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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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he was still alive. as he laid on the ground, a bomb squad robot tried to communicate with him but the man wasn't listening. >> we are using the robot to manipulate his body. he has a hand in his pocket. he is alive, conscious and we want to make sure that we get his hand away from a potential trigger or some type of switch. >> reporter: the man remained in the road until 4:15 when officers put him in an or nord police vehicle. he was transferred to an ambulance. he is alive at baltimore shock tram that. nobody else was -- trauma. nobody else was injured. twos years ago a man drove his vehicle into wmar-tv in baltimore and barricaded himself inside for five hours. closer to home, we have breaking news out of
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minute county. an accident has traffic crawling on the inner loop of the beltway near route 55. just one loop of rush hour traffic is getting by. emergency crews were called to the scene to assist one and possibly two women in the accident. we do not know what caused the crash but we will stay on this and let you know when things get moving again. how safe is your child's drinking water at school. d.c. public schools will be testing for lead in all 113 schools after finding elevated levels of lead in about a dozen of them. delia goncalves is live outside of the mlk elementary school in southeast where kids are not allowed to drink the water, delia. >> we tour the school and the kids and staff here all drinking bottled water. they have been doing that since friday. that is when they turn on the faucet and brown water poured out. now, this water is not affected by the lead. mlk is on the long list of
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another round of lead testing. >> no, i'm not comfortable with it. >> even though the water runs clear at mlk elementary. >> i won't let my kids drink the water. >> this is what it looked like friday. after d.c. put off the valve, low pressure turned the school water brown. while they a wait results kids bypass the water fountain and drink bottled water in class. contractors will begin testing every school's drinking water for lead. elevated levels were discovered at 12 schools but the parents were never to. high levels can lead to developmental problems in children under 6. >> can parents be assured the water is safe? >> first as parent in dcps it's critical that we feel safe as parents and i feel safe sending my children to school and drinking the
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doubt that it's safe because the majority of the buildings are old. >> i don't trust the pipes. >> >> reporter: even though officials say the water is now safe, many parents are concerned about aging pipes in school and in the city and they are pouring out bottled water for their kids at home. >> is that too much. >> it's not too much if at this time helps you sleep at night. >> reporter: a lot of concern over the issue. dcps say the water is safe and they are doing the lead tests as precaution to ease the concerns parents may have. the lead tests will be done at all 113 schools and all city rec centers by the end of school before summer vacation begins june 17th. we can tell you the tests at mlk or due back tuesday. delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> thank you. >> dcps says out of caution more than 90
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capital hill montessori were tested for lead and they were below the guidelines. a double stabbing at a tacoma park apartment building late wednesday. one woman died and man was injured. all is not as it may have first appeared. wusa 9 scott broom is live in tacoma park to explain. >> investigators revealed the woman that died was 20 weeks pregnant and the man who was injured, those injuries were apparently self-inflicted as a cover up of the murder of his fiancee because he did not want to tampa bay responsible for the baby. found stabbed in her apartment at 2:00 in the after was 36- year-old mohammed mum, a montgomery county school bus driver pregnant. in the lobby of the building
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nkusa with stab wounds to the back of his leg and stomach. nkusa told police a masked man attacked him and his fiancee. doctors found his cuts were minor. police suspected they were self- inflicted as part of a cover up. tacoma park police charged nkusa with second-degree murder of his pregnant fiancee. investigators claim nkusa did not want to be responsible for the family and his african family did not approve of mbunga. police believe he chose murder in a diversion that included nkusa faking unconsciousness in the building's elevator. mbunga lived with nkusa off and on in the apartment. tacoma park police described all of this as a domestic related tragedy. reporting live, scott broom, wusa 9. ha
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this incident is tacoma park's first murder in 2016. an alexandria woman has been missing for more than ten days. her car was found several days after she was reported missing. it was found in prince william county where she works as a youth counselor. surae chinn is live with where the woman was last seen. you are learning the family believes she did not leave without being taken? >> reporter: that's right. they believe she was not taken with her will or she agreed to at least. they say they haven't heard from her. they haven't texted each other and that is unusual. she was last scene coming into the cvs, walking out and then returning to work. she hasn't been seen, heard from since and that was 11 days ago. >> she never showed up. >> reporter: jeannette lopez reported her sister missing when
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niece's school in alexandria. >> she was there sunday talking to me. the next day she is gone. >> reporter: alexandria police found her car in woodbridge where she works as a counselor for at risk juveniles in prince william county. the car was found three days after the surveillance video was taken of her walking into the cvs on touchstone circle during a work break. she walks out and returns to work. but her family hasn't received any texts or phone calls since. that is unusual since jeannette says they text every day and her younger sister was the happiest she has been in her life. >> she accomplished something she was looking for like many years. at 36 liz set earned a bachelor's degree at the university of maryland and looking forward to
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>> my family is devastated. i know she will come back. i have the feeling somebody took her. she is out there defenseless. >> reporter: most of the family is from bolivia and they have plans to come here because they were coming for her graduation may 15th at the university of maryland. she is a single and no children. that is the very latest in woodbridge. surae chinn, wusa 9. >> thank you. let's remind you. she is 5'4", brown eyes, brown hair and she weighs 118 pounds and she has a tattoo on her left shoulder. if you have seen her, call prince william county police. the number to call' 03-702- 6500. metro is trying to get a handle on maintenance failures that plagued the red line. the gel
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maintenance surge announced today with help. during the off peak hours they will use thermal imaging to detect where water is getting in the system and check the traction, cables and arcing insulators. this is one of many to address the constant issues on the red line. >> we are trying to get to the point that, okay, we have this thing maintained at a certain level. let's do the normal maintenance. we are trying to catch up for delayed maintenance. >> the maintenance surge should end by sunday night. if you use van ness, the medical center you could experience 20-minute delays due to single tracking. we are just getting started on wusa 9 news at 5:00. >> we are looking at a yellow weather alert. right now no showers at nats pay park. there are showers off to
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west. we will track those. another yellow weather alert sunday. >> a young man's deadly journey that started with pain pills before escalating to heroin. a local mother taunts a lifesaving miracle drug in hopes that others can be saved. >> new details about what was found in the home of prince as his death investigation continues. >> ted cruz responding to nasty insults hurled his way by former house speaker john boehner.
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a montgomery county judge sentenced a gaithersburg man to life in prison plus 40 years for the gruesome 2014 murder of mark st. alban. that
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emotional testimony from the victims' family and friends. andrea mccarren was in the courtroom when the sentence was handed down. >> the courtroom was packed standing room only. the victim's family and friends wept. >> he would be able to give me a hug without it being the worst thing in the world. i will miss his hug and kindness. >> all that his family and friends wanted was a shred of regret from the man convicted of killing the 23-year-old. they didn't get it. >> he never showed a moment of remorse. >> reporter: in court, convicted murder tavon miles said he was sorry about mark's death but innocent. >> he says i didn't do it and in that sense he was wrongly convicted. the truth i'm far from the guy that knows what the truth is. >> what happened in the silver spring house was unusually grisesly. a group of men armed with
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baseball bats, knives and fake handguns invaded the home intend on stealing drugs, a safe and real guns. >> the family of mr. miles gets to put an arm around him here or there. it's something i will never be able to do with my son. >> reporter: st. aubin had his own registered happened gun and fired multiple shots at tavon who was treated at a hospital. but the men turned on st. aubin and brutally stabbed, beat and stomped him to death. ten other suspects involved in that home invasion have not yet been caught. police believe miles knows who they are but he refuses to cooperate. in rockville, andrea mccarran, wusa 9. >> if you have information that could lead authorities to additional suspects, please contact montgomery county police. now for the latest from campaign 2016. hillary clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail.
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runs through indiana next. ted cruz and carly fiorina stomped together in the hose year state. donald trump was endorsed by bobby knight. and the billionaire made light of his opponents unusual choice of a running mate. >> he is the first presidential candidate in the history of this country whose mathematically eliminated from becoming president, who chose a vice presidential candidate. >> a day after downsizing his staff, bernie sanders campaigned in oregon. former house speaker john boehner, let's just say he is no fan of ted cruz. that is putting it mildly. speaking at stamford university, he called cruz lucy officer in the flesh -- lucifer in the flesh. he said he gets along with almost everyone but has never worked with a more
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but he did say what the letters stand for in his life. the texas senator said he doesn't know what boehner is talking about. cruz claims the two never worked together and that they barely know each other. take a look at this. 14 years we had the tornado in laplata. second strongest tornado recorded on the eastern seaboard. winds 260, an ef 4. it would be an ef 56789 they changed the scale. howard chased this. 24 miles in laplata. it took many years to rebuild the damage. earlier, a little history, in 1926 laplata had another tornado in november that killed 16 people. that is the tornado alley if we
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had a tornado alley. thankfully, quiet today. stable air mass. our problem, you can find more on facebook and i tweeted it out for a link, ox get more information on the tornado. i kicked the heat on at home it was so cold. i went to 60 for a high. we have to get to 57. not looking good. live look outside, 52. winds are northeast at 14. good thing this isn't winter. it would have been like day after day of snow. it would have been cool. here is the radar. area of showers pushed through the ballpark. more showers and light rain to the west. a little activity down into -- well southern maryland and down to 95 and fredricksburg. nothing advertise heavy. we are drier right now in the immediate metro area in the ballpark. this activity to fairfax and chantilly will
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5:37 and bowie 6:17. zoom in to the ballpark it was a delay earlier i believe they are playing now. in you go, you are not there yet, you got to bundle up. chilly with some showers. bus stop temperatures 48 to 54. damp. yellow weather alert friday and, guess what, on sunday. i'm trying not to issue one on saturday. that would be tuesday, wednesday, thursday day -- we don't want to do six in a row. saturday will be better than sunday but not necessarily shower free. we have point to point in middleburg on sunday d. open house at the weather service saturday and sunday. check that out. they will launch a weather balloon. 9:30 tonight, a lot of clouds, a couple of showers. just kind of raw. 50 in gaithersburg. 49 in frederick.
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but 51 downtown. 50 in leesburg and sterling. we are looking a 50 in silver spring and fairfax with light showers and light rain. then we get into the 9:00 hour, most of the metro area, into bowie, prince george up to baltimore. lunchtime temperatures in the 50s. we will struggle and claw to get out of the 50s tomorrow. day planner, showers and rain, showers and rain. 9:00, 11:00, 1:00. 56 at 1:00. i may have to lower tomorrow's three degree guarantee. 60 for now. 64 saturday, more showers. maybe a peak at the sun. sunday a weird day. the warm front goes through, we could be in the 70s. morning rain, afternoon thunderstorms, upper 60s. we will split the difference. monday more rain. cool tuesday d. pleasant wednesday and thursday unless you look at the european models. don't do that. we will say sunny with hi
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the 70s. >> thank you. new details emerging about the death of music superstar prince. authorities say the legendary singer had prescription opie yod medication on him. the pills were reportedly found in his minnesota home. investigators believe a health scare that caused an unscheduled landing of his plane was a reaction to the medication. so, this is jake patty t. his mother dribs him as the sweetest child. jake has his demons. as mikea turner reports, now his mother is trying to save others from what killed her son. >> when we first started giving jake his pain medicine, we had no idea this could be something that would trigger an addiction for him. >> reporter: the pain pills were to help him recover from a bike accident. soon he was hooked. >> his pills of choice were
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percocet. >> reporter: when the pills ran out, heroin was cheap. >> what does the mother of a heroin addict look like? you are looking at one. >> love and support couldn't save jake. >> reporter: now his mother is trying to prevent other parents from going through her agony. she teaches people how to use narcan. >> if i had this and known about it and it could have saved jake's life i would have given it to him in an instant. >> reporter: narcan can get someone breathing normally again if they overdose on painkillers or heroin. it has been used by emergency crews for over 25 years. >> this drug can be administered through the nose, through the must custody membranes, injected into the arm, the muscle or it can be injected into an iv. >> reer
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county administered narcan 1100 times. this year 352 times. >> it's something that we will see as a game changer for everybody. now lay people can get the drug. >> reporter: a drug that is too late for her son but she hopes can save the other sons and daughters struggling with addiction. >> it gives the addict a chance to go into rehab, a chance to live, a chance to try again. >> reporter: courses are taught throughout the area on how to administer narcan properly. information on contacts for these classes is on the wusa 9 app and web site. mikea turner, wusa 9. at 11:00 we have gripping video to share. it shows a young woman being brought back to life after getting a shot of narcan. we talked to her about the experience. that is tonight only on wusa 9. coming up, a new web site to help you pay off your student loans and mcdonald's tries change its ime.
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our consumer alert.
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man walked into the fox television station on tv hill
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man dressed in a panda suit, shot by police officers. he was carried away from the scene. we are expecting an update. garrett haake is on scene. when the press conference begins we will take you live. consumer news, comcast agreed to buy dreamworks animation. that deal is valued at $3.8 billion. comcast owns nbc universal. dreamworks has the shrek and kung fu panda franchises. the department of education is launching a new web site for student lawn borrowers and help people with student loans to research and pick the best repayment options. here is the new site. student mcdonald's is testing a more natural recipe for the chicken nuggets swapping artificial preservatives for lemon juice. they have
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improve perception about their quality. he graduated from high school in d.c. before taking the field for the terps. shawn davis uphill battle as he gets ready for his career in the nfl. >> a shooting mystery in alexandria. whpoat lice did not find once a barricade situation was over. >> after the break, new questions in the death of a man with autism that died after a struggle with fairfa
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the med day being affected about events in the community. rarely do we keep the media informed about one of your homes. we want to thank fox 45 for their proactive efforts to help us evacuate the building. that saved us a lot of time. you guys are to be commended for your active role in this effort. so, i will turn it over to director tj smith. as we said earlier, we learned several things since we briefed you last. chances are, we will brief again tomorrow as we continue to learn more things about the suspect. so, just bear with us as we make our way through the information. but it's important, obviously i'm preaching to the choir, to get you information timely yet accurate. that's what we want to be, timely and accurate. i will turn it over to director smith then take questions. >> all right. let's go back to thbe
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45 on 41st avenue in the -- 41st street. this is in the area where multiple television stations are, on the main road facing 31st street. at 120 a person in the lobby with a type of device. we had a call for a car fire in front of the location. we were quickly able to determine that that car was intentionally set on fire. our bomb squad, arson squad, baltimore police department were dispatched. we were quickly able to learn that the person had essentially barricaded himself inside fox 45 news station. so, our s.w.a.t. team and negotiators were dispatched to the scene. so, all of this is going on around 1:30 this afternoon. while officers were arriving, the fox 45 staff were evacuating the rest of their employees from the facility. the security person that called it in is
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fox 45 but he was able to escape after talking to the suspect for several minutes as the situation was evolving. apparently the suspect brought in a device, we believe a flash drive and wanted fox 45 to air something on the news. what is it he wanted them to air is something that we are still investigating. we don't know the full answers to that right now. the suspect had on some sort of outfit. it's being described basically as a panda outfit onesie type outfit that was a panda. the suspect is a 25-year-old white male. not from baltimore. we believe he is from howard county, maryland. we are still following up on this investigation as we speak. i'm not positively identifying him at this point because we have yet to charge the suspect. he is at a local hospital receiving treatment. let me go back to
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wrapped around him. he had on some type of surgical mask, some type of coat on underneath the outfit and there was this red device that is being described like maybe a red flotation type device with devices in it that looked like explosives. what we have been able to find out is those devices were actually chocolate candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil with wiring connecting each of them. there was a small mother board and that mother board has been described as something that you might see in a fire extinguisher that was attached to this contraption and the wire was also running down the sleeve of his jacket into his hand basically emulating some type of detonation type device. so, it does not appear that this was a device capable of actual explosives but the appearance
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explosive type device. the suspect was inside of the vestibule area. s.w.a.t. team and police officers were outside. attempting communication with the suspect. the suspect came out of the building, started to walk in advance across the street to where officers were staged and officers were forced to fire upon him. we know at this point that three officers fired and struck the suspect. the suspect was shot more than one time, maybe three times, the number can change. the suspect is listed in serious but stable condition at a local hospital here in baltimore. why did this happen? why did he wear a replica bomb today, we don't know. we are still investigating this. they used a robot to disarm him, to take the clothing off him, to take the device off him in order to move in to provide treatment to him. once they were able to
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they were able to closely examine the device and see what it actually was. we are still in the process of clearing the fox 45 building. we were able to account for everyone. but, of course, public safety is the most important thing at this point in time. so, as it stands, that's where we are. the suspect is expected to survive. we will work with the state attorney's office and federal partners as we move through with charging. this will take more than the time i'm standing here and it will take more than a couple of days to determine everything that went on here. with that, let's ask some questions. >> do you know anything about this guy's history? i know you are not publicly identifying him? do you know anything about his background. >> we do not have any information on his background. >> the latest out of baltimore and the incident where a suspect walked in to the x
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dressed in what is being described as a panda onesie with something being made to look like a bomb, handed a flash drive to the security guard and had information to get on tv. the authorities were called in. he was shot and put down before they figured out it wasn't an explosive device at all but meant to look like one. >> that's it for that. we will continue to follow it and bring you the latest information as we get it in. moving on, new questions and answers about the death of a disabled man in fairfax county police custody. >> peggy fox reports an advocacy organization is hoping the tragedy leads to changes. >> reporter: paul gianolos was profoundly autistic. he was on an outing at roundtree park with an organization caring for him, st. johns community service. when the group leader realized
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911. the police chief said the officer is that spotted him is a 25 year veteran with crisis intervention training. a second officer arrived but when they tried to get him into the vehicle, there was a struggle. >> do you know why the two officers got in a struggle with this man? >> i don't know why at this point. that's the subject of the investigation. >> reporter: they wound up, all three of them on the ground. >> correct. >> reporter: and he hit his head. >> there was an abrasion on his head. >> when the medics arrived and started the medical assessment, he suffered a medical emergency that required cpr and sadly he was pronounced deceased at the hospital. >> reporter: they did not know paul but they say the situation never should have ended how it did. >> he didn't commit a crime. i would say, you know, arm's length distance. don't ask him to get in a police car. don't ask him to co
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you know who he is. >> reporter: she says the officers should have been given information about gianelos before they arrived and a project lifesaver bracelet could have helped locate him in the first place. peggy fox, wusa 9. >> the names of the four officers involved have been released. they are all on administrative leave while the investigation continues. with the nfl draft hours away, one university of maryland defensive back is capturing plenty of attention. >> shawn davis is a stand out on the field and devoted team player when it comes to his family, faith and hard work. jan jeffcoat joins us with a local players uphill journey. >> reporter: what a journey. he is the pride of prince george county and it's easy to see why dozen of league coaches he met with think he is college park's best kept secret. >> you set a goal
5:38 pm
it happen. >> reporter: shawn davis knows how to set goals, big ones. >> he can speak chinese and french. >> mitchell throws to the corner and knocked away by shawn davis, the safety. >> reporter: the star defensive back has been thinking of his future since he was a kid. two sisters, two brothers and a praying mom and dad that refused to let their kids take shortcuts. >> teach me to do thy will. >> did did you pray today, did you study today, did you do your extra? if we do what everyone else does we will be in the same boat. we have to do things to elevate ourselves. what did you do extra today. >> reporter: they de
5:39 pm
their kids in private school. that meant extra jobs and extra long commutes. >> an hour and a half. >> one way. >> yes. every day. >> gas went up to $4, almost $5. i was gassing up like every 2 1/2 days. no nails, no hair, no, you know, just gas, food, shelter. >> reporter: shawn was home schooled for nine years before he got accepted to d.c.'s elite school where moving out of his basement home room to a school room wasn't his only challenge. >> i was one of five african- american males in my graduating class. i wasn't used to it because i live in a black neighborhood. >> reporter: he excelled on the field and in the classroom. his senior year dozens of schools offered him scholarships to play football. he chose maryland to be close to his dad battling cancer and still working two
5:40 pm
he is my motivator. i have never seen somebody fight cancer still having two jobs everyday. >> for me, i had to know that they will be taken care of. never had to take them out of school. we never had to foreclose our house. this ain't the best house but it's our house. and we made it. so, i'm grateful. >> when i don't feel like doing my pull ups or something like that, i don't feel like studying, i think about my dad wouldn't slack. if he slacked, we don't have nowhere to live. you know what i'm saying. >> reporter: these days shawn spends hours in his parents backyard and plays drills with his younger brother with
5:41 pm
terps. dad is still coach. shawn says the final goal is to one day play for the same team as sean taylor. the reason he chose number 21 at maryland. >> i'm happy to play with anybody but dream teams are the redskins. >> the team you grew up watching. >> exactly. >> reporter: he will be watching the draft in d.c. i will be there with him cheering him on as i'm sure some of you will as well in spirit. what an incredible story and journey that he has. >> incredible family. he is amazing, dad is amazing. >> could there be a more proud set of parents. >> amazing. we are praying for him hoping he gets drafted tonight. >> maybe redskins. i have to think even baltimore. >> phenomenal. >> to be close to his family. that's the key for him. >> thank you, jan. great story. still ahead, why this cruise ship shoved off from port leaving a crying mother on the docks with
5:42 pm
board. top? >> i stepped outside. umbrella and jacket required tonight. here is the radar. this is live radar. showers to nats park. they are playing again. they had about a 45 minute delay. there are showers to the west, tysons corner that will roll in the next half an hour.
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more anger is against a school. >> proponents say they are forbesing seniors out of a nursing home. >> this is a new protest. they just bought the washington home next door, a $30 million deal to expand the school. >> save our home. >> reporter: soon 100 seniors will have to get hospice type care some lays else. mi
5:46 pm
david versus goliath. >> it is definitely about power. it's really a question of social justice and the people in the washington home are the ones left are medicaid residents, they are all impoverished because of their health. they lost their money because of their health. >> reporter: administrators say residents will have time to relocate. the deal is sealed this december. the home could shut down as late as next june. >> thank you. new details are emerging about the death of a man in greenbelt, maryland. charles damon hallways found shot to death. he was found by officers who responded to a report of a gunshot coming from inside the home. we don't know about a suspect or motive in the shooting. family and friends gathered to say
5:47 pm
county firefighters nicole mittendorff. a family was -- funeral was held this afternoon. her body was found last week after a lengthy search. an autopsy shows mittendorff took her own life. investigators are looking into nasty comments posted online about the firefighter. a baby is recovering after being accidentally burned this morning. it happened on dexter terrace in southeast d.c. the boy has burns over 20% of his body. he is expected to survive. baltimore police are investigating an officer shooting of a 13-year-old boy carrying a fake gun. >> police say he was running away, the teen was ordered to drop the weapon. when he didn't, an officer opened fire. the teen was wounded in the leg and will survive. the weapon is a replica of a semi-automatic. it was a bb gun. a real bonus for the graduating class at howard university. the school is refunding
5:48 pm
this year's tuition to 100 students. the move is part of an effort to encourage students to finish college on time. graduating seniors whose families paid for the spring semester are eligible for the 50% rebates of up to $6,000. cal ripken and his wife completed their divorce. they were married for 29 years. a kelly for lawyer -- lawyer for kelly said the divorce was going on for some time. there was a one year separation. they have two children. we head to the high seas to see what is trending. a mom is on her knees crying as a cruise ship pulls away from the dock. >> this seems unfair. the kids were on board. the husband was there, too. then he got off to look for his wife at the nassau bahamas port. they gave him a half hour to look for his wife before the boat was due to
5:49 pm
mom and dad showed up moments too late and the ship took off for its return back to new york. now, there were other family members on board that cared for the children but that seemed a little bit much. just wait a few extra seconds. >> mom and dad were heartbroken. kids got to hit the buffet. we have extra joy on the set. >> we do. you know what is happening today, this is trending on twitter, it's take your kid to workday. >> everybody wave, say hi. >> on the right my daughter lucia. in the middle of con that with kinsey and jan. >> tell us how you feel [crying]. >> how do you feel about this. what do you think? >> she is-- >> they have nothing to say on camera. >> a lot of you are posting
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>> the best part today, i can love up your kids then give them back to you. >> nice. thanks for coming in, girls. hope you had fun. now the biggest kid in the room, topper. >> live look outside. it's dreary. we are looking down wisconsin avenue. it's down to 51. winds northeast at 16. not pleasant out. last hour, the last batch of rain pushing through the beltway around tysons and heading to the ballpark. they will keep playing and they will get the game in. just not a spectator friendly game. showers and rain silver spring to d.c., old town and back, almost to fairfax, back to the american legion bridge and out to 123. this will hit college park about 5:46 and shady side 6:42. if you missed the tornado, we will show you again at 7:00 tonight. we will zoom in. there is nats park. it's a le
5:51 pm
rain. nothing crazy heavy. they are still playing. headlines tonight, chilly. 48 to 54. yellow weather alert friday and sunday, too, saturday will be better than sunday but not exactly shower free. when you start with a bar this low it will be better on saturday. low 50s tomorrow. 56 by 1:00 p.m. now on saturday more showers but 64. rain in the morning on sunday. thunderstorms possible in the afternoon. 68. monday grab your umbrella. more showers and rain. dry out tuesday, wednesday and thursday and back in the 70s next week. time for play off talk again. caps opening up the series against their rivals tonight. kristen berset joins
5:52 pm
24e8 be rocking the red. >> reporter: this will be fun this series. one of the most anticipated series of the postseason. caps, penguins, crosby, ovechkin. these fans will be excited and loud. diane roberts has more on how the caps fans make it tough for their opponents. >> reporter: capital fans are not subtle. and they are not quiet. home ice, verizon center, this place gets deafening. the caps routinely sell out the 20 seat arena in chinatown. >> it's to create energy, enjoyment and i think the d.c. crowd is that to
5:53 pm
>> reporter: the goalie has been with the team for six seasons. he heard the rambunctious fans rocking the red during that time. newly acquitted justin williams is drinking it in. >> i wasn't sure what to expect but they are loud, passionate, into the game. >> reporter: justin, a three- time stanley cup winner has only been with washington for a year. he likes what he sees and feels from the stands. >> i have enjoyed playing in front of them. sold out every night. awesome. >> you can feel the energy in the rink. caps diehard hope to have enthusiasm to a stanley cup victory. >> let's go caps. >> reporter: diane roberts, wusa 9 sports. >> it will be load for sure. caps game, nfl draft as well and the nats and phillies playing now.
5:54 pm
we will take you on a throw back thursday. cayou believe it, four years ago this day, 19-year-old bryce harper made his major league debut with the nats. he dazzled. 1-3 with a rocket of a double showing off his speed, arm and the thrill of what was to come. now he is the national league reigning mvp. we will have much more from the caps game and redskins park a little later. guys, back to you in the studio. >> big sportsnite tonight. thanks, k.b. we will go live to baltimore for the latest on today's bomb scare at a local tv station. >> is snap chat liable for a teen driver crashing into a car using the social media app speed filter.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
with billions of video views everyday, snap chat is a social media app with deep financial pockets. >> a georgia man is suing snap chat because it allowed a teen to speed and crash into him. >> reporter: crystal mcgee allegedly posted this snap after crashing in em
5:58 pm
driving her dad's white mercedes, the teenager allegedly used snap chat's speed filter topping out at 113 miles per hour. she slammed into an uber driver's gray mitsubishi leaving him brain damaged and unable to care for himself. snap chat is about photos, videos and filters. >> the lawsuit is all about this one that shows how fast you are driving. >> critics say it's an invitation to driveway too fast. >> reporter: snap chat users we talked to say the lawsuit is a stretch. >> that's like saying someone is overweight after eating at mcdonald's. >> have you been on a roller coaster before. it's cool. >> reporter: in a statement it says we actively discourage our community from using the speed filter while drivin
5:59 pm
drive warning message in the app itself. although that message never came up while we were using it. in d.c., bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> the plaintiff says he spent five weeks in intensive care. right now at 6:00 we are live from baltimore where a man in an animal suit walks in a tv station saying he has a bomb. he is brought down by police gunfire. >> building a bigger fence. the plan to keep people from illegally gaining access to the white house. >> the former speaker of the house slams one of the republican presidential candidates. hello, thanks for joining us, i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. the man threatening to blow up the television station was not wearing a bomb even though it looked like he was. garrett haake is live on the scene. police what happened up a news conference. >> reporter: police just finished the news conference a few minutes
6:00 pm
they said the device consisted of nothing more than candy bars. candy bars, chocolate bars in their brightly colored aluminum wrappers wired together to look like a bomb. but no actual explosive device on the suspect. police say the suspect is a 25- year-old man, they believe from howard county. they are not releasing his name just yet, they do expect he will survive the injuries he suffered when he was shot multiple times by police officers after leaving the television station behind me. to recap, this incident began around 1:20 when the man dressed in an animal onesie and surgical mask came in the entryway of the fox 45 station in baltimore with a flash drive in his hand. he said this was something he wanted to have aired on the news tonight. the man was not -- we do not believe let into the station proper. police can't confirm that. he stayed in the vest


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