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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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housing. it was a shock to us as well. we continue to be focused on doing the good in the community. >> we're told there is a lot of good in this community even though it is struggling at some points. community members will be working with the city council in presenting their revitallyization plan. in the meantime, police need your help. they want to to justice. live in capital hill southeast, delia goncalves. >> something they want to get resolved quickly. thank you. police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. you can text anonymous tips to 50411. let's talk about the wildfires burning in tennessee. officials have confirmed the
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authorities are scrambling to evacuate danger zones. >> we've all been overwhelmed at the scene of destruction in the county and primarily in the city of gatlinburg. >> cell phone video shows flames surrounding a driver evacuating the area of gatlinburg, tennessee monday night. fire threatened to block off the only road to safety. >> go, go, go. >> at one point sparks flew over the windshield. >> almost every cabin is burning to the ground. to escape. it is unclear if everyone was as lucky. flames closed in on the park vista hotel in downtown gatlinburg. people trapped inside recorded video on their cell phones as the fire burned. the lights flickered on and off in the smoke-filled lobby.
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structures if gatlinburg were burning. >> we're just now beginning to assess the loss of structures and again conditions throughout the area. >> it's so hot. >> high winds caused the fire, which began in the smoky mountains last week to descend on surrounding towns. they were forced to evacuate. earlier in the day smoke blanketed gatlinburg in an ominous cloud. this red cross sheller is one of many locations residents stayed the night. fleeing the fast moving wildfires in gatlinburg. 600 residents are registered here. many of them don't know what they're going to go home to. cbs news, gatlinburg, tennessee. >> impressive video we've seen from this fire. it's come from social media. this is some video here of somebody driving through the wildfire near gatlinburg. there's more video where you can see someone driving around and you see fire on the ground
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gives you some impact of just how dangerous and how incredible and how fast this is all moving. there's that shot there where you can see a lot of the fire on the side of the road. then there is this clip from inside a hotel. you can see the fire from the windows. pretty scary stuff. >> need some rain there pretty bad. right now investigators are combing through the wreckage of a charter plane that crashed in colombia. at least 71 people were killed when that plane went down last night. six people were vived. the charter flight was carrying members of a brazilian soccer team and more than 20 journalists. authorities say the pilot declared an emergency because of an electrical issue. traveling this holiday season could get more stressful. workers at our airports are angry. some make below minimum wage.
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pete muntean live to tell us about their problems. >> that protest just ended here. 5000 airport workers region wide. they are now threatening to strike even though there is no impact on travelers just yet. the fight for $15 an hour is getting louder. some of these workers are making only $6.25. many are baggage handlers. >> it'll be a tremendous change, you know. some of us jobs, me and my coworkers. it's still not enough. >> these protests are happening at airports nationwide. this message is for the metropolitan washington airport authority. it oversees reagan national and dulles. it can make its contractors may people more. >> when you have subpar wages it is not practical to be able to support a family, to be able to live life with some sense of
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employees organize this talks of a strike have started. organizers warn it could come this holiday season. >> it may be inconvenience but these workers have fought long and hard and enough is enough. >> travelers will take a strike in stride. >> going to be inconvenient for us but it's more inconvenient to live on $7 an hour. >> see what we're trying to do and we're not going to we don't play. we want to fight to the end till we get $15 and union. >> the metropolitan washington airport authority just released a statement. it's been reviewing wage policy for months and that new contracts have a higher living wage set into them. it is $14.27 an hour. live at reagan national airport, pete muntean. >> thank you. today's protest was part of
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wages from new york to california. workers walked off their jobs demanding $15 an hour. in oakland police arrested dozens of people after protests there got out of hand. it's gray and rainy today. now we have storms in the forecast for tomorrow. first alert meteorologist howard berstein. >> we may see sun at times storms. round two taking shape with the severe thunderstorms, tornado watches going on down the lower mississippi valley. the showers for the most part have moved east up into new england. we have a couple of stragglers. coming through dc. through fairfax. across the route 50 corridor. everything is moving northeast quickly. 40, 45 miles per hour.
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northeast. you get the idea. laurel at 5:21. temperaturewise, we actually made the low 60s. 50s and 60s out there. it's 70 in raleigh. richmond, 65. tomorrow is going to be a warm, breezy day with showers and storms at times. not all day. we'll get cooler once again. see you in a few with that seven day. >> thanks, howard. a man is accused of touching a 12-year-old police have charged the man with abduction and aggravated sexual battery. it happened inside the kitchen at the corner stone church on gallows road. no word when the 47-year-old suspect will appear in court. a strange story here. a man was found naked in his neighbor's home. the sheriff's office says deputies were called out to a home in sterling last saturday. they reportedly found a 30-year-
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child's upstairs bedroom. he was arrested and charged with burglary, indecent exposure and possession of narcs. we're learning more about the student who went on a rampage at ohio state university. abdul razak ali artan hit several students when he drove on to the sidewalk. officials are looking at this incident as a possible terror attack. from a facebook posting, artan said i'm sick and tired of brothers and sisters being killed and tortured everywhere. months earlier he was in high spirits as he accepted his associate degree at a nearby community college. >> very kind. very well received by people. >> four of the 11 people who were injured yesterday are still in the hospital. a campus police officer shot and killed artan shortly after the attack. to trump tower now.
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elect's team. he is a couple steps closer to filling out his cabinet. elaine chao is the pick to be the next transportation secretary. georgia congressman tom price has been tapped to lead the department of health and human services. a a leading candidate to be secretary of state, mitt romney is scheduled to have dinner with the president-elect this evening. american students staging another protest today. they're demonstrating to show their anger over the election of donald trump. students say his choices for cabinet and policies are contrary to american values. they're taking issue with the outcome of the electoral college. change regular coming to the much discussed womens march on washington. it is scheduled for the day after the inauguration. organizers submitted a permit for 200,000 people. the national park service says
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applications before the womens march so it can't happen there. but park service is working with the group to find a different location and that permit has not. denied. we are just getting started on wusa9 at 5:00. president-elect trump fires up another controversy after his tweet about flag burning. caught on camera. a crook swiping a package from this doorstep. right after the break, a prince george's county woman says a neig
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thousands of mourners are paying their respects to fidel castro. they came to revolution square in havana. the same place where the former
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tonight's rally will be kind of a sendoff. castro's remains will embark on a cross country tour before reaching their final resting place in santiago. the birthplace of the cuban revolution. dc police want you to take a close look at this video. features a man wanted for stealing packages from traveler the porch of a home in northwest. this death happened last friday in the 3500 block of 13th street. surveillance camera catching the man walking away with the coat. >> that's pretty bold. a prince george's county woman claims a neighbor stole her two small dogs from her yard and basically tried to sell one back. now the owner is fighting back through the state's attorney's office. stephanie ramirez joins us live to break all of this down for us. >> this started about a month ago. saturday, november 5th, sylvia
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pomeranian and yorkie missing from her backyard. well she found a gate open and believes someone did this, nothing like this has happened before. still she put out missing dog fliers and a few days later got a call. >> pomeranian -- i think i know where he's at. >> this was a few weeks when we met sylvia during a lunch break. she said the woman on the phone came to her home with her when she decided she would not pay a reward. >> i got the pomeranian as a rescue dog. and this -- i just can't believe that people are so cruel. they take my dogs and try to sell them back to me. i just don't understand. >> reporter: she identified the caller as classy still, a woman who lives around the corner. spencer covington filed for
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learning the caller's history of theft. at her listed address a man who identified himself as still's boyfriend adamantly said no. >> she was trying to be a nice american, you know. whatever we call that word. to take the dog back to her. she feel she get something out of it. that's all that was. stealing dog, no. >> on the phone still told me she found fancy in the street and was acting on behalf of someone else. m once police got involved but bailey is still missing. >> i just want my dogs back. >> the states attorneys office charged still with the theft of both dogs even though still claimed she never saw bailey. police tell us one of the ways the charges could be dropped is if a suspect willingly gives back a stolen animal. >> a lot of layers to this. the case is expected to go to
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isn't buying the dc council's plan to provide paid family leave. a payroll tax would provide 11 weeks of paid leave to new parents and eight weeks to care for a sick relative. the mayor is concerned that two- thirds of the people who would benefit from the program live outside of the district. here's the white house decked out for the holiday season. this year's theme is the gift of the holidays. highlights include state dining room. that's one for each state and territory. there's 150 pounds of ginger bread on the inside. a 19-foot christmas tree graces the inside of the blue room. >> if you get a chance to visit the white house, go on a full stomach. don't take any bites -- >> beautiful. well you can't take any bites out of the ginger bread houses. >> wouldn't stop you from trying. >> when do they let you eat it?
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>> we make them and eat them. >> you eat yours. >> they're ginger bread. >> i thought the point was to make them stale so they stay better. >> i thought the whole point was to kind of nibble as you build it. >> i have done that before but i always thought they tasted a little stale. >> i don't wait that long. we can't wait that long. >> we can't wait to hear when we're going to see the sun again. >> it's going to be back in full force as we get toward thursday. another yellow he day. if you're headed out, a couple of lightstring sprinkles left over from the rain we had this morning. most of that is gone. we picked up not a lot. 2600ths for the entire month before that. these showers are lifting northeast about 40, 45 miles an hour. they won't be around long coming out of the district and
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most of the evening actually looks fairly dry. not completely dry. fairly dry. it's damp outside. we could have a little bit of fog forming, maybe a patch of drizzle. 58 now. the humidity at 97%. that's way up. we're not going to see like big clearing. temps range from the low to mid50s here. there are a couple of spots, 68 degrees right now. we manage to get into the low 60s here. the warmer air just off to the south and east. the river, chilly. we're getting patchy fog developing now. we'll have to watch out for later tonight. more areas of fog potentially into tomorrow morning. so as we look at our weather headlines. you know, there is a fog tonight. that's going to be headline one. yellow weather alert tomorrow. headline two. we will see showers and storms. but it's not going to be like 12 hours of nonstop downpours. we'll have some in the morning. midday, maybe through much of the afternoon break before another line of showers and storms for the evening until we clear out late tomorrow night.
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we will get into the low 70s. that's 20 degrees above average for this time of year. watching a big storm in the northern plains. snowing in north dakota. cold air behind it. severe weather round two now developing. tail end of the front. low pressure. these are tornado watches. coming out of louisiana. this arrives tomorrow morning. we have time between system a and system b, if you will. on the future cast you see not much going on to tomorrow morning. into central west virginia by 5:00 a.m. 7:00, 8:00. rush hour. here comes the rain. then that's going to lift north. we get into a break for several hours. middle of the day before more showers and storms come through in the afternoon and evening hours until we clear out overnight wednesday night into thursday. by then, breezy, cooler. highs around 60. that may be like a midnight high. most was temperatures with breeze. upper 40s to upper 50s.
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much from where nay are now. isolated showers. really the fog more of a concern. 50s and 60s tomorrow. some fog, a few showers in the morning. then in the afternoon the break before more showers and storms. 68 to 74 south of town. and on the breezy side. by thursday it's going to be cooler. 60. temperatures falling in the afternoon. chilly on friday. 50. the weekend looks chilly and dry right now. the next best chance of rain and it looks wet tuesday. highs only in the 40s. >> thanks. still during a thanksgiving dinner. it's the top item on many holiday wish lists. the cheaper tv streaming services coming soon. you'll want to tune in to my
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a school bus carrying high school students crashed today in prince george's county. the bus was carrying students to gwen park high school when it collided with a car. 24 students were taken to the hospital to be evaluated and then released to their parents. the driver of the car is being treated for serious injuries
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to figure out what exactly killed three people and sickened five others a the a community thanksgiving dinner. authorities near san francisco say they're not sure if the meal is to blame. 800 people were there at the dinner. in all eight people who became ill. they live at the same nursing facility. it is possible the victims ate something there that made them sick. in tonight's consumer alert, at&t starts its streaming tv directv will have 120 live channels including espn and starz. one of the new shows stars taylor swift. monthly subscriptions start at $35. volkswagen hopes bigger cars and suvs may help them overcome that big cheating scandal. the german auto maker is generating its own social media buzz after it released these designs for its newest vehicle.
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that has a sloping roof and it will be the most expensive model of the brand. it will roll out in the u.s. in 2018. if if the iphone is on your holiday wish list, you're not alone. according to a new piper holiday spending survey, apple smartphone is the most desired gift this season. thousands of shoppers ranked it at the top of their list. followed by the mac book. the xbox was third. not so popular, fitbits and hover boards. stra pictures and information on the national zoo panda recovering after emergency surgery. a soccer player from dc united talks about the plane crash that killed members of a team from brazil. right after the break, donald trump's inflammatory tweet about flag burning that is reigniting a hot button
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president-elect donald trump today called for flag burners to be thrown in jail or lose their citizenship. >> he may have been reacting to some of the protests against his electoral college victory. bruce leshan is here to tell us the supreme court has ruled on
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the court has said repeatedly it would violate the constitution for the government to rob you of your citizenship or to punish you for burning the flag. but the pressure has a way of grabbing headlines and reopening old debates. it is an active protest that ignites a visceral anger. >> some time in jail wouldn't do anybody any harm. they have to respect the flag and respect the united states. >> >> a piece of cloth, it's symbolic. you can college allegiance to it or if you want to and you're not posing any safety risk or anything you should be able to burn it. >> we went to frederick county maryland where mr. trump beat hillary clinton by about 3000 votes to get a sense of how his latest tweet is playing. >> i understand the freedom of
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some people just forget that. >> raise your flags, everybody. >> apparently in response to a fox news report on a new hampshire college, mr. trump tweeted nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do there must be consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. a few years ago he quoted george washington. if freedom of speech is taken away then dumb may be led like sheep to the slaughter. >> i would recommend he go back to a sisks class. >> an air force vet who spent two tours in iraq. >> if i am to take my enlistment seriously i'll hand him the lighter. >> i'll hand him the lighter. mr. trump's tweet put him at odds with one of his heroes.
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symbol that expresses an idea. that said, scalia was the main kind of speech that tyrants seek to suppress. lots of debate about this on my twitter feed. check that out at bruce leshan. >> thank you. as a senator hillary clinton did cosponsor the flag protection act of 2005. a year later clinton voted against a plan to amend the constitution. on our comments. marilyn writing i'm afraid to let it touch the ground, the flag. i don't know how anyone could burn one unless it's being properly retired. freedom of speech does not include burning the american flag. don't feel they should lose their citizenship. should have something happen to them. you can join the conversation on our facebook page. we know more now about that
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team -- 71 people were killed including a soccer team from brazil. reaction continues to pour in for the victims, including in washington. from a dc united player whose heart is very much with the team. >> soccer is arguably the most popular sport in the world. here in dc, a brazil native knows just how much the sport and players mean to his home country. he spoke about the tragedy. far away from brazil, dc united mid fielder knows there's not much he can do here. he joined the rest of the world in tweeting about the tragedy. [ inaudible ] >> dc united and several other playser did too. soccer is the biggest sport in the world, especially in brazil
5:33 pm
personally on the plane, he can relate. >> same situation. every other week. in the plane. we leave home. we say good-bye to our kids, our family and then we hope come back in two days and see their face again. >> he was born in brazil and knows the town where the team is based and how much this team means to them. >> those people are heros in their hometown. >> players who did after hearing the news. a team in the middle of a fairy tale season on their way to the finals of a major south american soccer tournament for the first time ever. >> their moment, you know. >> the plane was near medellin when it crashed due to an apparent electrical emergency. just minutes away from its
5:34 pm
survived. the brazilian government has declared three days of mourning. back to you. >> that is a heart breaking story all the way around. thank you. the son of the brazilian coach who died in that crash was supposed to be on the plane. he was not allowed to board the flight because he forgot his passport. in a facebook post he asked for respect for his family's privacy. >> the dc department of energy is trying to figure out what is floating river. they're not sure where it came from. they believe it's a hydraulic fluid. it was first spotted in frederick. wsoc closed down their plant as a precaution. we're told the fluid had no impact on water quality. >> a person who posted a video suggesting a barron trump has autism is reversing course now. that move comes after tmz reach the the creator of the video
5:35 pm
threatening to sue. the video is being pulled off youtube. the creator says he was diagnosed with autism at the age app. he wanted to get people to stop bullying barron trump. a group of black lives matter protesters will spend five days in jail for blocking traffic on i-95. it happened back in july. 13 mr. testers pleaded guilty to obstructing justice yesterday. an alarming number of people think rape is okay in some instances. 27% of europeans think it is acceptable. the so-called acceptable reasons for rape wearing provocative clothing, being
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at least 55% of the people who responded in hungaryy and romania believe that nonconsensual sex is okay sometimes. no, it is not. more good news. be i bei. the giant panda at the national zoo. >> bei bei gobbled up his medicine this morning. it was hidden inside of a sweet potato. the panda had emergency surgery last week to fix a obstruction. doctors removed a chunk of bamboo his fur growing back where it was shaved. bei bei continues resting inside while he heels. >> that looks like a smile. aboutny michael hall did that has him facing prison time. the rant from a delta passenger that has him banned for life. we love this dog's reaction
5:37 pm
not feeling very holiday like out here. seeing temperatures potentially in the low 70s. showers and storms that come with that. we'll talk about that and when you can expect for the rest of the week in just a few minutes.
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with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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let get to what's trending tonight. anthony michael hall is accused of attacking a neighbor. >> yeah, can't do that. court records show the neighbor suffered a broken wrist and a back injury when an argument turned physical. the incident happened in september. the 48-year-old hall wasn't charged until recently. he is facing a charge of felony battery. he's yet prison if convicted. we showed this to you yesterday. it is still getting a lot of clicks on facebook. a donald trump supporter banned for life from delta flights. a facebook user recorded and posted the whole thing. the unnamed passenger shouted the president-elect's name on a
5:41 pm
allentown, pennsylvania. delta as refunded all of those passengers the full price of their ticket. eddie murphy was nearly a trek i can. he was also in a star trek film. >> so weird. the screen writers star trek iv say murphy was slated to play an astro physicist in an early draft. murphy was a big fan. producers just couldn't work out a deal. the dr. jillian taylor. >> what could have been. going viral tonight, a dog gets to meet the life size version of her favorite chew toy. this santa chew toy. she fell in love with it. they took her to a mall in orlando to meet the real st. nick. look at her reaction. >> look at santa's face. he's like, this dog is about to eat my face. >> the photos sitting on santa's lap has been shared on
5:42 pm
that dog looks so happy. >> yeah. santa is lucky to get away with all of his fingers and toes. >> great shot. josh norman doesn't back down from a fight or a fine. we'll take a look at the most penalized player in the nfl. >> quite an honor. after the break, people living in dc complain about rude cops. we hear from residents and police about the foul-mouthed
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we have a big bleeping problem. hundreds of complaints accusing metropolitan police officers of cursing and acting inappropriately. >> wusa9's stephanie gailhard is live to break down the numbers and the bad words for us. >> reporter: we're talking about 945 complaints over the last four years. that breaks down to about less than one complaint a day. some people say that's too many. others say it's not too bad. either way, interim police
5:46 pm
190 complaints allege a dc police officer used profanity. 639 complain about an officer's demeanor. more than 40 officers had three or more language and conduct complaints against them. the executive director of the dc office of police complaints say the numbers are troubling. >> it will affect that person's perception of not just that officer but of the police department. that affects ic and when public trust is eroded then the next result is it affects public safety and officer safety because the police no longer have an appearance of legislatesy in some parts of the community. >> dc's acting police chief responded to the report today. >> over a four year period if you look at like 190 cases of profanity, i they that amounts
5:47 pm
3700 officers. almost 2 million calls for service. i want to put that context out there. >> it's something i've dealt with with police officers just -- just being hurtful. not just like the physical stuff that you hear about in the news but just like the little digs here and there that are inappropriate and you can't do anything about it because you don't feel like you're safe. >> i haven't had any experiences personally of, you know, interacting with police officers and having them be rude. it strikes me as too high of a biggest thing that's wrong with the city. >> overall complaints against dc police officers are up 5 to 8% in the last three years according to the dc office of police complaints. they say that's in part to increase media attention on police conduct, as well as the fact that all of those complaint forms are now online
5:48 pm
reporting live in northwest dc, i'm stephanie gailhard. >> dc police complaints board has made recommendations to -- whether all police officers should undergo new training. a little bit of rain leading us into december. >> yeah, we'll have some rain tomorrow. most of the rain we've had today is over wi. tonight. then form another yellow weather alert day. we could wake up to showers. we could be going to bed to showers and thunderstorms. spring-like for the last day of november. first alert doppler. the first batch of rain just about out of here. couple of light showers lingering in the metro area. moving very quickly off toward the north and east. these things are racing off to the northeast. you'll see a couple of showers from laurel down pulling away from college park. headed up toward baltimore.
5:49 pm
this one north of seabrook. everything is moving quickly. yellow weather alert for tomorrow. morning commute, i think it's going to be impacted moderately if not high by showers. not expecting thunder until later in the day. afternoon commute, i've lowered it a little bit from the morning. it depends on what time the storms begin. they could be here for the afternoon. they may hold off to the evening. flooding not really a concern. windy, little bit of a concern. any thunderstorms tomorrow could have some gusty winds with them. right now we're looking at temps in humidity way high at 97%. with that high humidity, fog is forming in a few spots. especially where it's colder. still have the warm air from the south coming over the cold air. meanwhile, 68 at the naval air station. they got the warm air today. tomorrow i think we can make the low 70s. right now the fog -- half mile visibility culpeper. those are the bigger problems. more widespread fog as the night wears on.
5:50 pm
to this thing going on in the dakotas and minnesota with the trailing cold front. energy driving up the front. notice the storms popping in the last few hours and the red box, these are tornado watches. mississippi, alabama to tennessee. this is round number two. that'll be moving toward us late tonight, early tomorrow. we're not going to get tornadoes. the energy is going to produce showers and maybe a couple of storms. i'm not anticipating an all day rain. if you leave early at 5:00 you may this lifts north. this is our break midday. what comes in the afternoon, evening will be the showers and storms before we clear out late tomorrow night. upper 40s to upper 50s. isolated showers. mainly cloudy with a few areas of fog. a few showers tomorrow morning. 50s and 60s.
5:51 pm
68 to 74. that's about 20 above average. friday, chilly around 50. the weekend looks chilly and dry. temps upper 40s to around 50. the next best chance of rain after tomorrow comes tuesday. that's looking wet with highs holding in the 40s. redskins corner back josh norman plays tough and fierce on the football field. penalties in the nfl. diane roberts takes a closer look at the redskins $75 million man. >> josh norman was in dez bryant's face and ear all game thanksgiving day. ending with pushing, shoving and a war of words after the cowboys win. >> this guy. bump into me like what's up.
5:52 pm
>> washington need to get their money back. he bails and he holds. never seen it before. never seen that out of a player. >> what you didn't see, surprisingly, was a norman penalty. he is the most penalized player in the league. yellow flags have been thrown in seven games, adding up to 11 penalties for 81 yards. for every one of these plays disturb. >> intercepted by norman. >> there's one of >> prior the to the pass, illegal use of hands. >> his left hand goes to the face mask of aj green. >> refs called out norman five times in the bengals game. enough to push the buttons of outspoken number 24. >> who is 88? i got toknow. i got to know. who is official 88? he sucked. just going to be honest with you. i'm going to be straightforward. he was terrible. i feel like he should be reprimanded.
5:53 pm
change the way he plays. >> what am i going to change? my aggressiveness? my bestiality when i'm out there? what? no. -- >> daryl green told us everybody knows the kind of player norman is. green says he's not troubled by the kicking, pushing, et cetera. he just wants norman to tone it down off the field. diane robert, wusa9 sports. >> when he makes those late forgotten. all is forgiven. >> calm down. just calm. >> do some meditation. >> some zen. >> with somebody that good, it's hard to reign it back in. coming up at 6:00, president-elect donald trump is a couple of steps closer to filling out his cabinet. >> up next, a group that's giving deaf people the ability to hear.
5:54 pm
this giving tuesday. at 6:30 on the cbs evening news with scott pelley, a bucket of ice, a good cause and a social media sensation.
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on this giving tuesday a nonprofit in georgetown wants you to think about the deaf and hard of hearing. every year more than 12,000
5:57 pm
with silence. others lose their hearing and speech along the way. the alexander graham bell association is changing lives with the help of donations to make a big difference. >> reporter: daniel and elena have something in common that you may not notice right away. daniel and elena are deaf. these small electronic medical devices implants opens up a new world for them. both started wearing them when they were young. it's improved their speech and hearing dramatically. daniel was born deaf. he says the device gave him new life. >> i cannot imagine living my life without hearing and speaking. >> everything in my life i relied on my hearing. >> reporter: bacterial meningitis stole her hearing. her parents moved fast.
5:58 pm
graham bell association, a nonprofit in georgetown. it provides assistance and other resources to families who don't want to depend on sign language. the nonprofit ceo. >> to see their face. to see the emotion of the parents when they can hear a mother tell the child i love you. that's incredible. >> the orza recipients get cochlear implants. >> you can't really tell but i have a little circular bump. >> that's where the implant is. the transmitter sends sound. some have blue tooth capabilities. the only challenges is not being able to hear under water or at night when she takes it out. nothing compares to losing her hearing for several months and then fighting to get it back.
5:59 pm
>> mikea turner, wusa9. >> now ag bell donates more than a half million dollars in scholarships and financial aid every year to improve the lives of the deaf and hard of hearing. donations are being accepted to support the cause. right now at 6:00, president-elect donald trump picks two more people to fill his cabinet and they are not strangers to washington. >> also coming up, a fast moving wildfire that destroyed buildings in a smoky mountain resort turns deadly. the cuban government does not hold back his feelings on the death of his former dictator. thanks for joining us tonight. the donald trump administration taking shape in new york city. president-elect selected two more members of his cabinet today. both new hires a long time washington insiders.
6:00 pm
selections. >> two selections today shed light on which campaign promises he values highly and which may take a backseat. we've learned he is deadly serious about getting rid of obamacare, but draining the swamp may have to wait. >> reporter: in one in washington has more experience working to repeal obamacare than tom price. >> this is lunacy. this is what happens when you put the government in charge. >> the former orthopedic trying to do both for years. spearheading the houses dozens of repeal votes and proposing his own substitute for the president's signature healthcare bill. >> we're proposing a patient- centered solution. >> senate democratic leader chuck schumer compared price's selection to asking a fox to guard the hen house. mr. trump's nominee to head the department of transportation


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