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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello and welcome to wusa9 news at noon. i'm andrea roane. president-elect trump begins his postelection victory tour today with his administration's first job saving win at carrier headquarters in indianapolis. the deal saves about 1,000 jobs the company had planned to move to mexico.
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pence who is indiana's outgoing governor will address workers at the plant this afternoon. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump delivered on one of his campaign promises to save manufacturing jobs that this carrier plant in indianapolis. >> someone who is not even yet president of the united states, is able to negotiate something that was a major issue in the campaign. >> reporter: "fortune" magazine is reporting the president- elect potentially called greg hayes the ceo of carrier's parent and promised more tax rate reductions that would far exceed the $65 million the company would have saved through outsourcing. >> it starts with an attitude okay of this administration, this president, this vice president-elect. okay is going to have open communications with business leaders. >> reporter: mr. trump's deal also covers headquarters and engineering staff and the company says it will make new investments in the facility here.
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we going to do next year? >> reporter: erica ferguson's husband has worked at the plant for 15 years. she believes mr. trump's deal will help him make it to retirement in a couple of years. >> i didn't vote for him but hey, i do support whatever he's doing right now. because it's helping me and my family. >> reporter: united technologies gets 10% of its revenue from federal contracts. the company hasn't said if those contracts played a role in its decision to keep the jobs in america. kenneth craig, cbs news, inap >> now carrier still will be laying off several hundred workers from that plant. president-elect trump will travel to ohio later today for a rally in cincinnati. it's the first official stop on his thank you tour that will also make stops in iowa and michigan next week. montgomery county police are trying to track down what appears to be anti-trump vandals. take a look at what they did to three cars parked in a family's driveway on spencerville road in burtonville. they spray painted one car with
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with a swastika. the word racist and other offensive terms. police believe it's related to the homeowners' political affiliation. and investigators are offering up to $10,000 for information leading to the vandals. we are one step closer to metro closing earlier at night. late this morning, a metro committee approved new rail hours and under their plan, metro would be open 5:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. monday through thursday and 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. on friday and 7:00 a.m. to on saturday and 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on sunday. and these new hours would end in about two years. but keep in mind, the full board must still approve the plan and that vote will happen in about two weeks. a fire in a food truck snarled traffic an the intercounty connector this morning. skyed was over the -- 9 was over the scene in montgomery county. we're told the brakes on the truck caught fire. there were significant delays when the fire depart mentclosed
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blaze. ling and several people were hurt in this crash on i- 295 southbound near nanny helen boroughs avenue. investigators say at least one person suffered the life- threatening injuries. the scene is now clear and traffic in the area is back to normal. neighbors are on edge today after a person was killed at an alexandria playground. the victim was found along colonial road north of first street. neighbors tell koslof the violent shootings are happening more often. >> reporter: hat this playground right here right off of chloralon avenue and now -- colonial avenue and now a lot of the neighbors want answers. >> it's disconcerting right. three shooting in the last few months. >> reporter: chris is military man so he knew the sounds right away. five shots at the playground down the road. >> we heard a series of gunshots and a quick -- a quick pause and then another series of gunshots. >> reporter: mealedly, police
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immediately police were called. one day later neighbors are still on edge and some say there's been a lot of violence lately. >> just the other night someone pulled a gun on three kids and stole their phones. so it's you know it's kind of disheartening when you have a really nice neighborhood. >> reporter: this is the seventh homicide in town this year, the neighbor crist says this should be a call to action to pick up patrols in the area. >> i just hope that it strikes a chord with the community and with something will come of it that will help keep this under control. >> reporter: as is often the case though so soon after the shooting the investigation is still ongoing. if you have any information, you are asked to call it will alexandria police department. that number is on our website. reporting here in alexandria, evan koslof, wusa9. >> and evan tells us investigators are working to locate the victim's family before they make the name public. the adventures of huckleberry finn and "to kill a mockingbird" are temporarily
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attends a coal mack county schools filed a complaint citing the use of racial slurs in both books. the district is temporarily suspending the use of the books. a committee is reviewing the issue and will make recommendations to the superintendent. wusa9's viewers had plenty to stay on the facebook page about this. christine writes of course they did. everything is racist and offensive and everything. i probably shouldn't even be commenting because it's racist because i look white whic any opinion on anything ever. and brenda echoes those sentiments, are we supposed to wear rose colored lenses now because it could be offensive? they were good books. and what about learning through those books? we'd love to hear from you think. log on to any of the social media pages and join the conversation. it's the official start of the holiday season in washington. the national christmas tree will be lit tonight in front of the white house.
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explains, last-minute preparations are underway to prepare for the big event starring the first family and many other fametous faces. -- fametous faces. >> reporter: santa's workshop here this morning is what it looks like. you can see workers putting the final preparations on tonight's big event. they're getting ready for tonight's star-studded show. take a look at the white chairs, this is where members of the public will be seated. this is a ticketed event and people had to win tickets and a plotry in -- lottery in october. now take a look at the stage so many celebrities will be rf someone from every genre of music from kelly clarkson and chance the rapper and of course the first family will be on that stage as well. and then the big star of tonight is this tree the blue colorado spruce. it's over 30 feet tall and 30 years old. it was planted here in presidents' park in 2012 a park ranger give us the inside scoop about this tree a little earlier today. >> you can actually see it year-
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red complete blue lights, going to -- white and blue lights, going to look super sharp after 5:00 tonight after it's lit. >> reporter: this is of course an american tradition dating back almost 100 years, calvin coolidge lit the first tree here in 1923. there's some traffic expected in the area. so if you're driving either in the early afternoon or later tonight, you're going to want to check on our app and also if you want to check out the highlights from the show, tune into our newscast tonight or check us out online. reporting innt house, hilary lane, wusa9. >> and if you are headed to the tree lighting, you will want to make sure you're at presidents' park by 2:30 even if you have a ticket. if you're not there by 2:30 your seat will be given away. wear proper feet wear. the -- footwear. the grounds are quite muddy today. in over a day more than a dozen confirmed tornadoes hit louisiana, mississippi, tennessee and alabama. at least five people are dead and dozens more are hurt.
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killed when a tornado struck the town of rosealie, alabama yesterday. overnight severe weather slammed the carolinas knocking down trees and snapping power lines. the storms tore through just as crews in eastern tennessee were trying to contain a deadly wildfire. seven people there are now dead. dozens of people have been treated for injuries. the fires which erupted in two popular resort towns monday charred thousands of acres and destroyed hundreds of structures. well, much su here for us. we are in for some mild and breezy weather heading into the weekend. it's the first day of meteorological winter melissa, how's it really feeling out there? >> not that much like winter outside. not quite feeling like we're going to see our first snowfall of the year either too soon. but just give it a little bit more time. we will be talking about those much cooler temperatures and snow we've worked too long and then by the time -- early february rolls around you'll be
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already. right now a much brighter note in the forecast than yesterday afternoon. a mostly sunny sky that's come out and it is breezy today. 56 right now. and with that breeze gusting at about 21, it's creating a slight windchill factor out there. 352 right now in white oak and rockville is 50 and it's 54 in clinton at your lunch hour on this thursday. and out in fairfax, it's 54. high pressure building in. keeps us a little more sunny to wrap up the workweek. it's breezy and it's also cool. this stay fairly steadily around the mid 50s. told is going to be breezy but nice. this weekend a few degrees cooler and in fact we think for most afternoons we're going to be in the upper 40s. and a lot of locations. next thing to look ahead to next week, rain. that will be returning on tuesday. and you can always catch that full seven day forecast and a look at what is going to happen for the weekend weather on our free wusa9 app. andrea? >> thanks melissa. coming up president obama
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to close guantanamo bay prison. next, why that is just fine with the incoming administration. but first, the teenaged boy is facing adult charges after his family is found murdered in their sleep. next, what he told
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welcome back to 9news now at noon. prosecutors near pittsburgh have charged a 14-year-old boy as an adult with fatally shooting his year-old brother while they were ape sleep. police say jacob brehm lee shot the two while his dad was at work tuesday night and then the teen told police he would have killed his dad too if he'd been home. so far the boy hasn't explained a motive for the shootings. time is running out. president obama had promised to shut down the controversial military prison at guantanamo bay, cuba but with just 49 days left in office, it's unlikely he'll be able to keep that promise.
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>> reporter: these are the remnants of guantanamo's notorious camp x-ray in the aftermath of 9/11. the picture today is far different. the 60 remaining detainees whose faces we were not permitted to film lounge in modern, open cell blocks, eating and praying regularly. over the past eight years, 180 detainees have been deleased from here --le empty. donald trump vowed to reverse course. >> we're going to load it up with some bad dudes believe me. we're going to load it up. >> reporter: admiral peter clark said there's room for hundreds more prisoners. but he vowed never toyons harsh interrogation methods like water boarding which trump considered reviving. >> that's the debate in washington. that's not the debate here. the -- there is no debate here
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will continue to be so. >> there will not be torture. >> i am confident there will not be torture. >> reporter: 21 of the remaining detainees have been cleared for release but that leaves some of the most dangerous people still at guantanamo. the obama administration's plan for those risky prisoners like 9/11 mastermind mohammed was to transfer them to high security prisons in the u.s. but the republican led congress blocked it. texas congressman max magnet for other terrorists to come and either try to break them out or just to punish the communities. >> reporter: we will ask the administration's envoy for closing guantanamo disagrees. >> we have consistently housed dangerous terrorists in our federal prison system without incident. >> reporter: the administration estimates that it will soon cost $10 million per year per guantanamody detainee. that's reason enough for the
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they say. margaret brennan, cbs news, cuba. >> rapper kanye west is out of the hospital after more than a week of treatment for what some are referring to as a mental breakdown. west is reportedly at home with his wife kim kardashian and their children. he was hospitalized at the ucla medical center where he was being treated for exhaustion. kanye west canceled his world tour after several incidents of erratic behavior on stage. what should have been a happy ending for shelter dog instead turned into heartbreak. and the devastation was felt throughout the internet. this -- this video shows the 2- year-old german shepherd clearly excited in los angeles. but they weren't there to take her home. in fact the family was at the shelter to adopt a different
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the death of her father. that didn't sit well with facebook users who bashed the family online for being so cold hearted. you could help nasa solve a messy problem. the space agency is offering $30,000 to the innovator who can help them figure out how to better store human waste produced by the astronauts. now tea need suggestions on creating a device to fit compactly in space suits while safely collecting and storing a litter of urine. again if you can $30,000 could be yours. they're taking submissions for the next two weeks just go to their website. it's called thespacepoopchallenge. >> i wonder if you solve the challenge, they make you test it yourself. in a -- you know vacuum tube where zero gravity just to prove that -- >> you and allyson are both our space geeks. so i'm sure you know if you can come up with a solution, they may want you to test it out make sure it's okay.
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[ laughter ] >> i wasn't going to follow that story with anything but you took the lead so -- >> just such a bizarre story but a good ting that they're reaching out to recall of the bright -- all of the bright minds out there. >> there's somebody thans to be an astronaut -- that wants to be an astronaut and wants to solve the problem before they go into space. let's talk about weather. we are in meteorological winter so i wanted to give you guys kind of a recap of what this fall has been like. what the november was like in general and what you ed average. and it was drier than average. in fact yesterday, and tuesday combined, we picked up half an inch of rain in the last two days. that is more rain than we've picked up, double, in the last 38 days. so it's been a dry fall. september, october november combined we had a rainfall deposit of about -- deficit of about 6.13 inches. that's wrapping up fall and now we turn the pages into winter and starting out breezy and
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look towards this weekend. right now we've got a partly sunny sky and i want to sew you something -- show you something really cool. temperatures are in the 50s. it's windy though. and what these winds are doing moving right over the mountains is they're creating these cool looking clouds out there. look at some of the wind gusts right now. 28-mile-per-hour wind gusts in martinsburg and winchester 25. and i'm going to put this satellite in a loop and you can see the little lines that are in the clouds right now? that line pattern is due to the strong guswi the mountains and on the leeward side of the mountains on our side of the mountains, sometimes it creates what's called gravity waves which is where you see clouds and you have a break and then another line of clouds and then a break. so cool thing if you see a picture out there, really cool looking cloud, sent the picture -- send the picture to our wusa9 facebook page. we would love to share those. high pressure building in it's going to be cooler as we look towards the weekend. but with that high pressure building in, rather dry the next couple of days. right now, we're running in the
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showing up in hagerstown and the cooler air continues to arrive throughout the day. so we don't see temperatures warming up much more from where we are right now. we're helding to the nid 50s this afternoon. -- mid 50s this afternoon. that's going to be a few degrees above average but as we look to friday saturday and sunday, temperatures drop down below average again and it looks like in general the weekend looks pretty dry. late on sunday, and into the start to next week, we'll have toll start watching our next weather systems moving in. i think best happen by the time we get towards tuesday. so increasing sunshine this afternoon. breezy and check out this cool clouds outside this weekend will be in the upper 40s. and it looks like we will have
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caught on camera, a bold thief in the middle of the day on the busy streets of new york city. watch this. that man is seen pacing behind an armored parked car. a truck rather, when he has an itch to strike gold. literally. while two guards step away from the truck which makes no sense, he swoops in and swipes an 86- pound bucket of gold worth get this -- $1.6 million. now it happened in september. police are still the man. they believe he's in florida and they're hoping this released surveillance video could help lead to his arrest. now what could be a sweeter heist than a bucket full obviously gold? how about -- of gold? how about a truckload of nutella. in canada police found $16,000 worth of nutella during a drug trafficking sting. toronto area police arrested several suspects in the bust over the weekend then to their surprise officers discovered a truckload of the hazelnut
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tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, we are following up on disturbing signs of racism at a construction site in maryland. also why a right leaning website is urging its readers to stop buying kellogg's cereal and we're live on the ellipse at the white house for the obama family's final lighting of the national christmas tree. going to be cold out there or
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chilly. a little breezy but not bad. >> that's good. that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we will be back at 5:00. until then have a terrific afternoon. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song...
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