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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. some near zero. dense fog in effect until 7:00 tomorrow morning. so that's one thing you'll be waste -- you'll be facing. the other thing a lot of rain and storms out to our south and west for the tennessee valley. this is coming for tomorrow morning so three things you need to know for wednesday. showers around for the morning commute. also a break and if we can get
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tomorrow. we may make the run toward the record. showers and thunderstorms will be returning later on. and the evening. the man wanted in the shooting death of a 16-year-old girl is -- has turned himself into tonight. a police source tells wusa9 evans surrendered. wanted for unlawful possession of a firearm. police were looking for him in connection with the killing of breanna mcan shooting as she talked to her friends outside her apartment building the day after thinks giving. breaking news out of manassas where police are investigating the shooting death of a man at the food lion grocery store on hobey road. the victim was rushed to the hospital shortly after officers arrived. but he didn't survive. identity has not yet been released. no word on a suspect. after six months of searching police are still trying to figure out how skeletal remains ended up near
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detectives in frederick need your help. wusa9's ellison barber brings us the story. >> reporter: on may 6, 2016 a mushroom hunter stumbled on a human skeleton just off of catoctin hollow road near cunningham falls state park. remains were spread out across this area. police had to bring canines into help them search. they recovered most of the bones and that's how they were able to get this photo. or sketch, really. of a young man anthropologist say is between 16 and 19 years old. the remains belonged to an african-american man who was roughly 5'6". forensic artists used all of that information and the remains to create this. an image of what he looked like before he died. police hope someone recognizes him. how the team died is still unknown. medical examiner could not determine it but police say whoever this is died a while ago.
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the place where they found him is isolated and off of a major highway. this is the closest town. clermont. most people we spoke to knew about the case but no one recognized the mystery man. police say this is a last-ditch effort to find some closure in a case where all the leads dried up months ago. in frederick, ellison barber, wusa9. donald trump his options after wrapping up a dinner with mitt romney. high-profile meeting before -- between former enemies comes as -- romney remains the contender for secretary of state on the short list for donald trump's list for secretary of state. garrett haig is with us tonight. joining us live in the studio with more. >> reporter: the most important guys night out of the transition process.
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staff reince priebus and mitt romney breaking bread in new york city as the president tries to decide whether to hire one of his fiercest critics as secretary of state. the meal that made tonight to feuding factions of the republican party started with young garlic soup and sautied fraud -- frog legs. it ended with the last presidential nominee praising his new leader. a man he once called a phony and a fraud. >> he did something i tried to do and was unsuccessful in a, she. he won the general election. and he nt of improvement and bringing people together. and his vision is something which connected with the american people in a powerful way. >> reporter: at stake in manhattan america's top diplomatic post. which the former governor is a front-runner. albeit one facing vocal opposition from within donald trump's inner circle. >> we don't know if he voted for donald trump. he and his consultants were nothing but on all -- nothing but awful to donald trump.
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gingrich told usa today. >> what i've said is trump wants to take the risk. i'll support trump but i would never recommend romney. i think giuliani would be vastly better. >> rudy giuliani the former mayor is said to be among the other option -- other top contenders. mr. trump's list has appeared to expand in recent days to include david petraeus and foreign relations committee chairman bob corker who visited trump tower today. >> the greatest opportunity in modern times to really strengthen our nation security interests around the world and to help us economically. trouble but neither of those men were invited to meet with mr. trump in such a public way. a source close to mitt romney tells me the former governor has been given some assurances by mr. trump's team that his interest in him is real but if a job offer was made tonight
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>> high drama. thank you. even before tonight's meeting it was a busy day for the trump transition. a person familiar with the decision says the president- elect will nominate steven mnuchin to be the 77th treasury secretary. he served as the head of trump's campaign finance operations and spent years working at goldman sachs. trump picked elaine chao to be his transportation secretary and he has tapped georgia congressman tom price services. trump says he will nominate fema former president of a consulting company to be the administrator of the centers for medicare and medicaid services. a victory tour is set for thursday when trump will return to cincinnati for a postelection rally. trump and mike pence also plan to visit indiana thursday to unveil an agreement with air
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tonight carrier says it has reached a deal with the president-elect to keep nearly 1000 jobs in the state. trump spent much of his campaign pledging to keep companies like carrier from moving jobs out of the country. the founder of b.e.t. is asking african-americans to give president-elect donald trump a change. bob johnson who founded black entertainment television says he turned down the offer of a cabinet position during his meeting with the president- elect earlier this month but he did discuss ways that trump could reach out to african johnson and addressed the question of how to work with someone who questioned the legitimacy of the president's citizenship. he says voters have to engage. organizers of the women's march on washington are telling people interested in participating not to change their plans even though that rally may not take place at the lincoln memorial.
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because the application got in late, they don't quite have the permit. a spokesperson for the group told wtov radio they will announce the location as soon as they confirm it. fire officials in tennessee are worried about the return of high winds that spanned a raging inferno through the great smoky mountains. also new tonight word that this fire was arson. intentionally set. thousands fled from the blazes that killed three and destroyed hundreds of homes and a resort. the am of many who escaped with only the clothes on their backs and their pets. >> as long as i got my family, that's all that matters. really. >> in all more than 14,000 residents and visitors were forced to evacuate the city of gatlinburg where a curfew is planned for tonight. we've obtained video of a controversial officer involved shooting that injured a man in
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police searched for some suspected burglars in laurel. john henry joins us now from the newsroom and the city of laurel said this shooting appears to be unintentional? maybe an accident? >> reporter: that's what the city said in a statement earlier this spring but the attorney defending the man who was shot believes the video shows otherwise. he said his client was unarmed and that the officer's response to the situation was simply not warranted. april 10. police responded to an alarm call at the market. when they arrived they find a 15-year-old fleeing the scene. officers ask him to stop. he refuses. so they tase him. >> what? nobody else? >> reporter: but their search isn't over. this video shows four police officers walking to the back of the business to look for any more would be suspect. an officer on the scene switches a flashlight and gun from one hand to another. he opens the door and then sees
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the city of laurel said that was when the 17-year veteran fired his weapon toward 20-year- old sean kirby of nottingham maryland. he was shot in the back. you can see police then ran over to give him aid until an ambulance arrived. in his statement released a day after the shooting, the city of laurel said it appeared the shooting was unintentional. and that the officer was startled. just before the shooting happened. but the lawyer disagrees with that claim. in a statement client was not pose any threat to the officer when he was shot down. he added officers are specifically trained only to use deadly force when necessary. deadly force was clearly not necessary in this instance. we reached out to the city of laurel to see if either it or the police department had a new statement in regards to this latest video. spokesperson declined comment. the officer has not been named. prince georges grand jury also
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him for his actions in this case. as for curbing, he is expected to be in court next week to face burglary charges in connection to this case. thank you. bravery under fire. officer honored for his actions during a tragic day at the navy yard. how he handled his toughest on- the-job call to serve and protect. this four-legged hero took a bullet and survived. see how a spotsylvania canine and his crime-fighting partner one last time this holiday season holds lots of meaning for, obama. see the decorations and some
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law enforcement officials are searching a student apartments for clues as they try to figure out what prompted him to attack people with a butcher knife. authorities say abdul razak ali artan was upset about the treatment of muslims. in one post he warned that quote, if you want us muslims to st then make peace with the islamic state. leash -- and the officer who shot and killed him is being called a hero and one police officer said he knows exactly what that cop is going through. carl hiatt received a bravery award today for his actions during the 2013 navy yard shooting. >> reporter: although it's not something he brags about, u.s. park police officer carl hiatt has received many awards over the last three years but he
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culmination. if anyone knows what ohio state university police officer alan horujko is going through, it is carl hiatt. yesterday he shot and killed a knife wielding student as that student stabbed random people on campus. >> it's tough. even though you are doing a good job it's tough to take one someone's life. i know he did a great thing. >> reporter: hiatt a u.s. park police officer shot and killed errant alexis at the navy yard during his killing spree that left 12 people dead. hiatt and several officers from other agencies were the first in the building as alexis wandered looking for victims. they methodically cleared rooms and evacuated civilians and tracked down the shooter. >> everyone has similar training. and we all got together and it's time to go. >> reporter: what happened that day did not hit him until he got home. hours later. >> i made it home kind of late and i was with my wife and i
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happened. >> reporter: at that point it felt good to be home. >> felt great. i know several people who were not able to make it on that day. and that weighs on you but i know getting home first thing i did was hug my wife and be glad i was there. >> reporter: seems being there wherever he might be needed is what hiatt does best. for that, don beier presented him with a congressional brett -- badger bravery. hiatt says he was just doing his job. >> not anything special. this is what we take the job for. we are doing this to protect people. so you go back to your normal day and hope it never happens again. >> reporter: officer hiatt insists this award is more a recognition for law enforcement as a whole. all the officers who serve and protect every single day. adam? >> we thank them for the job that they do. thanks. the spotsylvania canine officer that was shot while chasing a suspect is back on
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bureau chief peggy fox talked with the dog handler and shares up close video of the deputy and the dog back together. >> reporter: it's truly remarkable. in less than two months after being shot by a suspect, the canine duck -- dux is back on the job looking good as new. >> he is back to normal. on the 23rd he was released and he went through a rigorous test of obedience and some aggression work. he passed with flying colors. so he is ready to hit the streets and protect the citizens of spotsylvania county. >> reporter: the only sign that anything happened to dux is the new hair growth on his back from where he was shaved for surgery. dux was shot in this neighborhood by a fleeing suspect who was firing at two deputies. dux's handler was there.
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look out for him. we go to a call together. >> reporter: dux chased the suspect and took on bullets meant for the deputies. >> he's as much of a hero that any of the men and women who go out every night to keep the citizens of our county and community safe. >> reporter: emergency surgery at the care animal hospitals where doctors learned how serious his wounds were. >> there was still a bullet fragment in -- near his spine. about the spinal cord. so he got lucky. >> reporter: he was given a hero's sendoff from the hospital. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> what is it like for you? >> it's awesome. we have all been so worried and have been praying for that animal. and praying for corey. it's just great to see that team back together again. >> we train them to do a job and they did the job well. that's all it is.
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mean dogs. >> reporter: dux has been on the job for about a year. he says they will be partners until one of them retires. in spotsylvania county, peggy fox, wusa9. >> great to see him back out there. on-the-job. yeah. right back at it. we've got a lot of fog right now. yellow weather alert and 3- degree guarantee. let's take care of that quickly. forecast high temperature today 64. it's a tough one. front nearby. 63 and happy with that. dulles got to 57. that's how close it was to -- i'm going 70 tomorrow for my 3- degree guarantee. big bust potential. we don't get out of the clouds early. we're not going to make it. a lot of clouds on the ground. visibility zero. in front royal. quarter-mile in so many areas. like up at gaithersburg and leesburg. 10 miles in warrenton.
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so is cumberland. dense fog advisories for the shenandoah valley through the metro into northern maryland with 7:00 a.m. wednesday. allow extra time and low beams. the high beams will be reflecting back at you. temps were cool in the 40s. that's where the fog goes first. temperatures in the 60s in southern maryland. you were not in the advisories. neither is the eastern shore. one thing we've been watching where the visibility has been good, seeing some river fog coming across the brs dc. currently in town 54. no wind and humidity 100%. no surprise we've got fog out there and that leads weather headlines tonight. areas of fog a lot of fog tonight. yellow weather alert for tomorrow. showers and storms. a lot of breaks midday. depending on the brace we will be in the 60s or low to mid-70s tomorrow. south is being pummeled by this area of low pressure secondary one that formed more tornadic weather tonight.
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arriving toward morning in the form of showers and maybe a rumble of thunder but this will push through and then a break midday and late afternoon, evening this line of showers and storm comes through ahead of the cold front. thursday done with rain for several days. 46 to 56 tonight. isolated showers. the fog is going to be the bigger problem. fog and showers in the morning. 50s and 60s. break toward midday. several hours of a local and then more showers and storms late. 66 to 72. yellow weather alert once again. toward thursday breezy and cooler. son returns. temperature around 60 although 50s in the afternoon. chile on friday. saturday, sunday watching the system stay south of us. rain on tuesday. holding in the 40s. >> thanks. i don't need to be here for this. you go on ahead. >> you don't like the good news. [ laughter ] tonight the terps did face a former foe. mark turgeon doing a lot of
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there was a lot of that going on during tonight's maryland basketball game. his team playing in their fifth game in 10 days met their toughest opponent yet. a lot to be proud of in this game. the terps rallied back from a 25-point deficit in the second half to within eight but the hole they dug early was just too deep to climb out of. taking on pittsburgh in the acc big ten challenge. hot early hitting two threes. from the corner he had 13 points. maryland jumped out to the lead but pitt too much for maryland. michael young with three of his 25. panthers led by 21 at the half. second half baltimore native jamel artis was -- two of his 22. the temps tried to rally but fall short 73-59. >> we cut them at a good time. but having said that, i thought our team played as well in the first half as we've played. >> their whole team got going. loses goose in the first half.
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just one of those nights. it really was. i'm telling you. we're going to be a great offensive team. gray shooters. guys that can penetrate. we've got sun big guys around the rim. just was not our night. >> taking the positives. the navy football team is 9- 2. ranked 19th in the college football playoff pole. they have a chance for a bid to play in the cotton bowl. january 2nd. but first they have their sights set oe conference championship saturday in annapolis. navy takes on temple. the coach is excited his guys could get a new year's bid but they are not there yet. >> it's exciting but if you don't win it don't matter. so our preparation and focus is trying to play and beat a really good temple team. that's where our focus is at. after that obviously we've got
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may. the redskins busy on the day off. guys like ryan grant joining forces to guide kids through trust and teambuilding exercises. rebecca kirk cousins helped unveil a new anti-distracted driving campaign called phones down touchdown. one reason he joined was the loss of former michigan state punter mike sadler who died in a crash this summer. >> mike is one of a few people close to me who have been lost due to a car accident. and that has large implications and if we can save one life by putting this message out, it's a worthwhile message. >> of course a big issue that we are always talking about with
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first lady michelle obama welcoming military families and volunteers to the white house to see the holiday decorations. it was the last time for the tradition which involved volunteers from 33 states dc and puerto rico who all helped to put the trees up and talk about 70,000 ornaments. her family did the best they can to make americans feel welcome during the holidays. watch out for the fog tonight and tomorrow morning. showers early and late. drying out by thursday. take it easy out there. have a good night.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017.
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