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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the baby. >> relatives at the home today did not want to talk to reporters but community members did. >> she loved those babies. >> the local immediate -- the local pediatric office would see 5-year-old claire and 18-month-old abigail often. >> she was strengthed friendly -- she was friendly but never smiled. i've been there a year and seen them eight or nose or could -- or could -- or cough. she was very productive. >> now many are wondering what went wrong. >> you're the love of my life. >> reporter: we can tell you 5-year-old claire was a student at rockville elementary school. grief counselors will help staff
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sudden loss. we are live in stafford county, delia gonclaves, wusa 9. >> unthinkable here. police have not release ed d the exact cause of death or if a weapon was found inside of that home. we are learning more about the 63-year-old grandmother mauled by a bear in frederick this week. it is the first bear attack in modern maryland history. karen osborne's family said she is, well, much worse off than they first thought. scott broom is in frede tonight after talking to some family members who credit osborne with keeping her cool to stay alive and we heard it on that 911 call. >> reporter: yeah, i'm going to renew some of that and let you hear some of it again. first the updated condition. she's so badly injured now she's still barely able to move or talk according to family members but you can hear her struggling to stay calm on that 911 call as
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>> please help me. please help. send someone now. i'm being attacked by this bear and he's coming back. >> she kept it together. i don't think that we would be this lucky. >> karen osborne's son-in-law, mark, said his mother-in-law is tough and courageous. she thought this was her last call. >> hurry. i'm bleeding and i'm bleeding and i'm going to die. >> karen osborne's injurie a son-in-law said today. >> her face is hurt pretty bad. the become of his head back of her head, her back. lots of lacerations. that was kind of alarming. has an issue with her hip, it's cracked or broken. >> she remains hospitalized. she's a groond mother of -- grandmother of four and a animal lover. she was attacked wednesday night on this frederick subdivision when she
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her dog chased a bear cub up a tree and the mother bear was enraged. >> please tell me. >> it can happen . it happened in her driveway. that's pretty scary. >> reporter: you heard mark talk about his mother-in-law's hip injury, perhaps a cracked pelvis. he said think that may have happened while this mother bear literally stood on top of struggling to get away. we reported yesterday this bear was well known in the neighborhood and to wild fire officials as a nuisance bear. it was trapped with and put a radio collar on it. they had no indication of any kind that this bear would turn aggressive towards people. osborne's family said they're not second guessing how wildlife officials in maryland handled this whole situation. reporting live, scott broom, wusa 9.
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details. scott, thank you. officials did shot and kill shoot and kill that bear on wednesday. three cubs are expected to survive on their own. we are tracking the coldest air of the season on the way for in weekend. topper is out on the weather terrace where it's warm for now. the redskins game on sunday night, going to be pretty chilly topper. >> reporter: it's going to be cold. green bay is bringing the weather here. it could effect the game. we have winds and we have temperatures 38 to 34. i wouldn't pay too much attention to that. wind chills in the 20s. winds northwest at 15 to 25 and gusty. in addition to being cold the winds could effect a last second or last minute field goal. a different story for high school playoffs tonight. the 60s to 50s through the 7:00 and 9:00 hour with clear skies. we will come back and talk about just how strong
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the weekend. president elect donald trump's inner circle is taking shape. the soon to be commander in chief choose alabama senator jeff sessions to be the next attorney general. congressman and tea party member mike poppeo to be the director of the cia and michael flynn will be trump's national security adviser. vice president elect mike pence continues to head the transition team. >> we have got a great number qualifications come forward to serve this new administration. >> now, the president-elect's first choice is not without controversy. general flynn once referred to islam as a cancer and the senate at one time had blocked sessions from becoming a federal judge after he allegedly made a racist remark. the president elect will spend the
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where he's scheduled to meet with mitt romney on saturday. we just learned that donald trump agreed to pay $25 million to settle lawsuits relating to his trump university real estate seminars. students filed suit saying they were misrepresented on what they were taught and falsely claims they were instructed by trump. an interfaith service shoulder said it's standing with muslims. we are just back. bruce leshan has more. >> reporter: the faith leaders are alarmed about a couple of things. one the fbi's announcement today of a startling rise in hate crimes, especially against muslims. two, a suggestion by the
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that the new administration could have a registry of immigrants from countries where terrorist groups are active. >> friday prayers at the mosques on 4th street northwest. the chap now carry an echo of fear. >> sulton mohammad is chief of security here. the army sergeant major just retired after 32 years and four deployments. >> i'm not asking for the right to stay here. i earned a right to stay here. iai right here from we are standing in front of mohammad. >> [applause] >> dozens of faith leaders stood shoulder to shoulder to call for religious freedom that america's founders held so dear. >> if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. >> the fbi just reported a shocking 67% rise in hate crimes against muslims in the last
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condemns. >> i'll say it right to the cameras, stop it. >> the religious leaders are furious that chris covac, a member of the trump transition said the new administration is considering a muslim registry. >> i will be the first in line to say i am a refugee and i am a muslim. >> another prominent trump security decision upholding japanese americans in world war ii as a illegal precedent. >> that does not make it right or moral. >> reporter: now, the faith leaders have drafted a letter urging the president-elect to reaffirm his election night promise to be president for all americans. leslie. >> bruce, we'll have a copy of that letter in the app and on
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the european leg of his final trip abroad. america's top european allies asked the president who to expect from donald trump. they worry he will do little to stop the violence in syria. the syria president called trump an ally. president obama said he told the president-elect the tactics he used to get elected may not work when he tried to unify the country. security is being beefed up manhattan. secret service agents are now posted around the entire skyscraper until law enforcement can come up with a long term plan. security is expected to focus around trump's 26th floor office and the penthouse that he lives in with his family. they will have increased pressure during the holidays. may people may have been exposed to a person with tuberculosis in charles county than originally thought.
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diagnosed with tuberculosis visited the robert educational center. a small group there has been identified for screenings. if parents or staff don't receive an exposure later they don't need to be screened. a special delivery for two maryland state troopers. >> a man came up to them and said his wife was having a baby. edward lures positioned himself to assist the baby and was of zachary mills. the ems took over after that. lures said he had some basic training but you're never prepared for something like that. >> i'll say. we are just grt getting started here on wusa 9 news at 5:00, chaos in the cafeteria. look at this video here showing social media -- posted on social media showing some unrest in a prince george's county high school after officials shut down a
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>> topper has the details on this weekend's chilly forecast. >> plus, if you're taking metro to fed-ex field this weekend you better plan on leaving early or paying for an uber home. what you need to know about the
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crews said there were multiple explosions inside a compound that caught on fire. nobody was hurt. now the search is onto figure out what caused all of that. the united nations health agency is lifting a 9-month-old emergency declaration against
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approach to the virus. it's spread across latin america, the caribbean and beyond. the head of the emergency economy on zika said it's a significant threat. nearly 30 countries have reported birth defects linked to the virus. we are tracking metro. the agency is kind of fumbling a ride home for redskins fans. >> the game could go late but o late. we've heard this morning. pete monteen has what you need to know. >> reporter: that's right. the major safety make over now trying to stop at midnight, no special late closings. first it was the nets playoff game and now it's the skins game. >> trains from morgan boulevard take thousands home from fed-ex field. metro not staying open late on sunday is not popular. about as much as a cowboys fan. >> it's ridiculous. i think it's -- it makes me mad and i
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>> theresa black lives near by. they stop at midnight system wide and that means the last train leaves at 11:27. >> you pay all that money to see the game and miss the best part of it. >> people are trying to get home so they should reconsider it. >> they will not consider special exceptions. normally the redskins pay the metro to stay hope open lat will be a hard rule for a while. >> it's the prioritizing, safety and relight over service. we have done it thus far and i support the general manager on that. >> i love football so i think i would pay the money but it's a bad deal for fans. >> reporter: and the redskins just put out an alert to fans. it's expecting a flood of fans
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the prince george's county sports and learning complex. pete monteen, wusa 9. >> thank you. you want to take extra time to take metro there's a difference for the riders going east, the last train to lar go leaves at 12:30. parts of colorado are cleaning up after the first snow flakes of the season. the flakes started to fly yesterday in denver a degree highs. one day flip-flops the next day heavy coats. snow left streets wet and slick. the denver airport got less than an inch of snow. other parts of the state got a lot more. confer, that's 30 miles southwest of denver they got 7 inches of snow. >> nice. nice. >> that is just punishing. >> well, chicago the same thing. >> 80 degrees one day and snow the next. >> but chicago was in the 70s to almost 80 yesterday and they'll have snow showers
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and that cold. >> may i just point this out? >> what's that? >> 166 miles from here there's a winter weather advisory tomorrow after 4:00 p.m. you don't want to go after savage mountain tomorrow after 3:00 p.m.. >> savage? >> it's called that for a reason. let's talk about the 3 degree guarantee. i'm feeling pretty good. we knew it was going to be warm today. >> could you give us some more on sunday? >> i can't do that. we are going to chop this in half a high of 70 today. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. a live look outside at the live michael and son weather cam. it's still 66 that's crazy warm. the dew points in the 40s. the air not as dry as it was yesterday which means the temperatures will not fall as far. the winds out of the south. we had a couple of things working our way to keep the temperatures up a little bit. the winds should pick up a little bit. where is the cold
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in chicago. we are still at 66. test still 60 in boston for crying out loud. this is the end. one more worm day before warm day before this comes crashing in tomorrow. temperatures will fall after 2:00 p.m. the soccer games in the morning will feel spring-like. towards the evening they won't. clear and mild for high school football, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. cry send it over to marty warm -- crazy warm. falling temperatures saturday after 2:00 p.m. cumberland your temperatures could fall as early as 12:30,0, showers tomorrow 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. from west to east. they should be out of here clearing annapolis by 7:00. blustery on sunday. it's going to be like green bay really. at 10:00 tonight temperatures are still in the 50s downtown. even 51 in gaithersburg and 52 in silver spring. that's a deal. by the morning nothing kra crazy cold at all. some 40s, yes, maybe a 38 in manassas. i think
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i think 43 in gaithersburg is good, 41 in frederick and 47 downtown. by 10:00 a.m. we are back in the 50s. notice showers just creeping in to oakland and out in the valley with temperatures in the 50s. by 1:00 we are still fine. it's still sunny along the i-95 corridor. it's beautiful. 65 downtown, 67 in manassas, 57 in fredericksburg. by 6:00 here comes the showers clearing the dc area. it clears out quickly. already clear back you lost 20 degrees. that moves aacross the -- across the bay during the night. in the 30s and 40s and we have snow oakland down to davis west virginia and petersburg. we will probably see 1 to 4 inches west of to divide by 10:00 or 11:00 sunday morning. for tonight just clear, breezy and milder. 42 to 52. the winds should pick up southwest at 10 to 15 keeping temperatures up just a little bit.
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we have 53 by 9:00. look at this, 65 with full sun by 1:00. three-quarters of tomorrow will be quite nice. it's that last quarter were kind of concerned about. windy and cold on sunday, 46. still cold on monday, only 45. the next 7 days, the 50s return. the low 50s on tuesday, 58 on wednesday. we held the rain off until wednesday night into a little bit of thanksgiving morning. still a pretty quiet travel day in the mid atlantic and quiet day across the u.s.. 56 on black friday. no one is making frepdz with friends with a move like this. officials at a school in texas are apologizing for the behavior of the students after a recent volleyball tournament. >> the students of a white school chanted build that wall against a school that's hispanic. it's party of donald trump's promise to build the
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a similar incident happened earlier this fall and that was widely criticized as racist during a football game in texas. attorney general loretta lynch said the latest fbi statistics on hate crimes in the united states should be deeply sobering for americans. lynch said 2015 saw a spike in hate crimes directed at specific groups. listen. >> among other a larming trends, the report showed a 67% increase in rate crimes created against muslim americans. it also crimes for jewish people and african-americans. >> hate crimes were up by 6% from last year. it's going to cost you more to borrow money but thanksgiving could leave you with extra cash. we'll talk about that in the consumer alert. >> a baltimore police officer
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thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check.
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if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. the first baltimore police
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hearing from alisha white for the first time. white remains on administrative duty. an internal investigation is still on going. here's white reacting to the day that she heard the state's attorney reading her name and the charges in the case. >> i felt blind sided. you know, i didn't see that coming at all. i was devastated. i broke down and start ed crying. you know, it was hard. it was a hard pill to swallow. >> white said it hurt heroe prod riots due to the internal investigation white was unable to talk about what happened in the transport van. in tonight's consumer alert there are changes in two key races that could impact your money. the move away from government bonds since the election has pushed mortgage rates up. freddie mac said the fixed rate jumped from 3.57% to 4% in the last we're.
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janet yellen said an interest hike could be coming soon. amazon has a new app to give the user an x-ray vision. you scan a bar code and it shows them what is inside. the online retailer said it will help you keep piles of holiday gifts organized. here's something to be thankful for. according to the american farm bureau your thanksgiving feast will cost less this year. a meal for 10 that's $0.24 less than a year ago. straight ahead, a mechanical device designed to help people in wheelchairs get around could actually hurt the people who need them the most. >> we hear from a woman punched by a police officer during an arrest. >> after the break chaos breaks out in an prince george's county high school after people try to protest president-elect
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students from several schools in prince george's county walked out to protest the results of last week's election. >> henry a wise junior high school in upper marlboro said several students wanted to peacefully sit in but chaos broke out. debra is live. >> reporter: the student
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represent them so they choose to wear all black instead. they said this was supposed to be a peaceful protest until this. >> [yelling] >> you can't do that. you can't do that. no. you cannot do that. >> maya and donell said security took them away after they started what they called a peaceful protest inside henry a wise junior high school in upper marlboro. >> it was like we were getting man handled and treatede we were just protesting. >> [yelling] >> no justice no peace, black lives matter. i'm just screaming out. he just swooshs in and grabs me. i'm like, wow. sfwlsz >> the student -- >> the students said that's when other students started to act like. >> they saw us and were like oh, no. >> they said the school knew
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>> it's just going to make it worse. >> they showed me this is what grown ups really think about us. >> reporter: i reached out to prince george's public schools about being man handled. they got back to me about other things but not that. the students said what was lost in all of this is they wanted protest the un blacks, lgbt members and women and other groups. they said their principal eventually stepped in and promised to work with them next we're. live in upper marlboro, debra alferone. >> some students said they locked them in. prince george's county schools said that didn't true. someone triggered the fire alarm. sky 9 over the scene in
5:32 pm
high school walked out of class to protest president-elect donald trump. the students marching defying a message from superintendent jack smith in a video released on wednesday. smith said that students who don't remain in class could face disciplinary action. this morning the teens walked from the school to lake forest mall and back. fairfax county police are looking for the man you see here in this surveillance picture. they say he reportedly exposed himself to a child inside of the restroom of arlington boulevard in falls church. anyone with information about this guy is asked to give police a call. paying tribute tonight to the late journalist gwnn ifle. she died of cancer this week. she was 61. tonight's public service beginning at 6:00 at the metropolitan ame church on m street northwest. an -- an arizona police officer is
5:33 pm
marisa morris said officer jeff bonar tackled her and punched her in the face twice. one of the blows was caught on her boyfriend's cell phone. the officer said she had a warrant but she insisted it was taken care of. >> i knew what happened because i have to live it every day and i have to feel it. it's pretty embarrassing actually. >> we owe many we owe marisa and her family the full investigation. >> his body camera was turned off. a popular television actress is being remembered. 52-year-old lisa lynn masters died in peru from an apparent suicide. she appeared on a first season episode of the unbreakable kimmy smith and gust
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order. draft kings and fan dual agree today a many edger of equals today. they are going to continue to operate under their own names. both companies have been battling the attorney general across the country. say that i had the sites are illegal sports gambling and should be banned. this next story is about a device for wheelchair users that you may have seen a around town. >> vertical lifts to carry wheelchairs when elevators are not an option. andrea mccarren has her no bare es report. -- barriers reports. >> reporter: some of out doors so exposed to the elements and they can be unreliable and dangerous. >> i hate it. >> she had goo -- good reason to fear it. >> it was like a jolt. >> it dropped ed
5:35 pm
ground. >> vertical lifts like this one in bethesda is the only what to avoid stairs and access some businesses. >> my fall from one of these things really scared me ever time i have to get in one. i can't avoid them. >> she was not seriously injured and the lift was shut down for repairs for 10 weeks. >> every time it makes a noise or shakes that's when there's a jolt of terror that comes back. i'm like, what is going to happen thi >> months earlier she was trapped inside the lift when it stopped working. >> it was a bit of a shock . >> emergency responders had to extract her and her 375 pound wheelchair. >> i'm lucky today because there's no one in the parking spot next to the lift. >> if a car parks next to the lift she's stuck until it drives away
5:36 pm
inspected every year by the state. those privately own ready supposed to be checked out on an annual basis as well. coming up at 11:00 what it's like to do errands around town when you rely on a wheelchair or scooter. >> andrea, thank you. if you mised any of -- missed any of our no barriers reports all week we put them on our website along with resources for people living with disabilities. trending now, what kanye west said about thect up tonight. >> does he ever say anything that doesn't get people all wound up? >> no. >> who paid million s of dollars for marilyn monroe's favorite garment. >> an unlikely friendship between a little girl and an elderly widower making national headlines. >> topper. >> not as cold tonight. nice for november. low 50s downtown,
5:37 pm
40s around leesburg. we'll come back and give you an hour by hour detail as to when the temperatures fall tomorrow and
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let's get to what is trending tonight. a shocker from kanye west is lighting up social media. >> so the rapper told concert goers in california last night that he didn't vote but if he did he said he would have voted for donald trump. west went onto tell the audience he's glad that trump inspired racists to reveal themselves. kanye also told them that if they can hold on for just at 4 years he's still thinking about doing it, about running f on our wusa 9 facebook page one of the top comments from gordan that writes i'm more concerned with people who don't vote. his choice was just mentioned he's stirring the pot. >> joyce writes, when you vote then we can talk. log onto our wusa 9 facebook page and let us know what you think. do you remember that skin tight dress that marlin monroe
5:41 pm
it sold for $5 million. >> ripley's believe it or not bought it last night. that rendition happened in 1962 at madison square garden. the actress was found dead a few months later. the coroner ruled that she died as a result of a drug overdose. it's a story that went viral a few months ago and it has turned into much more than just a social media phenomenon. >> for 82-year-old dan peterson it's given his life new meaning of his n nora. see dan's wife had recently passed away when he met nora at a georgia grocery store. it happened when nora said, hi, old person, it's my birthday and asked for a hug. they snapped some photos and became friends. >> hi, sweetheart. come here, come here. i knew that i was going to get a hug. it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. >> it's a bridge. >> it's a bridge . okay.
5:42 pm
time for quite a while that i've been this happy. >> awe. >> that's so sweet the two of them. dan said he and nora visit each other at least once a week. >> they both get something great from that relationship. >> oh, yeah. >> mississippi stretched a mile wide -- what's the cut off for you to be able to say hi, old person?less than 6 or 7? >> are you afraid that's coming soon? >> i might have done it. just kidding. bus it's been 88 years since mickey mouse showed up on our tv screen. >> the lovable cartoon character first appeared in steam boat willie. now he's an image on clothing, a park and more. coming up, the terps going to nebraska taking on those corn huskers. we are going to
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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the new casino resort at national harbor is wrapping up the hiring process before the
5:46 pm
4,000 positions available. mgm promised that 40% of the workforce the will be from prince george's county. they devined to say how clined to say how many have gone to county residents. cracking down on sex trafficking in frederick county. beginning next year a newly formed task force is going to try to keep young women from becoming victims. it's happened in there's cases of parents of trafficking their own children. it's the second most profitable enterprise. only illegal drugs brings more cash. a minnesota police officer who shot a black man appeared in court on criminal charges this afternoon. officer yanez is accused of second degree
5:47 pm
fill lanphilando castile. his girlfriend broadcast the after math live on facebook. it appears those southern wild fires are not just taking a toll on woods but causing breathing problems for people living in the area. doctors are encouraging people to stay inside but this may be just the beginning for people with allergies. >> it's the gift that keeps on giving. >> crews are still trying to get that 6,000 acre fire under control as many people evacuate their homes. wusa's 9 first alert weather. >> you're tracking some big time changes my friend. >> i am. i actually tweaked the forecast since the last time i saw you. >> what did you do? >> i tweaked it.
5:48 pm
i was going to ask what that. >> i don't t werk it. >> hotter or colder? >> warmer. no, i went from 678 67 to 78. i'm worried that -- 67 to 68. i am worried we will be 70 again. let's take a live look outside from the live michael and son tower cam. winds out of the south at 7. this is a fine october night let alone november. clear and mild for high school temperature we are -- high school football. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. falling temperatures tomorrow but not until 2:00. with full sun until 1:00 we could see 68, 69, 70. right now 68. showers on saturday. the time frame 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. closer to 3:00 p.m. west, 7:00 p.m. east towards annapolis. blustery on sunday. wind chills in the 20s for the game at fed-ex. 68 tomorrow and 46 on sunday, 45 on
5:49 pm
our average high is 57. by wednesday we will be back to average temperatures. nothing average about tonight. it's above average. 55 downtown. take a walk in gaithersburg . if you're out late you only need a jacket. tomorrow morning temperatures primarily in the 40s. 43 in gaithersburg, 43 in buoy. by 10:00 in the 50s to to almost 60. 58 in la 0s to mid 60s. here's comes the showers west to east. so we are looking at showers as early as lunchtime for cumberland, romney and winchester. very close to 1:00. then, boom, it moves a cross the metro area with showers and temperatures begin to fall behind. notice the 40s now. place ins the 6 #0 s in the 60s like leesburg and martinsburg. showers i-95 and 270 east over towards prince george's county and our friends
5:50 pm
7:00 or 8:00 they are gone. by midnight tomorrow we are looking at temperatures back in the 30s. yep, 30s and 40s. the windchills are going to be the big deal. winds tomorrow -- this is a snapshot in time. gusts at 20 miles per hour tomorrow at 1:00. not so bad. by 8:00 a 31 mile per hour wind gust. look at the winds in the mountains. 41 miles per hour wind gusts in oakland and 43 in davis. there's a gail warning in effect on the bay tomorrow so stay by 8:00 on sunday winds are gusting to 34. we'll take it all the way now to 5:00 p.m. maybe you're going to tailgate before the game on sunday. well, bring some tethers and some weights. winds are still gusting to 36 downtown, 43 mile per hour wind gust in gaithersburg and 41 mile per hour wind gust towards the park. 43, the low 40s. i mean, the winds will be howling as we go through saturday night and also through sunday night. tonight though no problems.
5:51 pm
42 to 52. that's it. winds pick up a little bit but we can handle southwest winds at 10 to 15. that's a mild wind. 40s tomorrow to start. 61 by 11:00 and 65 by 1:00. three-quarters of tomorrow will be beautiful. windy and cold on sunday, 46. 45 still cold on monday and just breezy. the next 7 days. tuesday just chillily but bright ily but bright the low we are holding showers off until night and maybe the showers bleed into a little bit of turkey day. 54 and 56 with sunshine on friday. right now in the mid atlantic, a couple showers and rain but still a quiet travel day on wednesday. now wusa 9 game on sports with frank hammerhan brought to you by xfinity. >> you know, maryland football
5:52 pm
weeks getting out scored in losses to michigan and ohio state by a combined 121-6. this week the 5-5 terps after nebraska. terps once again big time underdogs on the road. they got beat at home by ohio state 62-3. they are at home for big 10 play. the bright side, one more win for maryland are bowl eligible. >> it's important. it's a valuable thing. i think it's gate for our program and for our seniors that have that reward to go play in the post-season. so we are certainly, you know, working to do that. that's the number one driver or motivation but yeah, it's on the table. they understand that. >> maryland women's basketball had field trip day as the terps welcomed over 3,000 local
5:53 pm
the match up of maryland and mount st. marys. used to love to do that in school. terps taking on the mountaineers. the kids saw a good game. a lot of nice young kids getting to see the terps. kayla charles getting the lay up. 10 points for the freshman. kimbro driving the lane. a great day for maryland and even better for l they are loving it. yes, of course they're having fun. this is great. not only out of their building but watching a basketball game at a university is really big for them. it will probably be something they will remember for the rest of they've -- their lives. >> i useded toed -- i used to love that. >> draw the future youth of america in. >> he can't help himself. >> a terp right here.
5:54 pm
president-elect donald trump rolls out new names for his administration as he retreats to his golf club in new jersey. >> a fire alarm ended with a teach's marriage proposal.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a fire drill, a firefighter, a math teacher and what do you get? pure magic. a firefighter proposed to his girlfriend at a greensboro area high school. it started with a fake fire drill. >> it's a good feeling. i've been looking forward to this. >> 2 a and half years ago he saw a picture of erika smith. >> if you can fall in love with a picture i did. she's already striking. firefighter and a math teached, dated, fell in love and soon began planning his proposal. >> go big or go home i guess. this is something that irng i think will mean a lot to her. >> i had a feeling it might happen but not like this. >> he made a plan, call a mock fire drill at her school with the help from the principal. >> go into the student parking lot and we are going to pull it in front of the walkway. >> her students --
5:58 pm
was like thursday is going to be a big day for me and miss smith will you help out. i said of course. >> a ring in a handmade box. >> the fire a larm sounds and 500 students pile into the parking lot. smith and her class the last to arrive. >> i felt like something was up with the cameras. when i saw the fire truck i knew was him. >> i see her every time i close my eyes, when i wake up i think ability -- about her at work all the time on duty. if i go in a dangerous situation tactics and stuff cross my mind but i know she's always in the front of my
5:59 pm
>> [screams] >> just taking that next step and knowing that we actually will be together forever is really exciting. >> and the crowd loses their minds. how awesome is that? as elaborate as the proposal was when asked about the wedding the two just laughed and they said baby steps. all right. right now at 6:00, president-elect donald trump focuses on security at home and abroad with his latest picks to serve in his new over a citizenship ceremony said if they don't like donald trump they should get out. >> a proposed halfway house is causing grave concern in a growing residential air of the district. i'm leslie foster. >> i'm bruce johnson . tonight donald trump's cabinet and the circle close to the presidential adviser -- let me start that all over again. tonight donald trump's cabinet
6:00 pm
adviser is coming into focus. he named three appointees today. the man who will be taking the top national security position. garrett has more. >> donald trump places a premium on loyalty. today we saw that in action as the president-elect named three of his most vocal supporters to top jobs in his administration. >> tonight the man who called himself the law and order candidate selected his law and orde trump tapped alabama senator jeff sessions to be attorney general. sessions was the first senator to endorse trump during the campaign. the pair share policy advisers and a hard line immigration position. >> while the republican controlled senate will almost certainly confirm their colleague sessions will face tough questions from democrats including racist comments 30 years ago. >> it's going really well. >> mr. trump's selection


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