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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, for the seconda row, a man sends the white house into a dolockwn. what he did just before the secret service took him into custody. >> she videotaped her own screams for help while being attacked on a metro train. but first, a third straight day of violence involving d.c. high schools. all three happened in northwest and this time a teacher was hurt. thank you for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce johnson. a camera was rolling as officers slapped cuffs on a male student, charged with simple assault after police say he punched a teacher who was trying to break up a series of fights. a female student so
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officer. both students are minors. >> grown they are just maybe misunderstood people who want to get attention. there is no reason to have any of violence towards somebody else. serve just trying to get home and do what they can. >> a student said off camera that the brawl included the sheriffs. a teacher's union rep said that the school could use more support. police are starting their investigation into a deadly stabbing in takoma park. police just towed a white nissan from the apartment building where a man and woman were stabbed. the man is in surgery and the woman died. police have not made any arrest bus s but say there is most likely no danger to the public. >> we have to get in the crime scene but it will be sometime before we
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>> it it's believed that the two victims are connected but they have not said how. the man charged in the death of his girlfriend's 2- year-old daughter after leaving her in a hot scar -- scar out -- car is out of jail tonight. daiquan field his a suspended license and should never have been behind the wheel last week. authoritys are trying to determine if he was under the influence. this is the second day in a row that the white house has gone into lockdown. agents had to sweep the grounds as everyone had to wait outside. >> reporter: this is as close as you could get to the white house as secret services trying to deal with another man trying to get past
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to see the white house up close but for more than two hours this is as close as she or anyone else could get, getting frustrate. >> i don't know, just maybe zoom in and get a good picture? >> reporter: security is tight after two lockdowns in two days. on tuesday, the secret service said that a man jumped the nens front of the executive officer building. and then at 10:30, another man threw his personal belongings over the north fence. >> that's of private property. what can have we do? >> it's a constant thing that we see often. people should start respecting the rules and regulations here. >> reporter: the secret service arrested a man who threw his stuff over the fence today immediately and we have new information about the man who jumped the fence yesterday, 30- year-old steven cox. presidenam
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again today during both incidents. cloudy and cool and a couple more yellow weather alerts. topper shutt is keeping track of how long the rainy pattern will stick around. for a while. the good news is it washing out the pollen. the showers south of fredericksburg pushing into southern maryland and the northern neck. a couple of sprinkles west of la plata. zooming into the ballpark, it's try. i think we'll be fine, a passing shower but that's it. the headline of the park, it's cold, temps in the 50s. 6:00 tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 50s with light rain and showers. and by 9:00, only
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gaithersburg and 95 bowie. and noon, it's 59 downtown with a whole swath of rain and showers pushing through and 59 in la plata at lunchtime. another a good idea, our free app. go to the app store and search for wusa 9 and download it. you can search for showers along it. >> thank you, top. former virginia governor bob mcconnell may not be going to prison after all. today, several justices voiced concerns about the government's case and seemed to side with the governor in. in 2014, a jury convicted him and his wife for selling information, and mcconnell has always maintained his innocence. >> never at any time up my 38 years of public service have i abused
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>> we'll make a decision in a couple months. we won't comment beyond that. >> it hirchls on the official act that the jury was told could be practically anything. the worry that was giving prosecutors too much power. the supreme court could decide whether to uphold his conviction or overturn in a few months. dennist hastert, the former house speaker, appeared before a injury in chicago, accused of paying hush money to his victims. he admitted to abusing boys he coached 30 year. because of the statute of limitations, he could not be charged. >> we brought the charges he could bring and through that, .
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are gone. and in its place are a broken, humiliated man. >> the judge went beyond the guide lines with 15 months in prison and two years of supervised release and will pay $250,000 into a crime fund. republican ted cruz named former rival carly fiorina as his running mate if he wins the nomination. she told the crowd in indianapolis today that despite donald trump's big league this vase far from ?eefer because -- race is far from over. >> because of people like you and all across this great nation know that a donald trump presidency would be
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donald trump was in town to deliver a highly anticipated foreign policy speech. while at the mayflower hotel, he didn't speak off the cuff but used a teleprompter and was more subdued. he called our current foreign policy a disaster expmped said that the u.s. needs to get out of the business of mason building. >> the country we are defending must pay for the cost of this defe nse. if not, the u.s. must be prepared to let the countrys defend themselves. we have no choice. >> last night, trump got more votes than ted cruz and john kasich combined, and he needs about 300 more to clinch the nomination. only on 9, a shocking attack on a metro train after one passenger asked another to
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music. >> reporter: a local woman needed stitches over her eye and suffered cuts and bruises. why didn't any metro employee come to her aid? >> i am trying to call the cops. >> reporter: these are the desperate pleas of a woman on a metro train. >> she beat me up and nobody cares. report of report of the ordeal urn folded last wednesday afternoon, taking metro to the navy yard stop just steps from her home. loud music on the train annoyed her. >> and me and my big mouth, i called down the train, put your headphones on. >> reporter: the music continued to blair. >> so i called a little louder. put your headphones
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>> reporter: she said that the young woman charged at her. >> she was angry. >> reporter: she admits that she cursed her out and never anticipated what would happen next. >> she grabbed my hair, and i think what happened is she must have hit me against some poles because i had goose eggs. >> reporter: bystanders and police then did step into help and the teenaged suspect was handcuffed and arrested. andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> and metro said that the employees are not police and will not work in that function. they will only release video when the departs mentare seeking the public's help in identifying and locating the suspects. guns in dorm rooms at liberty university, the new rules that the allow some students to pack heat in residence hall. >> they went above and
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and some of the bravest men and women being honored. >> and had little bad boy right here this, hair dryer of
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let's see, futon, mini fridge and coming this fall, guns at dorm rooms at liberty university. the trustees passed a measure allowing those with permits to bring their weapons in the residence hall and you have to be 21 to have a permit. the school president doesn't expect too many students will be backing heat in the dorm room.. they can already carry guns
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anywhere else on campus. 48 officers of getting honored. >> they did everything like pulling a victim from a burning door jumping into an ice- covered pond to rescue a child. thomas breen pulled a neighbor outside of her burning home even though he had no firefighting equipment. >> it's great to help somebody. sometimes, you're successful. sometimes, you're not but to be recognized by your community and especially by your department that you have served for 30 years. it's a great honor. >> and more incredible. he retired 18 years ago from firefighting, and he said it just never gets out of your blood. >> good for him. and a wildfire blazing across shenandoah national park and how it's impacting some of the park's most popular attractions. i'm jazz bo
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difference between today and yesterday, 27 degrees cooler than we were yesterday this time. 28degrees cooler in norfolk. we'll come back and tell if you
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what may be considered
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getting a lot of buzz. dyson has unveiled the new supersonic hair dryer. like their other products, it will not be cheap and will set you back $400 but the company's founder said it will blow you away. >> it's slim and nicely balanced. when you turn it on, just switch it on, it's very quiet. so i can carry on talking to you while i'm doing my hair. >> the way he does it, so el -- eloquent. >> is that something you would like to have? >> i would, but it might be a nice christmas present. >> yeah. i don't need that [laughter] a wildfire burning in shenandoah national park is starting to fizzle out. this photo from nasa shows how widespread the damage is. more than 10,000 acres scorched by
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largest in the park's history and parts of skyline drive and the appalachian trail still shut down as firefighters from 33 states including puerto rico -- all the way from puerto rico -- are here. and they tweeted out a picture of a flower growing. that is often the case after a fire. it enriches the oil and -- soil and grows like crazy. and they think it was set by humans, not lightning or coming. anything. a live look at the michael and son cam, we were 85 this time yesterday. are are you kidding me? most of the activity we have is in southern maryland and south of leonardtown, colonial beach and south of solomon into ed
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push off to the east. chilly with some shower bus mainly south of town. bus stop temperatures, to 56, chilly and it will be damp. a yellow weather alert tomorrow and a yellow weather alert friday and an umbrella and could jacket a good idea through the weekend. you might be able to take a walk without a jacket but chilly. and by morning, though, here come the rain and showers once again with the temperatures in the low to mid-50s and sneak in a 49 in frederick, a pretty cold start to an april day. 9:00, 57 in la plata. 58 in fredericksburg. even 55 in winchester. this rain and showers will roll through from i-81 to 95 late in the morning and early in the afternoon. if you are going to lunch, the el
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51 downtown at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow and 6:00 p.m., maybe 62 in manassas, so really a raw day tomorrow. low to mid-50swith a few light showers and not talking storms or anything, but just light showers and rain. 57 at 9:00. 57 at 11:00, and 59 at 1:00 p.m. next three days, rinser and repeat, and showers possible and 56, and we are trying to hold the rain off for sunday, ending on monday, and better tuesday and wednesday, and 72 next wednesday. thank you, top, and round 2 for the capitals should be a good one meeting their rivals from pittsburgh and that means cosby and ovie on the ice together. but the caps are not necessarily happy about that. that's next.
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sfx: clap, clap, ding
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alex ovechkin and sidney crosby have been the stars of the nhl since they came in the league 10 years ago and it's a premiere matchup every time of they play against each other. tomorrow is the second time in their career that the 2 have in the in the playoffs. round 2 at the verizon center and while the talk is the two players, of the teams don't see it at all. it's just a rivalry showdown between the caps and penguins. >> that was a long time ago, obviously. so a good day, you know, for hockey. but now it's gone. >> this is about the penguins and the capitals, and it's a little disrespectful for me to discount the other guys that are there. bo
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ponents that have had runins in the past. >> it's going to be a good series. and in washington, d.c., the wizards spruced their new maybe man. after much success as a player and a coach, they hope he is the guy to move them forward. for brooks, the decision for d.c. was an easy one. >> this has always been one of my favorite places to play as a player and to coach over the years in d.c. i love this sea and sea -- city and it will be a great opportunity to know more about it. >> he had a great winning percentage and a greater reputation to take the young players and develop them and go to the next step w. all of that in mind he was our number one choice. >> as a player, he won a championship. three conference finals, and he has a proven track record. >> and he has the proven track record from his young players, too, and we
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about kevin durant and he kept the focus on this team. >> didn't want to put the expectations on him. >> exactly. he has a lot more to focus on. >> but kevin durant would be
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kelly ripa calling the shots at "live." will she quit if her next co-host isn't a bff? what the sources are telling us. plus, new details about strahan's much earlier sendoff and the advise from kathie lee. >> then britney spears drug past. caught spending the night in a parking lot. >> we've learned new details about this turbulent time in her life and why her world is so very different now. then, which pop star is melissa mccarthy poking some fun at that. >> that tiny body. i don't understand how that works. plus, how jay-z iacs reg tin to all those rumors he cheated on beyonce. and hot guys having fun. eyes up there chris evans.


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