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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we begin with breaking news from the district. thousands of d.c. students are walking out of class in protest of the president ever election results. thank you for joining us at noon, i'm andrea roane. mikea turner is live at woodrow wilson high school in northwest d.c. with reaction from students as they head to trump hotel for their rally. >> reporter: hey.
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started spilling out of woodrow wilson high school and we saw kim here, she's a junior and walked out of class today to participate in the protest and tell us why are you patching today? >> -- participating today? >> trump really shouldn't be in office, he doesn't make any sense. he doesn't want to help anyone, he wants to help himself. >> reporter: tell us why people should hear your voices today. >> trump is [ bleep ] -- host not my president. -- he's not my president. >> reporter: let's use the signs. we can't t we are live. >> mr. trump, yeah, he's not fair at all. he doesn't care about women and he doesn't care about minorities. so i don't -- i'm going to go protest. >> reporter: thank you for speaking with us, again many of the students they're not the only one the school is not the only high school participating in d.c.. we're told several students from different schools across the district are now headed to metro center metro station and they're going to walk to the trump international hotel and they're going to protest there.
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most of them not even old enough to vote say that people should hear their voices because this is their future they're talking about here, dcps tells us they have advised students the safist place to protest today is inside of that building. any classes that student miss today is going to be an unexcused absence. this will be a peaceful protest they say. and many of them just want people to listen to what they have to say. for now we are li to you. >> thank you. and many of you sounded off on social media regarding the school walkouts, here's a few of them. charles says that is their future even they didn't vote. they're getting involved. isn't what we want them to do? shame on those for shaming them. bill says why are we allowing this, why, kids who can't even vote are protesting the outcome of the election? this is result of everyone getting a trophy. and joe porter said good for
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well, it's not too late to join in the conversation and let your voices be heard. just go to the wusa9 facebook page and tell us what you think. president-elect donald trump is meeting with vice president-elect mike pence at this hour to review names and hopes of announcing nominees for key cabinet posts in the coming weeks. mr. trump was criticized by democrats and republicans for choosing former news and movement leader steve bannon as counselor. craig boswell has more on some of the top contenders for other high-profile jobs. >> well, i don't know what's being done exactly. >> reporter: but alabama senator jeff sessions arrived at trump tower this morning where president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence are meeting later today to discuss cabinet positions. among the candidates being discussed for secretary of state, former new york city
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nations john bolton. former trump campaign finance chair was recommended as treasury secretary. flush guiliani is set to be the leading choice for america's top diplomat but has limited foreign policy experience. officials are also asking about having some of trump's family members get high level security clearance. his three adult children could have access to america's top secrets but also continue running trump's businesses, that could be a problem for trim who criticized hillary clinton's -- trump who criticized hillary clinton as play for bay during the campaign. >> the business would be very open and above boards or the walls between the two would be very high the president trump wants to keep face with the promises he made and all the criticism he leveled during the campaign. >> reporter: trump had just nine weeks to fill the positions before taking the
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cbs news, the white house. >> and the trump factor was a key topic in greece this morning when president obama and the greek prime minister held a joint press conference. he faces world leaders rattled by trump's election and asking if america will keep its commitment to defend europe. despite not knowing what president-elect trump will do in always, president obama said he will try to reassure longtime u.s. allies. montgomery ty resolution denouncing antiimmigration and hate crimes within the county. the move is in response to incidents targeting people of color. just last week school administrators at a middle school found drawings of swastikas in a boys' bathroom. another incident happened at an elementary school where someone wrote kill blacks on a bathroom wall. since election day, more than
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and that's according to a new study out from the southern poverty law center. however, the number of hate crimes across the country was up 7%. the fbi reported 154 incidents against muslims in 2014 compared to 257 in 2015. >> it's given a lot of license to people with similar anger. i don't think it's all white america. i mean, even all those who voted but those elements of our society are there. >> the fbi report also found that religious based hate crime are up by 23%. the second targeted religion was judaism. crimes against that community rose nearly 10%. police are investigating a homicide involving two men related to one another in northeast d.c.. the shooting happened on woodbridge street northeast between 24th and theyer
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neighbors about what happened. >> reporter: you wouldn't know it by looking at the home right now but last night this was a crime scene. police and ambulances were called here after account last night and -- 9:00 last night and neighbors can't believe what happened here. >> i just saw police and ambulance when i was riding through. >> reporter: lo says he was surprised to see police activity on the 2300 block of wood bridge street northeast last night. police say there was a domestic dispute in the home between two men. and one of the men wa kilted. -- killed. neighbors say a retired police officer leaves hire with he has -- lives here with his wife and son. they say the retired officer shot his son after his son threatened him. >> that's crazy like -- you know what's going on like what happened around here. >> a next door neighbor who didn't want to be on camera describes the family at the center of the incident as lovely. they say the husband and wife were quite social and would have barbecues for neighbors. another neighbor says their son used to play outside frequently when he was younger. but as he got older, he got
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and this case still under investigation. police trying to figure out exactly what happened here last night. in northeast, hilary lane, wusa9. >> that incident closed off woodbridge street for a few hours last night. it has since been reopened. d.c. councilmens will take a -- members will take a second and final vote on the death with dignity act today. the council already approved the legislation earlier this month in its first vote 11-2. the legislation determinally ill -- terminally ill adults the option to end their own lives with a doctor's prescription. the sun is shining now bull should i keep an umbrella handy? meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking what's next so what do you think howard? >> not for today. we are done with the rain for today. slim chance we'll see an afternoon shower tomorrow. and then things will change over toward weekend. lots going on this week. first things first there's a storm system that brought us the wet weather last night and earlier this morning.
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new england. behind it though the sun is building in. this is the visible satellite imagery and locally a few clouds still to the south and here and there but skies have become far sunnier. temperatures they're running in the 50s and low 60s. we've got 62 now in washington and rockville columbia and annapolis already at the 60- degree mark right now with 58 in centreville and leesburg is 61 and dumfries in the mid 50s and fairfax 56. so really nice now. we're going to see temperatures maybe a few degrees warmer low possibly mid 60s going now. but a gong as well with not too much -- good evening as well with not too much wind. westerly at 6 miles per hour at 6:00 a.m. i have a -- p.m. i have a seven day with a little bit of spring and fall and winter. you can always stay up on the weather. check out doppler and watch the newscasts on the wusa9 app. i hope it's on the smart phone already. if not it's a free download. coming up after the week we've had finally heartwarming story about a little boy and his new best friend.
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november is open acceptly awareness month and the -- epilepsy awareness month and the condition is more prevalent than most americans think. in fact one in 26 americans will develop nit their and medical director of the epilepsy center at inova hospital. let's talk about it. so talk to us about what is epilepsy and what causes it? >> oh thank you andrea. epilepsy is a chronic medical condition. character'sed by the brain throwing a recurrent seizures, seizures manifestation of
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around 65 million people suffer from -- with epilepsy in the world. and in the united states, around 3 million people are suffering with epilepsy. >> doctor i heard you say that one reason you got into field is because there were too many people overdiagnosed and underdiagnosed. is that still the case? can we better diagnose epilepsy now? >> there's -- awareness going on all over the place. but there are still a lot of work to do. in one -- 42% of the patients with seizures didn't go and see a neurologist. so that needs to be corrected here. and this is a -- this was not preventable. you need to understand and study this disease. and every year around 150,000 new patients will be adding to this population. epilepsy population. there's a lot of work to do. >> you get the right diagnosis.
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>> yeah. essentially there has been new drugs come up in the market. and last two, three years around six to eight drugs have come up. they have tweaked the pre- existing drug molecule into a better molecule which has a better efficacy and lesser side effects. so this is boon to the nautili diagnosed epilepsy -- newly diagnosed epilepsy parent. they live -- patient. they live a better quality of the life. most of the parents respond to th every three patients with epilepsy are not responding to the medication. so these drugs -- these patients need to be given advanced medical surgical treatment like epilepsy surgery. stimlators and response to neurostimulation which is called neuropace and also mri laser surgery. these are the newer options for the treatment. >> we're going to be talking about those new treatments in
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being here with us. it happened again. another uber drive they are our area has been driver in our area has been caught on camera rejecting a blind camera. the denying of the ride for kristin was simply because the driver didn't want to transfer her guide dog. andrea mccarren reported the similar story yesterday and she's here with another no barriers report exposing obstacles to people with disability. >> reporter: at the same time yesterday we were telling the you times in the last three weeks. well, hours after we shot our story, it happened again. listen carefully as kristin tries to explain to the driver that she's violating the americans with disabilityings act. that you -- disabilities act, that law was intended to prevent discrimination like this. >> i'm blind, she's a guide dog. >> the thing is i'm not using my car. >> that the doesn't matter. >> okay i'm going to call another -- uber for you. >> it doesn't matter, you can't
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>> no it's -- i'll submit a complaint and you'll lose your job. >> no, i don't. this is part-time job. i don't care if i do this. you can call another uber i'm going to cancel it. >> i'm just warning you -- i'm going to submit a complaint. >> you can do that. >> ma'am you can't just pull away. >> yes i can ma'am. >> no you can't. >> you can call another uber! this is a >> as for that second incident caught on camera, uber acknowledges the driver was breaking the law and company policy. but a spokeswoman told us the driver has been reinstated after a brief suspension. she was said to be apologetic and had no prior complaints, news there has been a sewage -- now there's been a huge outpouring of support for kristin among drivers. more on that today at 5:00. and tonight at 11:00 if you thought navigating traffic was
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consider what it's like in a wheelchair. our no barriers reports run all week long. >> there's a good story and the driver who apologized and was on brief suspension is she be sure to include the date and location and andrea will be sure to check it out and you can see more of her reports later today 5:00 and again tonight at 11:00. also happening today, dr. phil's interview with fox news anchor megyn kelly. it will air right here on wusa9 at 4:00 p.m. kelly discusses the time her tv show reported on a rape charge donald trump's ex-wife made against him during divorce
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charge but says trump was very angry. here's preview. >> so i had on the reporter, on my show, trump was not happy. with that interview. four days before the presidential debate. that is now become so well- known and well seen. he called me up and threatened me. >> kelly also opens up about sexual harassment allegations against her boss ceo roger ailes. in her new memoir interview and the "dr. phil" show every weekday on wusa9 at 4:00 p.m. well, after a dreary drizzly start. turning out to be a nice day. >> we expected it to pull away quickly and it's behaved nicely for us. >> very good. >> now a lousy day up in the northeast but it's beautiful around here, check out this michael & son weather camera the capitol dome andrea, we have generally clear skies now. it system gorgetous out there. with temperatures -- is
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above 60. be in the low and maybe even a new mid 60s this afternoon and plenty of sun and not too much wind. it's been a very mild month. a dry month for the most part. in fact the dry fall for more than five inches below average just september 1st. weather headlines, got a chance of rain tomorrow but it's a slim chance a stray thousand tomorrow afternoon. at worst the way it looks, back in the mid 60s on thursday and get ready for spring-like weather for friday and sad. temperature -- saturday. temperatures 70ish. we could even be in the lo in spots -- 70s in spots and then get ready because after saturday. in fact later saturday afternoon. strong cold front comes in, much colder by sunday and i think we'll get accumulating snows in the mountains and even get a few flurries around here as quickly as sunday after being 70 plus potentially friday and saturday. not bad at all right now. we've got low to mid-50s in the lower shenandoah valley shenandoah valley but near 60 for martinsburg and winchester, in 62 in town and same for baltimore and eastern shore and
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55 degrees. when you look nationally, you don't see any real cold. well that's going to change as we get into next week or two. there are signs that winter although it's taken its time will start invading the u.s. over the next couple of weeks, there goes the storm system from this morning, little year of high pressure in-between another front. that is the front with a little chance of the shower tomorrow. here we are into wednesday morning. sunny in the afternoon and notice just a stray shower or two with that little system. so slim chances there for anything. still coolish thursday morning. and then in the aften, looking good. we'll be back in the mid 60s on thursday. as i said, that spring-like weather friday and saturday. your three day forecast, well we've already got over 61 and maybe 63, 65 in that range. tonight we're in the mid 40s in town and some 30s in the suburbs. 63 tomorrow and slim chance of the thousand in the afternoon. -- shower in the afternoon. milder on thursday 65 and we'll take you to friday and saturday, warm days looking good for the game and then chilly sunday night you know
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we continue to follow breaking news from the district where students have walked out of classes and heading hotel in protest against the presidential elections, delia goncalves following the students to the rally, where are you delia and where are the students? >> reporter: andrea we just caught up with the students from wilson high school. they were the one who is coordinated this effort and more than half of the students i'm told from wilson are here. and wilson has a total body of 2,000 students. we're going to talk to emily. tell me about this movement. >> so i think everyone here is
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and you know, we're all superyoung and we want to find ways to get our voice out there. and the best way is all coming together, and showing donald trump that we're not going to respect the values that he has preached his whole candidacy. >> reporter: what about unifying the country? what do we do moving ford ward? i know can be fortoward -- forward? i know a lot of folks said we're young and we're not voting yet but our voices are what about talking to your fellow mill little januaries about unifying the -- millennials about unifying the country at this point? >> just take all of the frustration and sadness and anger and use it as a catalyst for change. so you know, i'm a senior a second semester. i will be already in college hopefully. >> reporter: ohm think thank you so much. i have to -- imlittle thank you so much. meet your -- imlittle thank you so much. that's the -- emily thank you so much. that's the very latest here from downtown.
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[ laughter ] >> nick: uh, like, really? >> chelsea: that's pretty good. >> esther: ooh, it sounds like you two have been having a great time. >> chelsea: well, we just pulled off a harrowing escape, actually. >> nick: yeah, as we were leaving the ranch, we saw a horde of photographers on the road across from the guard house. >> esther: oh, those vultures. >> chelsea: well, nick turned the headlights off and went to this back gate that led to a dirt road that only the local farmers know about. >> nick: we're just lucky it hasn't rained in awhile, otherwise we could have got stuck. but we made it to highway b, turned the lights on, and then cruised right past that esteemed grouping of members of the press. >> esther: [ chuckles ] well, i bet they just wanted to get a picture with this handsome little guy, right? oh, nick. what a miracle having your son with you again. >> nick: thanks. it really is. but right now we're here to


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