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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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storms moving into the dc area. howard berstein is tracking the rain on live first alert doppler. >> nothing heavy but some downpours and gusty winds and even a rumble of thunder. all of that has been generally west towards washington. the stuff towards roanoke we have to watch this evening. look at all the orange and reds north and west of us. these are torrential downpours. rainfall rates 1 to 2 inches an hour. you can see it across montgomery, fred i can and into howard counties. the heaviest stuff is off to the south. you can sigh everybody getting hit hard. a lot of rain up in frederick county as well. here's the heaviest stuff into tyson's corner and clay from fairfax just tweeted me a big gust of wind. we could have 30 to 40 miles for hour gusts toward tyson's corner.
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just clips the areas northwest of dc but more showers this evening. before we clear out late tonight we will be back with that 7-day forecast. >> got it. a new crime tight fighting tool is coming to college park. >> police at the university of maryland are moving quickly tonight to try to head off an even more violent attack than the one this week at ohio state. bruce leshan is here to tell us how. >> reporter: this new technology is called shot spotter. the university it on campus this week and it will reduce response time if a shooter starts to attack students. >> [gunshots] >> police at a california high school showed just how quickly shot shotter can pinpoint gunfire. >> the principal said this shot spotter microphones. >> and there's one right there. >> it makes student s safer. >> why do we need a fire alarm?
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that happens we know how to react. >> the university of maryland police chief said even though nearly every student has a cell phone it can take 2 minutes or many into an attack before the first call goes out to 911. >> police will know within seconds. they can defect it within 10 feet inside or it could happen here definitely. >> shot spotter sets up an array of microphones and using software originally designed to track earthquakes to map gunfire. >> you know, they can kill a lot of people in a very short amount of time so it's i think critical to have that kind of protection on campus. >> shot spotter says the microphones are not designed to pick up people's conversations
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said there's an issue. >> i don't like the idea of them potentially recording more than what they're saying. you know, if you give them an inch they will take a mile. >> reporter: in some hard hit communities gunfire goes unreported. with shot spotter police knows even if police not called. >> thank you, bruce. it's being used in 2 2 states including maryland as well as here in dc. sources tell somai-born student who carried out that attack in ohio was in washington and made a purchase at a home depot. abdul razak ali artan was inspired by isis and an al-qaeda laet kai -- leader. abdul razak ali artan went
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in the attack that morning. 11 people were injured when he drove into students, teachers and people walking and just started to slash people with a knife. he was shot and killed by a campus police officer. the district attorney in charlotte, north carolina said he will file no charges against police officer brently vincent who shot and killed keith lamont scott last september while scott's wife recorded the incident on a cell phone. both men are black. the d.a said he acted lawfully and that a gun was recovered athe the dead man's dna on it. that it was coked with a round in the chamber. the scott family said it's disappointed and considering a lawsuit. >> we still have real questions in terms of how they confronted keith, how they reacted to the information he had a brain injury and whether they used appropriate deescalation techniques. >> it sparked days of
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some turning violent. tonight the scott family is urging people who plans to protest to do so peacefully. the case has gone to the jury in the case of former police officer michael slager in south carolina. he's charged of murdering walter scott after a traffic stop last april. cell phone video shows slager firing as scott run away. the defense said it fails to tell the entire story. the judge granted a the jury to consider manslaughter as well as murder. the mayor of gaithersburg, tennessee said crews have recovered three more bodies in the ashes of wild fires that burned for days. that brings the death toll to seven. the fires have destroyed hundreds of buildings. heavy rain falling today has helped to put out some of the flames but more than 200 firefighters remain on the fire line. moments before that plane
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air traffic controllers he had run out of fuel. that's according to a recording leaked to several media out lets. the tower was giving #24e78 them landing instructions when it slam intoed -- slammed into the moupts. he elect donald trump said he's taking steps to separate his private business from his work as president. in a series of turn over control of his businesses so he can focus on the presidency. critics claim unprecedented conflicts of interest still remain because donald trump still owns all those businesses. all this as the president elect con firmed two more cabinet picks. >> president elect donald trump is getting closer to filling out his cabinet positions. h e named wilbur ross to lead the
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secretary. he's expected to play a major role in crafting mr. trump's tax reform plan. >> i know what it takes to make sure that we can make loans to small and mid market companies. >> mr. trump tweeted his plans to step away from his business to focus on running the crew. the watchdog group released a statement critic cam of mr. trump's decision saying what he does not want t his conflicts arise from the ownership. >> he's making a campaign patrol. -- campaign program. >> they are not going to move to mexico. it's going to happen. >> donald trump will travel to indiana tomorrow to announce a deal with carrier to keep 1,000 jobs from being shipped to mexico. later he kicks off his
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president-elect's to do list, the electing of secretary of state. david petraeus, rudy giuliani and former gop nominee mitt romney are all said to be on the short list. >> mr. trump has scheduled a news conference for december 15th to discuss the details of his plans to sever ties with his business. jill stein has now requested a full hand recount of michigan's presidential vote. it already requested recounts for the states and wisconsin. president-elect donald trump won all three of those states. in michigan he defeated hillary clinton by less than 11,000 votes. stein said voting irregular lay traffic information any time logs -- irregularities. the house democrats
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house leader today. she was challenged by tim ryan. they were conflicting over the party's taking new seats in the cabinet. pelosi said --
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coming up, an instructor at a -- >> a council member is accused of rear ending a couple while driving under the influence and
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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a prominent prince george's county council member is not talking tonight after arrest for drunking driving in a county owned suv. >> council caused a serious accident the night of his arrest and walked away from the scene. scott broom reports from the intersection of route 4 and dowerhouse road in upper march. >> when state police first arrived here to investigation this accident the county council member was nowhere to be seen even though his car was left behind. >> here's the mercedes that franklin allegedly hit just before midnight sending the
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here's the franklin county-owned ford explorer. >> medics said they saw the driver of the suv walking away. state police reported he was not at the immediate scene when they arrived. he was later spotted about 70 yards away from the darkness walking in the median back towards the scene. it was mel franklin the council member who state police saw blew a ppt .10. he was arrested. an attorney for the couple speak this -- afternoon. >> they are scared of getting into their car. they are shocked. >> franklin con constituents were shocked. >> franklin was picked up by his wife. >> he or his attorneys are not talk. they said we'll see you in court. scott broom, wusa 9. >> franklin inform ed
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use of county vehicles. tracking metro, tonight the agency boss is putting out a new plan about safety and trust. the metro gm just rolled out his back to good plan focused on improving service and ride blt. first up are metro's old cars. he is retiring the old ones. he said trains not tracks are 60% of the source of all delays. riders from just a few years ago. a former martial arts teacher in falls church is in jail charged with assaulting one of his former students. police say 27-year-old randon miller inappropriately touched a 13-year-old girl. it happened at the martial arts school on columbia pike. police say the girl attended a camp at the
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assault he kept in touch with her through text messages. >> he seem ed ed nice and okay with the kids. it's one of those things that you don't think is going to happen. >> the owner of the school tells wusa 9 he fired miller back in august and that they performed background checks on all of their employees. police are searching for a woman suspected in a murder outside a manassas food lion store last night. it happened around 7:30. that store was prince william county police say there was a large fight in the parking lot. many people involved in it. they say the victim, 24-year-old cordrey douglas jackson was fighting with another man and 23-year-old roberta brandon. police say brandon pulled out a gun and fired killing jackson and she's still out there. five people were killed when violent storms tore through the south this morning. three of the victims died when a suspected tornado touched down
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a flood warning for most of the state. power crews working to restore power to tens of thousands of customers in tennessee,alabama and mississippi. >> the thing is it will help the wild fires in tennessee. gaithersburg has been under a burn ban. for us we are seeing the same rain system. some of that rain h we haven't seen much in the district. it's been pouring to the north and west. sometimes the rainfall rates are over 1 to 2 inches an hour. seeing a batch of rain down here watching this stuff from roanoke. that could be here at 9:00 give or take a little bit. more immediate concern, the stuff just off to our north and west. it's built south a little bit. some of this has been really been hitting loudin county hard. leesburg south and southeast east you have it. west of there you are trying out some. many montgomery county approaching
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an hour plus gusts with this heavy rain moving east towards laurel. going to hit college park. it's just a few miles west of there now. it's just about on top of silver spring. frederick county, north and east of 70 in frederick is where most of the rain is here. in leesburg not as heavy. this stuff from tyson's corner moving in towards arlington is moving north, northeast at 40 to 50 miles per hour. heavy, heavy downpours here. whether you're going out 66 or on the beltway what i'm watching now. it's going to clip into northwest dc in 15 minutes or so. out 66 we have plenty of rain going out to the valley. it's going to be an active evening. nothing severe but we are going to watch it. a temperature still 65, balmily for this time of the year. average highs in the low 50s. the upper 60s andrews and waldorf. we will watch the front come through at 1:00 or
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rain pull away and we cool down and dry out for thursday. a going to be bro send breezy -- breezy. tomorrow dress for the 40 s with the wind chill. 40s and 50s tonight. showers and some thunder possible. clearing late. winds will switch to the northwest at 10 to 15. it will be breezy with some sunshine and winds gusting 20 to 25. in the afternoon in the dress for the 40s. chilly on saturday around 50. heading out for the navy game dress for 49. sunday more rain and temperatures in the 40s. how much do you think that kirk cousins is going to get per game? >> about $25 million. >> the red sin -- redskins hold their playoff cards. they play arizona. the latest from ash
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now wusa 9 with frank hammerhand brought to you by xfinity. another big game looms for the redskins. hey, they beat arizona this sunday and they have got a very good shot at making the playoffs for the second straight season. when the redskins have made the playoffs recently it comes with great stretch runs. get the statistics since 2005, their 18-2 record in december and january but 6 and 27 when they don't so chew on that.
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we won our last four. we understand the importance of the last four or five games. whether you're in position to control your own test -- test -- test any or not test any or not. >> there's talk about navy paralyzing the bowl system if the mids win out. they have to and it starts with temple american athletic championship game this weekend. they have had a good season beating big time perhaps using low preseason rankings as a motivating factor. they are in the conference title game. this is a big one for the mids and they know it. again, 9-2 record led by this guy, will worth with a great season for navy and coach ken. >> playing at home has always been great for us.
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at home. we are hoping to be able to play at home and it's worked out. so we are excited. you know, we have another jumbotron and i thinks it' really added to, you know, the home field advantage. we love to play at home. we leave you with this. how ability j.r. smith from the cavaliers. out of a time out smith wandering over to give jason terry a pound and they throw the ball in where smith should be easy 2. they upset the defending champs. never turn your head. >> on the court, in the news room, anywhere. >> absolutely. are we checking out the forecast? >> that's it. >> oh, that's it . >> cbs is next. >> that's the forecast . bruce will see you at 7:00.
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glaim can deadly disasters in the deep south. >> we took off running. the wind picked us up and threw us glaim tornadoes and firefighters force thousands to flee. also tonight, a charlotte police officer is cleared in the fatal to days of arrest. >> oerffic vincent saw mr. scott holding up a semiautomatic handgun. >> mason: hunt for a killer mountain lion. and the wake-up call about the high cost of sleep deprivation for productivity and longevity. captioning sponsored by cbs


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