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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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loved and was committed to her pet, was just going through a rough time. >> i couldn't give her away, she's my baby. >> reporter: unlike her owner penny is now safe and warm and happy. leslie has gone to social services, was told area shelters are full. but she was able to get enough financial assistance so she can eat. we did check her background and she has no criminal record. she tells us she has never had an issue >> let's hope somebody can come through and help her, get that next push she needs to move forward. thank you. if you would like to foster penny or learn more about homeward trails animal rescue we have a link to the group on our wusa 9 news app. things in upper marlboro is back to normal after the town was shut down because of a suspicious package discovered on a truck at the courthouse.
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down. in happened after a bomb sniffing dog alerted to a package on a rental truck that was at the building's loading dock. it took two hours for bomb squad officers to carefully determine it was a false alarm while hundreds of workers stood outside waiting. >> i believe this is a beginning and things will probably happen like this a lot more often. >> it started 11:30 this morning. the all clear came about 2:00 in the afternoon. tonight some people are wod donald trump's pick for national security adviser. that is because retire general michael flynn fueled conspiracy theories and islamaphobia on twitter. debra alfarone with more on this controversy. >> reporter: yeah, so the situation is that as national security adviser the general will have the closest office to donald trump. he's also going to have his ear and a lot ofern fluence, so
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-- >> ladies and gentlemen, i want to introduce the next president of the united states. >> reporter: the next national security adviser to the president of the united states is under scrutiny for tweets like this. it ties hillary clinton to sex crimes with children. then a february tweet promoting fear of muslims as rational. >> i think it's baffling and national security correspondent for "the washington post" has known flynn for 15 years. >> when somebody of his stature weighs in on something like this via social media it gives is -- lends credence to it, credibility, some legitimate massey to something that is utterly groundless. >> reporter: fake news brought a man with a real assault rifle into the comet sunday.
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clinton wasn't shared specifically by flynn but was by his son. some on-line say it's free speech. none who agreed with flynn on- line would talk on camera. against flynn comments ranged from pathetic to insane to he shouldn't be considered. >> you have a responsibility when you have a career in the armed services you rise to its highest ranks, you do have a responsibility. >> a spokesperson says the son, michael g. flynn works is no longer involved. we reached out to true pundit, the web site with the article the general tweeted but didn't hear back. we also tweeted trump's transition team but didn't hear back. "time" magazine has named donald trump "person of the year." >> the "time" magazine cover reads "donald trump, president of the divided states of america. trump called it a honor during a phone interview with "the today show."
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number two. >> log on to our facebook page. 24 hours a day. let us know what you think. as donald trump continues to fill out his inner circle he received a surprise visitor today. chicago mayor and democratic heavyweight rahm emanuel came to trump elect to keep the current policy that prevents undocumented workers from being deported if they are brought here as children. >> we are clear as mayors that these are dreamers who are seeking the american dream and we should embrace them rather than do a a bait and switch. >> cbs news learned scott pruitt will be named head of the environmental protection agency. as the oklahoma attorney general he was a frequent
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is the choice to head the department of homeland security. the bombing at pearl harbor propelled america into world war ii 75 years ago today. many of the members from the greatest generation that survived that attack were in dc today. an honor flight from austin, texas, made sure they could be at the world war ii memorial for the solemn anniversary. vice president-elect mike pence was on hand for the wreath- laying ceremony as was vietnam war hero senator john mckeen >> it's important we keep the memory of their patriotism alive. it's important that we guard against the complacency that is always a threat to our security. >> hundreds of world war ii veterans die each day making each one of these ceremonies momore important as time goes on. our morning anchor served as master of ceremonies. survivors of the attack on pearl harbor remembered their
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arizona memorial. that marks the final resting place for the sailors and marines killed in the japanese sneak attack. most of the survivors now in their 90s, all this, their final reunion. anticipation and anxiety as we approach the opening of the newest attraction at prince george's county. many residents are excited for the mgm national -- but can't stop worrying about the traffic. delia goncalves has been covering this all week. i bet you're getting an earful from people about the traffic that is anticipated. >> reporter: there's good reason to worry. we know there will be traffic but folks are working on it and hope you will work on your patience when you do choose to come down here. mgm not only dominating and empowering the skyline here at the national harbor, it's taking over many of our conversations on facebook and
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facebook live and in person traffic is still your number one concern. it is for danielle robertson who nannies in the neighborhood. >> i'm excited about the casino. i think it's great that it's here but i'm concerned about the traffic. >> reporter: planning a trip and driving in? this loop around mgm leads to five vance entrances to the programming garage free for no and hop on the circulator shuttle. >> i never liked this. >> like it or not this area is growing and times were changed. >> i remember when the beltway was built. the horse was down the dirt road of the beltway before it was even paved. >> times have changed. >> yes. >> reporter: those days are long gone. residents say they are willing
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>> i'm excited for the jobs it's going to bring to the area. i'm excited for the entertainment. >> reporter: 4,000 new jobs and host of heroin acts but for robertson she's just trying to get to work and back home to waldorf on time. >> i think it's going to be a mess. >> reporter: yeah, there might be no way around it but there are plenty of folks here who are trying to make it a little less messy. we know that they are going to be a traffic control site manned by state police, prince george's county police and folks here from national harbor. they will have officers directing traffic and if they need to, will change the lights in order to help ease congestion. live at the national harbor, delia goncalves, usa 9. last year the five maryland casinos generated nearly $500 million in tax revenue for the
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at 11:00. another noose found at a construction site in maryland. the fifth one discovered at that location. last week we told but four of the hate symbols found at the site. the calvert county sheriff's office says it's going all out to find the person responsible. the trial of the accused charleston church shooter dylann roof underway. roof is charged with killing nine black parishioners at the historic mother emanuel ame church in 2015. his attorney says he may of the trial because there's little question he committed the shooting. one of the survivors was the first to take the witness stand today. she cried as she described watching her 26-year-old son take his last breath. after he tried to protect her and others. investigators are focusing on a rerefrigerator as a possible source of the fire that killed 36 people in an open warehouse. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives
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appliance sparked the deadly blaze. they are also looking at other plianses on the first floor. crews don't expect to find more bodies. more details about the school bus driver in last month's crash that killed six people and himself. the national transportation safety board says he was speeding, and had a history of crashes and seizures, 12 in five years. chappelle they say was driving 57 in a 35 mile-per-hour zone when he hit the from behind. he was driving for a company that has a contract with baltimore county schools. a health alert in georgetown. a student at the school diagnosed with mumps. an e-mail went out to students teaching them about the illness. it's contagious, usually leads to fever and swelling or tenderness in the jaw area. students who think they may be infected are encouraged to make an appointment at the student
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it's believed dc pub schools met at tubman this morning. antoine wilson most recently was a superintendent in oakland, california. wilson said public schools in dc have seen positive growth the last 10 years and he wants to build on it. he had this to say to parents in the district. >> i, only had -- as a student, i got an education, but for that education i wouldn't be here them. because i was poor. we didn't have a lot of opportunities and so i needed education. i understand the value of education. >> wilson still needs to be confirmed by the dc council. they will vote on his nomination december 20th. we are just getting started on wusa 9 news at 5:00. >> let's look ahead a little to your friday morning. here we go, these are projected
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when we come back, we'll talk about the coldest air of the season. and more. >> a city in prince george's county is now allowing undocumented immigrants to vote. more on that controversy coming up. >> and concern over the health of american hero and astronaut
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the calendar may still say fall but mother nature says nasty time. that weather there blanketing parts of the midwest. a foot of snow fell in parts of north dakota. that shut down 450 miles of interstate highways. topper has a smile on his face. don't like that. people braved the single digits to try and dig out their
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some areas still under a blizzard watch. parts of colorado and minnesota saw significant snowfall as well. >> i need to you bring it down a few notches here. >> you think so? >> you're jumping at the bit to talk about snow. into let's talk about army-navy first. >> big game. it's going to be some kind of cold. the only good news, it's not going to be windy by the time we get to saturday. no wind chills but it will be cold enough. remember it's 3:00 game. you can watch it here if you can't make to it m&t bank bank winds not a big deal. west northwest at about 5 to 10. so to keep it in mind if you're going to go, bundle up. ok, 3-degree guarantee, we're in pretty good shape today. 12 or 13 in a row at this point. 54 for a high. remember average high is 49 or 50 so we're a little above average. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. look outside, it's still 48. notice dew points lower than this time yesterday.
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colder. around 30. winds out of the north northwest at about 5. so temperatures will be fall into the 30s tonight. in fact we start out clear and then clouds come in late, relatively cold, bus stop temperatures 31 to 41. good news, not going to be breezy in the morning either. winds will pick up thursday afternoon. morning rain or snow shower possible. not a huge deal at this point. most of you will not see anything. coldest so far friday and saturday. everyone will feel that. no doubt. how cold is it in saskatchewan now. 4 in bismarck. the arctic air is just money plunging into the northern plains. we're around the fringes of it. it's going to, cold and only knock temperatures about 10 degrees below average. the coldest we've seen so far. not recordsetting. 10:00 tonight, clouds, temperatures in the 40s downtown, 36 gaming you
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gaithersburg. 46 fairfax. i don't think we'll see problems in the morning. it's not going to be around long. don't be too hung up on locations, could be a little further north on i-59. 37 downtown. 33 gaithersburg. by 9:30 a mix of sun and clouds, still 39 gaithersburg and 34 cumberland and 40 in la plata. by 5:00, really not bad, upper 40s. we're tomorrow. colder air gets to the surface tomorrow night. we get this time tomorrow evening and we're back in the 30s. 39 manassas. 40 dumfries and dale city. 8:30 tomorrow night, back to around freezing north and west of town. feels-like temperature. this is a snapshot and forecast of wind chills. 6:00 tomorrow, about 24 hours from now it's going to feel like 36 degrees but we're going to advance it to friday
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the teens north and west. that's going to be a pretty brutal day. clouds to start. then sunshine, 46 by 11:00 and 48, but partly sunny skies by 1:00. arctic air friday 41. very cold saturday. 39, that is the army-navy game. next seven days, i put a flake back in sunday night. maybe a little shower activity early monday. not a huge deal. we'll keep you posted. upper 40s monday. some models now indicating another blast of cold air, upper 30s tuy of next week. more than 40 people appear dead following the crash of a passenger plane in pakistan. >> these are pictures from the islamabad airport where the plane was heading. the turboprop aircraft went down shortly after takeoff this morning. went down on a mountainous region near afghanistan. rescue and recovery crews went back to the scene to look for possible survivors.
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earthquake struck indonesia today. rescuers are searching mosques and homes and business that's are leveled. earth movers were brought in to get people trapped under all that and it's believed there could still be dozens buried in the rubble. famed astronaut and former senator john glen is in the hospital tonight. the fifth person in space and first to orbit the earth and he's said to be in declining health. glenn has been hospitalized more than a week at ohio state university's james cancer center. john glenn here's the story that has got an lot of attention today. a new report out showing that our math skills in the nation are really lagging behind. this is all part of something called the program for international student assessment. every three years 15-year-olds from across the globe take a test. out of 73 countries we've dropped to number 40. parents we talked to obviously
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more money, number one. there needs to be emphasis on it. >> if we're going to be do better than 40, i think we want to, individually and as a nation it has to be part of our culture. >> we did a little better in the other two categories. in science we ranked 25th. in reading, ranked 24th. topping the list in all three categories was -- singapore. some airline passengers won't be able to use bins next year. what a cable company merger could mean to you.
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first lady helping to brighten the christmas for a lot of kids today. helping to deliver toys and gifts to the marines toys for tots campaign. at joint base anacostia bowling. she told the children we're all in this country together and they belong here every single day of the year. in tonight's consumer alert -- starting next year if you pay a little for the ticket on your united flight you won't be able to use the overhead bins.
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with other no frills airlines like spirit and frontier. united is the first major airline to essentially ban roller bags and other full sized carry-ons for travelers booking the lowest fares. >> at&t and time warner executives on capitol hill today, want to convince senators a merger between the two would be good for innovation and customers. others say it would ha chipotle ceo says the customer service of his company could use work. he says half the restaurants are performing poorly, the company is now retraining employees. he says they have to clear the tables faster, organize the soda stations and keep the glass doors fingerprint-free. a boil water notice in effect for parts of prince william county. people living in several counties in the haymarket area are urged to boil their tap water for a minute before drinking it or cooking with it. the notice was issued yesterday
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there. despite the situation public schools were still in session, we spoke to parents who filled their kids' backpacks with bottled water. several schools handed them out too. >> we sent him with extra bottled water to be prepared in case they didn't have any. >> some water samples are still being tested. the service authority will issue an t aler when the advisory is lifted. what st. nick said little boy has people calling him a a bad santa. >> more about the northern virginia teen accused of stealing milk from his school. >> and reaction from both sides
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it's seen as a move to further protect immigrants and hyattsville council has a vote, everyone is allowed to vote. >> one councilman against it says she has her own views but
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of her consist went wanted. one consist went calls it life changing. >> reporter: why would anyone want citizenship if they can vote without it, one of the arguments. in hyattsville 35% of the population is foreign-born including coffee roaster franklin ventura. >> allowing us to vote, it feels like you are here for the first time. >> reporter: he's been living here about 12 years. ventura says he came to the u.s. salvador. he says he's married to a u.s. citizen but there are still no avenues to obtain citizenship. meanwhile -- >> our children go to the day care, we buy here, we work here. i just don't -- see a clear reason why we wouldn't be allowed to -- >> reporter: the mayor agrees. >> we wanted to change the trash collection service.
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you're affected by it. >> reporter: even though they voted yes, two council members appose it, terry tells me over the phone he's also concerned the city won't do enough to educate the citizens not as active on how the voting process works. for ventura -- >> i it's exciting, i left my country before i could vote. i'm going to exercise that right for the first time in this city. >> local immigrant cities to do the same thing. fairfax city government employee says fairfax is not planning an ordinance like this. they follow the commonwealth's voting laws. a guilty plea today in two bizarre love triangle murders. ann anastasi pled guilty to murdering her husband and his mistress last year in
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18-year-old boyfriend. a emergency worker fell into a hole in a construction site in washington, dc. rescuers brought him to the surface. ems and fire officials say the man went into cardiac arrest but we don't know his condition tonight. doctors in maryland are treating a sheriff's deputy tonight after he allegedly -- got hit by an alleged drunk driver. the deputy was helping a driver whose car was broken down on the side of the road in country lakes area of st. mary's county. that is when michael maddingly allegedly left the roadway and hit the disabled vehicle that then hit the deputy. maddingey is charged with dui. prince william county prosecutors dropped charges against the 15-year-old accused of stealing a 65-cent carton of milk.
5:32 pm
nova, the president of the prince william county chapter of the naacp says it spent months helping ryan turk. turk said he qualified for a free lunch at graham park middle school and didn't steal the milk. the teen was originally charged with petit larceny and disorderly conduct after reportedly he shoved the school police officer. retiring u.s. senator from maryland barbara mikulski talked about her service to her colleagues on capitol hill today. she said she was happy to make hers in maryland who needed her help. >> one of the things i'm really proud of is my consist went service staff, if you were a veteran, needed help or had a social security or medicare problem you could call senator barb and you didn't feel you had to go to a $100 fundraiser or know someone who had connections. the only connection you needed was a phone.
5:33 pm
takes over for mikulski next year. a final goodbye today to a former air force one pilot. u.s. air force colonel david banholesser had full military honors as he was laid to rest in arlington. he served in the air force more than 24 years before becoming the 14th presidential pilot in history. it is a case of life imitating art. a north carolina boy says he had a run-in with a real santa. >> 19-year-old anthony mays says a meeting with st. nick left him in tears after asking for an i-pod touch and drone for christmas, anthony says santa body-shamed him. >> when i got done he said just lay off the hamburgers and french fries, really disrespecting me and i felt awful. >> he started crying. >> i went to bed that night. i cried until i went to bed. i wouldn't have said to him, my
5:34 pm
disrespect a 9-year-old. it doesn't matter what shape or size you are. >> he's right. santa shouldn't fat shame anybody. santa apologized but says he doesn't feel like he really meant it. going ohave to visit -- nicer santas. kanye west decided he's had enough of 2016. >> ill-advised mannequin challenge. this one ends up with people in handcuffs. for real. just in time for we bring you the kentucky fried candle. can you light a candle to that, topper? highs tomorrow actually not that bad. 50 downtown. in the 40s in the suburbs.
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time for tonight's trending segment. a shocking mannequin challenge leads to arrest. in alabama. >> probably shouldn't have done this one.
5:38 pm
which revealed several people armed with various types of handguns and assault weapon. staging a shootout in huntsville. seriously? police were tipped to the video and swat teams then raided the house in the video. several guns were recovered along with ammunition and marijuana and two men were arrested on weapons and drug charges. and police say there could be more arrests. >> but you know they are in jail going -- hey man, we went viral. you may not see much of kanye west for the rest of the year. the rapper planning to sit out the rest of 2016. allof 20 days or so. it's been a rough year for him after a spring of erratic behavior that ended with him in the hospital. supposedly treated for exhaustion. "the new york post" reports that he and his wife kim kardashian will take the next month or so to spend some time with the family. looking to fill your husband with something that
5:39 pm
of course. how about the scent of fried chicken to fill your home this holiday season. >> trying to imagine. kfc, new zealand, giving away scented canned the, part of a facebook drawing last week. winners received kentucky fried candles. even though that promotion was held in new chicken fans could find it on e- bay >> maybe one time the house could smell like chicken. everyday after that? that may be annoying. kfc new zealand. you've done it. he's back on the field, trent williams returning to practice today after a four- game suspension. we'll hear from the redskins offensive lineman. >> and dealing with vacant buildings and illegal parties in prince george's county.
5:40 pm
>> on this pearl harbor remembrance day we're talking to a kamikaze attack survivor who still is waiting for his he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around
5:41 pm
?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. ? ?? ??
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it was 75 years ago today that japanese fighter pilots packed hawaii's pearl harbor. , more than 2400 people died in the attack. mike heidek explains how it happened. >> reporter: the base was attacked by fighter planes, bombers and torpedo planes from six aircraft carriers. here's how they snuck up on oahu. the first wave this. was actually deck texted by a new radar system but the lieutenant in charge thought it was the arrival of six u.s. bombers from california due in that day. the fighters came over the mountain appearing out of nowhere, flew in low and scattered that peaceful morning in the small town. other bombers attacked the air bases, first hickham field, the largest.
5:44 pm
a second wave. 171 planes came in from the east and headed to fort island and then to pearl harbor. 90 minutes after it began the attack was over. but the war had just begun. rayford went to the alexandria post office and signed up for the navy after the attack. >> the 94-year-old is still fighting for the recognition he deserves. thpp just wants his purple heart. >> i saw this maybe coming in. >> on march 11, 1945, chilly rayford's aircraft carrier attacked by a japanese kamikaze, the suicide bombers of world war ii.
5:45 pm
blood spilled.
5:46 pm
brain injury and ptsd. >> absolutely he deserves his purple heart. >> reporter: retired navy chief petty officer david silliman is fighting to get rayford recognized. >> the war ended. >> reporter: one small honor before he dies. in rap handock county, bruce leshan, wr usa9. >> congressman bob whit vets recognized but could be an even longer fight. the fire chief in prince george's county says he needs all the help he can get to try to prevent the kind of illegal parties that led up to 36 deaths this week in oakland, california. the county had dealt with a history of illegal events in buildings where they shouldn't be and on alert again because of the tragedy at that warehouse. scott broome joins us to tell us more.
5:47 pm
out, call these things in when you hear about them. he says the images from oakland are all you need to know about why it's important to call in authorities when there are big parties going on in illegal spaces like warehouses and overcrowded private homes. >> we're very proactive about finding them but they still spring up and that is where we need people to help us out. >> reporter: prince george's county has been aggressive about shutting down illegal venues like this one in a warehouse big rk beltsville in 2012 used as a party space without proper permits on inspections. another target of enforcement, so-called mansion parties -- like this one seen at youtube at private homes where promoters sell tickets and draw large crowds to residential neighborhoods. a county crackdown on strip clutches says increased demand for party promote he is to
5:48 pm
without the proper protections, is a recipe for disaster like the 36 deaths in oakland, california. >> we need people to tell us about it when they see it. when it pops up and you get an advertisement to show up or somebody says come to this party or that. get there and it doesn't look right? it's probably not right and somebody needs to notify and we'll get in there and shut it down. we won't allow to it extend beyond whatever they were able to set up here's what happens. there is a code enforcement team in prince george's county and includes not only police and fire officials but ininspectors who do building inspections and also liquor control board inspectors and to motivate that entire team to get them out the door to come to a location all someone has to do is call 311. it might prevent a tragedy. reporting live in upper
5:49 pm
>> one host of a mansion party was fined $7500 and cited for what was called an illegal bottle club. a blood houndhound is calling it a career. k-9 cooper has been sniffing out crime for nine years. he's heading to retirement. cooper will spend the rest of his days taking rides in cars and playing in yards enjoying treats. after 9 years, wouldn't that be nice? >> those are dog years. so 72 years -- a long time. it's 48 now, dew point in the low 30s. a little colder, drier air mass but the arctic air not here yet. cold tonight, starts out clear, clouds come in. after midnight. bus stop temperatures low 30s to low 40s. thankfully no wind. thursday not a rain or snow
5:50 pm
saturday as struggle to get to 40 both days. 18 below in barrow but it's 20 below zero in places. it's extended into the northern plains and northern rockies. 2 in great falls now. the good news, the brunt of the arctic air is not going to get here, bad news, it will overspread the entire eastern seaboard by friday and also into saturday. still clear, not too bad. 41 downtown. upper 30s in the suburbs. by morning clouds come in. futurecast painting a few showers here and there. fredericksburg to dale city you may see a a little sleet. by 10 breaks in the clouds, in the 40s. 40 downtown and 49 martinsburg and 35 cumberland. by lunchtime not bad, partly cloudy, we'll be breezy, yes,
5:51 pm
not too bad. about average. so clouds to start. temperatures in the 30s. 46 by 11:00 and 48 with partly cloudy skies by 1:00. arctic air friday. still 40s. saturday still very cold for the army-navy game. light mix sunday night into monday. right now not a huge deal. cold again next tuesday and wednesday. redskins left tackle trent williams is back after serving a four-game suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy. he had not spoken to reporters about what happened until today. our diane roberts was there. >> reporter: the cornerstone of the offensive line is back and ready to go. trent williams talks extensively with reporters today. >> all of the above. family, friends, teammates,
5:52 pm
i couldn't have did it without them. it was a lot of anxiety built up. real tough. one of the hardest things to do was watch the game from tv. and feel helpless. grateful to be back. the little things you take for granted. going on, practicing everyday. when you can't go understand. what you're missing. i'm glad to be back. >> at the end of the interview our wusa9 photographer asked did he miss us? >> the question -- i missed the question. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in ashburn, diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> they always miss the media, right? they love us. the team is happy to have their offensive captain back in the mix. this weekend is the big showdown in the city of
5:53 pm
>> reporter: next up for the redskins, pretty much a must win at philadelphia. to stay alive the redskins have to beat a slumping eagles team. philly lost three straight, redskins beat them but that was at home. redskins offense had rough patches in the loss to arizona last week. a lot has to be corrected heading into this eagles game. of course before that big showdown, is tonight's showdown. howard and marilyn, is that why you have trash talk going on? >> we've muted it some. a little bit. >> saving it for game time. >> the game starts at 9:00, we'll amp it up later. >> i'm trying to behave. every time i speak up she comes at me with the back hand. >> i know. it's tough being you. >> we'll have plenty to talk
5:54 pm
explain they are being denied access to public spaces near the white house. around the inauguration. >> up next, a man goes out on a limb. to rescue a cat trapped 100 feet up in the air. >> at 6:30, the "cbs evening news," the battle for aleppo intensifies.
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5:57 pm
how about this for a mission? climb to the top of a 100-foot tall tree and grab a frightened cat who spent the last two days clinging for dear life. that is all in a day's work for a arborist tyler ross not only did that this week but shot the video to prove it. >> reporter: 100 feet above snow-covered hood river, cert arborist tyler found himself up a tree trying to rescue a cat. this cat went north, way north up this douglas fir. >> hey. you look kind of tired. >> the cat had already spent more than two days up the tree
5:58 pm
>> it's not really a business niche focus but when somebody calls and says you're my last hope, i think my cat is going to die you just take care of it. >> reporter: up tyler went. go prostrapped to his head, backback with blanket and cat food and somewhat of a plan. >> you have to trick a cat which is kind of tricky. it's all about the scruff on the back of the neck. the cast watt holding on to the tree, i was pulling away it from. i thought fo this cat let go and i let go this thing will go far but i made sure to hold on. >> reporter: the video which he posted to youtube is enough to give you vertigo without a cat on your back. >> ready to come snout i think it's a good idea. let's go to the ground. what do you think? he sweet talked the cat, even pet him on the head. then grabbed him by the scruff, secured him in his backpack and
5:59 pm
>> reporter: down they descended from the heavens on a rope and prayer. >> hallelujah. >> since he posted it yesterday tyler's youtube video of the rescue has already gotten nearly 700 hits. right now at 6:00 -- president-elect donald trump names another retired general to join his administration. >> still coming up -- protesters opposed to the president-elect cried foul. they are claiming they are being denied ss demonstrate around inauguration day. >> two teens behind bars accused of starting that devastating fire in a resort town in tennessee's smoky mountains. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm bruce johnson. donald trump scored another electoral win today but it came with less suspension. "time" magazine named the president-elect their person of the year. garrett joins us live. mr. trump continues to make news this afternoon. >> reporter: trump sat for a
6:00 pm
magazine to go with the cover but it was a short phone call to "the today show" that started off a day of newsmakeing. for the 8th time this year donald trump now appears on the cover of "time" magazine. this week's photo and headline kinder than previous issues. mr. trump told "the today show" he liked the cover but not the subheadline calling him the president-elect of the divided states of america. >> i is stocky. >> the president-elect told the show he was still seriously considering mitt romney for secretary of state and getting cabinet selection advice from an unlikesly source, his predecessor barack obama. >> i take his recommendations very seriously, there will be some people i will appoint, that he thought highly of. >> reporter: in the next few


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