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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 25, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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?? ? here's a story of a lovely lady ? hollywood loses a lovely lady. >> who wouldn't want to be carol brady and be loved like that? >> we remember the life and legacy of florence henderson. >> we're look a fa,mily the brady bunch. we will always be. >> "e.t.'s" holiday romance report. >> i was, like, whoa, oh, my god. >> who is shacking up this thanksgiving weekend? who is getting married who suddenly is single after a broken engagement? >> we're counting down the stars who don't need to shop for black friday bargains, it is hollywood's top earning celebs. >> i don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. >> exclusive interview with -- barbra streisand. >> telling "e.t." her new tour is secret. >> it is noo what you think, by the way. now, for november 25th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, everybody. thank you for joining us.
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cameron mathisen has the story. >> farewell to beloved tv mom flooence henderson who passed away at 82. ? here's the story of a lovely lady ? >> famous around the world as that lovely lady, mrs. brady. florence died on thanksgiving day at cedars-sinai medical center in los angeles from heart failure. she was surrounded by her four children.
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must be doing something right. >>n 2010, we joined florence in rehearsal for "dancing with the stars." she was 76. >> it is only a number. and i always say if i didn't know how old i was, how old would i be? >> florence made her last public appearance just four days ago at the dancing finale. she was there to support maureen mccormack who played marcia. maureen told us it was her tv mom who convinced her to hit the ballroom. >> having her here meant the world. i love you, >> we posted this tribute, quote, you are in my heart forever. >> we're like a family, the brady bunch. we will al waysbe. >> we'll have more on florence's life and legacy monday on "e.t." let's move on now. we're track your favorite star couples during this kickoff to the holiday season. >> whh is spending it together and who is apart, maybe for good? our thanksgiving romance report card. >> thanksgiving plans coming up? >> i'm cooking. >> you're cooking?
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everything. >> jen planned a traditional holiday, but her relationssip with ben, well, that's a bit unconventional. there is a lot of speculation that the pair could be reconciling. not just her parent, ben and jen were spotted in santa monica and the family went to church on sunday. in june, 2015, they announced erey we separating after ten years of marriage. but no papers have been filed. next couple, gwenn and blake. e' happiness this holiday and blake could be doing a little daddy duty this weekend. it is her year to have the kids. >> thanksgiving, it is not my year, i'll be in london doing the voice. so that's my london trip. >> blake and gwen started dngati over a year o,ag the singer was honored at glamorous women of the year awards in hollywood last week. >> a year and a half ago, ias w
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holiday plans with "e.t." ? all i want for christmas is you ? >> what are your plans for the holidays? >> the usual plans. you see santa claus, comes every christmas eve and the reindeer are there as well. the kids can't wait for it this year, so it is really fun. we have a snowy christmas in aspen and it is just my favorite, my favorite time of the year, always. >> well, no couple is going to
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holiday season than dancing with the stars pro mike ballast and cc because they got married today. we're looking at the road to the altar in this romance wre ind. >> before i saw her, the first thing i heard was her voice and that's the first thing that got me. ? i'm falling apart ? >> the couple met in 2012 while performing at ain sger songwriter event. >> we exchanged info. she ew >> i wasn't wanting to meet anyone. it wasn't like that for me. he was so talented. he seemsslike a nice guy. >> thanks. >> so eventually -- >> she met me for taco tuesday. >> taco tuesday, we were there for five and a half hours. ?? >> they have been together ever since, even making music together. the pair got engaged a year ago
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derek hough would be b hisest man. >> i'm his bro, i know. i love him. >> here is a unique twist. derek is waiting until after the wedding to throw a bachelor party. the reason, mark is busy starring in jersey boys on broadway, and derek is gearing up ffr nbc's hairspray live. >> we can't do anything crazy because we got to work and be in great health. >> no hangovers. >> i don't want to wake up in dubai or something. where are we? >> everybody knows today is black friday. you're probably worn out from hunting for bargains. look for a cheaper way out. they're the highest earning a-list stars. get a load of these numbers. ?? >> she's only 26, but taylor is tops when it comes to raking in dollars. 170 million of them to be exact, making her this year'' highest earning celeb according to
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>> he may have friends in low places, but garth brooks is the highest earring male musician with $70 million. jennifer lawrence's cash flow is no joke. the oscar winner is the highest paid actress with $46 million in the bank. the rock is the highest paid actor pulling in nearly $65 million. >> he has a production company called seven ucks and that's a reminder to himself he once had only $7 in his pocket. i think that's a big >> kevin hart makes bank. he earned nearly $88 million thanks to movies, comedy tour and endorsements. >> i don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. >> of course, you don't have to be an actor or music star to make big buckk in hollywood. look at the kardashians. here are the highest earning reality stars and you will not believe who ranks ernumb two. no surprise kim tops forbes list
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stars, a big chunk of her $51 million earnings come from her mobile game. kim outearns husband kanye west by $33.5 million. >> i'm having so much fun. >> but look who is number two. kis youngest sister, 19-year-old kylie jenner. she's worth $18 iomilln thanks mostly to her wildly popular cosmetics line. supermodel sis kendall jenner is number three with $17 million in earpings. khloe, $ and kris is fifth with $11.5 million. >> we're all doing well, having a good time. and working hard. >> courtney at $10 million follows her mom, brother rob didn't make the list so who is right behind the kardashian jenners? >> just shop taller. >> bethenny frankel whose skinny girl empire helped her rake it in this year. up next, priscilla presley gives us a private tour of
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>> how she's expanding the king's estate. >> a bit of elvis everywhere .here >> then, barbra streisand on her star studded new album. what happened behind the scenes of her duet with melissa mccarthy. >> i heard you had a starbucks in your ho use.
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robert ? ??
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?? ?? ?? welcome back, everybody. the king of rock 'n' roll elvis presley had a love affair all his own. and graceland, world famous estate, was decorated like no other place on earth. you can stay at graceland and ewe'rin givg you a personal tour
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?? >> hello, everyone. i'm priscilla presley. welcome to the guest house. >> the new guest house at graceland is adjacent to the king's mansion. priscilla helped design the interiors of the new hotel to pake it feel like how elvis would live together. >> this is a grand staircase modeled after the staircase in the front room of graceland. the chandelier is a large version of the one that is hanging there now. >> "e.t." habe guest at graceland. converted into a museum and tourist attraction back in 1982 to help pay for the massive upkeep. >> the problem is we're dealing with economics here. and adversity, this is the way we have to do it. >> rooms inside the original mansion show his style from the music room to the lavish dining room to the tropical jungle room. hhs only child lisa marie grew up here and she once told us her
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spotlight that stars live under today. fancied that very much. he would have -- i would imagine he would be more reclusive than ever at this point. >> elvis died here in 1977 and is buried in the backyard of his estate along with his parents and grandmother. over 600,000 fans visit each year to pay their respects. >> i feel his spirit is there. i always felt that. i think many people feel the same way. >> the at hotel, the chairs in the lobby were created to look like theoo in the king suite, a red draped bed. >> we have ive restaurants. a man cave in the bar and grill, which has a big pool table which elvis loved to play. >> it was a 30-year process getting the hotel to come together. >> we have a 464 seat theater, movies and large events. >> priscilla says elvis planned to build a guest house for
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>> so proud of graceland and everybody that came in that was a newcomer, the first thing he did was show them all of graceland. there is a bit of elvis everywhere here. why did pam dawbaler wk away from hollywood? >> my kids have never seen anything i've .done i'm just their mom. >> her life today with hubby mark harman. and katie versus taylor, who wore it best? we break down the black friday fashion fix. plus, one on one with barbra celebrity duets album and why she couldn't get enough of cameron in our new interview. >> thank you. i applaud you. closed captioning
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irst year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. and now a black friday fashion fix. if you're shopping for a winter must have, know that leopard coats are in. taylor swift walkinng o the wild side in a nearly $2200 alc coat. >> i didn't wear my leopard. i'm sorry. >> katy perry, check out her roaring cover-up outside the late show with stephen colbert.
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too, her best strut through the streets of los angeles in a gorgeous roberto cavalli duster. and cate blanchett in an almost $3500 alexander wang cheetah. i doubt that barbra streisand is thinking about black friday. she's busy hitting the road again.& cameron her to talk about her music. ? memories ? >> how much joy do you get in being out there on that stage? >> well, i love the audience's feedback and i like the fact that they're there in the first place. but i -- it is a place i can do my own thing.
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dates starting in houston sunday night. >> i always feel good when i can return to the stage, you know, to the concert stage. and have the people there directly with me. ? you might be the best thing that has happened to me ? >> alec baldwin was one of the many stars who duetted with barbra. it became her 11th number one album on the billboard 200 and solidified her as the top female artist with the most number one albums. madonna is second with eight. you are doing duets with some of hollywood's biggest names today. >> those are the actors i wanted to direct. ?? the first actor that i asked to be on the record was hugh jackman. when i found ttat song alled "any moment now." and i thought i could hear his
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singing the songs. >> and who knew melissa mccarthy had singing chops. ? any part you can play i can play better ? ? i can play any part better than you ? ? no you can't yes i can ? ? no you can't ? >> what struck you most about working with her? >> she was delightful, so funny. >> i heard you had a starbucks in your house. >> you heard what? >> and that all the employees have to wear sh >> i'm very willing to come here and hang out with barbra at any given moment. ? ask what i want and i will see ? >> now that she's back singing live, i had to know. what is one thing that barbra streisand must have with her when she's out on tour in. >> a person like you that says my name right. they call me all kinds of
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>> okay. >> barbra streisand. >> streiiand. >> i'm happy i got it right. you know what i mean? >> thank you. i applaud you. >> i'm glad you got it right too, cam. don't mess with the legend. you're going to hear barbra's husband james brolin on the album, talking, not singing. they celebrated 18 years of marriage this summer. here is another lady who in hollywood. pam dawber is one of our favorite all time stars, and you may remember her from mork and mindy. when she sat down with nichelle turner, she explained why. >> married 30 years. i don't think people can work all the time in show business and stay married. >> pam marriee mark harmon, she
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sister sam. after giving birth to the couple's two sons, she alked away from fame for family. >> i did everything you can do in this business. and i had children. i wanted to drive my kids to school. i wanted to be there for their birthdays and bring cupcakes and doughnuts and do those school festivals and all that. and i did. and my husband was working all the time. >> and still is. >> and still is. >> you guys were our, like, you >> yeah. >> you were. you were our it couple. and you -- >> i know. >> when you're married, that's real life. to go and -- i'm not for that. plastering your kids on the cover of the magazines, my kids have never seen anything i've done, i'm just their mom. they don't care about what i did. they care about that they're doing. their father is iconic enough for two boys.
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you were little. >> earlier this montt, pam made a rare tv appearance on the odd couple to pay tribute to garry marshall who created mork and mindy and had given her and robin williams their big breaks. >> what are you doing? >> i think it is -- . >> it is emotional for pam to talk about robin. shortly before h coaxed her out of retirement so they coold reunite on his show the crazy one. >> you are aware it is after 1:00 in the morning? >> oh, yeah. >> what do you miss most about robin? >> i hadn't seen robin for 20 years. and i did that episode because i wanted to be with robin. i wanted to see robin. that was a gift. that was such a gift. >> such a great lady. you know, try as they might to keep their sons away from
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28-year-old shawn played mark on ncis and 24-year-old ty is a screenwriter. >> announcing their birthdays in the entertainment tonight birthdays soon. which garages with a the birth place of -- was it steve carell, christina applegate or paul rudd?
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app. welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which anchorman star's garage was the first place for -- that is christina applegate. she turned 45 today. >> we hhve run out of time.
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>> monday on "e.t.," mariah moves on. >> are you going to keep the ring? >> after a nasty breakup with her next move, should her ex-fiance be worried? and dolly parton reveals her favorite holiddy memories.
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? ? i suppose it all started with the snow. you see, it was a very special kind of snow-- a snow that makes the happy happy and the giddy even giddier; a snow to make a homecoming homier and natural enemies friends, naturally. for it was the first snow of the season and as any child can tell you, there's a certain magic to the very first snow, especially when it falls on the day before christmas. but when the first snow is also a christmas snow, ( chuckling ): well, something wonderful is bound to happen. ( laughter )


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