan high school. it happened sometime after 12:00 wednesday. the student off camera told wusa 9 at one point, the fight included chairs. >> i don't know if they're maybe just misunderstood people who just want to get attention or -- but there is no reason to have any violence towards somebody else. because everybody is trying to get home and be with their family. >> reporter: their reaction to hearing what happened here. police tell us once they responded, a female officer became combative. >> there is no reason why you should want to hurt someone else. even for a misunderstanding, you should always just work
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spokesperson tells us, they are updating security protocols as necessary. one student is facing simple assault. the other assault on a police officer. both are juveniles, so police are not releasing their identities. in northwest, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> and yesterday, 10 students were arrested after a fight at h.d. woodson high school. and that includes a 15-year-old girl who police say punched an officer. our rainy week continues. another yellow weather alert going on tonight. chief meteorologist topper shutt in the weather center. what are you seeing out there? >> everything is generally south of town. nothing heavy. just light rain and showers. we'll show you this over the last hour. first alert doppler. warranton to fredericksburg, kind of crossing over 95. it's heading towards nan gemoy and mechanicsville at 7:00. good news is, i think it's going to stay south of the ballpark. can't rule out a sprinkle, but they're going to play the nats game. with that said,
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up a bit. temps in the 50s. 55 at 8:00. 54 also at 10:00. maybe a sprinkle by 10:00, if the game goes that long. boy morning, we'll look ahead here. we've got another wet commute. nothing crazy heavy in the immediate metroi tro area. but enough to wet the roads. by 8:00, a little heavier activity in frederick. only 51 in frederick at 9:00. only 56 downtown. we lost like 30 degrees since yesterday. and by 10:00 tomorrow morning, still a lot of showers especially to the west. and temps not holding much. i think the burbs are holding in the 50s. by noon, more showers, a little heavier activity down 95 and d.c. and fredericksburg. this will move into southern maryland in the early afternoon. a jacket and an umbrella. a good idea for the foreseeable future. we'll come back and tell you which weekend you might be able to make some outdoor plans. >> thank you, topper. see you then. >> following his clean sweep of last night's primaries,
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trump, turning his attention to foreign affairs. today, the billionaire delivering a rare, scripted speech at the mayflower here in washington. it was billed as a first in a series of policy addresses before trump heads to indiana, the site of next week's primary. >> i'd like to talk today about how to develop a new foreign policy direction for our country. one that replaces randomness with purpose. >> there were no specific details in trump's speech. and he read from a teleprompter, something the billionaire rarely does. for the democrats, hillary clinton took maryland and three other states in last night's primaries. also, chris van holland will be the democratic nominee for senate. democrats jamie rascon and anthony brown won in their respective primaries for house seats. we have a complete rundown of the winners and losers right now on our house app. former house speaker
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abused teens as a high school wrestling coach. he was wheeled in before the judge where the judge called him a child molester. hastert pled guilty to making illegal bank withdrawals to pay off his victims. >> we brought the charges we could bring. and through that, mr. hastert's legend and legacy are gone. and in its place are a broken, humiliated man. >> reporter: prosecutors say hastert abused at least four students while she was a high school wrestling coach. at a school outside chicago. one of them is suing the former speaker of the house for money he says he is still owed. a state trooper is facing assault charges in connection with a traffic stop in maryland. investigators say 25-year-old matten dunne lap repeatedly beat a driver on 95 in
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county. dunlap reportedly used a metal baton to strike 55-year-old dennis donahue of riverdale, on his side and stomach. a trooper was also injured during that beating. dunlap was arrested and suspended without pay. tracking metro now. where there were more problems today. red line trains forced a single track this morning because of an arching insulator issue. the problem affected rush hour between medical center and friendship heights stations. riders experiencing delays until about 9:00 this morning. then there was also a power outage at the medical center station. both problems have since been cleared up. we are just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. for the second time in two days, an intrusive incident puts the white house on lockdown. new video tonight about a northern virginia woman missing now for more than a week. and right after the break, prosecutors say a toddler would still be alive if this fairfax county man had just followed the law. we'll tell you about
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obeyed the law, the little girl would be alive today. delia goncalves is live with more. >> reporter: we learned he should have never been behind the wheel the day that little girl died. his license had been suspended for the forth time. and -- fourth time. and tonight, there are questions he may have been under the influence. >> is it a tragedy that could have been prevented?
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prosecutors say dikwan fields is a six-time felon, with a long-time rap sheet, including drugs and grand larceny that landed him behind bars. since 2014, fields has been caught driving without a license. he was a no-show at the court hearing. >> his traffic record, of whether or not he showed up to court for traffic infractions, i don't think really has bearing on this case. >> reporter: what is your response to the court saying that had he obeyed the law, this little girl would have been alive. >> i don't know that any of us have a crystal ball to know what could have happened. >> what we do know is a change in routine. as fields rushed to drop off his girlfriend's three kids in the morning. he never drove to day care. instead returned home. the 2-year-old left strapped in her car seat for seven hours, on a 70-degree day. >> oh, my god. >> it'
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i can't imagine how she suffered. >> reporter: according to sources, fields told police he had a beer with lunch. there are now even questions of marijuana use. >> there's a the lot of information we don't have. a lot of information that may change the complexity or path of this case. >> reporter: we can tell you as a condition of his release, a judge ordered field not to drive and to submit to a drug test two times a week. the judge on the bench says, quote, we can all agree this is a tragedy. we may not agree that this was an accident. we're live in arlington. delia goncalves, wr usa -- wusa 9. >> he is free until his next court hearing in june. >> we have now information in the daith of a man in a custedo. the officer and her field
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young. the department has been investigating the death of 45- year-old paul gianelos. a man living with disabilities, who wandered away from a group home last wednesday. gianelos died after a struggle with round tree falls. autopsy has been conducted. but the cause of death has not yet been released. we have now video tonight of a missing northern virginia woman. and here she is. lizeth lopez. she's leaving a cvs on touchstone circle in woodbridge, april 19th. that same day, family members reported that she was missing and endangered. and she was last heard from two days before that. police have searched some woods where she searchpond wood drive. if you know anything about where she could be, police want to hear from you. one lane of southbound rockville is getting by because
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of roadwork there. the 16-inch water main pipe erupted. it's the second time in six months that they have been called in to repair that water main. and a familiar disruption for neighbors in the area. >> seems to happen occasionally like this. >> i'm hoping one they they can get through this and i can get by. there's been a lot of issues the last few months. >> what a muddy mess. >> wssc tells us, they hope to have the water flowing tonight. >> we got some rain around here. is that impacting your 3-degree guarantee? >> well, funny you should ask that. it's kind of a tricky 3 degree guarantee. and i mentioned this yesterday, don't dress for the 3-degree guarantee number. because we think it's going to be a midnight high. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. i'm not smoking anything. >> that's great. >> 72. okay. i think we're going to be okay tonight. but remember, it's a dn
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we lost like 30 degrees today. live look outside. michael and son weather cam. it's 56 now. again, i think we're going to be okay at the nats game. but dress for the 50s. winds easterly at 5. the dreaded phillies are in town, too. here's the radar over the last hour. south of town, where all the showers are. nothing heavy. dry commute going up 95 north and going back up 270. and even going out 56. but 95, towards fredericksburg and into southern maryland, you'll have light showers and a little light rain tonight. that's about it moving now. into la plata. dan javoy into fredericksville. yellow weather alert, for the foreseeable future. chilly night showers to the south. bus stop temperatures. 48 to 56. it will be damp and chilly. and if you're going to stay at the bus stop any length of time, temps in the low 50s, it's damp and you'll get cold. yellow weather alert through friday
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idea. we have a couple of breaks here and there. but not for a while. 9:30. clouds, upper 50s. showers to the south. and by morning, we have showers, again, across most of the metro area. heavier activity towards martinsburg and winchester. seeing yellow and orange there. mainly just light. but it's going to keep the roads wet and slow you down. look at the temps. i mean, 9:00, only 57 downtown. 56 in silver spring and fairfax. and by lunchtime, a little area of rain rolls through. heavier activity. prince george's county, pushing into calvert county. notice the temps. they're struggling. they're on the struggle bus to get to 60. keeping temperatures below 60 in late april, kind of a tough feat. by 6:00 p.m., showers. 58 in bowie. only 59 or 58 in sterling. pretty chilly day. by 9:00, a clot of -- lot of clouds, spris
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there. today, yellow weather alert. more showers but more to the south, too. low temperatures, 48 to 56. and winds east/northeasterly at about 10. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, light rain or showers. 48 or 58. and by afternoon, yeah, you know how this is going. mostly cloudy, rather cool with rain and showers. 53. good news is, it's taking care of the pollen, which has been off the charts lately. zone forecast. 61 in oakland. 60 in cumberland. upper 50s, hagerstown. martinsburg, winchester. 62 in culpepper. 58 in leesburg. holding in the 50s in the bushes. downtown, maybe 61. only 58 by the water. good news, not much wind. not a small craft advisory for the bay. or tidal potomac. rain and showers, especially at 9:00, 11:00, and 1:00. maybe -- maybe we crawl with our fingernails to 60 degrees by 1:00. more light rain an
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61 as well. here's the best day of the next 100. no, just kidding. next five days. 66. gotta keep a shower in saturday. but at least we see the sunshine. we got the point to point sunday. 60. rain. low 60s, rain. ends on monday. back in theurn 60s tuesday -- the upper 60s tuesday. back in the 60s wednesday. and sunshine for now. unless you look at the european model. we won't look at the european model. we'll say sunshine and cool for now. >> we'll just make our own sunshine. how about that. >> topper got jokes today. and i don't like them. still ahead. what d.c. leaders are doing to clean up some of the darkest corners of the disaict district. and -- district. and some parents are off the hook with a lot of money for amazon and hershey is putting new meat in a new snack bar. >> that's odd. >> you're going to love it. ♪ [ music ]
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several people got hurt today in an accident in clarks burg, maryland. look at this. an suv ended up on top of a car. the accident closed
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in both directions if in apple orchard way and little seneca highway. it appears none of the injuries are serious. all right. let's talk about some consumer news now. a federal court has ruledda the online retailer is on the hook for unfairly billing parents for charges their children racked up, without their knowledge. and those charges, by the way, stretched into the millions of dollars. the court says amazon failed to alert kindle fire owners and amazon android app store users, that kids could still make those costly without the app. pilgrim's pride is recalling 4.5 million pounds of cooked chicken products. federal inspectors say those products were contaminated with wood, plastic, metal and rubber. don't want to eat that. several brand names of the chicken products were sold
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you say the word hersheys and you immediately think chocolate. but how about meat? oh, yes. they have come out with a new crave protein bar. protein, from dried meat and cranberries and quinoa and dried meat. hershey bought crave jerky last year. adam, don't buy all of them. >> sounds disgusting. >> i'd still try it. >> i know you would. >> meat bar. so he was one of the last people with bobbi kristina brown, on the night she was found clinging to life in a bathtub. in an exclusive interview, nick gordon is opening up about his and bobbi kristina's substance abuse throughout the ordeal. >> photos surfaced of crissy smoking out of a bong and snorting cocaine on the internet in 2011. did she have a drug problem? >> yeah. >> did you ever see her do drugs? while her mother was alive?
5:26 pm
>> socially, maybe smoke a little bit. >> she started doing drugs at some point. >> it got really bad after she had passed away. >> in a two-part investigation, he talks about being accused of having smog do with her death. straight ahead. d.c. schools respond to this picture of nasty-looking water. coming from an elementary school. and how this angry alligator ended up in a dude's living room. >> that is the fastest way to get me out. and after the break, two lockdowns in two days, at the white house. what happened today and some new information about yesterday's suspect. that is next.
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it upon again -- happened again. for the second day in a row, the white house went on lockdown. >> this time, locking down streets for more than two hours. ellen bryan talked to people frustrated to be stuck in another lockdown. ellen? >> reporter: well, and this time, the secret service, they were dealing with a man who threw his personal belongings over the fence. it's on the north side of the white house. now, it was a little further east. but it was enough for security to have to shut down this entire area. >> reporter: tourists took photos of the white house at a distance. >> is it frustrating? >> yeah. because i want to be over there, not
5:30 pm
what can we do about this? >> as they wait for secret service to lift the lockdown. the mayor was inside when the lockdown started. he said security turned them around. and walked them back out the door they came in. >> i think tensions are high. you have a lot of unrest in the country. and i think that that is spilling over. and you see instances like this. >> this is the dakd day in a row, the white house went on lockdown. tuesday, the secret service says a man jumped the fence in front of the executive office building. as he ran from a robbery. then 10:30 this morning, a another man threw personal belongings over the white house fence. >> it's a lot. it's a constant thing that we're seeing often. and i think people need to start respecting the rules and regulations here. >> i'm just surprised that security can't get closer to them or see them before they can do something like that. >> reporter: lafayette square and surrounding streets open again, a little before 1:00 p.m. >> it's all
5:31 pm
time for some visitors, hoping to get a closer look at the president's home. >> this is such a great opportunity to see all of these things. we'll be back. >> reporter: the man from today's incident was arrested by secret service immediately. we've also learned from yesterday's incident, the man who jumped the fence was 30- year-old steven cox. he actually was even charged today on four counts of misdemeanor sexual sexual counts and also faces charges in a robbery case. >> let's just hope he doesn't go for a three-peat there. thank you. president obama has been hope has past few days, after his trip home from europe and the middle east. ward 8 council president trayon white. it reads, quote, our kids deserve better than this. drinking water inside mlk elementary in ward 8. you see the picture of the cups and the brown water inside of it.
5:32 pm
dcps spokesperson says that low water pressure was reported at king wednesday. the school is providing students and teachers with bottled water and hand sanitizer until lab tests confirm that the water is safe. >> that water does not look good. >> today marks day 1 of alley palooza. that is the name of a new campaign to renovate and clean up alleys in the district. mayor muriel bowser and others kicked it off on 54th southeast. >> since i've been mayor and working with our d-dot director, we have figured out how we're going to amp up attention to alleys. it's not the be all end all, so we'll have to have our partners at the city council help us focus on the investments we need to make. >> the city plans to repair and renovate 64 valleys. eight of each of the eight wards over the next 12 weeks. a new policy will allow students with concealed handgun permits to ke
5:33 pm
in dorms at liberty university. students at the christian university were already allowed to carry weapons on campus. under this plan, the guns would be kept in safes, inside the dorms of the lynchburg, virginia school. students will have to be 21 years old to qualify for a concealed handgun permit. the last surviving paris terrorist suspect, salah abdeslam was transferred there to face charges for the deadly attack in november. he was captured after a four- day-long manhunt. four days later, they launched coordinated attacks in brussels. suspected murderer, robert durst, is headed to prison for illegal handgun possession. a judge signed off on a plea bargain that will force durst to spend several years behind bars. frrst is charged with killing a
5:34 pm
about the disappearance of his first wife in 1992. as the boycott targets to pick up steam, one is jumping on jump into the -- jumping into the transgender bathroom. a group called the american family association is circulating the petition to boycott target, after it announced that guests and teen members could use whichever bathroom was most appropriate for them. >> reporter: incredible video tonight of an angry alligator, found in a man's living room. it apparently made its way inside, along with the rising floodwaters in sterlington, louisiana. >> and all of a sudden, i saw something wave at me. and it was the alligator's tail itself. i got a little bit closer. i said what in the devil is that? got a little bit closer. big alligator. yep. >> he edited -- added
5:35 pm
were able to tie up the beast and remove it there the home that was in the process of being built you see. and they say it is mating season and that the animal may have been looking for love. that is not a good look. itself is quite a beast. >> yeah. get out. trending now. watch what happens when men try to read some of the nasty things tweeted about female sportscasters. and the ironic job interview naone guy just -- that one guy just blew, after showing up absolutely wasted. >> that will get you thrown out. and a man's man's resemblance to a famous actor takes a violent turn. topper? we actually had a pollen reading before the rain rolled in today. guess what. it's off the charts today. high for trees. moderate for grasses, low for weeds and moderate for mold spores. mold spores will probably end up high before the week is out. we'll talk about our yellow weather alert tomorrow. and while we had to issue
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you know.
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all right. how about we serve up a nice, cold, frothy glass of what is trending tonight. we all know the internet can be a nasty place. perhaps more so for women. >> and this viral psa. men read
5:39 pm
sportscasters and many of them are so vile that we can't show them to you on television. listen. >> hopefully this skank, julie decaro is bill cosby's next victim. that would be classic. >> i don't know what to say to that. >> i don't... mmm... a c word. >> a lot of words. >> i hope your boyfriend beats you. i'm sorry. >> imagine hearing this and you're just trying to do your job. just trying to do your job. and you can see the guys here are just struggling to read those tweets. imagine how the women feel. they are in this video. the women you see are sarah spain and julie decarrow from not just sports. >> it takes a real coward to say something through twitter that you can't say to somebody's ce
5:40 pm
shine a light on this and let people know what some of our female colleagues have to deal with. all in the pursuit of excellence. from the dumb criminal files. a guy shows up for an interview as a cab driver, so wasted. he was arrested. >> why don't you just cancel the interview. no. police say ryan dixon drank until 2:00 in the morning. the genius checked himself into the hospital for alcohol consumption. got out of the hospital. then started hitting the bottle again. around 8:00 a.m. monday. the dude has got a problem. a cab dispatcher explains why the interview was over before it even started that morning. >> just get out there. and a little white car comes pulling in and smashes into one of our driver's cars. >> yeah. >> that will do it. >> a preliminary breath test shows dixon blew a .273. that's almost legally dead. it's three times the legal limit. and that was all before 9:30 in the
5:41 pm
>> wait. so he didn't just show up wasted. >> yeah. he crashed into a cab. >> oh, wow. >> uh-huh. he showed up. wrecked the parking lot. >> it is just -- it's not funny. it's just ridiculous. >> dude doesn't have a job. definitely has a problem, though. getting a lot of clicks today on facebook. the story of an art director who says he was assaulted, simply because he looks like actor shia labeouf. >> he's like, what do i have to do with this? mario says he was blindsided by a punch that sent him sliding down a stairs in a subway station in new york. that's locato on the right -- or on the left. labeouf on the right. locato and a witness say they heard the attacker yell, this is just because you look exactly like -- shia labeouf. >> so i guess it would be would be a little different if he thought it was shia labeouf. >> just the audacity. what makes people do these things? >> what a mean and -- a lot of mean and stupid people in tonight's trending segment toni
5:42 pm
the wizards put out the welcome match. scott brooks. we'll hear his coaching philosophy coming up. and after the break. a woman complains she was
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only on 9 tonight, a local woman speaks publicly for the first sometime about her traumatic ordeal, aboard a crowded metro plane last week. >> jenny cruz said she was assaulted after telling a fellow green line passenger to wear her headphones. she is just a few blocks away from where the suspect was captured. andrea, that seems like such a small thing. and such a big result. so what happened? >> reporter: well, it does adam. but just to give you perspective. the navy yard station is a very popular one. especially on game nights like this. we are located just one block from nats stadium. as for the attack, we have learned this evening that the suspect is a juvenile. so we can't name her. but there is one very disturbing question that remains. why didn't any metro employee help the victims?
5:46 pm
>> i tried tocall the cops. help me. >> these are the desperate pleas of a woman who had been assaulted on a metro train, and can't seem to get anyone to help. >> she beat me up. and nobody cares. >> reporter: jenny broom shot this chilling cell phone video of the woman who allegedly attacked her as she attempted to get away. >> she beat me up! she beat me up! >> reporter: the ordeal unfolded last wednesday afternoon. bruins was taking metro to the navy yard stop, just steps from her home. loud music on the train annoyed her. >> and me and my big mouth, i called down the train, put your head phones on. >> reporter: the music continued to burglary. >> so i called a little louder. put your head phones on. >> she says a young woman charged at her. >> she was angry. she was hostile. >> bruins admits, she cursed her out. but never anticipated what would happen next.
5:47 pm
>> she grabbed my hair. and i think what happened. she must have hit me against some coals because i ended up with goose eggs here. >> both women got off the train. bruins raced up to the metro station manager kiosk. >> i'm like, help me, metro people. i was just beat on. i have blood running down my face. and i could feel it. they didn't stop her. >> reporter: moments later, the suspect came out of the elevator. >> there he is. there he is. help me. somebody help me. she beat me up on the metro. >> reporter: bruins needed seven stitches above her eye. one week later, other cuts and bruises are still visible. a few blocks into that chase, bystanders and police did step in to help. that teenager was handcuffed and arrested. late today, metro said its employees are not law enforcement. so they cannot perform
5:48 pm
enforcement functions. reporting live in southeast washington, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> all right, andrea, thanks. metro does require head phones be used for all devices. they say they will only release metro's security camera video, when the department is seeking the public's help in identifying and locating suspects. cleanup is around way tonight after violent weather slammed into the nation's midsection overnight. one woman died when a tree fell on her mobile home near houston. huge chunks of hail battered cars in oklahoma. the storms damaged dozens of buildings, including this medical facility, the oning and the roof, all torn apart. wow, top. >> yeah. we talked about a large area, from north texas to the plains yesterday. and again, not a complete outbreak. but enough severe weather, we're talking dozens and dozens of hail, damaging winds and about a dozen reports of tornadoes. okay, we are in a very stable air mass.
5:49 pm
that. live look outside. only 56 degrees right now. winds out of the east at about 5. first alert doppler. showers off to the south of us. i think the game is going to be fine. cannot rule out a sprinkle for the nats game. just bundle up. temps in the 50s. further south, nan gemoy. you run into wet roads towards mechanicsville. nothing crazy heavy tonight. bus stop temperatures, 48 to 56. and damp. yellow weather alert tomorrow. yellow weather alert on friday. and an umbrella and a jacket, a good idea to keep nearby, right on through the weekend. 9:30, 10:00 tonight. temps in the 50s. showers off to the south. then by morning. here comes more showers, rolling through. 52 in gaithersburg. 54 in silver spring. 54 in fairfax. it's going to be kind of chilly. by 9:00 a.m. more showers, especially off to the west. heavy in cumberland to petersburg. it will be a little warmer, unstable out there.
5:50 pm
area, only 60 at 1:00. and still, 58 at andrews. only 60 in fredericksburg at 1:00 p.m. that's pretty cold for late april. and by 6:00 p.m., upper 50s, low 60s, still light showers. so both commutes can be wet tomorrow. and by 9:30 tomorrow night, temperatures still in the low 50s and scattered showers. for tonight, mostly cloudy. chilly. 48 to 46. winds east/northeast at about 10. day planners go like this. essentially, 50s across the board. maybe we call to 60. with showers at 9:00, 11:00, and also 1:00 p.m. friday, more light rain showers, 61. here's our best day of the next several. maybe a shower. sunshine. and 66. next seven days, going to be wet at the point to point. rain on sunday. 60 -- low 60s sunday. and right now, we're okay tuesday and wednesday. as long as you do not look at the european model. upper 60s to low 70s
5:51 pm
speech this afternoon, carly fiorina took a moment to discuss her time with ted cruz's family. >> then she sang a song that was apparently directed at cruz's two daughters. >> i know two girls that i just adore. [ laughter ] >> i'm so happy i can see them more. because we travel on the bus all day ♪ we get to play ♪ we get to play ♪ i won't bore you anymore. >> fantastic. she actually made up a song when she was on jimmy fallon. it does make sense that fiorina knows the cruz kids since she and cruz have worked through the campaign together. now, game on sports, with christ know berset. brought to you by xfinity. it is officially the scott brooks era in d.c. the washington wizards introduce their new head coach this afternoon, at
5:52 pm
center. it took six questions until books was asked about kevin durant. he joked he was surprised it took that long fnghts brooks took last season off, after getting fired by oklahoma city. and took the thunder to the mba finals. brooks said it didn't take much convincing to come to d.c. and that his time as a bench player has help him develop strong relationships with his players. >> all players are important. i've never been a starter in the league as a player. but i've always been a guy off the bench. and i've been a guy that didn't play much. but i've always been around coaches that really appreciate what i bring to the team. so they will all feel very important. because they are. >> as a player, he won a championship. he's taking his team to three conference finals. he has a proven track record. an outstanding communicator. he's developed young players. and he has been successful. >> so before br
5:53 pm
coach, he was a member of the new york knicks. and part of a classic april fool's day prank. brooks showed off his acting chomps then, after being replaced by an over-the-hill player. take a look. >> in a stunning development that will rock the world of sports, the announcement earlier today that 52-year-old walt clyde frazier has come out of retirement. the nicks -- knicks have signed frazier. now to make room for clyde. the knicks have announced they have released veteran back courtroom man scott brooks. >> the guy is old. what can he bring to the team that i can't do? it's just disappointing. i wish him well. i just gotta say this one thing. we play the knicks and i can chill with what they could have had. >> i don't believe it. i think it's garbage. >> of course, all a joke. i asked him about
5:54 pm
he said, i should have won an oscar for that acting performance. he doesn't look like he's aged since then. >> no, not much at all. >> the guy is ole. >> that's all you knotta -- gotta say. but he and ernie go back to his knicks days. we'll see what he can bring to d.c. >> thanks. taking the unprecedented step of announcing a running mate, without winning the republican presidential nomination. also at 6:00, former house speaker dennis hastert becomes one to be sentenced to prison. up next, the promising new cancer treatment that delivers drugs directly to the tumor.
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5:57 pm
doctors in new york are using a promising new treatment for liver cancer. >> it involves tiny beads, coated with a chemotherapy drug. dr. max gomez with more. >> reporter: when patrick delaney was being worked up for a hepatitis treatment, doctors found something unexpected. >> the white is a tumor. >> that's a pretty good-sized tumor there. >> sure. it's about 2 inches. >> reporter: patrick had two of those and they were inoperable. he started thinking about how much sometime he had left. >> the tumors were early stage that doctors at mount sinai were about to make him one of the first patients in the country to have a new tech niek nique -- technique gun, using something called loomy beads that were coated with
5:58 pm
>> the advantage with loomy is you will have diminished side effects. >> because the drug will come out slower. >> yes. because the maximum effects will be in the tumor and not in the body. >> he can insert a catheter through the wrist. and he can tell when he's in a blood vessel that feeds just the tumor. there's a double-killing effect. especially because it blocks blood flow to the tumor. >> so far, nine times out of 10, we've seen a complete response. >> no side effects. no down time. whatever happens in the future is in the future. but right now, i feel like i hit the lottery. >> a month after two treatments, there is just scar tissue where the tumor once was. dr. max gomez, cbs news, new york. >> now, liver cancer is considered one of the most difficult to tote treat cancers -- difficult to treat cancers. right now at
5:59 pm
for president. ted cruz makes an unprecedented move in hopes of stopping donald trump. former speaker of the house, dennis hastert. a judge calls him a serial child molester. and if today is any indication, bob macdonald will not spend prison time at all. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and ted cruz announced carly fiorina would be his vice presidential running mate if he wins the nomination for president. but it's looking less and less like a possibility. garrett haake is following this. >> reporter: for cruz to announce who his running mate would be w10 states left to vote and while he badly trails the front runner, is indeed, unprecedented. something being called a bold and desperate move. >> it is unusual to
6:00 pm
announcement as early as we're doing so now. i think all would acknowledge, this race, if anything, is unusual. >> reporter: after five losses last night, cruz can no longer win the nomination. but he hopes announcing fiorina will give him the boost he needs. >> i'm not getting to 1277 delegates and donald j. trump is not getting to 1277 delegates. >> fiorina vowed to fight. >> i've had tough fights all my life. it doesn't worry me a bit. and this is a fight worth having, worth winning, and with your help, we will win this fight. >> reporter: trump responded with a tweet. saying he agreed with a short video of fiorina criticizing cruz, back in january, when she remained a candidate. >> trump delivered a speech on foreign policy. >> america first willbe


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