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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> i just look up and i still see the bus going down the street. >> yeah, after he hit this car it was like he picked up more speed. >> didn't slow down. >> didn't slow down at all. >> burr fell james saw it. >> i thought he didn't have brakes. >> there were no children on the school bus, it was empty. the mta bus was filling up with commuters on the number 10 route. >> i looked over to the bus driver. i couldn't tell what was going on with you could hear the yelling in the background, other passengers in the bus. the bus was peeled open like a can. >> it's up to federal and local investigators to determine how it happened and why. while six families mourn sudden, unexpected loss and others recover in hospitals. >> looking at my car and seeing how bad the impact was, and then looking a block and a half
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my heart goes out to the families. >> what a remarkable account from that survivor, mr. braxton who was in that first vehicle that was hit. we learned just a few moments ago the driver of the school bus was a 67-year-old man. again, with a female aide on board who survived. the bus driver, the mta bus was a 33-year-old female, according to maryland transit authority ofci us. an incredible tragedy for the agency and for the families of all the passengers that were on board that bus who died. reporting live in baltimore, scott broom, wusa9. >> now we have to figure out what exactly happened there. thank you. had it been just 15 minutes later the riders said the number 10 bus would have been loaded with kids using the mta to get to school. a violent sex assault along a highway in stafford county
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law enforcement there. a suspect crashed his suv into a young woman's car and then pulled her out and attacked her in a ditch for more than two hours. northern virginia bureau chief peggy fox is live along kings highway where this happened. >> reporter: this happened in the early morning hours between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. both victim and suspect were driving this way here on kings highway. the wreck happened right there. the woman stops her r the suspects on the right shoulder. he gets out, goes over, pulled her out of the car, comes over here, drags her down there and sexually assaults her for two hours. >> we're in a rural area. we're out here in the country. so it's surprising -- surprised us all. >> reporter: about a half mile east of cat fish kelly's country store along king's highway is where the bizarre and frightening sex assault
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for evidence. >> everybody in the law enforcement community is stunned and shocked. >> reporter: the victim is a young woman who was in a vehicle that was struck from behind. skid marks show where her car spun around. >> after the accident the unknown male suspect forcibly removed the victim from her vehicle and dragged her into a ditch off the roadway and sexually assaulted her for over two hours. >> department won't tell us exactly where the sex assault happened other than over here on the south side of kings highway. but you can see how this opening between this overgrown fence would provide a very good place for cover where an assault could happen and no one driving by could see anything. when it was over the suspect left and the victim walked to her car and called 911. she was taken to a hospital. >> there were some bruises and
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>> this is a sketch based on the victim's description of the suspect. >> the man is described as being hispanic. he's approximately 30 years old. he's 5'8" or 5'9" and weighs about 170 to 180 pounds. he has black hair and a pretty short cropped beard. >> reporter: now the suspect apparently left behind this plaid orange blue and white he also had on a white sleeveless undershirt and light blue jeans, according to the sheriff's department. we're told the suspect was unknown to the victim and that she has never seen him before. he spoke spanish and also broken english, they tell us. his dark-colored suv may have some orange transfer paint on the passenger side or on the front. and they really want the public's help in trying to find
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>> just horrific. if anyone saw anything suspicious in that area between 2:30 in the morning and 5:00 a.m. on monday, contact the stafford county sheriff's department. take a look at these sketches. police hope someone will lead them to the men who kidnapped and sexually assaulted another woman for hours. investigators say that victim met the men at a restaurant nearly two weeks ago. they say she left with both of the men who then ed the men then reportedly let her go in arlington county where she flagged down someone who called police. if you know the men in those sketches or you've seen them, call fairfax county police. two women are calling for a metro transit police officer to be fired after they say that same officer involved in at least two other heavily criticized arrests assaulted them. >> deputy ramirez spoke to the women who admit they were drinking the night it all
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they decided to take metro so they could go out and get home safely. today one of the young women showed many me bruises she allegedly sustained and she says what the officer did goes beyond assault. >> i would call it an attack. >> reporter: both 22 years old. they claim they were assaulted by a metro transit police officer as the officer forced them out of the dupont metro station saturday night. >> let's go. we can talk outside. let's go. come on. let's go. r their way back to virginia. she assumes it happened because she sat down on an escalator. >> get out. >> reporter: the officer apparently told them to leave after and the two say they did. but then returned some 30 minutes later hoping if they behaved they'd be able to take metro home. that's when watkins says the officer forced them out, this time getting physical towards the end. >> we were completely capable. we just wanted to go home.
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at all and that's what was scary. he had all the power. >> reporter: the officer identified as andy vin has faced three previous complaints all from females and all captured on cell phone video. the washington post says vin faced heavy criticism for how he physically handled is a teenagerristed for eating inside a metro station. the video went viral about two weeks ago. there's a june arrest of two teens ordered off the green line for we don't see what led to the confrontation. a third video led to a lawsuit in 2010. you can see an officer handcuffing what is said to be a combative woman. she sued him for grabbing her by the neck and slamming her to the ground. the case was settled out of court. after learning about the past cases -- >> honestly we just don't want him on the force. we don't think it's safe for
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was convicted of putting his then wife in a head lock. he was reportedly rehired after winning an appeal. the officer's attorney says this is his first time hearing of the incident. he is reviewing it but didn't offer a statement today. lesli, back to you. >> both of the young women filed complaints and a spokesperson says they are looking into the claims and an internal investigation will be initiated if warranted. with a week until election day now, donald um the latest action news washington post poll shows trump with a one point lead nationally over hillary clinton. the poll was taken from thursday through sunday. now it was during that time that the fbi announced it's reviewing newly discovered e- mails having to do with the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the e-mails were discovered on a laptop huma abedin shared with her estranged husband anthony wiener.
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hillary clinton is happy with the services of huma? i don't think so. >> if they want to look at some more e-mails of one of my staffers, by all means, go ahead, look at them. >> the clinton campaign accuses james comey of having a double standard for its revelation into clinton's e-mails while refusing to confirm the bureau is investigating potential links between the trump campaign and russia. the new york times reports the trump ties to russia and found no conclusive or direct link. hillary clinton is urging her supporters to vote early. especially in battleground states. she tweeted out this image this morning. encouraging voters to share it if they voted today, which has been declared national vote early day. early voting is underway in 36 states. house speaker paul ryan
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trump in his home state last week. speaker ryan is under fire from some for refusing to campaign with trump and distancing himself from the party's presidential nominee. for early voting locations and voter guides to all the races in dc, maryland and virginia, all you have to do is download our free app. our auto roller coaster ride of temperatures is on the way back up. >> chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking the warmer air for us ts november. i tell you what, we just wait a couple of days, we're 77 tomorrow. 77 on thursday. then a cold front goes through thursday evening. that will produce some showers and will knock us back into the low 60s friday, saturday and sunday. that's actually a pretty good early november weekend in and of itself. about average temps. we get into the hour tomorrow morning. looking at temperatures in the 40s and low 50s to start. look at this. by the time we get into lunchtime, looking at temperatures almost to 70
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by lunchtime, some areas south of town could hit 80. we'll come back and talk more about that weekend forecast in a bit. we're just getting started for wusa9 news at 5:00. police are hoping the arrest of a man accused in a deadly shooting at a halloween party will lead to more suspects. ahead, the search for a group of teens dc police say scared and robbed people on halloween. damaging testimony bill cosby's defense team is trying to keep out of his upcong i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges. we must give every child a great education, build an economy that works for everyone,
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this is your final week to get 100meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online for two-years, guaranteed. only from fios. power is back on but the future of glen hill condos is unclear. the public service commission ordered the jew tillties turned
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if they discover the utilities gave the proper notice the judge could order them to be shut off again for good. at a hearing today we learned that decision could come on friday. the county is helping some of those 117 residents find new places to live. comedian bill cosby returns to a suburban philadelphia courtroom tomorrow for a pretrial hearing. he has pleaded not guilty to charges of drugging and molesting a former temple prosecutors asked the judge to let other accusers testify against cosby. he goes to trial next year. and cosby's attorneys argue time and media coverage could impact what the women remember. attorney gloria allred represents some of those women. >> their testimony would tend to show a common theme or plan by mr. cosby and therefore it is relevant.
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admitted giving quaaludes to other women in order to have sex with them. the defense is trying to suppress the deposition at evidence. a judge could sentence the 79- year-old entertainer to up to 10 years in prison if convicted. trick or treating took a violent turn in some dc neighborhoods. >> a group of 15 to 20 teenagers were out terrorizing folks, beating and robbing them. delia goncalves has a look at four robberies police believe may be related. between 10:00 and 11:30 all within about a 5-mile radius. now police need your help to put the rest of the puzzle pieces together. halloween means different things to different people. police say for one group of teens it meant robbing the unsuspecting. >> i'm not surprised that once it gets dark on prospect street someone is going to try to rob someone. that seems regular. >> reporter: 10:45, a georgetown student gets punched
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his cell phone, wallet and laptop stolen. >> all kids have their laptop and their phone so it's more like the cost and benefit it's easier to get a student than an adult. >> reporter: 10:30 on 29th street, a woman is getting out of her car when her hair is snatched and then she's slammed against the car. the teens steal her cell phone. >> walking the roads yesterday, a lot of teenagers. a lot of young adults who were covered up and just -- they looked like they were trying to get into something. >> you se teenagers you can't automatically assume everyone is doing something bad. >> there were a lot of cops out last night. >> reporter: georgetown students all too familiar with these attacks feel police should do more. >> should cooperate more with the metro police. >> reporter: in all of these robberies the victims were punched in the face but only one person went to the hospital, was treated and released. in northwest washington, delia goncalves, wusa9.
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robbery and were wearing masks in most of the assaults. police are asking anyone who may have seen a large group in the georgetown area around 10:00 last night to give them a call. so we've learned that it was a mother and her two daughters killed in a terrible crash during a hayride in mississippi. the little girls were just 2 and 8 years old. six others were why itically injured when a pickup truck slammed into the trailer that was full of people. it happened last night. the driver of the pickup wasn't still are investigating. so you thought you had a tough commute on metro? how about this. transit workers on strike in philadelphia. that's forcing nearly a million riders to find other ways to try and get home tonight. striking workers say they hit the picket lines just after midnight. salary and benefits, that's what prompted the walkout. >> all right. well around here we're watching the temperatures and
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>> not bad. it's also the first of the month. we promised this. everybody went to our facebook page. we voted on which charity we wanted. every time i'm wrong autism speaks gets $100. i might go 90 the rest of the month. we'll see. >> you have incentive to get it wrong sometimes. >> i like to also give money when i have a bulls eye. that'd be good too. three degree guarantee. nervous this morning getting up. i think clouds kept temps down. only went 62. 73 the last 77 days. let you know how we did tonight at 11:00 and see if we do have to donate. wouldn't be such a bad thing. live look outside. cloudy but quiet. temperatures, 61. okay, that's good. dew points have come up. between that and the clouds and winds turning from the south, not going to be nearly as chilly tonight. instead of 30s and 40s, we'll be 40s and 50s. warm again.
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friday. low 60s on saturday and sunday. but this is pretty close to average. that red line, 63 is the average. so we're getting spoiled tomorrow and thursday. i tell you what, even though both days are the same temp, that is the winner. wednesday is the winner by far and away. tonight, 10:00. taking the walk after dinner with the dog. finally see some stars. skiesreturning. partly cloudy. even at 10:00, it cumberland. 56 in romney. that's pretty sweet. you also will be part of this huge warm up tomorrow. by 6:00 a.m., some of the coldest spots are east of the mountains. maybe 49 in frederick and 49 in gaithersburg. 47, 46 in damascus. 54 downtown. 55 in romney. by 9:00 we're back in the low to mid50s. by lunchtime, we're 71 in
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how nice is that? about 24 hours from now we're in the mid70s. it will be warmer to the west tomorrow. places like culpepper and fredericksburg will approach 80 degrees tomorrow. just crazy stuff. day planner goes like this. 50s to start. 64 by 11:00. 72 by 1:00. another nice thing about tomorrow. not that breezy. thursday will become rather breezy with afternoon showers. still kind of beat myself up. we might issue the yellow weather alert thursday afternoon for behind it, breezy and cooler on friday. highs around 60. chilly for high school football. hard walk on saturday looks great. 40s and 50s. that day is going to be an hour longer. we language that. fall back. ravens in town on sunday. kind of chilly monday and tuesday. some models not lowing the temp that much. some models keep it in the low 60s and monday and next tuesday. looks great for election day. clear. >> thanks, top. you may be munching on
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that's next in tonight's consumer alert. but up next, an alabama pipeline is burning through a second day after a deadly explosion. that could be driving up gas
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operations on a gasoline pipeline that exploded and killed a worker in alabama could be back up and running by the weekend. a worker using heavy equipment near the pipeline triggered the blast that hurt five others. the blast could send gas prices soaring. colonial pipeline supplies gasoline to most of the southeastern u.s. this is the same pipeline that gasoline last month. hundreds of thousands of people are checking many on facebook to the standing rock indian reservation. most of them are not making the trip out there to cannon ball, north dakota. this flurry of activity on facebook is in response to a post that says law enforcement is using facebook to track anti- oil pipeline protesters there. the post is urging people who support the protest to check in
5:25 pm
authorities. the sheriff's department says the posts claim they are tracking protesters is not true. the halloween costumes and candy are barely behind us but amazon is already gearing up for the holiday shopping season. the e commerce retailer launches its black friday deals today. amazon will offer up new deals every five minutes from now through december 22nd. wells fargo ll million settlement, this time for overcharging homeowners who defaulted on their mortgage loans. class action lawsuit claims bank brokers charged as much as $135 for a service that should have cost less than $30. the settlement comes as wells fargo continues to face fallout over opening fake accounts for customers. it's not just taxi drivers
5:26 pm
uber and lyft tepid to make people with african-american sounding names wait longer times. the research shows female passengers almost pay more because chatty drivers drag out the trip. officers use a taser to subdue a maryland high school student who they say knocked a girl unconscious. ahead, a stray cat uses up one of its nine lives when it gets trapped door. police make an arrest in a deadly shooting at a prince george's county halloween party. the search for the suspect
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still a lot of questions tonight about two apparently connected shootings this weekend in capitol heights. police have arrested a 22-year- old. they are looking for one or know so far. bruce. >> really hard to figure this one out. the arrest is just in the second shooting. the murder of a 14-year-old freshman. police are looking for the suspect or suspects who fired into a whole crowd of people at
5:30 pm
dozens gathered around a dice game. very early sunday morning. one or two people walk up, open fire. five people injured. 18-year-old brian davis a star athlete at roosevelt high in dc, killed. minutes later, bravon freeman grabs a gun and shoots todd webb. a 14-year-old who dreamed of playing pro football. after shooting webb police say freeman continued him. >> mr. freeman was identified on the scene as individual responsible for that second shooting. he was arrested on the scene and brought back for investigation. >> what is still unclear is who killed davis. and shot and injured the other four people. the teen's friends and family say that first shooting may have been revenge after a fight that took place even earlier. >> i understood there was a
5:31 pm
a 14-year-old and 19-year-old were fighting. the 19-year-old came back to retaliate. he shot up the place. >> what is clear is that two families of teenagers are grieving and looking for answers. >> heart is real heavy right now. he always told me a joke to keep me smiling when i was kind of down. >> now here is some that we just learned. court records freeman had just had his charges dropped against him in dc. he had been charged as a felony of possession of a firearm. days after getting out of jail in dc he is out again. a felony. allegedly in possession of a firearm. shooting and allegedly killing a 14-year-old with his whole life ahead of him. live at prince georges county police headquarters, bruce
5:32 pm
freeman with first-degree murder. a girl is knocked unconscious after a 17-year-old boy punches her at school. all of this happened friday night after school got out. ileana diaz is live with more details. >> students say it happened here on the front lawn of the school. while they dozens of fights here, they've never seen one quite like this. >> i heard a gunshot. i turned around and see someone was like getting tased. >> the loud noise wasn't a gunshot but a taser gun being fired to keep 17-year-old frederick high school senior under control. >> this kid punched this one girl. >> she was walking by then he ran up and punched her. everybody was trying to get to their bus. everybody stopped and watched and saw what happened.
5:33 pm
the girl is a sophomore who goes by titi. detectives say she was knocked unconscious. >> she hit her head and started bleeding and she was on the ground. he punched her really hard. >> as staff ran to call for an ambulance. school resource officer and an officer from the sheriff's department jumped in. >> diego tried to run from the cops. he fell to the ground and was arrested. >> the senior has been charged second-degree assault on an officer, resisting arrest and failure to obey an officer. >> it's not normal for a guy to just run up to a girl and punch her in the face. >> why people have to be mean to each other. just uncalled for. >> now as far as the suspect, he's the senior. he is still in police custody and the victim is a sophomore
5:34 pm
and no one really knowing what her condition is. they say she was hospitalized and hopefully she's doing okay. live in frederick county, ileana diaz. >> students tell wusa9 this was one of six fights that broke out at the school last friday. for the first time in more than two years iraqi forces have entered mosul. troops advancing to the outskirts of the country's second largest city. despite fierce resistance from the bat toll retaining mosul is still far from over. as many as 7500 isis fighters could be waiting inside the city. militants are burning oil to block the city from the view of u.s.-led air strikes. house to house fighting is expected. pope francis celebrating his first mass in sweden today. the pope greeting thousands of catholics who gathered at a stadium. it was the final event of his overnight trip to sweden,
5:35 pm
of the protestant reformation. aftershocks continue in italy two days after a massive earthquake in the mountain region north of rome. newly released video shows italian firefighters freeing a dog beneath the rubble in a city. it was one of the hardest hit areas by sunday's 6.6 magnitude earthquake. no one was seriously injured. there are thousands there without homes. caught on camera. emergency room doctors in turkey rescued a cat that be door at an istanbul hospital. that stray cat was entering the er when it got struck. well that part stopped during the whole ordeal. one of the er doctors performed cpr and was able to bring the cat back to life. one of the doctors d endeup adopting the cat. coming up, dry shampoo is gaining in popularity, but if you don't use it right it could
5:36 pm
man recruits his girlfriend's students to pull off a very special surprise. topper. not nearly as chilly tonight. low temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 53 downtown. 48 in gaithersburg. 47 in fairfax. about 46 in bowie. we'll talk about a big warm up and also about an approaching cold front for thursday. tell you what that means for
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a dad didn't let a flight on halloween night stop his 3- year-old daughter from doing trick or treating. he passed out candy to everyone there on the daughter could then walk down the aisle of the plane in her costume. >> that is the cutest thing ever. >> the now viral tweet is reading omg my heart is exploding right now. dad of three just passed out candy to everyone on the flight so his 3-year-old could trick or treat. >> that is such a great story. >> glad he didn't pass out the candy with the caveat of that.
5:40 pm
beyonce and jay z are getting buzz for their halloween costumes. the singers posted these instagram photos of dressed up as black barbie and ken dolls. their daughter blue ivy even got in on the act dressing in a dazzling pink skirt and black barbie leather jacket. >> looking good. >> super cute. a st. louis area teacher thought she was getting an award but soon realized there was a much bigg store. >> tory teaches kinder garden in fenton, missouri. last week her long time boyfriend recruited former students to help him ask a very important question. so they recorded a video explaining what love means to them and they played it during a school assembly and at the end we bet you can guess what happened. >> i could not have imagined a more perfect day. my family, my school family, my
5:41 pm
care so much about. it was the most special thing probably that could ever have happened to me. >> that's so precious. >> water works. >> i'm telling you. >> school assembly was also part of a fundraiser for the families of fallen firefighters. tory's dad who is a firefighter helped her now fiance plan the whole thing. take a look at this. video of an amazing pee wee football catch going viral. check one handed. o'dell beckham-like. that's a 10-year-old who grabbed that ball out of thin air. posted yesterday on the police athletic football league's facebook page. watch this. just one hand. >> i got this. >> right there. right now. >> got glue in his hand or something. this is from this weekend's game between longwood and the north shore colts out on long island. this catch even made espn
5:42 pm
of course it did. >> coming up, we'll explain why this video is being described as the greatest weather forecast of all time. but up next, the message supporters of legalized marijuana are hoping to send
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vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney
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be heading to the polls next week, not to just vote for president, but whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana. if all five measures pass, nearly a quarter of the u.s. population would live in states where pot is allowed. supporters, well they say that could send a strong message to congress. marijuana is now at the forefront of mainstream american politics. if we win big, we have a chance to end federal marijuana prohibition. >> it is expected to california. in mattes, arizona, nevada and maine the polls are much closer. president obama will hand over his twitter account. the president's tweets will be archived and he'll receive a new social media handle. the newly elected president will get to keep his 11 million followers. >> more and more people are
5:46 pm
you spray it on your head and you can skip washing your hair. >> some people say that spray is making their hair fall out. >> blond highlights or purple. she's been through the long and short with just about every hair style. >> my hair takes color all the time. >> but then she says she tried batiste dry shampoo >> your hair is coming out in clumps. >> lauren is not the only one to report problems. this picture of a bald spot posted by nicole baxter has been shared more than 33,000 times. it led to dozens of blogs. both use the brand batiste. the company would not tell us if if hair loss were a possible
5:47 pm
all government regulations. under a 1938 law the fda has limited power to regulate cosmetics. so is dry shampoo safe? three hair and skin experts say it can cause problems if you overuse it. >> many people have loss. >> dry shampoo can trap bacteria. >> the pimples or cysts get scratch scratched and that can disrupt the hair follicle, causing hair loss. >> here's a good suggestion from one of the dermatologists. spray the shampoo on your hands instead of directly on your head. then rub it into your hair. as for the woman who was losing her hair, the company
5:48 pm
the shampoo. you are looking at $10,000 worth of savings bonds right here. we are in search of the people they belong to. they were found taped to the bottom of a tea cart bought at a maryland auction. this real estate agent may have the clue to help unravel the mystery. whose money is this? only on wusa9 tonight at 11:00. a halloween prank during a weather report left viewers of an irish television station bit shocked. [ speaking in foreign language ] well done. now the prank left many viewers confused. others impressed. even others probably called 911 or whatever that is in ireland. one person tweeted what just happened on the weather tonight? did she just get electrocuted
5:49 pm
just produced the greatest weather report of all time. i don't know about that. >> gold standard here, topper. >> that was well done, actually. >> you can do that but the cheesiness of your reaction would give it away. s. >> timing was perfect. >> could you do that? >> i don't know. i could try. >> we can dream. >> we frown upon lightning inside let's start with a live look outside. we have clouds. quiet and a nice start to november. it's 61 right now. it's not going to be as chilly tonight. with a little more humidity in the air. we have clouds still. winds out of the south about 8. temps skyrocket tomorrow and thursday. 77 both days. better of the two days will be
5:50 pm
and afternoon showers as a cold front rolls through. we go back in the low 60s. that's arch. our average high is 63. nice first week in november. clouds on the way out. temperatures in the 50s. by morning, 54 downtown. maybe 5949 in manassas. 51 in cumberland. everybody is going to be warm tomorrow. by 9:00 we're in the mid upper 50s. by 1:00 we're 72 in fairfax. by this time tomorrow night we're in the mid70s to the west. some of these numbers low. even out to cumberland, 74. tomorrow night, almost like a summer night with temperatures generally holding in the upper 50s and low 60s. so day planner. 50s to start. back up into the low 70s with sunshine by 1:00 p.m. best thing about tomorrow, not
5:51 pm
thursday. 77. breezy and much cooler on friday, only 60. still nice for high school football. saturday nice for the heart walk in the morning. extra hour of sleep for us into sunday. move your clocks back one hour. ravens in town, still nice. briefly cooler on monday. back in the low 60s. right now looks clear and quiet for election day. breaking news tonight regarding the washington redskins. what was supposed to be a quiet bye week as the team prepares for the second half of the season, the washington redskins have suspended trent williams for violating the substance abuse policy. the pro bowler has been suspended for four games. he will be allowed to participate in team meetings and work outs but won't be able
5:52 pm
big loss for them. the termination of head basketball coach. he had been accused of verbally abusing players and making inappropriate remarks. now who won the nit last year for the first time ever are trying to move past that. while appreciating what he taught them and learning under interim head coach maurice joseph. >> you know, there's really no time to what happened in the past. you know, like tyler said, some of the teams in the league were ahead of us or below us really don't care about a coaching change. ball goes up, they'll try to beat us, period. >> it's all getting started. special day for a local high school football player who received quite a big honor en route to living hut iowa dream of playing at the collegiate
5:53 pm
nathan is the first all american in any sport from lackey. he's being recruited by penn state, ole miss and virginia tech. one of the top ten linebackers in the country. >> you almost get overwhelmed. not just by the emotion you feel from nate and his family but the emotion coming from the crowd. the kids and how excited they were for him. >> means a lot. it's a dream come i watch julio jones playing the game. i've seen jameis winston. i watched it as a child and now it's like -- am i there yet? feels like one big dream right now. >> he went from a d student to an a student and pretty soon gets to live out on the collegiate level. >> got it all together. >> we have his story and more coming up later this week. >> looking forward to it. thanks. coming up, will metro riders escape the service cuts
5:54 pm
on alternatives. first, forget the candy. we'll introduce you to a virginia girl who spent her halloween thanking the men and women who protect her community. don't forget the cbs
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the kids were out trick or treating last night. one girl from portsmouth, virginia spent her time a little differently. she connected with police and
5:57 pm
thank you. >> reporter: it's no accident that angelina hunter is spending halloween night waiting. >> this one. perfect timing. >> reporter: for portsmouth police instead of going door to door like most kids. while they're out getting all the candy they can get, angelina came to give. >> that is awesome. thank you so much. >> i do it to make them happy. >> reporter: for the last year she's been making these bracelets for police and first responders as part of angie's thin line project. not only does she craft. >> it comes outs of my allowance. >> reporter: she spends her money from chores to fund the project. >> i started doing it after i saw all the problems that were going on with the law enforcement and everything so i thought they needed something to make their lives a little better. >> she's made and handed out bracelets to just not one, two
5:58 pm
that's not even including firefighters, ems workers and dispatchers. >> i wanted to make a difference in all of the law enforcement and community helpers lives. >> reporter: the big difference that comes with these little bracelets. >> i think i saw you the other day. >> reporter: is why angelina is choosing to givish instead of get. >> thank you all for your service. >> angelina has made 70 bracelets going. the stretch run. hillary clinton, donald trump look to fire up their supporters with one week to go in the campaign. new breaking details are emerging about that bus collision in baltimore that killed six people. we will tell you more on what investigators are saying. plus metro riders may be spared service cuts and fare hikes if the transit agency can come up with new sources of
5:59 pm
campaign 2016 tops our news. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are now focused on issues they believe will galvanize their supporters to get to the polls. craig wyoming well is the a the white house with the latest developments. >> reporter: donald trump says getting rid of obamacare is his top priority. >> i will ask congress to convene a special session so we can repeal re recent hike on premium for people with insurance proves the president's plan doesn't work and mike pence says hillary clinton is the wrong person to try and fix the system. >> we can't trust hillary clinton with our healthcare any more than we can trust her with classified information. >> hillary clinton is dealing with the fallout from the fbi reopening its investigation into her handling of classified information on a private e-mail severe while she was secretary
6:00 pm
hide and that the fbi won't discover anything incriminating in the newly found cachet of e- mails. >> if they want to look at more e-mails, go ahead, look at them. >> reporter: alicia machado, a former miss universe who trump criticized for gaining weight introduced secretary clinton today. >> it was really painful me. he was cruel for years afterwards i was sick, fighting back eating disorders. >> reporter: it's part of what clinton's camp says is its final pitch to female voters ahead of the election. >> this evening the real clear politics average of state and national polls shows hillary clinton still ahead with -- still ahead by 2 points with donald trump gaining after friday's reports about new e-


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