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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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comet ping-pong officially reopening this evening welcoming loyal customers. the restaurant has been closed since sunday. >> that's when 28-year-old edgar welch walked in with weapons and fired shots. customers are now flocking back to their beloved pizza shot. that's where nikki is tonight. >> reporter: many of the faithful stood outside waiting for the doors to open, because
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would mean. the cure for rainy days like today, stay inside and stock up on comfort food, but supreme courters of comet ping pong would not let the bad weather keep them away. >> i love comet. i was eager to be one of the first to come in. >> reporter: tonight it's not about the food, but that's certainly a draw here. >> i want some pizza! >> reporter: tonight it's about solidarity. >> i used to work for james when comet first opened, and he's probably the most incredible boss had. >> the owner -- >> completely overwhelmed and incredibly, incredibly touched by the support of our community here in washington and around the world. >> reporter: the soft opening of sorts on the heels of the very hard weekend when an armed gunman came into the restaurant, reportedly to rescue children he thought were being held there. the conspiracy theories have been circulating online for weeks now, and on sunday it all came to a head. >> fake stories have real
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employees much-needed time off who acted heroically to get customers to safety. >> they inspire me every day. >> reporter: extra security is on hand to help with nerves as businesses continue to receive threats. >> we are all completely freaked out, and we are appalled, disgusted really. >> reporter: tonight the much- needed comfort came if the form of >> reporter: and an event will be held here on friday starting at open until they close. more than 1,000 people said they plan to attend. the suspect, edgar welch will be in court on thursday morning, and we will be there, too to let you know what happens. >> thank you, nikki. a violent night in fairfax county after a shooting in a subdivision left several people injured. john henry is live where the shooting happened to tell us
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7500 block of gavey, a few blocks away from anendelle high school to give you reference. because of all of this, two women are suffering from gun shot wounds, a 19-year-old and a 20-year-old. >> fairfax county cruisers lined up and down the road on tuesday night after a violent shooting shook the neighborhood around 5:15, and kruvon lee and cam tran heard the incident from their home across the >> and some woman was yelling, and i don't know what happened. >> reporter: police have yet to say what led to the shooting, only that there was a fight outside of a home here before the bullets started to fly, and while officers did say all of the people involved knew each other, it appears they were not really known to immediate neighbor in the the area. did you know the people in that home by any chance? >> no, no. those people over there. they rent from them.
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>> reporter: police say the women shot were found not too far away from the initial fight, and they have nonlife threatening injuries, and two other people suffered injuries during the fight, too. a younger woman had what police are only calling minor injuries, and an older woman suffered from a medical emergency. in the end, this shooting will not cause lee to lose any sleep. >> to me i am not scared. >> reporter: that may be a good thing according to police. that's because they said there's no threat to the public arrests have been made in this case yet, but police also say they have actually been able to get a gun from the scene, and on top of that, they have been able to account for all of the people involved in the incident. with the latest from annendale, john henry, wusa 9. >> the dc council voted to impose a new tax on businesses to create one of the nation's most generous paid family leave programs. the vote 11-2, and that bill
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workers with up to 8 weeks of paid leave with the birth and adoption of the child. advocates call it a landmark vote, and dozens of nations guarantee family leave, but critics say the cost and the fact that more than 60% of those that would benefit from it live in maryland and virginia make it not so good. the final vote will come in 2 weeks. all right, we are tracking the coldest air of the season, and we will go through the high temperatures the next few days, and really nice tomorrow. 54 tomorrow and the avere high is 50, and that's a steal. 49 on thursday, and the temperatures will fall with the arctic air moving in. 39 on friday, and 39 on saturday. that's a high. and the army navy game in baltimore bundle up. 44 on sunday, and the clouds will return with high temperature on the average of 50. we are stealing one tomorrow, and what about the wakeup weather? not bad. a little bit of fog and cloud cover in the morning, and temperatures 33 to 40, and then the 40s by 9:00, and look at
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noon. we will come back and talk about the arctic air and who is going to see flakes when it rolls through. in montgomery county, police have released surveillance video of a man they want for at least four gas station robberies and a carjacking that date back to october of last year. they believe the same man has robbed a b.p. gas station on georgia avenue in silver spring three separate times and a nearby shell station as recently as november 25th. in that up pumps, and no one was hurt. a tip that leads to his arrest could be worth $10,000. back to dc. police are trying to find out who shot and killed a man not far from the dean wood metro station. it was around 11:30 this morning, near the intersection of olive and poke streets in northeast, and police have not told us the victim's name. today dc's mayor had 40 minutes with president-elect
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and mayor bowser wanted to welcome him and bend his ear on a few topics, one being education. >> we support a robust public education system, and robust public charter school system and a limited voucher program as well, and i especially wanted to talk to him about that because we will need the president's support to continue th metro and other transportation needs as well the push for dc statehood. before the meeting slipped away, garrett haake got to ask the president-elect about a tweet he posted this morning when he criticized the new airforce 1 in the planning stages and called for the order with boeing to be canceled. >> reporter: mr. trump you tweeted about canceling the new contract for the airforce 1. is that something you are trying
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air force 1 program? and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money. >> boeing released a statement said they are currently under contract for $170 million to help determine the complexities of the complex military aircraft, and it looks forward to working with the air force on subsequent phases of the program. forrally announcing his choice for secretary of defense on his thank you tour as he goes to the states that helped him win the white house. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump used the second leg of his victory tour to formally announce his pick for secretary of defense. >> general james mad dog mattis. >> reporter: the two appeared a
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fayetteville, north carolina. just miles from fort bragg. >> he's one of the most effective generals we have had in decades. >> reporter: the former general is eager to lead provided he get a waiver to lead as a recently retired officer. >> with our country strengthened, i look forward to being the civilian leader, so long as congress gives me the waiver and the senate vote the consent. >> reporter: mr. trump is leaning towards picking another retired gene head up homeland security. kelly formally led all u.s. military led operations in central and south america. terry branstad met with him earlier in the day to interview for u.s. ambassador to china. >> i'm really excited about the quality of people he's attracting to the cabinet. >> reporter: and the president- elect met with exxon mobil's ceo who is under consideration
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>> as you heard general mattis has been away for less than 7 years from active duty. congress would have to change the law for him to become defense secretary. republicans want to include it in a catch all spending bill. president-elect donald trump plans to attend saturday's army-navy game. a spokesperson say mrs. trump will spend one-half of the game on army side of the field and one-half on navy side, and a sellout crowd is consecutive matchups, and the rivalry started all the way back in 1890. so a mother settle thes her lawsuit against jetblue after her 5-year-old son got flown to the wrong city. >> it's called a date which will live in infamy, but tomorrow's pearl harbor day is unlike any other.
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a local state of emergency has been declared by the city of oakland to help in the wake of the ghost ship warehoe done with the search and recovery, and they hope to finish soon. a federal official said a refrigerator is among the possible sources of the fire. a mother whose 5-year-old son was flown to the wrong city has settled her lawsuit against jetblue. neither side releasing terms of the deal. marabelle martinez went to kennedy airport to meet her son arriving on a flight from
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bomb missed us. it. the -- then the chief yelled , if anyone prays, now is the time. then they were headed to the world war ii's pacific theater. >> how often do you think of that day? >> not very often. on pearl harbor day, always. >> reporter: young charted a new course, got married, raised a family, ministry. he always stayed close with fellow survivors. he describes the annual ritual with the survivors. >> i have a friend in west virginia that calls me, and my brother used to call and say wake up. the japs are attacking, and now he has taken the place of that, and my friend in west virginia calls every december the 7th. >> reporter: on that rare occasion when he does think of the attack that started the war, he thinks about it with
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my feelings, but still when i think of it, i think it was a mean trick they played on us. >> reporter: it's a day that president roosevelt declared will live on in infamy, young admits it fades with everything else in your memory. >> it kind of fades into the past. that's why we remember as a country. >> it's good to know the people of the united states remember this, i hope not with malice, but the lessons we learned. >> mall, mola lenghi, wusa 9. >> wow! the smithsonian is in the process of restoring a navy plane that survived the attack on pearl harbor. >> it's a utility plane that carried personnel and mail. it had no weapons. during the attack it sat a stone's throw from battleships that were bombed, but it never got hit. after the attack, it was used in an important mission to search the ocean for a japanese
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got within 30 miles of the fleet and lived to tell about it. >> i thought at that time this is going to be a one-way trip. >> ruth died 2 years ago and got the navy cross for his actions at pearl harbor. his son said he would be happy to know his plane is getting the attention it deserves. >> so amazing to see our veterans who remember with such clarity and detail what happened all of those years ago. we are so grateful for ever days in american history. how could they forget. >> it was the day they awoke the sleeping giant. >> yeah. 3-degree guarantee. you know what? i thought it may be a midnight high, and it was. >> he's got swagger. >> you always give it away. >> no. no, no. i fooled you this time. [ laughter ] >> no, but the good news is i was thinking the right way. no bull's-eye, but we made it. 44 and it was 46. a little after mid-night.
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54 now, -- 54 for tomorrow. i hope that's high enough. the bus stop temperatures, dry by the time the kids get picked up. a few clouds, but a nice day. arctic air on thursday. could see a rain or snow shower, and then coldest so far on friday and saturday. we will be lucky to make it out of the 30s on saturday. futurecast, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, residual clouds, and no green blobs, so no rain and temperatures not bad. above freezing. 38 in frederick, and 40 in sterling, and mid-40s downtown, and by 9:00, clouds will begin to thin out quickly, and sunshine will return to leesburg and manassas and down to fredericksburg, and low 40s. still clouds out to the west, and they will be a little
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upper 40s. 49 in fairfax, and 48 in bowie, and that's nice. and then by evening, temperatures do not fall crazy tomorrow. we are looking at 45 downtown, and this is 6:00 p.m., and 44 in fredericksburg, and it will stay clear for awhile. temperatures back in the 30s to around 40, and then the clouds roll back in as we get into late tomorrow night, ahead of the next front. overnight, cloudy and cold. patchy fog. low temperatures 33 tomorrow morning, clouds to start, returning to partly sunny. perfectly nice morning. 33 to 48. by afternoon, partly cloudy and pleasant. winds still in check northwest at 10, and winds will pick up as we get into thursday and friday with the arctic air. the day planner like this. clouds to start, mid-40s, and 48 by 11:00, and look at that. 51 and full sun by 1:00 p.m., and that's a nice day. thursday, not so nice, and not that wet, but a rain or snow
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that, very cold on friday, and only upper 30s to near 40. that's like early january, actually. the next 7 days, cold on saturday. the army-navy game, and in baltimore, the good news is not that windy, but bundle up. temperatures 39 for the high. 40s on sunday, and clouds come back, and light rain or shower sunday night and the day will be fine, and back here 50 for monday and tuesday. >> cold wind is here in the studio it's cold! >> if there's anyone who could handle it on saturday, >> that's true. they are put through the test for everything, and they have another test this saturday. this weekend's army-navy game will put the former colleagues against each other with the 14-
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wizards' john wall will be tired tomorrow, and he carried his team all night against the orlando magic, trying to keep them in the mix, and it wasn't enough. wall did put on a career night
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lead at half, but wall did his best to help his team. the steal under the basket. had he had 33 point in the 2nd half alone in 4th, you're wondering could he do it? this bucket tied his career high of 47 points. wall went on to score 5 more, finishing the game with 52 points, 1 shy of phil shaneer's record from over 50 years are been busy this week, and the general managers and owners are attending the winter meetings at the national harbor. the nats lost out on resigning mark malanzen who got a monster deal with the giants. tonight news that the buffalo will no longer roam in dc. wilson ramos could soon be a ray. his deal is pending a physical. he's coming off a torn acl.
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navy on the football field. both are entering with a winning record, and navy is 25th. army may have an advantage this year. today at the site of this year's game, army and navy came together to discuss the annual tradition. navy has it bragging rights for 14 years but they are coming off a tough loss from temple, and they have 10 players out for the season. the black knights on the other hand have had 3 weeks to matter the outcome, we know it will be a hard-fought game with a lot of pride in the stands and on the field. >> it's a very big rivalry, and we are honored to go out there with everything we represent, and you go out and play with the passion you have never played with before. >> we want to beat them in the worst way, and they want to beat us, but it's just a football team. there's so many other things to life. obviously seniors from both sides will be in harm's way at this time next year, and we are
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we can, but at the end of the day, it's just a game. >> it is a football game, but you have to look good doing it the teams unveiling their cool uniforms for saturday's game. the mid-shipmen with stars on the head and shoulder, and the army is more covert in the all black they are a throwback to the 1963 team, and the army's are the worl paratroopers. both are sweet.
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know better sleep with sleep number. a military veteran and his service dog are a popular duo at a lowe's store in texas. >> every day clay goes to work
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customers, and he says his companion is better than any medicine at getting him through the tough times. >> she is alert before i have any clue anything is going on, and that's what is so good. i don't have the issues. >> charlotte has been by luthe's side for the last 10 years, and he knows their journey together will some day come to an end. for the last year he's been training another dog, lola to one day take charlotte's place. >> that's got to be so other stores. >> would think. >> grocery stores. >> it's a win. there's no loss there. it's best for the dog. >> cute! take the nap. >> defining the faucets and the sprinkler. >> she may even take you to the aisle where you need to go. bundle up? >> not so much tomorrow, and then the coldest air of the season, friday and saturday, morning clouds, and 54.
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and really cold on friday and saturday. really cold for baltimore for the army-navy game, and just light rain sunday night into early monday. monday and tuesday not bad. highs near 50. tomorrow, of all the days to get out, take care of the holiday lights. >> yeah, finish the lights outside tomorrow. >> you don't want to wait until the weekend. >> no. >> all right. >> that's going to do it for us tonight. stephen colbert is up next, and he has joe biden as one of his guests. with us, everybody.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes vice president joe biden and dj khaled, featuring jon batiste and stay and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! good to see you. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thank you, ladies and gentlemen.


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