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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 2, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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?? ?? tonight new kanye breakdown details. what the 911 call revealed. >> request if we can have police backup. >> after his hospital release, what's next for the struggling star? >> don't get any weapons or anything like that. >> bradley cooper's girlfriend pregnant on the victoria's secret runway.
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shocker as "e.t." takes you backstage for all of the model ama. >> i'm freaking out. >> our paris exclusive with lady gaga, bruno mars and all the angels. >> here we go. >> but who left the runway in tears? >> and tiffani thiessen's dinner date with her former "saved by the bell" co-star mark paul gosselar sharing stories that they might want to keep to themselves. >> do you remember we had seven glasses of wine? ow this is "entertainment tonight?" bradley cooper's going to be a dad! only we are taking you behind the scenes of the victoria's secret fashion show where his supermodel girlfriend just debuted her baby bump. >> but first, kanye west out of the hospital, and we know where he is now as the just-released 911 call reveals dramatic new details about his breakdown. >> i'm actually one of his doctors and i'm calling from my cell phone.
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the police to do it by itself. >> what is the medical condition he's having, sir? >> authorities deleted that and any reference to kanye's private medical info before releasing the 911 call today. on it you can hear kanye's personal physician dr. michael farzhan. >> don't get any weapons or anything like that, if anything changes and he does become immediately combative immediately call 911. >> thank you so much. >> tte call was at november 21st while kanye was with his trainer pasternak. >> is kanye okay? you can reach his publicist. >> our senior news editor spoke to a source close to kanye today. >> kanye spent nine days at ucla medical center and he left the hospital wednesday morning at around 2:00 a.m. a source confirmed to "e.t." that kanye is in their bel air home with kim and their two children. i am told he's happy to finally be back with the kids and that
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can be home for that. my source also adds that people in kanye's inner circle are hoping that this hospital stay makes him realize that he has to take a step back and focus his mental health and mindset right now. >> what happened? we played kanye's 911 call today for dr. charles sophie. he's a mental health expert, but has not treated kanye. >> i think that this call indicates that kanye was very disturbed and in a way, very physically aggressive or at aggressive. it must have been a tough situation where the doctor felt there was no way to transport this person in a car or a safe manner to a hospital. >> and you know, we spoke to kanye's sister-in-law, kendall jenner at the victoria's secret fashion show, and she told us that the family is praying for kanye. the big news out of that event, our first glimpse of a supermodel baby bump and not just any supermodel, bradley cooper's girlfriend irina shayk.
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>> we're calling this the sexiest, coolest, a baby's on the way and i still look hot in my panties and bra so take that, pregnancy announcement ever. only a victoria's secret supermodel, people. >> it's a big surprise for everyone. i'm surprised, and glad and just happy. >> that was irina before the pregnancy news and after a year and a half of the couple dating, "e.t." confirmed bradley's going to be a dad. a mini cooper is on the way. the 30-year-old russian model used some pretty clever cover-ups. a loose, french beaded tunic and a gold robe with an adjustable tie at the waist to accommodate her growing baby bump. we were backstage and saw irina calm with a bottle of water. at the after-party irina showed a little more of her fuller figure. bradley was not on hand for paris and reps for both have not responded to our request for comment. so what could this mini cooper look like? the child of one of the sexiest
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well, irina posted this baby pic and this is braddey as a toddler. >> how would you describe your childhood? >> blessed. >> and as for how bradley would be as a dad, we're betting he'll be adoring. i ean, let's all remember the way this guy swoons on his ama. >> she lives with me. >> oh, yeah. >> you're kidding. >> since my dad passed away. >> bradley, can you get more adorable? >>an right there? sheesh! that is going to be one gorgeous baby. >> meanwhile, was there certainly no shortage of gorgeous at the victoria's secret fashion show and only kevin frazier was backstage in pure heaven, might i add with all of the angels. >> #etteam. yes! here we go! now it is show time. it is go time. you're about to see all of the magic. >> let's go!
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>> it was controlled chaos last night in paris where the 5'1" lady gaga wore platform boots to be as tall as the models and we found out even she gets pre-show jitters. >> i'm nervous. these women are -- it's so amazing. they should be given an incredible amount of credit for how vulnerable it is to walk out in front of the world in your underwear. >> if you think it's weird walking out in your underwear, try doing it in front of your ex like bella hadid. she strutted the r weeknd on stage, but she told us it was all good. >> he's the best. >> how was it? >> no nerves for bruno mars who also performed, but emotions ran high for angel josephine scriber who left the runway in tears. >> what was going through your mind? >> my whole family is here, too, and i think my boyfriend and my brother were more nervous than i've been ever. >> the angels were still on cloud nine at the after party
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up the dj booth and gigi hadid had a moment with her mom. >> it was a beautiful moment when you first came out and looked over at your mom. >> don't cry. you'll make me cry. >> i love their relationship. somehow there seems to be two more models that kevin missed. take a look at this. yep. amy schumer and her sister kim sporting sexy nightwear. with the hadids and kylie. girls, i'm digging your style. here's a question, will my girl kelly ripa ever find the right punish to replace michael strahan on "live"? kelly broke her silence about the ongoing search that's six months now and counting. >> we didn't set a timeframe for eloursanves d we wanted to wait until we found the right person. >> last night on watch what
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once considered front-runners discussed kelly's exhaustive search which is still not over. >> what we didn't anticipate was that we would have such an outpouring of interest, so our list got very long very quickly, so we've been trying to keep it as narrow as possible, but then people pop up. >> yeah! kelly! let's do it! >> i'd love to do it. >> in october christian slater unexpectedly threw his name into the pool of potentials including ten-time guest host jerry o connel and eight-time guest host fred savage. >> rates are down 7% so that does add urgency for the producers. however, at the same time when they're looking for a permanent co-host you don't want to rush this process. >> a source told "e.t." that the mystique of who could get the chair is becoming more appealing to live's executives than any of the candidates. >> mark consuelos! >> today's co-host, kelly's husband mark. but don't rule out another
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female for the co-host. >> oh, yeah. >> that would be amazing. >> yeah, you would, kel. as a matter of fact, kelly has three ladies co-hosting next week, octavia spencer, taraji p. henson and kelly glazer impeach the world will finally see prince harry and meghan markle together. they did not reunite in barbados like we hoped, but will they be together for the holidays? >> did the queen steal christmas? there was a report harry asked the family's private celebration and the queen denied the request. >> my sources tell me that isn't the case, and he knows the rules of the royal family. until they get engaged meghan will not have a place around that christmas dinner table. kate middleton wasn't invited to christmas until she was engaged to prince william.
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aids day. >> not bad. >> the two shared a hug afterward and both tested negative and harry seems to have made a new friend, but where's meghan? >> it's possible that they might meet in london. there is a chance they might meet in l.a. that said, prince harry does have an official engagement in london next week and could meghan be a wedding guest in california this weekend? >> her suits co-star patrick adams and pretty little liars and even if she does attend that still leaves plenty of time to go across the pond. >> prince harry is pretty good at hiding when he needs to and my sources tell me it's very serious. >> up next, orlando bloom bombarded with questions about katy's diamond ring. >> how excited are you for your engagement. >> chris pratt the prankster and the prank he keeps pulling on co-star jennifer lawrence. oprah takes us on her cross country road trip and the moment that brought lady o to tears.
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(the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore, yet another innovation, only at a sleepnumber store. thiessen's, reminiscing with three of her co-stars. >> we drank a lot of wine. david lautner's fatherly instincts kick in when he s dnaphis little brother to protect them from their drug
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pratt have been popping up all around the world to promote their outer spaceship of passengers. it doesn't look like jen is each there from that chris is even posting. jennifer lawrence is on instagram, kind of. that's her strategically cropped out of chris pratt's instagram selfie. while on the press urto, chris has been posting more pics and videos featuring a cropped jen with captions with just hanging
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this giant ring we caught his girl katy perry wearing earlier this week. >> the 39-year-old english actor hid behind a blue fedora before being whisawked ay and not before getting asked the tough questions. >> why did you dye your hair blond? >> finally, selena guillaume sez crowned best instagramer of 2016. ?? ?? the 26-year-old singer slays the
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followed celeb and next to taylor swift with 94 million. ?? ? >> selena also has the most viral video on the platform with this one with more than 20 million views. ?? ?? >> one more note, everybody, the critic's choice film nominations were just announced today "la la land" leads all movie nominationsan d it airs on a, and e. >> you will be there. >> we are hitting the roadh wit oprah and her cross-country adventurth and loving life. >> and only we are getting an up-close look at gwyneth paltrow's holiday gift guide filled with crazy expensive stuff. >> how much is that? >> we'll tell you what her a-list friends have already bought. >> and a big bang exclusive sneak peek. can sheldon handle moving into penny's old pad. >> i've always thought this couch would look fantastic on the curb in front of the building. >> closed captioning provided
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night in l.a. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and tonight on "the big bang theory," kaley's character penny may be in for a big surprise after amy and sheldon decide to make some changes to her apartment. >> we can't just throw away penny's stuff, but we can ask if she wants any of it back. >> i wonder how she feels about all this art work. >> well, i'm sure she misses this one. i mean, it's the greatest gift i've ever given anybody. >> those two together! this is the time of year when everyone is thinking about going home for the holidays, right? but you know oprah, she always does things in a big, big way. her sights are set a bit more grand. 2017, no better way to start it off, i think, than with grandness and grandeur here overlooking the fantastic, amazing, grand canyon. >> joining lady o on the arizona adventure, boyfriend stedman graham and
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>> i don't want to say that i'm a whiner and complainer and those two were hiking and they were like goats and had the 75-pound backpacks on, and i literally said, i can't do it. i can't go another step. it's just so hard! soen ra ended up carrying her backpack and mine, too. >> the trip is featured in the january issue of "o.? it was this photo that brought oprah to tears. >> it was an early morning shoot because we wanted to get the sun coming up so it was a little tuned to nature and trees. that moved her to tears when she saw the sun coming up and this is no joke, a hawk flew by at just that exact moment. oprah really is fearless about most things. i don't like heights, so she got right on the edge and looked over. i'm the one standing in the background going no! be careful! >> this is kicking off our great year of adventure in "o magazine" and i'm hoping it will be a year of great adventures
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>> that is so fantastic. i've never been to the grand canyon either, oprah, next time please take me with you. i'll bring some lunch. i promise. here's a christmas dinner i wish i would have been part of, it's the best one that you will see all season because tiffani thiessen serving up a delicious side of '90s nostalgia. >> merry christmas. >> these are a group of people, all of them that i love so much and to have them all in the same room is pretty neat. >> joining there husband brady smith at their table three of tiffani's former on-screen loves and their wives including beverly hills 90210 star jason priestly. >> i'm home. >> i noticed. >> my favorite thing on the plate was actually made by brady this evening. >> what's that? >> the smoked turkey. >> he made it? >> i'm sorry. >> he brought it on a plate. >> did you smoke it? >> i smoked it. >> all i saw was you carried it in.
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>> unapologetic for his appetite, tiffani's white collar co-star tim tekay. >> i'll take another roll. >> my goodness! >> but our favorite blast from tv past a bearded mark paul gosselar reminiscing about their time shooting "saved by the bell.? >> zach, you don't know what this means to me. >> it's funny, my love of food started a little bit with you traveling through europe like we did when we were teenagers. >> do you remember when we went to bordeaux and we had that amazing meal, with, like, seven glasses of different type of wine? >> how old were you? >> 16. >> we did a lot of things back then! >> o social media. it was awesome! >> with slater, jesse, lisa and screech there, too? i need to know these things, tiffani. >> time to unwrap the presents on gwyneth paltrow's list. these are gifts that make you
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no wonder the pop-up store attracted an a-list crowd. kate hudson, demi moore and daughter rumer willis got their shop on at gwyneth's group gift gupoide p-up shop. >> a teddy bear that does yoga poses for $30. a real steal because it is known for over the top extravagance. >> what's the most expensive item here. >> the algae styler was a gift. it basically is a dry-cleaner at home and it saves a trip to the dry-cleaner and you put something in and in under an hour it's done. the $2,000 dry-cleaner may be the most expensive item in the l.a. store, but online you can really splurge. there is a $8300 yurt which is basically a tent or a $800 razor or how about chocolate toothpaste for $120? >> who comes up with this list?
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they're picked out by gwyneth and the team. >> the person on the list who really wants tt live like gwyneth, there's the infrared sauna, price tag, just shy of $2300. >> i love the infrared sauna. that has changed my life. >> there is something for everyone in this store. there are $10 stocking stuffers to over the top finds like caviar to go. >> wait a minute. one more time. caviar to go. >> caviar to go. 30-gram tins are $100. i'm a candy cane in a stockinn kind of girl, but if you want to give me caviar, hey! >> i'll get you some for christmas! my favorite gift these tags are really cool, five inspired phrases including consciously unhelpful. >> that's very good. they go for $15.
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for his dramatic role of "man down." >> it's all at >> primal consideration provided
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we can't say good night without remembering a giant in the tv industry. grant tinker who passed away this week age 90. he's considered one of the most influible tv executives ever and he's the man behind "the mary tyler moore show" on cbs. >> you've got spunk. >> well -- >> i hate spunk! >> he actually was married to ma also on cbs, he was a force behind rhoda, the bob newhart show and on nbc he spearheaded programs like "hillstreet blues" and "cheers.? >> here's a bit of tv history, on the series finale of "cheers," there's mr. tinker sitting at the bar for the last call. >> cheer, grant. what a legend. >> absolutely. good night, everybody. ?? ??
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?? ??
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straight to work after this congress convenes and this administration takes office. >> the speaker of the house told us today that when it comes to deporting 11 million illegal immigrants it's not going to happen and he won't fund it. >> well, i -- i will tell you that the policies that the president-elect outlined in his speech in arizona will be the policies that we advance. i'm very confident that we'll have broad-based support in the congress for what the president-elect outlined in the se going to work every day to make sure that we advance those policies and end illegal immigration once and for all. >> vice president-elect mike pence, also governor of indiana until january the 20th, we thank you very much for your time. you made a big difference for about 800 families in your home state there. thank you very much again. >> thank you, scott. and we have more of the pence interview on


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