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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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we are live? the-- live in the 400 block of cedar. a storm rolled through an hour ago, taking off the rubber membrane of this 3-story apartment. you can see the crews are cleaning up after the water damage came through. 10 people were displaced because of this they have to find a different place to go for the night, and we also know that the house a few doors down from here was damaged.
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there were no injuries in relation to the entire wind event, and now luckily we have howard back at the station to tell us more about the strong storms that came through the area. >> reporter: more than likely straight line winds with the storms coming through, and a warning in prince george's and anne arundel county it's much weaker. we are tracking it into southern mary state county. and this is charles clearing out nicely, but we have got moreow watching them. look at the line approaching winchester, and then in the next half an hour a couple of hours worth of showers, and temperatures still mild. 61degrees at this hour, and now tomorrow morning, what you need to know for thursday a blustery and dry morning commute, and we are going to see wind gusts tomorrow, 20 to 25 miles an hour, and with the highs in the 50s, you need to dress for the windchills which will be in the 40s. >> howard, thank you. you can get the forecast and
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by downloading our free wusa 9 app. a barricade situation in upper marlboro. neighbors arefinally back home tonight after police searched for a suspect who broke into a house. mola lenghi with the update. >> reporter: the prince george's county police essentially locked down the neighborhood for hours as they searched for a suspect. they shut down the roads and kept people from going back into their homes, and you can see a long line of flooding into their homes after being kept out for hours. >> reporter: a 5-hour long barricade situation in an upper marlboro neighborhood started with the call of breaking and entering. >> when they got on the scene, they had information the suspect may still be inside. >> reporter: that's when the police eventually made their way into the home after setting up a barricade, but they found no one. all the while, a long line of cars, people waiting to go home. >> it's been very frustrating
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>> reporter: ranessa thompson waited 3 hours for the barricade situation to end. >> my whole family is out here. my daughter, my husband, and my sister-in-law. >> reporter: after a long wait, police say the neighborhood was safe again. in prince george's county, mola lenghi. >> police have detained a person of interest, but they will not say if it was the suspect they were originally looking for. no charges have been filed. police in baltimore are searching for the suspect in a deadly shooting tonight, and two people are dead, multiple others are injured. police say someone fired on a group in front of the stop 1 convenient store, happening around 6:00 tonight, and one man was critically hurt, and three others were injured, but they are expected to be okay. it's believed it was in retaliation for a homicide in the area several days ago. new tonight protests in the streets of charlotte, north carolina, and demonstrators react to today's decision by prosecutors not to file charges against police in the shooting of keith lamont scott.
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but the proat the timeses have been mostly peaceful. the district attorney today said the officer acted lawfully when scott was shot and killed last september outside of an apartment complex. the scott family says they are profoundly disappoints and they are considering a civil lawsuit. the man police say who was behind the attack at ohio state university made a recent stop in our area. sources tell cbs news abdul razak ali artan made a purchase at a fbi said today that the student may have been inspired by isis and an al qaeda leader. >> we are told on the morning of the attack artan went to a wal-mart where he bought the knife use in the attack. 11 people were wound in the attack, and artan. ultimately shot and killed by a campus police officer. as investigators continue to search for answers there, some in our area are seeing an increase in students asking how
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attacker steps foot on their campus. >> ellison barber is live at the university of maryland with more on this part of the story. ellison? >> reporter: the university of maryland police began to offer active shooting training about 4 years ago, but what happened at ohio state is revitalizing it among students and faculty. [sirens] >> reporter: run, hide, fight, and that's what ohio state told razak ali artan drove on to the sidewalk, got out, and started to stab people by random. some criticize it, but that's what the university of maryland teaches on their campus. it's created by the department of homeland security and the city of houston. more people started to request the run, hide, and fight training. >> we started to receive more calls, shortly thereafter, as
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public of what happened there. >> reporter: while there are not any specific threats on this campus, eckhart says the training saves lives. >> the best way for your survival is to have a plan. the plan is not to be developed when an incident goes on. run. we want you to evacuate if it's possible. hide. if you can't run, we want you to make sure that you pick a location that you can hopefully secure, turn off your ringer, turn off your vibrate on your cell phones, and turn out the fight. you choose which one you want out of the run, hide, fight, but it's your choice. >> reporter: most of the students at umd didn't know about the program. >> i haven't heard about it. >> reporter: but they are glad it exists. >> it's important the school has a plan. >> reporter: they say the attack at ohio state was a scary reminder to be vigilant. >> it happened at the university, a big university just like the one i go to. >> there's always the constant reminder in the back of your
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to happen. >> reporter: and this training is free for faculty and students, and the police tell me if anybody who lives in the area of the campus wants to dot training, they will let them participate as well. in college park, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. >> it's unfortunate that students have to think of these things. one was injured when an officer's weapon was discharged during an arrest. officers responded to the man heights. they arrived to find the suspect driving away, and the cops caught up with him in dc, and that's when the suspect rammed his car into the police cruiser, and when cops approached the car, they saw a gun in the suspect's lap, and that's when the officer's gun was fired, but we just don't know if it was intentional. no one was injured, and the suspect was arrested. montgomery county police are trying to track down what appears to be antitrump vandals.
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driveway. they spray painted one car with the word trump, and others were hit with offensive terms. it's believe it's because of the homeowner's political affiliation. $10,000 is up for grabs if your tip leads to the vandals. the death toll is climbing as wild fires spread in tennessee. three more bodies were found today in the great smoky mountains, and that means now seven people have died, and search and rescue missions more than 400 buildings have been damaged in and around the town of gatlenburg. fortunately heavy rain fell and helped to put out some of the flames. tomorrow afternoon, the president-elect will celebrate his first big economic victory nearly 2 months before taking office, and donald trump tweeted last night he reached a deal with indiana's caring company to keep the manufacturing jobs from moving
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about and what it should tell us about the presidency from donald trump. >> it protects about 1,000 jobs, and it tells us donald trump is serious about fighting the battles individuals and fighting the battles he talked about on the campaign trail. >> reporter: carrier's february announcement about the future of its indianapolis plant hit workers hard. >> to move production from our facility in indianapolis monterey, mexico. >> reporter: the pending layoffs became campaign push for donald trump who vowed they would do no such thing on his watch. >> they think they will make air conditioners in their beautiful new plant in mexico and sell them across the border and make lots of money and we have all the unemployment? not going to happen! >> reporter: in wisconsin, trump tower, the president- elect working the phones alongside his running mate,
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president-elect picked up the phone and said they wanted to keep jobs here. i can't remember the last time a president did that. >> reporter: carrier announced they would keep 1,000 jobs, half of those they planned to cut. they credited the incoming administration's commitment to a more competitive u.s. business climate saying incentives offered by indiana were an important consideration in the deal. carrier will give up some $65 million in labor cost savings, but given the large federal government contracts that have been used as bargaining chips against it and its $4 billion in u.s. profits last year, the deal is small beans for the company, but everything to those 1,000 employees. >> it means that i can put my last daughter through college and i don't have to worry about that. >> reporter: and the terms of mr. trump's deal with carrier should be disclosed tomorrow, and they will be of high interest to taxpayers, particularly indiana where there may have been a tax
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sending jobs overseas who may now decide they would rather try to strike a deal instead. reporting live, garrett haake, wusa 9. >> that's an important precedent. thank you. hundreds of cuban americans, exiles, and opponents of the castro regime gathered to rally for democracy in cuba. this was the scene in miami, florida as the cuban americans demand democracy. those in the island nation continue to pay tribute to the leader. his ashes are on a 500-mile journey, and his funeral will be on sunday. mel franklin is accused by the maryland state police of driving under the influence last week. they said he crashed his county- owned suv into another car stopped at a red light and the couple inside of the car was injured, and their attorney says they have been release from the hospital, and they are
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getting into their car, and they are shocked that this happened to them, and you know, they wish they were not the ones in this situation. >> franklin is charged with dui and other traffic charges for the incident, and state troopers say he walked briefly away from the crash, but he eventually returned. everyone's favorite resident of the national zoo is getting back to his normal breakfast. he had surgery last week to remove bamboo that was blocking his intestines. he was chowing it all down too quickly apparently. he's slowly working up to eating bamboo again, but right now he's on a diet of sweet potatoes, biscuits and cooked apples this little guy is no bei bei, but he's getting attention tonight because he got too much into the christmas spirit. >> and researchers say the type
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important as how much and how often you work out. >> i am with my grandmother, and santa claus came and we
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get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. alas, who went on a shopping tour? the christmas bieber here. he is getting into the spirit a little early this was from a dollar store in charlotte hall, maryland. it's st. mary's county. the critter caught going through rolls of wrap and tree lights. it was eventually removed. >> just wanted to have fun. >> it's not even december yet! the environment protection agency is taking the lead on the investigation of a substance that has been floating down the patomac river. it's believed to be a hydraulic
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the dam. the plant is fully operational tonight, and there has been no impact to the drinking water quality. some say exercise is good for your heart, but researchers say the type is just as important as how much and how often you do it. >> a study publish in the british journal of sports medicine reveals sports like cycling, swimming, aerobics, and tennis may pay off big in sports did not just lower their risk of dieing from cardiovascular disease, they lowered their chance of dying from any health problem. >> this is really the first time scientists have been able to look at particular sports and clearly show certain sports have a proven benefit. >> when it came to cardiovascular disease, people who played racketed sports cut their risk of death by more
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36%. while experts are not ready to prescribe specific sports yet, they do say consistent exercise is key. >> yeah, move it so you don't lose it. tracking metro tonight, the transit agency is making plans to make your ride better, and we are talking about the new back to good plan. the plan is all about improving service and reliability to win you back, and some of those improvements include replacing old rail cars, and another is putting cell trains. metro hopes to improve ridership. there's 100,000 fewer daily riders on the service from a few years ago. the nfl are on it. they have sent all 32 teams a memo on how to recognize a dc driver's license when they see one because last september a dc man showed his man to a beer vendor at metlife stadium in new jersey, and the vendor said no and turned him away.
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country of columbia, and dc delegate eleanor holmes norton got word of this and was not happy. she complained to roger goodell, and today goodell issued the memo. feel free to drink away in new jersey and not worry about it. >> and like there's not enough problems lately. >> yeah. >> they should not make this a problem. >> there was an issue a couple of years ago with the tsa, a couple of the agents could not figure out the dc license, and they had to ask for managers >> is the license that much different? >> not really. >> no. let's go to weather. >> let's do it. differences coming headed into tomorrow, and it was kind of nice to see the rain after being so dry for the month of november, let alone the fall. we had good rain in some spots, and my friend bob in damascus, 2.1 inches there, and .75 in washington. the 3-degree guarantee, the forecasted high of 70, lowered
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high of 60 tomorrow, and i think that's going to happen right after midnight, and even in the afternoon, most temperatures mid- to upper 50s. rain is a problem, well to the east of us now, and we had gusty winds, and john henry there in tacoma, part of dc, and a little bit of wind damage there. that's on the eastern shore, and we have a few showers down in scottland beach and ridge, and it's north of st. mary's, and then you have cleared for the most part, and extreme southern calvert. this is on top of martinsburg, moving to the east, and it will be over to williams port in a few minutes and hagerstown at 11:30, and clearmont at 11:53. we are looking mild for this time of the year. average high, average high is like 52, and we hit 69 today. 61 currently, and dew point is at 60. a southerly wind at 8. the
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going to be 1:00 or 2:00 until we are done with the showers, and then we will clear out later on. temperatures in the low 50s to the west in winchester and haggerstown, and we are still 60. 67 for the naval air station, and they are in the low to mid- 70s for the northern neck today, and 40s in the mountains, and beyond that, this is the cooler air coming for tomorrow morning, and notice the low 40s in ohio and upper 30s in the northwest corner of the buckeye state. to the southeast we go, and look at a lot of severe weather the last few days, and today it produced a little bit of severe weather around here. mainly heavy rain and gusty winds, and we are still waiting for this batch of showers in western pennsylvania, and this is racing east, and once it gets past us in a few hours, we will be done, and then you can see on the futurecast, it's mid- night. taking you to 2:30, showers on the eastern shore, and cooler, drier air filtering in behind
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for more average weather, and we will start december, and that's in less than 40 minutes. 44 to 54 tonight with the showers ending, and winds turning to the northwest, 40s and 50s tomorrow morning, and it's like the 30s and 40s with the windchills in the afternoon, and windchills mostly in the 40s, and we will get close to 60, but colder temperatures are moving in friday, blustery, 51, and saturday, chilly, 50, and navy has a home game championship on saturday and the ravens home on sunday. tuesday, showers are returning, cold showers, and highs in the 40s. >> going down! >> and it's december! >> all right, and trying to take on the best tonight. >> it's a tough one for the wizards, visiting the oklahoma city thunder and the wizards had a chance to pull off the
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the
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the wizards have been more down than up this season, and a chance to make coach scott brooks looking good against his
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thunder who has the most exciting player in the game in russell westbrook. scott brooks acknowledging the fans, and the wizards down by 9, and john wall weaving through the defense, and the left-handed slam dunk. that's 15-for wall. the time winding down, and this is russell westbrook down by 3. where was the d.? bradley couldn't recover. the triple double for him, and we go to overtime. victor from deep, thr undewin! 126-115, and a heart breaking loss in overtime for the wizards. in the meantime, the ve n rizocenter, georgetown hosting california state. the hoya guard playing just 16 minutes but making the most of it. the hoyas lead by 41 at the break. prior with another 3, and he had 7 of them scoring the game high 30. the hoyas win easily, 96-44, and this one just went final.
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mario going baseline, getting the layup to put virginia up for good, and they win it 63- 61. hokies and the wolverines part of the big 10 challenge. virginia tech up by 3, and michigan gets one final look to force the overtime, but doesn't go down. the hokies win 73-70. how do you feel about the redskins with 5 games left the season? confident? shaky? the team should be feeling good, but another tough one this saturday. the redskins know they cannot underestimate them at all. back to practice for the redskins in the bubble out in ashburn to get ready for the cards, and the teams have ties, and it's 6-4-1. the cards4-6-1. the march to the playoffs starts this weekend. >> i is always believe people may forget how you start, but they always remember how you finish, and what a great opportunity for us, and it's
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it's going to be a challenge, but we have positioned ourselves to have a great opportunity to finish strong, and time will tell when it's happening. >> reporter: you don't want to miss game on sunday morning at 11:30 a.m.. we get you set for the redskins at the cardinals, 4:25 on
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it's never too early to learn how to swim. that's true for the son of michael phelps. the olympic swimmer sharing this video of baby boomer's swim lesson, and he is not even 7 months old, and phelps took his son to the same pool where he learned to swim in baltimore. that's good. >> they have no fear at that stage. >> sometimes you can put them
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cry right away. sometimes that happens. >> how often have you done that? >> hasn't happened to me. i watch a lot of youtube videos. we have showers for the next few hours, around 1:00 and 2:00, clearing out. tomorrow, breezy, cooler, and that 60 is a midnight high, temperatures mainly in the 50s for the afternoon, and then in the 40s with the windchill. normal chilly through the weekend, and cold showers looking like they will be around tuesday into wednesday. >> we are coming up on a brand new month. >> yeah, it's wint have a great night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> hi, stephen. >> oh, hi lauren cohan from "the walking dead." thanks for being on the show tonight. >> my pleasure. you look really down is there it's just-- look, can i ask you a >> of course,. >> stephen: i've been fighting this one zombie pretty seriously for months and he has never once tried to eat my brain or rip out my guts. i guess what i'm asking is how do you know when a zombie is into you? >> stephen, what zombie wouldn't want to eat your flesh? >> stephen: i am well marbled-- >> besides, if this zombie doesn't want to tear off your face, you know what? there are plenty of zombies in the sea. >> stephen: really, they're in the sea, too?


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