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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. thank you for joining us this noon. i'm andrea roane. come january 20th, donald trump will be one of the district of columbia's newest residence. mayor bowser will travel to new york to meet president trump a meeting she requested. different opinions from the
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house on trump's choice of dr. ben carson. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump filled out another cabinet position. he announced on twitter he picked dr. ben carson to be the new secretary for housing and development. >> we are excited to have dr. carson as the intended nominee for housing and urban development. >> one key expanding the search for secretary of state adding more candidates to the roster. the new additions included former u.s. ambassador to china jon huntsman, democratic west virginia senator joe manchin and rex tillerson. >> the value of a secretary of state took on added significance when a call from taiwan's president to president- elect donald trump sparked a diplomatic controversy.
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congratulatory call. >> reporter: the call is not a break from the u.s. policy called one china. under the policy, the u.s. recognizes china's view of sovereignty which considers taiwan chinese territory. taiwan and the u.s. maintain informal relations and the u.s. continues to provide weapons to the small island for its defense. >> will r this will start the -- this will china relations off in a con ten few use position. >> people had plenty to say about the president-elect phone call and not all is bad. trump being pathetic writes get over trump talking to taiwan. he has a business to run. it's not all about you, #trump taiwan. however, one says trump isn't at the white house yet and he
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january 2017. christie wrote #trump taiwan, where is the g.o.p. stance on this call. can't control tweets now his calls. press couldn't keep up with campaign shenanigans, this is real. we would love to hear what you have to say. log on to our social media pages and join the conversation. today is the deadline for groups to apply to be in the inaugural parade january 20th. all interested marching civic organizations need to apply online. hard copy applications will not be accepted. you can find a link on our web site, wusa the supreme court is hearing arguments today in a pair of cases examining redistricting in north carolina and in virginia. they will consider whether race played too large a role in the drawing of electoral districts.
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reliably democratic brack voters than necessary in order to make neighboring districts whiter and more republican. a decision is not expected before early summer. imagine sitting in a pizza shop with your family or friends when a gunman walks through the door. that was the scary reality yesterday for people inside comet ping-pong, a popular pizza spot in northwest. the man who showed up to investigate a conspiracy theory about hillary clinton mikea turner was at the pizza shop today. she has reaction. >> around 3:00 when a man walked in the restaurant with two guns. ever since the incident, the community has been showing its support. posted on a clipboard is a colorful note that says we support comet. beneath it, more kind words that say we love you and stand by you. these messages of compassion
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carolina. he walked inside the pizza shop sunday with an assault rifle and handgun to investigate a conspiracy theory that started online. ruth bell lives in the area. >> it's a tragedy that this is happening. this involves fake news that unbalanced people believe. >> reporter: one shot was fired. nobody was hurt but patrons scrambled quickly when they learned what was going on. he was at the restaurant when the terrifying moments unfolded. >> one of gunman. we need to make sure that everybody is out. >> why does that stuff happen. >> reporter: welch told police he was at the restaurant to investigate the so-called pizza gate, conspiracy theory that accuses hillary clinton and her campaign manager of running a child sex operation out of the business. the claims are false but safe news stories during the presidential campaign had rumors going around for some
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and entirely false. >> reporter: police charged welch with assault with a dangerous weapon. mikea turner, wusa 9. >> as you heard, comet ping- pong has been the target of threats and fake conspiracy theories before. the owner says efforts to spread false accusations should be condemned. the pizzeria is closed today but it will reopen tomorrow. today the media is getting a sneak peek inside the mgm nation later it will hand the long awaited grand opening. not everyone is celebrating. critics are concerned about traffic. supporters say property values are going up. that resident told wusa 9 she might consider moving because of the casino. authorities at the scene of that deadly warehouse fire in oakland say they have recovered 36 bodies so far and that number is likely to climb. right now there is a temporary halt in the search for more of
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collapsing. investigators believe the blaze started under the dance floor. the warehouse wasn't zoned for living but many artists called it home including carmen brito. >> everything like this orange wall of fire i don't know. it was like a monster. >> officials say they hope to resume the search later today. they are asking family members to provide toothbrushes or anything with dna to investigators identify the remains. an early morning blaze left five people without a home and authorities working on figuring out how the fire started. paramedics passing through iowa avenue northwest saw smoke and called in the fire before 5:00 this morning. no one was injured. wusa 9's hillary lane talked to a family that lost everything because of the blaze. >> reporter: fire officials say there were renovations going on in the home.
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there is extensive damage. the roof completely collapsed in. living next door, there are five people. they were evacuated safely but they say they lost evening. >> i'm kind of -- lost everything. >> i'm kind of -- i lost everything. >> reporter: he woke up around 4:40 this morning to see this, the home next to his on the 4300 block of iowa avenue completely engulfed in flames. take a look at the video he shot on the >> it was horrifying to see the fire. >> reporter: the fire spread to his home. the top floor destroyed. many of his other belongings water damaged. >> to see how -- we were losing everything that we own. >> reporter: while the belongings may have been destroyed, his faith in god has never been stronger. >> faithful to the lord that everyone in my house made it out okay including the animals.
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lives. everything else can be rebuilt eventually. >> reporter: fire officials are on scene for hours trying to figure out what caused the fire. in northwest, hillary lane, wusa 9. >> the red cross is helping the family find a place to stay temporarily. enjoy today's sunny weather. it appears the forecast is going down here from here. a yellow alert is possible tomorrow. and we are in for blustery weather later in the week. here is melissa nord wit terms of the weather the next several days. enjoy and savor the sunshine and 50s this afternoon because by the time we get to this time tomorrow, we are tracking rain, sleet mixed in and then we talk about 0s for high temperatures later this week -- 30s for high temperatures later this week. we had a weather system come through that brought showers. we had some of those lingering early this morning and now the sunshine reappearing. the clouds are trying to move
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afternoon hours. 53. a little breezy. northwest winds coming in gusting 15 to 20 miles per hour. it will be breezy but overall mostly to partly sunny. pleasant this afternoon. you can see the showers from the morning moving out of the region. in terms of the rest of the day, mostly sunny. temperatures around the low to mid-50s for highs today. that's couple degrees above average. nice today but the yellow alert arrives tomorrow. we are tracking rain sh few spots. we will pinpoint that in a few minutes. later this week focusing on the coldest air of the season that will be arriving as well. we will have the full forecast in a bit. you can always catch the full forecast by downloading the free wusa 9 app. andrea. >> thanks, melissa. thousands of native americans and environmentalists are celebrating a victory after part of the dakota access pipeline is rejected. up next, how the company behind
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native americans and the thousands against the dakota access pipeline dap are celebrating this afternoon because the army engineers rejected part of the project. the company behind the pipeline is fighting back against what it calls a politically motivated move. >> reporter: thousands danced, hugged and played instruments following sunday's decision. the army corps of engineers is denying an easement for the pipeline to cross under a portion of the missouri river,
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the river is the source to have drinking water. the arm corps says they are -- army corps says they are considering a different crossing farther north. thousands of protestors camped out near the site with no plans to leave. energy transfer partners released a statement late sunday calling the decision purely political. they said they have done nothing but play by the rules construction of the pipeline without any additional rerouting. nothing this administration has done today changes that in any way. for tribal member jumping buffalo, the ruling is an emotional victory. >> this is my land. it doesn't matter what part of the country or world you are from. you are welcome here. >> reporter: the fight might not be over.
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friday and could overturn the army corps of engineer's decision in his new administration. we reached out to the trump transition team but have not heard back. >> protestors clashed with police at the camp site over the last few months and lead to more than 500 arrests. many of you had plenty to say on social media. woke up to see the rn decided to reroute d apl. i feel like i am in a dream. they actually listened to what we wanted. >> racial tweeted opinions aside i am grateful to live where victory isn't determined by your size or money. caleb rights this construction should have continued. the liberal elite would have you walking to work while they ride limos to the ball. we would love to hear from you. log on to any of our wusa 9
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conversation. another foot of snow could fall on hawaii's two highest mountain peaks on top of the two feet dumped there since last thursday. last night most of the big island and all of hawaii were under a winter storm warning. officials were closed to force a section of hawaii's volcano national park due to fog, heavy snow, icy conditions. snow on hawaii's mountain peaks is not uncommon in the colder months because they are this has to be giving meteorologists a lot to talk about since usually it's warm, sunny, beautiful. today, tonight and the rest of the week. >> most people don't live at the top of those peaks so they are down where it is milder and it's just rainy and windy. >> you can look at it. >> yeah. like living in seattle in the city. it's not normally snowing in the city but you get to see it
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>> we have a few talking points. for snow lovers, flurries before the week is over but it won't be for everybody. certainly accumulating snow in the matter area, i just don't see that happening this week. >> good. >> give it a little time. we have other places that we will talk about snow possible. all right, here is a look at the michael and son weather camera. after rain showers last night, clouds are clearing out. you can see the sun is shining v it's actually pretty nice. >> just breezy. wind gusts about 20 miles per hour. 53 right now and we got a mostly sunny sky in town. areas to the south and east, over to reedville, southern maryland where the clouds are on their way out. high pressure today for the afternoon hours will briefly keep us dry. the word brief is really true. watch all this rain down here
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this tracks northward in our direction. so, goes by tomorrow morning, we are talking about another round of precipitation moving in. let's talk about the futurecast. this is 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. nice outside. mostly sunny sky. slight breeze continues. overnight, 11:00 p.m., clouds are really thickening up. by tomorrow morning first thing some of the southern communities may see a few sprinkles moving in. best chance of seeing the rain arriving holds off until to late morning. when this rain arrives, especially places north and west of d.c., hagerstown, winchester, leesburg and frederick, we may see a few rounds of sleet. the little ice pellets that hit the ground and pop off and that's what they do. colder air above the surface allows sleet to form instead of rain just across the region. we have a yellow weather alert tomorrow t. noontime we are
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throughout the afternoon, the evening commute through tuesday night. tomorrow is one of the days to take your umbrella with you and a good jacket with you as well because temperatures will be below average. highs for today sitting in the low to mid-50s. mostly sunny, nice out there. look at tomorrow, we got rain around 10:00 a.m., 1:00, 4:00 and 7:00 on and off throughout the day with temperatures stuck in the 40s. the 40s might sound cold this way later this week. a batch of arctic air will surge to the lower 48. that is barreling in throughout the day on thursday. by friday it's directly overhead and our high temperatures drop all the way down into the 30s. on thursday late in the day as that cold air is arriving, the possibility that some people could see snowflakes. it's a possibility. we will talk about the details as we get closer to it. tomorrow t focal point, rain
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yellow alert. 43 tomorrow afternoon after hitting the mid-50s today. the rest of the seven days, friday, saturday, stuck in the 30s. we make it back to the low 40s
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welcome back. a night of angels. the annual victoria secret fashion show. the show merges fashion, fantasy and entertainment with pop stars and fancy bras. look for the fantasy bra worth $3 million. the show struts its way tonight at 9:00 on wusa 9.
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39th kennedy center honors. a who's who of some of the biggest names in show business. the annual award ceremony recognizes lifetime achievements in the arts. the president and first lady were on hand for the vent, the last for the obamas. this years nominees are: >> even though his performances brought him tony's, emmy's, oscar, al pacino is humbled by the genius of shakespeare. al, you know who doesn't have a kennedy center honor? shakespeare. who is humbled now. >> as an artist, i can tell you it's gratifying to me. it's inspiring to me. that's why it's important for me to be here. >> the kennedy center honors will be televised tuesday,
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tonight on wusa 9 at 5:00 the thousands of donald trump. we are learning more about the gunman accused of opening fire inside a northwest d.c. pizza shop. plus, we are live in prince george county as we get ready for the live opening of the mgm casino at national harbor. weather-wise, enjoy the sunshine today. rain showers and a cold day tomorrow. then we are tracking the really cold air that arrives thursday. in the 30s friday and saturday.
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we will be back at 5:00. until then, have a great afternoon.
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>> mariah: what did you do to dylan's interview? >> hilary: [ scoffs ] you did not just talk to me like that. >> mariah: i certainly did. we had an agreement, hilary! you reneged! >> hilary: what i did was make the segment more watchable. >> mariah: watchable?! you fabricated the entire thing! hey, could you play back the original clip? the ed >> dylan: it's, uh, no secret sharon's had difficulty managing her bipolar disorder in the past. but she's come a long way. she's competent, stable, 100% rational, and we have her doctor's affidavit to prove it. >> mariah: now could you please play the edited version, if you could even call it that? >> dylan: it's, uh, no secret sharon's had difficulty managing


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