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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:14pm EDT

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>> reporter: police say it cars, pod media feing a t could prably edin here, it was kind of a shock. >> reporter: police say tordil was going store to store in this nearby shopping center. he sat quiet as this man ate lunch. police maid their move when he went to his car. police pleaded with him to come out. finally, he did so without hurting anyone with the weapon he was carrying. >> plain clothes officers waited until it was safe to take him into custody, and that's what they did. >> when you see it happen unfold in front of you, all kinds of things are going through your mind. >> reporter: police right now have not released the name of the woman killed nearby
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and they have not said if she >> reporter: quick chain of events. it was before the suspect was , life-threatening injuries. no explanation for why here and why them. here's police chair
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two others came to ew the suspe >> reporter: heheard shots and saw a lice officer almost immediately responding. gomez held a jacket over the woman. the suspect long gone while stunned people looked on. so to underline the tragic circumstances here, it appears none of the three people who were shot here knew tordil at all. perhaps he struck from out of the blue randomly. at least two of the people shot here were apparently coming to the aid of the very first gunshot victim. the parking lot now is clear. the police tape is gone and the scens
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long investigation where the at was going on. any ward as to why that was? epry much. we're learning more about the troubled relationship shoot his estranged wife who was shot and killed at high point high school yesterday. we're joined live from the high school where gladys tordil taught. allison? >> reporter: the person who police say was tordil's first victim to lose her life was his
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she was a teacher here. tordil wn a decade of abusonto leave shortly after his er all of his funs and stay away from his wife. they also told him to stay away from a couple of different places. one being high point high school where their daughters went to school. of course, that is where this entire series of events are believed to have begun yesterday afternoon. the other place wees told to stay away from is park dale high school. that is because his wife gladys worked here. shes what a chemistry teacher and a spokesperson for the school system says she started working here in 2004. she resigned at some point but came
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i'm told grief counselors were aisa occurred from 2006 to 2016 and down. this is n down by law enforcement. in the parking getting into hi car. he had been under surveillance. watch this as police move in with their vehicles. not just blocking him. they will take their vehicles and smash into his car. no way he can move front, sideways, back or anything. officers to the right have their weapons drawn. right now, they are asking him to come out, you know, because he does have a weapon in that car. this goes on for
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time. eventually he does come out. u believe law enforcement, we have no reason not woman, an kills two others. >> and bystanders. >> and then he makes his way over to aspen hill. >> some great investigative police work there. he's in
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today's events, though, have eerie similarities ac before he was arrested. aug itit coincidence, no connection whatsoever. we're continuing to gather the information and we'll have more on the wusa 9 at 7:00. you can follow the latest developments any time 24/7 by downloading our freewusa 9 app. our free wusa 9 app. is there finally a light at the end of the line some. >> it's
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there's still significant rains for the next south and eventually southeast. heaviest rain denoted around telling. around 210 headed to waldorf and southern maryland at blue crab. that rings a bell for monday, doesn't it? headed to waldorf at about 6:16. okay. we'll talk about the futurecast. notice by 9:00, the heavy shield and really the extended coverage kind of stopped. by 11:00, upper 40s to mid- 50s. by morning, a couple of showers here and there. a lot of clouds to start. we've got temperatures in
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upper 40s in
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictabxpbusiness. it's reliable. brace yourself. disruptions are coming to metro after a
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dig itself out. >> it's coming to the other sore just as quick. sustainable schedule. president obama 's other exampl investment made for the country's infrastructure. it provides money for tixing
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and airports. tentnalldrove into the restaurant and rselulled him fr burning suv and tended to others hurt. police charged him with several charges and more are pending. police say the bus driver was at fault in a fairfax county school bus collision with a county police car on april 7 in spring field. the bus was returning with dozens of students who'd been on a field trip. police have now cited the bus driver for failing to yield the right of way at a stop sign. coming up, a massive air lift for those with no other way to escape. >>
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at donald trump sang
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arraigned on monday. this is a scene of he ors and o he was taken into custody. no more violence and no shots fired. else dids where, president obama is weighing in on the candidates hoping to take over his job at some point. >> the president urged reporters to talk about donald trump and he refused to endorse hillary clinton or bernie sanders. reach ya zhang reports on the
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this is sie trump became the presumptive nominee. >> i think it's to take seriously the comments he's made in the past. >> reporter: several republican leaders are refusing to support trump's candidacy, including house speaker paul lisey graham >> i just can't go where donald trump would take us. i don't think he's qualified to be commander in chief. >> just relax and be gracious, and i'll talk to paul. we'll try to work on this. menext week. nvited item top president obama declined to declare
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pre-summive nominee. >> unfbi has interviewed huma, close aide to hillary in abouuse re time this the san d private funeral services. the u.n. secretary-general is serious consequences for those responsible on an air strike. he says he's outraged by what he calls a seemingly calculated attack, one that could constitute a r
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least 28 people including metow the fire has scorched more thho through the commute, it will be moderate to occasionally heavy. looking at rain through frederick. 66 and even down 95.
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sun and warmer for mom. temperatures back in the 07s by
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at a t fimth you. even late at night, or on the weekend, hedu. comcast business. built for business. two years ago sunday, oklahoma city thunder star and d.c. native kevin durant praised his mom in an nba mvp
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spotlight on her anr hometown team? today, wanda sat mom if i'm mistaken. >> ultimately, he'll make his own decisions. i'll give my input, but i want him to be happy. >> keenan reynolds broke all sorts of records during his four years at navy and proved to be a leader on and off the
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but wed by 's a cardinal tw not scherzer today. five innings, seven hits allowed by mad
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the deficit was too big to dura
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