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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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talking about his new residence. >> it was an honor to be with you. >> president elect donald trump and president obama set aside years of personal problems to discuss their hand over of power. >> we are now going to -- want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed the country succeeds. >> on capitol hill speaker ryan gave the new first family of the inaugural platform. the nation's top elected republicans have clashed in the past but today vowed to, ed -- to work together. >> we had a fantastic meeting about getting the work and going to work for the american people. >> on the tour of the capitol with senate leader mitch mcconnell the president elect answered questions from reporters for the first time out lining his top three priorities come january. >> restore immigration and the
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at jobs. big league jobs. >> reporter: tough to hear there but dupont said he's looking at immigration, healthcare and jobs as his priority. speaking of jobs, he will have a lot of them to fill in his administration starting with his chief of staff. tonight the speculation on who will fill that role centered on two men. if we learned anything from this campaign, it's that predicting how the now president elect is going to dangerous game. garrett haake, wusa 9. >> thank you. after his meetings on capitol hill president elect donald trump returned to new york city and reporters and photographers were not allowed on his private plane on the flight to or from washington. the move was a break from the protocol of letting a pool of reporters travel with the presidents and their president elects. trump's transition team has yet to discuss those arrangements. there's calls for more
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pennsylvania avenue this evening. this is after minor vandalism to the hotel last night and a spontaneous by local high school students who showed up there at midday. >> don't give up. don't hate people. >> we have to come together and, like, understand why it is this man was elected, the white supremes that put this man in office and allowed to vote for him. >> the students said they were from the georgetown day school where they say administrators ve classes without penalty. it's clear many people disapprove of our new president elect but they are not staying quiet but republican trump supporters on the other side are. nikki burdine has more. >> protest ers all over the country make their opinions known, they disapprove of our new president elect. not everyone is unhappy. the people who voted for donald trump are
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majority, quietly celebrating the new president. >> i feel like they judge you right away. i mean, i don't want to tell adults, people my age. >> olivia is not alone. many conservatives say they're a fraid to tell their coworkers, friends and family members who they voted for. >> you don't want to sabotage yourself or burn bridges. you never know how people are going to treat you or react or what assumptions they're going to make. >> nikki stone was a part of she listened during our interview today until she heard olivia. >> i can totally relate. yeah, i just want ed to come over and kind of tell her that she's not the only one. >> donald trump's comments have infuriated many minorities accusing him and his supporters of being racist. >> anyone who knows me knows my heart and then those who don't it's just you have to let it go. >> they assume that we don't think -- we don't see their point of view. i see it.
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that way and you shouldn't do -- you should do the same. >> it's unfair that a lot of america is afraid to admit that they voted for trump. they can express their opinions freely but if we do we are racist. >> although they don't stand behind everything our president-elect has said they stand behind him as our president and they hope everyone else will too. >> everyone deserves a little bit of grace. like this was a really tough election. >> of are not officially the silent majority because donald trump did not win the popular vote that's just what they are calling themselves. now i posted about this on facebook and twitter and i got dozens of comments from people who said they feel the exact same way but they still don't feel comfortable talking about it in public and especially not on camera. leslie. >> nikki, thank you . president-elect trump will give his first post election interview to cbs news and leslie
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family, tomorrow at trump tower. the interview will air on 60 minutes sunday at 7:00 right here on wusa 9. melania trump accompanied her husband to town today. she and first lady michelle obama had tea in the yellow oval room of the white house. a man who wanted to be president also visited the white house today. >> yeah, i wonder what that was like. ohio governor john kasich joined president obama as he saluted the nba champion el former republican presidential candidate had this to say about the protesters gathered outside the white house. >> we know there's a lot of people in this country that struggle. a lot of people in this country now who are hopeful that things will be fixed. while they won't be fixed over night but what we can all do as americans is join hands, join arms, say a few prayers for the success of the next president of the united states. >> kasich as you know had big differences with donald trump.
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at age 75 he is not ruling out a run for president in 2020. sanders said it would be an embarrassment -- or it was an embarrassment to the democratic party that millions of white working voters decided to back donald trump. he posted this tweet this afternoon, if donald trump takes people's anger and turns it against muslims, hispanics, african-americans and women we will be his worse nightmare. more than 100,000 people signed up for obama care health insurance pl t election day. that surpasses any day since open enrollment began november 1st according to a tweet from the obama administration. the administration notes they didn't start advertising obama care until november 9th because so much attention was focused on the election. president-elect trump has said he will repeal
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country are one of many marred by the vaned vandalism. it happened in richland as people were protesting donald trump's election. a record high today on wall street on the second day of the presidential election. the dow closed up 218 points but the nasdaq was down 42. some say the markets are concerned tha the president-elect's transition team launched a website and twitter account. has policies and information. the first tweet reads working together we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. new jersey governor chris christie is leading the team. >> to stay up to date on the
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president-elect trump download our free wusa 9. coming up, former congressman faces charges in connection with $40,000 in renovations that he made to his capitol hill residence. >> coming up next , the man accused of setting off bombs in new jersey and new york appears in court. >> colder and breezy too. nothing out of the ordinary . 46 downtown, 42 in bethesda. colder south and west. coming up we will
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a man accused of setting off bombs in new jersey and new york appeared before a manhattan judge on federal terrorism charges. admad khan rahami did not enter a plea. he previously pleaded not guilty in new jersey to charges related to a shoot out with police officers. nobody was hurt when a pipe bomb went the garden state. 30 people were injured when one of two pressure cooker bombs detonated in new york city. a man accused of ambushing two pennsylvania police officers was found dead in the home. they responded to a domestic violence call in the town of according to canonsburg. they believe he shot the officers before turning the gun on himself and a woman.
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police officers gathered today to remember one of their own killed in the line of duty. sergeant paul tesulo was a 19-year vet and could have retired next year. another officer was wounded in that same shooting. police returned fire an killed the shooter. former congressman aaron shock has been indicted on 24 counts of the misuse of government funds. he's accused of spending redecorate his office in the style of downtown abbey. that includes $5,000 for a chandelier and spent $30,000 on camera equipment. coming up the delegate to congress calls for a major change in the way the city measures snow. >> coming up a new wax figure of president elect donald trump begins to take shape. >> tonight at 11:00 we are going to venture into forbidden waters. the place filled with
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we are taking you around the
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right not my. dc's madame is not the only place prepping a donald trump wax figure. artist ins the united kingdom are moving forward to. they finished the raw wax head and now they are trying to perfect the president elect's hair. >> this is the wax that you're seeing. it's this color and it's just the base wax that we use to create the head and then it will be colored paints. >> i have to say that's good. >> it is. >> they want to have it done for the president elect's inall augustuation -- inauguration. the vatican just released in my eyes is your words. the book is a collection made when the pontiff was the archbishop of argentina from 1999 to 2013. prince harry made his first public appearance today since he
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bashing the way the media has treated his girlfriend. he visited the field of remembrance to honor those who lost their lives in the first gulf war. an accused -- an old bethlehem steel plant db -- an o they wouldn't move an inch. they cleared the green and moved on. >> they could care less about the people. sweden is dealing with the deepest november snow since records began in 1905 and it's causing a traffic jam in the city. most buses were canceled, planes were delayed, schools were closed. although the swedz are used to snow it tends to come later in the season and
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around here and it sends shivers. >> keep scrolling. >> from frur ri flurries to blizzards, knowing how much snow is going to fall is really a big deal around here. new at 6:00, meteorologist howard bernstein tells us about a new effort to make sure that every flake that falls is properly measured. >> it's a fine fall day here in the nation's capitol. in a few weeks we could be getting measurable snowfall. it's the measurement o >> currently the snowfall for dc is measured in virginia at reagan national airport. >> some argue they are taking readings at reagan national since the 1940s. why change now? >> we have more people in the district of columbia than wyoming and vermont. you tell them the neighboring state will tell them about their snowfall. >> the white house has a weather station and it couldn't
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take it over here when we are here? >> do you think it should be in dc. >> it makes sense. >> do you think that dc snow total should actually be taken inside the district or is reagan national okay? >> if it's different it should be here. >> another potential site, the dale carly reservoir. more representative of dc's actual snowfall. >> when by apply for this social security the reservoir total for s so somebody found out a long time ago where they should go. now we want to make sure that they have the right equipment, the retiring staff. probably won't cost us hardly anything if we change the station from out of state to the district of columbia. >> congresswoman norton asked the national weather service to start working with her office on relocation plans in the next 30
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out there, howard. >> i'm surprised nobody raised this issue before. >> we had the big blizzard in '03 and we had mark richards on. >> the numbers are different. >> it's different. we will compare storm from the national and district. it's only been at national since 1942. now look at dulles. now i highlighted two in 2016, 17.8 inches at national. that translated into 28.3 at dulles. even au recorded 23 inches at au. any place but national would be an improvement. back to 1922, not national 28 inches from the storm. 20 inches in 1989. it's only been since we've been
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-- it's skewed low. if you're applying for funds you should have a more representative measurement. the 3 degree guarantee. we went for 63 today. that seemed reasonable. we are 79 of the last 86. i'll let you know if we did all right tonight at 11:00 or if we have to write a check to autism speaks. winds are southwest at 8. so we are ahold of the cold tonight but clear. bus stop temperatures 38 to 53. a little breezy and chilly in the morning. milder tomorrow, a very nice veterans day. cold on saturday, milder for the game on sunday. much milder for the game on sunday. so day planner, 40s to start, clear skies. up to 59 by 11:00, up to 62 by 1:00. it will be breezy. northwest winds at 19, gust ing over 20. it's going to make it
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milder again on sunday, 64 for the game at fed-ex. monday has the super moon . might have some clouds around. maybe some rain on monday night. clears out on tuesday, high temperatures around 60. we don't see any arctic air for quite some time to come. there was a time that we were concerned about the vikings >> the redskins may not have a key player for sunday's game. maybe deshaun jackson.
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some bad news for the redskins, maybe not without the services of wide receiver deshaun jackson this weekend against the vikings. she's reportedly not going to play with a shoulder injury. here's the play that jackson against the bengals. the redskins will be cautious. they need all the help they can get facing a very good defense in minnesota, top 10 against the run and pass. how about former terp and dc native stefan digs returning home with the vikings. digs has been stellar in the nfl for the vikings. two touchdowns so far and 550 yards receiving for 5-3 minnesota. >> i've said it from the
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guys that i felt like, you know, we kind of hit it off when i first got here as far as chemistry. i think the last game he did a good job of finding the soft spots in the zone underneath and that's why we utilized him on the quick game stuff. >> do not miss game on on sunday morning at 1 1:30. what's up with john wall? two straight games, two straight ejections. being kicked out last night up 20 late. you can see wall wrestling smart to the ground and was tossed. wall likely faces another fine. just want to take a moment to apologize to my coaches, team move --
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go to social media and say you're sorry. >> the money doesn't seem to deter them in doing it. i suppose it's because they have so much of it and it doesn't matter. >> he already disrespected the game because he's been kicked out twice this season . >> back to back games. tomorrow's veteran's day is fantastic, 65. yes, it will be cold on saturday and dry for the terps game but dress for the 40s. it's going to be blustery. it's a 3 dulaney high school we bounce back into the 60s for the game at fed-ex. we may have some rain on monday night. >> you took the flake out so we are good.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the transition begins. >> we now are going to... want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with you, and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> pelley: the 44th president welcomes the 45th to his new office. the incoming first lady gets a tour of their new home. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> pelley: also tonight, protests against the election results. >> definitely enough to bring me to tears. >> pelley: great expectas.tion can the new president keep the


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