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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  June 4, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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it was during that time that cassius clay joined the nation of islam. ali's career hit a turbulent time in 1967 when he refused to serve in the u.s. army during the vietnam war. ali was arrested and stripped of his heavy weight title. the conviction was eventually overturned but ali missed four years of boxing
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prime. but that time away didn't derail his career. winning two more titles. ali forged a long time rivalry with george foreman. like the rumble in the jungle. his personality and success in the ring made him a household name. all the years took its toll. over the last three decades, ali battled parkinson's. complications would land him in and out of the hospital and his condition had deteriorated over the past couple of years. ali looked frail in october for sports illustrated event held in his honor. this latest fight would be ali's final battle. he will always be known as the greatest. mmmuhaad ali dead at the age of 74. >> and ali's family has as
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statement this morning. it reads in part, after a 32 year battle with parkinson's disease muhammad ali has passed away at the age of 74. muhammad ali's funeral will take place in louisville, kentucky. the ali family would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and support and asks for privacy at this time. melissa. we are starting off with areas of cloudy skies, fog as well and this afternoon and tomorrow both days there is the chance of some showers and thunderstorms. at the moment it's a gray look from our michael and sons weather camera. 71 degrees at the moment. southeast winds at 6 miles per hour. the humidity is rather high outside. most spots running in the low 70s. upper 60s in martinsburg and over towards winchester we're tracking areas of really dense fog where visibilities are down below a half mile. use your low beams, not high beams. quiet for thme
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the weather system we're tracking for this weekend. there's going to be one round of showers and storms starting this afternoon and evening with those some heavy rain possible. flash flood watch from winchester and back to the west towards romney. another round of showers and storms comes tomorrow. some of those could become strong or severe. we'll talk about the threats and impacts coming up. first tracking metro. so it begins. day one of 365. making up metro's safe track plan. our crews have been watching it. the plane is being implemented and has been for the last couple hours. that includes pete live in arlington. pete, go the to ask, does it seem like riders got the memo so far? >> riders got the memo and so did the workers. crews are here big time. look at all these trucks here. the yellow vest signature of those metro workers, we've seen a ton
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trains now single tracking between here and the boston station. and east falls church. metro says some of the delays will be severe. sometimes trains will run every 18 minutes. riders tell me metro's general manager is doing the right thing. >> i think it was inevitable. the work needs to be done. and he's constructed a methodical plan in order to go about getting this work done and doing it in an organized fashion. so i applaud the guy. i give the guy a lot of credit. >> there are other ways around the shut down. capital bike shares is offering a new one way trip option for two dollars. and those ride sharing apps uber and lyft have made big investments in the dc area. adding many more riders. >> good advice
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clear there's work being done. despite the publicity we ran into a lot of people who didn't know metro was closing at midnight. we were at the boston metro station and found a group of friends who had a good excuse. >> we tried to get on the metro and there wasn't any more trains. >> we're from alaska so we didn't really know. >> so you're from alaska, you get a pass. i guess they probably didn't get the memo there. metro will again be closed at midnight, not 3:00 a.m. like most saturdays. of course businesses are now bracing for the economic impact. some restaurants making changes to employees schedules. that includes the 24 hour restaurant in dc called the diner. managers are reworking schedules to make sure employees can can get in and out. >> we're just trying to figure out the bus routes to get them home safely or different ways to get them out earlier or have
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>> and metro's gm does say he looks forward to when the track work is done and things eventually run more smoothly. for now it's all about quote, rolling with the punches. we can help you simply by going on to our mobile app. there you can find all information on single tracking and closure information. that's on our mobile app. turning now though to montgomery county. a community is mourning the loss of a 16-year-old student. killed while riding his bike on the sidewalk of south frederick avenue thursday. he hit a commercial sign, lost control of his bike, veered into the street and was hit by a car. his coworkers say the teen was dedicated to both work and school. the restaurant has set up a go fund me page to help the family raise money needed to sent his body back
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senior is facing child porn charges. police say phatsakorn pongpasit recorded students. a school resource officer received a complaint about this on thursday. based on evidence found on his cell phone, police arrested him that same day. pongpasit is being held without bond. new scrutiny of terry -- restoring voting rights to felons. rights were mistakenly restored to several people currently in prison or on supervised probation. the administration has said rights would be restored only for felons who had completed their sentences and parole. some republican lawmakers want the governor to apologize and fire the state workers who made the mistake. turning
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trail now. the presidential candidates have a long weekend of campaigning before tuesday's primaries. fateful primaries potentially. voters head to the polls in new jersey, california and four other states. both donald trump and hillary clinton are focusing on california this weekend. they spoke to supporters yesterday and took turns once again taking jabs at one another. >> hillary clinton is a weak person. hillary clinton is totally scripted. hillary clinton is a thief and hillary clinton should be in jail. >> donald trump is t no qualified to be president and commander in chief. >> while trump is already the presumptive gop nominee, hillary can't say the same. a recent poll shows bernie sanders neck and neck with the former secretary of state in california. even if sanders does win the state clinton could have enough delegates
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nomination. you can't turn to that wusa mobile app enough. closes out the primary process. amazon is getting a run for its money now from a popular big box retailer. how walmart plans to bring groceries from the store straight to your front door. that's coming up on wake up washington. e. muggy with areas of fog this morning. tracking shower and storm chances both days this weekend. when and wh
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continuing our coverage of the top story of the day. muhammad ali's passing. a funeral is planned r wednesday in louisville, kentucky for the boxing legend who died friday at age 74. ali was hospitalized in the phoenix area with respiratory problems earlier this week. his children had
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around the country and were by his side, we understand. known for wit as sharp as the purges he threw, ali dominated before time and parkinson's disease ended his storied career in 1981. much more on his legacy to come as we continue on wake up washington. first, let's hit the road with larry miller. >> good saturday morning. hope your weekend is getting off to a good start. we have this road closure currently in place that's going to go on through the weekend and for the next several weeks, in fact. this is between route 15, ever green road. we will have some repair operations going on over the bridge. along the capital beltway. this is over jonesville road. stoney brook drive. the lanes should open up by 5:00 on monday morning. a lot of stuff going on on metro this weekend. closing time is at midnight. no longer 3:00 a.m. it is midnight at
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we talked about the earlier single tracking going on on the orange line. the red line you'll find that between wheaten. two single tracking projects. u street and georgia avenue. between those two stations as well as nailer road and branch avenue. you can hit me up on twitter. @wusa9traffic. it's the weekend, friends. that's the good news. not so good news, the weather we're going to be facing this weekend. >> it's not a total washout. today there will be showers and storms mainly west. but tomorrow everyone is going to get a chance of showers and storms and some of the storms tomorrow afternoon will have the potential to become strong or severe. so yellow weather alert out for tomorrow. howard and myself will be here all throughout the day tomorrow tracking the storms
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up. hey, if you have plans for tomorrow, a great thing you can do if you're heading out the door storm. download the wusa 9 app. it will send alerts straight to your phone if you do come under a severe thunderstorm warning. that way you know when to hunker down and when it's okay to be outside. let's start with our michael and sons weather camera. we have fog. low lying clouds this morning. it's not the best start to the day. it's humid as well. we have temperatures running until the low 70s here in dc and you can see from martinsburg over to winchester. front royal. we have fog reducing visibility down below a quarter of a mile. use caution this morning. i expect fog to be only problematic for an hour and a half, two hours. the fog lifting, the clouds breaking up just a bit. showers and storms from this afternoon. this weekend, this is the main weather system working on had for this weekend. today, warm front comes to the north.
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showers and storms. the next round comes tomorrow with a cold front. that will pose the chance of some strong to severe thunderstorms. the storms arriving today and this afternoon will pose a threat of some heavy rainfall. these are mainly in our western counties. shenandoah valley. everybody gets some rain and storms tonight as the front continues to lift north and for tomorrow we are eyeing it for sures and storms that could become strong or severe. behind this active weather. lower humidity. more sunshine. a pleasant set up for next week. all right. here's future cast. little bit of clouds breaking up into the midday hour today. then showers and storms start to pop up mid afternoon back towards the west. and this is going to be the zone we're targeting for the potential heavy rainfall today through this evening. from ray over to winchester, martinsburg as well through 5 p.m.. after the sunsets we'll
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to see storms in the metro area as well. moderate to heavy rainfall. flash flood watch in effect. i-81, points west of that. this is through midnight tonight. localized areas are you could see above an inch and a half of rainfall. just keep that in mind. never try to drive on a flooded roadway. big area of enhanced risk of severe weather and in the yellow that is where we have a slight risk of severe weather and the threats tomorrow going to be damaging wind gusts, some hail, heavy rainfall and can't rule out an isolated tornado for tomorrow as well. timing wise tomorrow it's going to be in the afternoon through the early evening hours. a broken line of storms popping up. it comes, it goes fairly quickly. heavy rain and gusty winds as well. seven day forecast. active weather today. yellow weather alert tomorrow. then we dry things out. much more pleasant weather in the upcoming workweek. let'
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front now this saturday. feel like you're paying way too much for items you either need or want? leslie foster has tips on how to find a discount before you buy. >> it is all about the art of negotiation. and having some knowledge to back it up. start by asking for a better deal. you just might get it. use tools like coupon codes to save. money talks news suggests you do your grocery shopping on sunday, monday and tuesday to score deals. pay attention when you gas up. some stations offer discounts if you fill up on certain days a of the week. and i just learned that my usual gas and go place is cheaper on tuesdays and thursdays. so goes you know where i'll be when it's time to fill up the tank. >> i'll be following your lead. much appreciated. other consumer headlines here. snapchat has more users. 150million people use
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twitter's daily users. it's only been around for four years. in five months its user base has grown by 35%. walmart expanding its grocery business. using ride sharing companies to do so. it's partnering with uber and lyft. the tests are going to be conducted in phoenix and denver. walmart has. expanding in recent years. letting customers order online and pick their orders up. starbucks teaming up with a top beer company to create a line of bottled tea. which will be noncapitallic. one of the fastest growing beverage categories in the u.s. up 6% since last year. the new brands will hit store shelves coming next year we understand. still ahead, texas continues to deal with rising
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trying to contain the flames after a crude oil train derails in oregon. those stories and more when we take a look at our top stories of the day. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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running through our top stories once more this morning. he called himself the greatest before he even knew he was.
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good-bye to its three time heavy weight champ muhammad ali who passed away late last night at the age of 74. ali suffered for years from parkinson's disease. he was hospitalized in phoenix this week with respiratory problems and his family had gathered around him and again confirming that he died friday night according to a statement from the family. another top story of the morning. metro's safe track plan underway this morning as we speak. pete is live at metro station. >> crews are out here big time. check out the trucks here. all of the metro signature yellow going down underground this morning on this first full day of safe track. between here and the boston station and the east bells church, trains are single tracking till june 16th. metro says some of the delays will be severe and sometimes trains will run only every 18 minutes but so far it s
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we talked to one rider earlier who applauded metro general manager for getting this done. he says it's like ripping the band aid off. you just have to do it and get it done. how do you get around? plan in extra time. take one of those ride sharing apps like uber and lyft. lyft is offering a special discount. capital bike share is offering a new one way fare option for $2. so a lot of ways to get around this. if you're on the orange and silver lines, better to add in extra time. the trains will run every 6 minutes during rush hour but still delays. >> good looking out for us this morning. we appreciate those reports. making national headlines this morning. more tragedy out of fort hood, texas. the army has recovered the bodies of four soldiers who had been missing. five bodies were recovered on thursday. the army says three survivors have been
7:54 am
hospital. multiple investigations into this incident are currently underway. recovering after being rescued from a high colorado mountain peak. the soldiers from fort carson were on a training exercise in the rockies. many of them were hit with altitude sickness. they called for help thursday night and spent the night on the mountain. the helicopter ferried them to safety yesterday. more than half of the state of texas is under flash flood watches or warnings this morning. towns have been evacuated and dozens have been rescued. the death toll has risen to 15, including the soldiers killed from fort hood. the brazos river reached a historic crest about 24 hours ago while some parts of the state will get a reprieve from the rain this weekend, more flooding is expected in several regions. new video from paris this morning shows flooding no signs of slowing down. the sen river continues
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overflow. this is the highest the river has risen in nearly 35 years. you can watch the water almost reaching the street signs. landmarks are closed this morning including the louvre, which spent most of yesterday moving iconic pieces of art to higher ground. crews worked through the night trying to suppress a fire following the derailment of a train towing crude oil in oregon. the accident prompted evacuations and road closures. black smoke could be seen in the sky. several cars caught fire. the train was carrying bakken oil which is more flammable because it has a higher gas content. good news is no one was injured. president obama in florida. there to raise money for the democratic senatorial campaign committee. the president will participate in a round table before he heads back to washington. he also is expected to help raise money for u.s. representative patrick murphy's senate bid
7:56 am
democrats. this may be the last time the president visits florida as a sitting president. kind of sounds like that's a place where we'd like to be spending our weekend given the forecast. >> the forecast that is a little unsettled. now it's not a washout today by any means. i don't think it's a washout tomorrow either. here's how things time out. today there's going to be showers around in the afternoon. this is going to be in our western counties along i-81. shenandoah valley. tonight we'll start to see some showers in the metro area as well. tomorrow it's the afternoon through the evening time frame that i'm highlighting for showers and storms to come in. potential to become strong or severe. there's a flash flood watch out. tomorrow here's our outlook for severe weather. mainly going to be damaging wind gusts and heavy rain we're concerned about tomorrow afternoon through
7:57 am
hours as well. of course if you have plans for tomorrow and you're still planning on doing those plans, take the wusa 9 app on you and that way you can get alerts sent straight to your phone if there are watches or warnings that pop up tomorrow afternoon. howard and myself will be in here tracking the storms. monday all the way through the end of the workweek looks better and lower humidity going to be nice by wednesday. >> keep the app on you and join us in the morning. melissa going to be walking us through that step by step. we'll be watching for that. also cannot thank you enough for starting your saturday with us. 48 hours is going to present muhammad ali, remembering a legend. >> have a great day, everybody.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's june 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." the world loses the greatest of all time. muhammad ali passes away at the age of 74. we'll look back at the life of the athlete and political activist who shocked the world, then worked to change it. donald trump calls hillary clinton a thief. he tells us why the former secretary of state should go to jail. and some of the most thrilling whitewater rapids around, and it is all in downtown oklahoma city. seattle officials turned a troubled spot into a


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