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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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it took seconds for a pile of date of birth to bury a construction worker in a trench. it took 5 hours to free him. he is in the hospital with serious injury, bus he's alive. wusa 9 was there as he was pulled out alive. during the rescue, crews gave him iv fluids, and they pumped in oxygen and arm air. he was conscious and alert is on for why the trench collapsed. the smoke from a food truck explosion near the gw campus could be seen for miles, and people shared photos and videos all day, and that sent three people to the hospital, and as john henry tells us, the fire appears accidental, but the cause is not clear. >> i saw it in the street, but i didn't see it go. >> reporter: confusion near the
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large crowd helplessly watched a plume of smoke billow over the g.w. campus. >> i heard sirens everywhere. >> reporter: the source of the fire? the falafel food truck. >> i went close to it to see what happened, and i heard the explosion. >> reporter: the video here shows the explosion. you can see the man walking near the side of the fire doubles in size. he tried to get to the workers inside. >> i wanted to see if someone was inside. >> reporter: luckily emergency crews quickly arrived on scene, and they got three of the truck's employees to the hospital. the cause of the fire is unknown. the ems cannot say if a propane tank or a generator is to blame because the damage is so severe. >> it's rare you will hear
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maryland food truck association is curious if they obeyed all rules and regulations. >> did they follow health inspections and fire safety rules and get fire checked? >> reporter: right now they are just thankful the food didn't spread to any other trucks or businesses. -- the fire didn't spread to any other trucks or businesses. >> reporter: we just called the number listed for the food truck company, and someone picked up, said they were in the hospital, and they ended the conversation. three people went to the hospital, and one at last check is in critical condition. that's the latest from george washington university. john henry, wusa 9. we are also following a breaking news situation from middleton in frederick county. a woman has been attacked by a bear. emergency vehicles are at the scene right now in frederick county, and we understand the
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meredith hospital in haggerstown for treatment of puncture wounds. no word what happened or what happened to the bear. we will share the latest information as it comes into the news room. the charles county health department says someone at laplatta high school has been diagnosed with tuberculosis. they are working to determine who should be tested for it b. the school sent a letter home to all details. now according to the cdc, t.b. gets into the air when someone with the disease coughs, spits, sneezes, spits or sings. people with t.b. disease are most lickly to spread it to people they spend time with every day like family members or close friends. it's not spread through clothes or sharing a drink or food or shaking hands or using the
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surfaces. one teenager is recovering and another facing criminal charges after a fight broke out during what was supposed to be a peaceful student protest against president-elect donald trump. it happened this morning as hundreds of high school students marched in rockville. words were exchanged between a handful of demonstrators and a student from richard montgomery high who wore a make america great again cap. several students kicked and punched the student wein >> all four of them jumped on top of him, and that's when i ran over to try to stand over him. >> the injured teenager was taken to the hospital, and the other juveniles are facing charges of second-degree assault. over the last few hours, an interesting revolving door of guests have tom through trump tower. there was rudy giuliani as well
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jets' owner and the campaign manager kellyanne conway saying he spent time reviewing his supreme court nominee. >> it's one of the most important issues. >> the vice president-elect mike pence spoke to business leaders about mr. trump's economic plans, and then the pences had lunch with the bidens at the vice president worth it. >> that was the message from hillary clinton, making her first public remarks since losing the election. garrett haake was there live, and he has more. >> reporter: adam, clinton has been working on and off with the children's defense fund for 45 years, basically her entire political career, making tonight's speech a fitting bookend on the career that may
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tuesday's surprising loss. [ cheers ] the crowd was so much smaller than she is used to by now, but the applause and cheer were no less welcomed. taking the stage for the first time since losing to donald trump, hillary clinton admitted to what everyone could see on her face. this was hard. >> i will admit coming here tonight was not the easiest thing for me. there's been a few times this last week when do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> reporter: but clinton said the cause of the evening, saluting children who have beaten life's toughest odds kept making the long-schedule engagement worthwhile. she quoted martin luther king. >> the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends
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long. believe me, i know, but i also know that it does bend. >> reporter: clinton's speech focused on the than animated her campaign, helping children and families achieve their best lives, and that cause she says doesn't just end with a red electoral map or broken heart. >> i know many of you are deeply disappointed about the results of the election. i am, too. more than i can ever express, but as i said last week, our person or even one election. it was about the country we love and about building an america that is hopeful, inclusive, and big hearted. >> reporter: clinton concluded her speech with that message that we started with, urging supporters and anyone else who may be watching to keep fighting for america and keep fighting for our raw values,
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america great. reporting live, garrett haake, wusa 9. >> it looks like we will be seeing less of hillary clinton, but senator bernie sanders continuing to excite voters. >> he spoke to a packed out at george washington university tonight. he took wees from e.j. dion, and spoke about president- elect donald trump. >> people were saying he would be the champion of the american working class. that's what he said. well, mr. trump, we have a list of everything that you said. and we are going to hold you accountable. >> sanders says the list includes investing $1 trillion into america's infrastructure and preserving social security.
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and we thought there was more history than we have had so far. >> one weekend when hillary clinton failed to become the country's first female president, there's another glass ceiling on the verge of breaking, one in the museum world. >> ellison barber is live to tell us more. >> reporter: that's right, guys, it's certainly a step in the right direction. there's a ton of legislation that cong but today the commission told congress after 18 months of research, they believe there needs to be a museum of american women's history and it should be part of the smithsonian institution. >> it's dedicated to the history of women, and that would be great for our country. >> it would be interesting, but should we separate that from america? >> would it be powerful to see my story as an american woman? probably, but do i necessarily
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>> reporter: regardless they may see one by 2026. with exhibits like this -- >> the will and testament, give and grant. -- >> reporter: or something close to it. >> this is freedom at my desk. >> reporter: this virtual reality lets you step inside the display you can see at the american women's historical museum. carolyn maloney has pushed for it our nation's women, and it's important it will speak to the world about our value of women. >> reporter: she found a partner in marcia blackburn, and 2 years ago, congress created the american museum of women's history congressional commission. >> museums don't get built overnight. >> reporter: jane abraham is the chair. >> there's a lot of good materials and exhibits in the existing museums, but it's just
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rich history and rich stories that women have and all the contributions we have made to america. >> reporter: once it is built, the government would pay for day-to-day upkeep just like the other smithsonian museums. >> we were asked to study the issues and make a recommendation. we did that. now congress has to do it because there's many pieces of this that will require legislation. >> reporter: from the capitol, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. we will talk about wakeup weat nice. chilly early on. upper 30s and upper 40s. patchy fog, and it should not be a problem. by 9:00, we are upper 40s to mid-50s, and by noon, we are mild. sunshine, 56, and 60. another nice day. we will come back, d anwe will talk about how quickly we are going to go from short sleeves to winter coats. >> they were all broken up over there, and the sidewalk sloped so much, that's why i take the
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work for granted, and maybe we hardly even think about it heading down the road, but so many need help, and that's where you come in. >> and a local police force had a bit of a challenge today. see what these guys had to do to get the escapees under control. it's a terrifying thing to
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all right, so an update on the bear attack we told you about in middletown, maryland, in frederick county. the victim is a 63-year-old woman. she's in surgery right no we can tell you fortunately her injuries are not considered life threatening. right now the maryland natural resource police say they are watching over a 50-pound bear cub up in the tree. they believe the mother is nearby and she likely was the bear that attacked the woman. the students and faculty at the university of maryland computer lab have developed an interactive tool that is helping to make the dc streets
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to take a virtual walk around the sidewalks from anywhere around the world. >> reporter: project sidewalk is like waves or a navigatal system for people with disabilities. it's a crowd sourced view of trouble conditions including trouble spots like broken pavement or blocked sidewalks, and if you have access to the computer, you can help people with mobility issues. >> life with a disability can be challenging. it can be can also be successful. >> reporter: the devastating car crash that changed rick eldridge's life forever. >> my life still has value. the tiles are broken up, and it's sloped up so much, that's why i take the emergency lane. >> reporter: mobility means freedom and independence. >> i love your pumpkin bread. i have to get that.
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he knows. >> the pumpkin spice muffin, al month crescent. >> reporter: but the unknown path may convince them to stay inside. >> we p want to -- we want to be like real time traffic. >> reporter: this was the tool created inside the university of maryland computer lab. there's a solution to the access issues. log on are virtually dropped into a dc neighborhood like this one, and your mission is to label any obstacles for wheelchair users like this bus stop that has no sidewalk in front of it. the ultimate goal is to help people with mobility issues get from point a. to point b., and
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reality. >> maybe if people knew they were out there, they would want to assist in some way. there we go. you're good. thank you for your health. >> reporter: project sidewalk is starting in dc, and it hopes to expand to cities across the country, and ultimately the plan is to allow someone with a mobility issue to log in, input their type of disability, and then be able to learn which route offers the most accessible path. andrea mckaren, wusa 9. label the virtual landscape, there's a link to get you started on our wusa 9 news app. some prince william county police officers had a bit of an unusual challenge today. >> they had to round up escaped emus, and mola lenghi tells us how it went down. >> reporter: it's not your
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police officers found themselves on this week. these pictures were taken during the escape, and police are trained for nearly every type of an encounter, but emus? >> do you need another unit to assist? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: we need backup here. headed west? >> we are. >> coming up to them. >> thank you. >> reporter: and once the police instincts kicked in, the officers were able to corner the birds had clean records. >> i'm not sure how to find out where it belongs. >> we are working on that right now. >> reporter: it turns out they didn't get too far from the farm. they got a police escort home, and hey were let off with a warning. for wusa 9, mola lenghi. >> they threw them in the back of the squad car? >> i don't know. >> i love how they are like, we are out of here! >> they were unarmed. >> yeah, i like that.
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>> we are here all week! >> better than we did yesterday, i will tell you that. we were hoping for a bull's- eye, but not quite. the high today we went for was 65. seemed reasonable, but we were okay. 67. still within 2. we will go 64 tomorrow, just a little bit cooler tomorrow, but still above average, and average high is down to 58. anything in the 60s here on out, that's a good thing. still 50 now, and that's a good thing, to point will not fall much below 46 downtown. i lowered the temperatures for the suburbs, and the bus stop temperatures, 38 to 53. and also added a little patchy fog in the morning, and it should not be a commuting problem at all. a terrific thursday with no sunshine or stray showers. friday, best in show. temperatures in the 70s or higher, and then the temperatures drop on saturday
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the house in the morning and not coming back until the evening, dress for two seasons. you will thank me. tomorrow morning, 40 in manassas. 39 in culpepper, and maybe 39 also in damascus. clear skies, and then mid- morning, already 52 downtown, and low 40s in the far north western suburbs, and already we are looking at 49 in sterling, and 50 in bowie, and lunchtime, we are around 60, everywhere with sunshine, it's nice when it can be mild without the strong wind. it will feel comfortable. 60 by 1:00. and 59 in laplatta. we are still in the mid-50s, and maybe low 50s for gaithersburg. tomorrow, only the low to mid- 40s by 9:00 or 10:00 on thursday night. that's not bad. 40s to start on the day planner
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and look at this. 60, mostly sunny skies by 1:00, and now, friday, warmer, greatest day of the week. 70, and then falling temperatures. 65. don't focus on that. we have the 60s by dinner time. upper 40s on sunday for the game, and that means in the 30s at night, which means with the wind, it will feel like the 20s, and it's going to feel more like green bay, and packers, and i'm not happy about that. >> you know who it is not going to favor? [ laughter ] >> he will be there! all bundled up! >> we will bring all the stars and everything. >> thank you, thank you. i don't have that stuff out yet. a big day for the nats in baseball. matt scherzer does it get with an awesome celebration for his
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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it's great to be matt scherzer right now. the $210 million man is enjoying life, fishing in the virgin islands, and he's now a cy young award winner. he's the sixth it in both leagues since he did it previously on detroit. check out the champagne shower on the boat. it there waiting for him. he was there waiting for it. >> it's great. to have this right now, aboard, and watching me, i believe we have it coming back and know what we will be able to do, and
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the capitals hosting the penguins. quite the night against the their nemesis. they scored a touchdown and an extra point on the ice. 7 goals in total. nicklas backstrom had two. williams and ovechkin rounding out the night. that was a 7-1 win. john wall and the wizards in philly. if you were busy watching the caps' game, you county miss much. 8 of 19 scored from shooting from the field he wizards lose to the sixers 109- 102. and sunday night's game with the packers and the skins could have playoff implications. green bay is chasing washington for the second wild card spot, and diane roberts with more on that from redskins park. >> reporter: if the season was to end today, the packers would not be in the playoffs thatry a game and a half behind the burgundy and gold for the second spot. washington knows sunday night's game is of the utmost importance.
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we know it's going to be tough, but as long as we go out there and practice, practicing good this week and execute, we have a at winning. >> as long as you're winning -- >> i don't care about the playoffs right now. they are next week. we just have to go out there and execute, and we have to be fundamentally sound against the team. >> i know they will be hungry and get a try to stop that as much as possible. >> history is on the burgundy and gold's side. they have won 5 of the last 6 games against the packers, and they would like to make it 6 of 7 monday night. in ashburn, diane roberts, wusa 9 sports. redskins' fans we want to see you in your burgundy and
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all right, we have been talking about this all night. it has been shared by a family in miami. >> funniest home videos it is not. a mom places her baby on the changing table, and she turns to speak to another child, and the brother starts to roll off, and his older brother, 9 years he catches his brother. the family is sharing the video
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