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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  November 19, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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> right now, preparations are underway for donald trump to interview a possible candidate for secretary of education who already has dc and we are looking at a wild ride with temperatures. the cold front headed this way. and many people who are flying out for thanksgiving are leaving this weekend. good morning. thank you for joining us on wake up, washington. >> it's going to be crazy.
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warm cocoa. it will be chilly. >> but for the warm weather fans, there are many more hours left today you can go out and walk the dog, jog, et cetera but we are looking at a blustery and cold second half of the weekend. you will need a jacket, 46 in dc. frederick at 32, and culpeper, 33. so, yes, a chilly start but take the 46. look at the warm air right here, the green color and then temperatures drop off behind the front, blizzard conditions in parts of minnesota yesterday. and the cold front will drop the temperatures tomorrow. here is the day planner, late
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by dropping temperatures a big temperature swing the next couple days, and we'll talk more on the changing conditions, and how cold the wind chills will be tomorrow for the redskin's game at fedex field. nikki? >> thank you, melissa. a woman has life- threatening injuries after they found an injured man and woman. the fire is out and investigators are still on the scene working to figure out what caused that fire. now, new this morning, 48 million are expected to travel. most will drive but many of the air travelers will get an early start on the holiday. we are live at reagan national airport this morning.
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already out there? >> reporter: yeah, nikki. for sure, things are moving smoothly here, and i want to you take a look. you can see people at the american airlines counter checking in, and no real problems to speak of. over here you have the big board as far as arrivals and departures are concerned. no real problems, either. some of the planes are coming in early million people will fly globally during the thanksgiving holiday, up 3% from last year thanks to the economy improving. and i want to bring in ron. he is traveling to memphis. thank you for joining me. what do you think about the airport situation? >> i think it's going well, and they have enough starve on --
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>> reporter: how did it work for you? >> smoothly in and out, and like i said, they have enough staff on hand. >> reporter: ron, are you looking forward to the holiday, a little time off? >> i am. time for family and friends and headed back to memphis, tennessee to see family. >> reporter: thank you so much, and safe travel to you. >> thank you. >> reporter: take care. guys, the best day to travel travel, saturday and sunday after thanksgiving. as far as tsa restrictions, check out the wusa 9 app for more information. reporting live from reagan national, wusa 9. >> stephanie, thank you, and hopefully, it will be smooth sailing for the rest of the week. and now to the donald trump
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the people that the president- elect will meet with today is former dc schools chancellor michelle lee, currently the first lady of sacramento california. she's a democrat but differs from the party line on charter schools and especially school choice vouchers. friday, alabama senator jeff sessions was named for attorney general and mike poppeo to head michael flynn has tweet that does he accepted the job of national security advisor. flynn was criticized for comments like fever muslims is rational and defended accusations that he and trump are too close to russian president vladimir putin. >> russia and putin, they understand the world in a completely different way than our president and secretary kerry the world.
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admit they don't have the votes to block these appointees. the montgomery county police department is conduct an active the shooter drill. this starts in about an hour at lock load headquarters in rock spring industrial park. the exercise will end about later today, family and close friends will attend a private funeral service for gwen ifill. a public service took place last flight in northwest washington. she died monday at age 61 after battling cancer. she was part of the first all- woman team to co-anchor a major evening newscast and the first
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it's just one of many things people around dc take for granted, food trucks. the falafel bus caught fire while parked at washington university. >> it has restored my faith in humanity. i did not think it would be this big. >> a gofundme page was started hoping to raise $2,000 for food truck owner, nacer, and his employees. but donations have powered in from all over and the total is about to hit $9,000. what an awesome thing to do. we have been warning you about a cold front headed this way later today, and take a look at the upper midwest and plains that will hit us later. the minnesota state patrol has reported 350 crashes and one
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is falling in nebraska and the dakotas. coming up, warning about some exposure, no matter what skin you have. and if you want hibernate when the temperatures plummet, and i know i will, we have a review of th
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with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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it looks beautiful out there right now. is that sun going to warm us up, or are we talking hibernation mode? hibernation mode tomorrow but today looks really nice. >> so we can go outside today? >> you can go outside but if you have an evening date night
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you will encounter showers and at the end of it, you will be bundling up in multiple layers. it will be one of those days. if you don't like the weather, wait a couple of hours. 46degrees and we have winds that are pretty light this morning, winds tomorrow afternoon just as a teaser, gusting at 45 miles per hour easily in a lot of our communities. it's going to be blustery the second half of the let's get through today. 37 reston. 41 in alex aped riia, and 45 in clinton. andrews is at 43. this line of showers and the cold front is the dividing line this afternoon and a big drop in temperatures for the weekend tomorrow. so it's going to be a wild ride. let's talk about this on futurecast. this morning, the winds will be picking up from the south.
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60swith a couple of showers making their way into west virginia and the western panhandle of maryland. if you move the clock further, the shower coverage won't be that great but the winds will pick up with clouds and you'll notice a drop in temperatures quickly. you saw how by 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon we're hitting 67. by to drop, and we will hit 39 in dc at 11:00. factoring in the wind, feeling cooler than that. the mountains, the allegheny front, they'll have snow showers that last until tomorrow. look at 7:00 p.m., dropping from the 50s into the 40s. tomorrow afternoon 48 is going
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gets. but factoring in the winds, it's going to be feeling more like we're in the 30s tomorrow. this time tomorrow, highs in the 40s and look at the wind chill value tomorrow afternoon, in the 30s. it will be a wild ride. here's a look at the next 3 days, enjoy the warmth. cold tomorrow and windy and windy and cold for monday and temperatures thanksgiving day in shower. coming up, a major change in the status of the fight
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good morning. in today's health alert, next week is skin cancer action week, time to reinforce the message that melanoma knows racial or ethnic boundaries. dermatologistssay that non- whites still need to keep an eye on their skin. >> the chance of skin cans or non-whites is higher on the trunk and lower extremities, places you wouldn't normally look on yourself. >> in noon white patients, melanoma occurs in areas that are not often exposed so when
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screening? >> we want to look at the full body, the trunk, extremitys and hands and feet. melanoma develops in non-whites in those areas more frequently, the fingers and toes. you know your skin best. take a look at it on your regular basis. if you notice anything new or changing, see your doctor and go in for regular skin tests. >> if left untreated, melano can be fatal. to avoid damage to the skin that could lead to mel know a use a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least spf 30 or 40 and reapply every two hours. use sun protect like a hat and avoid tanning beds. we have more on a link on or our mobile app. i'm andrea roan.
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lifting a 9-month-old warning against zika and is shifting to a longer-term approach. zika has spread beyond latin america and the caribbean saying it presents a quote, significant threat. melissa nord, hibernat in a few hours from now, we'll be talking about tumbling temperatures, some of us in the 30s. forecast highs for today, soak it up. we'll make it into the 60s for most of us, and the high temperatures occur early in the afternoon. late in the afternoon, a cold front will arrive. and the conference between today and tomorrow, look at the
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really windy. we have to talk about wind chill values. for the game tomorrow evening, dress in many layers. it will feel like it's in the 20s for the game on the field. >> that's not going to be fun. if that has you looking for inside entertainment options or the snuggie, and i just got mine out, by the way. don't judge me. let's take a look at what's new in weekend. ready for another harry potter but not harry potter movie? >> fantastic beasts by jk row ling is a prequel. >> reporter: the new harry potter spinoff takes place decades before harry. this story is set in new york
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redmayne. he arrives in the city to rescue magical creatures. >> at the beginning of the film he is not necessarily that easy. but you can see the love and passion for the animals. he has a great heart. >> reporter: in america, muggles are called nomads, people without magical powers. the wizarding risk. >> hey, mr. english guy, i think your egg is hatching. >> reporter: colin ferrell's job is to save the wizarding world. >> they have withdrawn from society at large and he thinks they shouldn't have to live in the shadows and be ashamed of what is essellntiay a beautiful gift. >> reporter: as the wizards
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rowling returns to the theme of always reach for your potential and be true to yourself. cbs news, los angeles. and now, the real life story of a boxer facing adversity, "bleed for this." miles teller doesn't just face the normal hurdles to reaching the top of his sport n a 1991 car crash, vinnie breaks his neck and doctors tell him he may never but viny is determined not only to walk but get in the boxing ring. and you may remember her from "true grit" but now, edge of 17. a girl's best friend starts
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confides confide troubles to her teacher played by woody harrelson. and what goes up, we'll tell you what is coming down. more on the forecasting tool coming up. and the story behind a small private school known for academics has crashed the top 20 for football. welcome. i'm topper shutt, and your tailgating forecast, bisons and delaware state, 55 to 65 for the temperatures and winds out of the west southwest at 10 to 15 and by evening, the
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there is a football down
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by 344 points. sounds like a powerhouse; right? not exactly. they pride themselves more with kids that feel learning in school is above top of the line athletes. >> we really learn to work with what you have and not worry about what you don't. >> two years ago, we were nervous about the future >> when this year's seniors were freshmen, we had 17 guys and it was very much how do we make it week to week and get through this week to play next week? >> reporter: for the first time in school history, the frogs are ranked in washington post's top 20. >> i hoped up the paper and it was like, hey, across the crazy. it's not anything that we ever set out to do.
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the class a semifinal against a team they won this past september, 42-0. i'm grace olson for wusa 9 sports. the future of weather observations and forecasting. the goes-r weather satellite is expected to launch into space this evening at 5:42:00 p.m. at cape this will be stationed above normal to give us a snapshot and give us a 4 times greater resolution of the satellite than we show you every day and will scan the entire u.s. every 5 minutes and give us a new snapshot of severe weather every 30 to 60 seconds including thunderstorms, tornado warning and lead time and hurricane intensity
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safe weather and climate change. and you are geeking out, aren't you? >> it's been a long time coming. we are very, very excited. >> it's very cool. still ahead, the cast of "hamilton" delivers the message to key members of the trump
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a live look at our beautiful city this morning and the beautiful white house. the sun is shining. it's going to be a great day. good morning. thank you for joining us on wake-up washington. i'm nikki burdine. >> and i'm meterologist melissa nord. things will come crashing down. tomorrow afternoon, it will feel like it's in the 30s the entire afternoon because of how but pretty nice today for most of the day. right now, temperatures in dc running in the 40s but in the suburbs, we got the typical and much cooler spots in the 30s. so it's a crisp, cool, typical november morning, 34 in culpeper. we'll take our weather and compare it to what is behind the next cold front. notice some showers and not going to see a ton of rain but
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24 in chicago and 19 minneapolis with several inches of snow on the ground up to the dakotas, and that colder, arctic air is pushing in our direction for the second half of the weekend. today, sunshine and in the 60s. and later in the afternoon, showers reefer and the temperatures will be dropping and we'll be we'll take you hour by hour coming up in a bit. nikki? the president-elect's second in command took the center stage last night even
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stage. the cast of "hamilton" addressed the vice president- elect after he attended the show adding that they hope the performance would inspire pence to work on behalf of all americans. meanwhile, donald trump is working to fill his cabinet and has picked three conservative administrative positions. kenneth craig has the latest. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump got a warm welcome on friday evening at the luxury golf club in new jersey iny that bears his name and tweeted all we could we'll be be working with the great men and women who will make america
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jersey countryside include possible education secretary candidates and mitt romney. despite being a vocal critic, the 2012 gop nominee is expected to offer counsel. on friday, jeff sessions was picked for attorney general and congressman mike pompeo of kansas to head the cia. both must be confirmed by the incoming won't have the votes to block the nominees. retired army lieutenant general michael flynn tweeted on friday he accepted the job of national security advisor. cbs news learned that the next batch of announcements could come as early as monday. kenneth craig, cbs news, new jersey. this weekend, the president-
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secretary including michelle rhee. vice president mike pence and the incoming white chief of staff will be the guests on face the nation right here cbs. and several schools are marching in protest over donald trump saying they are upset over remarks made during the campaign. at a school but things quickly got out of control. the principal and students met and agreed to work it out. a settlement at trump university after a suit that the school failed to give the reality education that it promised. mr.trump did not admit any wrongdoing.
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vowed to never set out of court. if you are going out of town for the holidays, travel experts say that the best time to leave is tomorrow, sunday, the 20th if you have the flexibility to do that. the worst time to head out is wednesday, the day before. as far as head being back home, you will find the lightest traffic except near the malls and the worst time to return is saturday and sunday after thanks giving. many of those be headed to the airport today. and we are live at the airport to see if the rush is already underway. good morning, stephanie. report hey, nikki. i want to you take a look right here at the ticket counter.
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you can see no real delays to speak of. some of the planes are coming in earlier this morning and in all, more than 27 million people are going to be flying this thanksgiving holiday including elise and her fiancee. hi. good morning, guys. i understand you are headed to tampa. >> good morning. >> reporter: and you're traveling with your two pups? >> yes. very excited to go home. >> reporter: and how has it gone for you since you got here >> super easy. we called ahead of time and they knew about the dogs and everything was fine. >> reporter: did this surprise you? we are not seeing long lines and it seems like people are calm. >> i was really, really surprised. i normally travel during the holidays, and it's a little less crazy. >> reporter: once you get to tampa, what are your plans looking like in. >> we will spend the weekend with family and just hang outside. >> reporter: okay.
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holiday. safe travel. >>thank you. >> reporter: thank you so much. as far as tsa restrictions are concerned, nikki, we encourage people to check the wusa 9 app for more on that. >> my fingers are crossed for everyone traveling that it will continue to be smooth sailing. thank you, stephanie. and new details about the murder/suicide on wednesday at a home in stfo investigatorssay that 35-year- old lance buckley called 911 to report three murders and a suicide, identified himself and hung up. investigators found had buckley had killed himself, his wife amy, and two little girls, clair and abigail. buckley might sound familiar to you as we reported on him vanishing for days after
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western maryland with noaf explanation for his disappearance. the 63-year-old woman mauled by a bear is still in the hospital and her family said that her injuries are more serious than originally thought. karen osborne was talked while out looking for her dog. officials killed the bear for fear it would attack ag sister will officially have a new home. karen scott is legally adopting 6-year-old jamari and his sister, 4-year-old jamia. grandma as they have called their foster mom, has two adult children of her own but wants to continue giving children a better live. >> my nanny.
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intelligent. so i just can't wait to start my journeyy progressing them through higher heights. >> such a happy story. >> oh, they are so cute. >> she has been a foster mom for 20 years and our thanks to her and congratulations on her new children. i love it. >> i know they will have a great, big, happy thanksgiving dinner. the dc council is considering a spending bill that has advocates up in arms. >> they claim it could destroy the city. the program is trap, neuter, release to help control the feral cat population but they say the language in the bill would officially remove cats from their category and place them in the invasive species category. >> they are saying no cats can be in the area.
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of thousands of cats. it can't happen. the only other option is euthanasia. >> a spokesperson for the department of energy and environment said that's not true. the dc city council is expected to make a decision in the next couple weeks. in about 90 minutes, dc plan to start intermittent closures that will last all day long. >> this inconvenience is a tradition fo macy's holiday window. the flagship store in new york city displayed their windows last night and the theme is believing the magic with santa fielding christmas wishes from children around the world. it depicts elves and the holiday magic they feel. they started doing this in 1874. picture this. dad does the laundry and uses
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>> and you can't blame this on dad. this is flame retardant spilling from an airplane hangar in santa clair a california. the alarm system went haywire and it just kept spilling out. they are call it foamnado. >> it's like 10 feet tall. yeah. i tried to stand up and i couldn't get out of it. >> it wonderland in certain parts of california. policesay that the suds are not dangerous. a clean up firm is in the process of dissolving it. >> it actually looks like a lot of fun. i would take part of that. >> i would, too. many of us are spending part of the weekend to prepare for thanksgiving dinner. find out if it will cost you more. it doesn't feel like
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good saturday morning. there is a lot of work going on with metro. but this is the good news. the last time for this. for the weekend trains, they will come every 12 to 16 minutes. the orange and blue lines will travel to smithsonian and the blue line will have single tracking from pentagon city to national airport. the green line is not left out. they will see that from navy dwrord anacostia. the silver line trains will run every 20 minutes.
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running slow, every 20 minutes. if you are taking the metro out to the game, remember there is no metro service. so people who are out watching the redskins came, they need to evening i hope you have burr gunned i and gold mittens, scarves, hats, it will be chilly. we have fog, river fog. we have patchy fog. it will be lifting and the sunshine will really warm up quickly, and we'll see winds picking up early in the
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46 right now and 30s in a lot of suburbs. 32 in frederick and this afternoon, we'll warm all the way up to the upper 60s for most of us. i want to show you the next cold front arriving right here moving from eastern kentucky into west virginia. behind it, a lot of cold, arctic air from canada and this will be reeferring in our area tomorrow. we start today with sunshine as we go wa outside. 67degrees. that's a quick warm up. mid-afternoon, clouds are tracking with gusty showers. as the showers hit, it won't be a widespread soaking but hit-or- miss showers. the forecast highs it today, in the 60s. it will be warmest south and easter of dc. 69 in dc and frederick, cooler,
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quicker today with temperatures only making it in the 60s. see the temperature in west virginia? cumberland, 56, this is the colder air that will arrive earlier. we'll take that. tomorrow, highs at best in the upper 40s but i think the majority of the day is spent in the mid-40s. but tomorrow, it's not just the cold temperatures. it's the winds. the winds tomorrow afternoon miles per hour. what that will do is take the feels like temperatures down into the 30s tomorrow. and it feels like the 30s, so dpleses -- dress in a lot of layers. this afternoon, showers arriving late and temperatures tumbling tonight and tomorrow, feeling like temperatures in
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includes temperatures, if we can get the picture moving here. temperatures from there will go -- oh, we are losing our 7-day forecast. nikki, want to take it away? i'll show the 7 day at the end of the show. all right, melissa. and the much anticipated or dreaded black friday is almost here, and if you are going to take part, you have to wake up at 0 dark 30 and go shopping. consumer reports said don't wait until black friday. go to the stores you want and visit them ahead of time and get a lay of the land and use the bar scanner apps that do the work for you and get social. visit the facebook and twitter
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could be sweeter. lesli foster, wusa 9. it will cost less for each person this year, $5, for thanksgiving day. but rolls, fresh cranberries, and sweet potatoes are more expensive but it's worth it thanksgiving without the sweet potatoes. how would you like to serve an internationally acclaimed wine at that table? yes, please. it's the chilean red wine that is the best in the worlded in low price category. until this week, it was only sold online and now it's
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there and stock up and clean the shelves out -- >> that is a bargain bottle of great wine. >> count me in. wondering how low gas prices have gotten? >> a company known for racing cars is getting into the suv business. more on that next. you spend hours perfecting a pumpkin pie. follow these tips to make sure your holiday foods and family arrive in one piece. keeping a food container or any item loose in the car is dangerous. the safest place is the trunk or cargo area. make sure your casserole dish comes with a cover and place in a towel lined laundry basket.
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easy to use bungee cords to secure it or use a cooler instead. use a cake or a pie carrier to get the pie safely to granny's house. if the back seat is empty, place the carrier on the floor behind the seat. if you want to make sure your pie crust doesn't end up in pieces, consider an insulated padded use the cargo area hooks to keep things from sliding around. few things are better than turkey and stuffing two days in a row. when it's time to head home, burst out the ziploc bags for leftovers, easy to transport in the bag and your host will appreciate you are not trying
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welcome back. checking today's top stories, a woman has life-threatening injuries following a house fire in woodlawn. fairfax county fire departments got to the home before 2:00 this morning and a man there was also hurt but is expected to be okay. the investigation into what caused the fire is ongoing. and another loss in 2016 for the music world.
7:55 am
of the dapp kings lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. after going into remission, the cancer returned earlier this year. sharon jones was 60 years old. right now, a check in with stephanie at reagan national airport. >> reporter: nikki, things are running smoothly here this morning and travel experts predict about 27 million people holiday, up 3% from last year thanks in part to the improving economy. back to you. and lower gas prices are fueling the travel season. and the los angeles auto show just started and oughty on -- automakers are unveiling new suvs.
7:56 am
part to tumbling gas prices like the ford eco sport. it touts a smaller size with baby boomers in mind. >> they love the functionality but don't need the space anymore. they are downsizing in their lives. >> reporter: automakers are seizing on the renewed popularity on the roomier ride. many companies are hoping to entwice firs technology. >> they can have a higher profit margin. it will help the bottom line. >> reporter: it's not just the familiar names. luxury and sports car brands are rolling out new models. and that includes the first surf by alpha romeo. >> they know they need to be more broad in terms of their appeal. the suvs are the way to do that. >> reporter: there is no
7:57 am
prices will go but the suv trend is putting buyers driver's seat. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. you need to be weather aware, not just today but tomorrow. we'll see showers tomorrow in the afternoon. want to show you the forecast for rid -- redskins game tomorr thanksgiving day, seasonably chilly with a couple of showers possible. but it should be a wash out and not a lot of snow to impact travel on thanksgiving. >> too early to break out the
7:58 am
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice.
7:59 am
and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's november 19th, 2016. welcome to saturday." president-elect trump makes some controversial choices for his national security team. we will break down the new appointments. booed on broadway. vice president-elect mike pence is heckled at "hamilton." hear what the cast said to him after the performance. >> the season's first major snowstorm hits millions of americans, and a new plan to fight fake news spread through social media. what facebook's founder mike


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