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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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trade. it was a wonderful conversation. >> publicishedish -- published reports say that mr. trump's son-in-law is being considered for a top role. >> he's a bring lliant young -- brilliant young man who donald trump trusts. >> appointments will be amown announced before or after thanksgiving that falls in line. >> vice president elect mike today and took a seelfi with republicans. >> i'm happy to be back among my colleagues. >> he assured the lawmakers that the transition is going smoothly. >> he encouraged anyone interested in serving to submit their names. >> democrats searching for their own way to work with the president elect. >> infrastructure, innovation and inclusion, all three of
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though to bring people together. >> president-elect trump is now planning a thank you tour of the states that he won on election day. that would come we are told after the thanksgiving holiday. nancy pelosi all by flamed james comey for hillary clinton's loss. tonight pelosi has a fight of her own to remain the democratic leader in the house. ohio senator tim ryan said he will for house minority leader. some threaten to move in a different direction after hillary clinton was upset by trump. he served as a top intelligence official during three administrations and today the director of national intelligence, james topper resigned. the 75-year-old's a announcements is not a surprise.
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donald trump is inaugurated. president obama stressed solidarity at a press conference over seas. mr. obama and german chancellor merkel hope to extend sanctions on russia for the military intervention in ukraine which expire around the same time that president elect trump takes the office. >> my hope is that the president elect coming a similarly constructive approach, finding areas where we can cooperate with russia, where our values and interests align. >> he will also make the case that trade ties should be strengthened despite the president-elect's plan to rewrite or cancel several free trade agreements students rallied at two colleges today.
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college in takoma park crying not my president. at maryland the students said it wasn't an anti-trump rally, they wanted to stand up for people. >> it's not about the president. he's criticized races and genders from this country. >> i feel like we can really make a difference. we can change university policies and make university of maryland a sanctuary across the country. >> several of the groups say they plan to release a list of demands to the u maryland protecting all people on the college park campus. the son of a congressman is missing. he's 21-year-old carl conyers. he was the son of michigan democrat john conyers who is the longest serving member of congress. carl conyers was last seen tuesday by a roommate at the university of houston. his friends and family said it's not like him to disappear. the fbi and secret service are working to find him. christopher berry, the son
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of an accidental drug overdose according to the dc medical examiner's office. an autopsy revealed that berry died of a synthetic drug known on the streets as pcp. he struggled with drug abuse. berry ran for his late-father's seat on the dc council in 2015. christopher berry was 36 at the time of his death. uber and lyft riders take note. the ube is threatening to pull out of maryland if they require a fbi background check. stephanie ramirez is on the story now. >> reporter: as we may not know the answer until early next week arguments began today before the maryland public service commission which was a big surprise to just about every driver and rider that i spoke to in our dmv area. we are talking about 30,000 drivers maybe
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going on. >> an uber driver said now that he knows -- >> i have to find something else to do. >> this woman is also a driver. >> i think it would prolong the process of driving for uber. for me it was maybe a couple of days and you could start working. >> this was one of the reasons that uber to does not want the change as the state continues to hear arguments on senate bill 868. the new law pas year ago requires drivers of companies like uber and lyft to use fbi fingerprint background checks unless the state grants them a waiver. if the state doesn't the uber general manager has threatened to pull out the maryland drivers from baltimore to prince george's county. >> i think that it's going to be rough. >> i want more safety for women that take these ubers. i feel like a lot of my friends that are women are always afraid. >> the fingerprinting weeds out incidents like this may arrest
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this man reportedly pointed a handmade gun at place in gaithersburg and appear to have a significant criminal history. >> uber argues their system is stronger and that the federal background check system isn't always up to date or accurate. >> it's a little extreme. >> the only thing i'm doing right now is this. >> reporter: we know a lot of customers could be impacted, especially the maryland riders because program. they do not operate in any market that requiring finger pridgeting. -- fingerprinting on >> arguments for and against will go until tuesday. reports say taxi drivers and other drivers licensed by the state are required to be fingerprinted. tracking metro now and there's now safety fear that is have the agency pulling some
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now. . they are removing the 4,000 series cars. they said it's not safe. they said the trains were at risk of crashing each other. they were being phased out and make up 7 % of the fleet. metro said there will be fewer 8 car trains over the next few days. the domestic assault against heisman quarterback winning johnnie manziel could be dismissed. he was accused of hitting and threatening a former girlfriend during a night out in january. word is a deal has been reached between all parties and could be presented to a judge during a hearing in december. an arizona police officer is on leave tonight after video surfaced on facebook that appears to show him striking a woman in the face during an arrest. the officer claims the woman kicked him in the groin
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the woman's boyfriend said they were serving an eviction notice when they tried to arrest her on other charges. she was charged with assaulting an officer. a holocaust museum honors a woman. >> a disturbing discovery inside a northern virginia home. >> topper. >> 37 in gaithersburg, maybe 32, 33 in manassas and 33 in fairfax tonight. we will come back
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victims have not been officially identified but according to neighbors and property records the man who lives in the house is the very same man who disappeared from howard university last year and later discovered.
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shirley gibson goes shopping for groceries so it's a sign of the holidays. >> she hit the isles at the costco in northeast dc. she organizes holiday meals to feed hundreds of police officers. she does it many memory of her son, dc police officer brian gibson, shot and killed back in the line of duty in 1997. he was just 27 but already was decorated as master patrol officer. here's a you. fannie eisenblow ingberg employeeing out the candles on her cake. she's a holocaust sur vooifrs. she have hid refugees
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concentration camp. she volunteers at the holocaust museum because she feels she has an important story to share. we could not agree more. >> what a story. coming up e hear , hear the 911 call by a maryland woman attacked by a bear. >> people love going to the movies including people who are hard of hearing or deaf depend on these captioning devices required by law. sometimes they don't work. tonight at 11:00 our team
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it's a birthday present their parents will likely never forget. surgeons successfully separated two twin girls days before their birthday. miracle and testimony were joined at the lower half of the body. doctors say that particular type of conjoining occurring in 1 in every 5 million births. it took 18 hours for surgeons to
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phone last night while a 63-year-old woman was being repeatedly mauled by a pretty upset mother bear in rural maryland. >> yeah, brace yourself for this one. it's the first bear attack in modern maryland history. it's clear the victim thought she was goingo t die. the report from frederick county by scott broom. >> you can hear the victim, karen osborne, trying to keep her voice calm to avoid engaging i'm being attacked by this bear. he's coming back. >> the female bear attacked osborne about 930 as she walked down this driveway to see why her dog was barking. her dog chased this bear up the tree and the mother bear targeted osborne. >> hurry. he's broken my arms and my legs. i can't move and
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as possible. >> oh, my god. here her comes. oh, no. please dear god, no. please dear god new york , no. >> biologists killed the bear thursday morning. the bear and her three cub were well known in this community for tipping over trash cans and raiding bird feeders. such a nuisance that wildlife captured the mother bear this summer and radio tracking collar but never expected this on iron gate plane in maryland. scott broom wusa 9. >> she's still hospitalized and expected to recover. she did nothing intentional to provoke the attack. remember these pictures from last may? a 3-year-old slips into the gorilla exhibit at the
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but support the decision to kill the gorilla. the boy was rescued and the zoo has installed new safety barriers. a charging deer knocked a cross county runner off his feet during a race. one of the runners yelled watch out for the deer but runner justin delusia did not see this one coming he was left with a nasty bruce. he was helped up and able to finish that race >> yikes. a veteran american as tronaut is on her way to the international space station. peggy with her french counter parts playoffsesed off from kazakhstan this afternoon. she celebrating her 57th birth day in february. as commander of the international space station that makes her the oldest woman every in space. the national parks service
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garth brooks around trisha yearwood have been added to the lightning of the national monument christmas tree. they will join kelly clark son and chance the rapper for the december 1st festivities. looking for snow? here it is. snow has been falling big time around denver, colorado. foresters say the higher elevations will get at least 8 es scarce. >> it was scarce last winter too. they know how to handle it. they expect it. >> for now we can . >> is it like a below average snow season? >> i think the odds are with you young lady. the odds are with you. the odds with you. that's all i'm say ing ing. the odds are with you. our 3 degree guarantee today, we are in pretty good shape. i went for 64. we are looking to get warmer air tomorrow. we are going to go 70 tomorrow. how did we do? we'll let you know tonight at 11:00.
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live michael and son weather cam. it is 59 right now. so still pretty mild. clear skies. winds light were r west west, northwest at 7. clear and colder tonight. some areas will flirt with the freezing mark. the bus stop temperatures 34 to 54. at 8:00 or 9:00 temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. friday best in show, no doubt about it. temperatures around 70. colder saturday evening and saturday afternoon with falling temperatures. maybe a shower or two evening. right now not worthy of a yellow weather alert. but a 25 degree drop in temperatures headed our way over the weekend. 70 tomorrow, 65 on saturday. only 47 on sunday. we factor in the winds and it will be in the 20s by sunday night. so that's quiet the drop. only 45 on monday. only 52 on tuesday. so tonight at 10:00 it's getting chilly. upper 30s to low 40s in the suburbs but upper 40s
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33 manassas, 38 in leesburg and 36 in frederick. then by 9:00, boom, we are back to the upper 40s and low 50s. so on the day planner, by 11:00 we are back up to 60 and then we are at 65 by 1:00. that's pretty nice. saturday falling temperatures, 67 and then they crash. 47, windy and cold on sunday. if you're going to the game at fed-ex, dress for the 20s. temperatures will be in the 30s. wind chills in the 20s. only the mid 40s on monday but not as windy. the low 50s on tuesday. right now dry and seasonable for turkey day. >> about time for one of these prime time evening games. mason is watching. >> it's been a long time. >> put on a show. >> i'm not sure the last time they won under the lights, the redskins. that's where they are on sunday night as they get ready for their next opponent,
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be sweet in sports and that's what the redskins are looking to do sunday night against the green bay packers who beat the skins in playoffs. this the packers have lost three straight. the redskins say they just want the w. what about
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repeat the same thing against the minnesota vikings. hopefully a nail biting game but it might be one and might not. i just know when you got aaron rogers coming in your building get ready to play a four quarter ball game. >> watch the game sunday night at fed-ex, maybe at home, a bar. send your photos using the hashtag #skinson9. rivalry with penguins is amp uping up upthe cal for the cap -- up for the capitals. all seven goals by the capitals. it was the largest victory by the caps against them. they looked like a well oiled machine in the victory.
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mvp and daniel murphy is a contender for the award. he's looking to join teammate max shurser. maybe two nights of good news for the nationals. i don't think he will win but you never know. how are you wizard? >> my wizards? those are your wizards. >> he's a fair weather fan. when they are win ing ning he's like the wizards are great. >> john wall is street. -- is great. >> he's well paid when he plays he's good. >> guest appearances are expensive. >> guest appearances. cold on sunday. >> sums it up basically. see you tonight at 6:00. cbs the is next.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: a warning from the surgeon general. substance abuse will strike one in seven americans. he wants a revolution in how we treat it. also tonight, the trump transition. big names floated for big jobs, but is there his son-in-law? >> jared is a very successful real estate person, but i acally think he likes politics more than he likes real estate. >> dickerson: and tales of two species. climate change could wipe out africa's "gorillas in the mists." >> they're no in control of events, but they're the potential victims of them. >> dickerson: while america's buffalo make a tremendous comeback. >> it's an adrenaline-kicking


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