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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 14, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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tonight, why kanye met with trump. >> he's a good man. >> i'm at trump tower. why this was one of kanye's first stops after being hospitalizzd for a breakdown. >> i'll see you soon. >> we have new details about their private meeting. >> plus what orlando bloom is telling us about his girlfriend katy perry. >> it's amazing that we can do this together.
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and -- ♪ >> james corden gets his dream guest. >> bruno mars. bruno mars. bruno mars. >> and "e.t." gets four secrets from their epic carpool karaoke. >> look -- plus inside j. law's and chris pratt's insult war. >> where do you keep your office? >> humiliating, but hilarious. why these co-stars are ripping on each other. >> i recently told you that you act like adele sings. i hate adele. >> now for december 13, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight"" kanye west speaks out for the first time since his breakdown and what a way to do it at a surprise meeting with the president-elect. >> you know, the big question is why and what went down when the two came together? michelle turner is in new york aad has tall of the details from trump tower. ♪ >> no comment about your meeting with the president-elect? >> i just want to take a picture right now.
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>> a big surprise from the press core here at trump tower. the rapper arrived at 9:13 this morning with a huge smile on his face, and about 40 minutes later, he and the president-elect emerged from the elevators and posed for pictures. time. >> life. the big question is why did theyymeet? el, as you heard, kanye would only say he wanted a picture, but trump said they were discussing life, but could the two team up once he takes office? >> there was no comment about a office? >> there was no comment about a kanye inauguration performancrt office? >> there was no commenn about a kanye inauguration performanc!! office? >> there was no comment about a kanye inauguration performancmt office? >> there was no comment about a kanye inauguration performancp office? >> there was no comment about a kanye inauguration performance, but a source close to kanye tells "e.t." the meeting was about nothing specific, quote,
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any agenda. and this afternoon kanye tweeted i wanted to meet to discuss multicultural issues. >> kanye appeared to have a camera crew with him. i feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our president if we truly want change. kanye ended his barrage of tweets with what sounded like a nod to a kanye campaign #2024, perhaps alluding to the fact that he thinks trump will have an eight-year term. another interesting observation, kanye appeared to have a camera crew with him. corey gamble who dates his mother-in-law and we are told ivanka trump joined kanye and her dad for their meeting. they haven't always been buddy buddy. in 2009 after kanye stormed the stage at the vmas and he body shamed kim on the howard stern show. >> does she have a good body? no. >> and this was kanye's first appearance since his breakdown last month. >> even at the risk of my own life. >> what makes this all the more interesting, just days before his hospitalization, kanye told concertgoers he was team trump. >> if i had voted i would have voted on trump. >> remember kanye's controversial musivi
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"famous." yep, it included a wax replica of donald trump. >> you can imagine there are fun headlines coming out of this meeting. two of my favorites, kanye westo wing and secretary plaid. back to you. >> thanks, michelle. we will see michelle again in a moment, but first we hop across the pond. first, we hop across the pond. "e.t." has confirmed that prince harry and his american girlfriend his lady love meghan markle were spotted shopping for a christmas tree in london and guess what? we found the lady who sold them the tree. >> i helped the prince pick a tree. it was a treat last night. >> it was a big surprise for the american clerk at this london christmas tree lot. a very casual prince harry and meghan strolled into pines and needles and picked up a six-foot nordman fir. but their salesperson didn't recognize her famous customers. >> when they left and my colleague said do you know that
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they were chilling buying a tree. i was chilling selling the tree. >> the pair didn't drop a king's ransom for the tree. it cost about $82 and the two appeared to be alone. >> i didn't notice any security, no, unless they have secret ninjas hiding in trees or something, but no,id i dn't see anybody. >> crawford chatted with meghan about the u.s. they took a bunch of mistleeoe and the couple affectionately held hands as he carried the than having it delivered. >> the conversation had a lot of laughing. it was a pleasant experience. >> it is believed the couple took the tree back to kensington palace. harry lives in nottingham cottage, his two-bedroom residence on the grounds of the& palace where william and kate also have an apartment. >> meghan is friends with quantico star priyanka chopra who told us last night if there was a royal wedding she's all in. >> not my place to say at all, but listen, i love buckingham palace. so if the queen invites me
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>> keeping mum like a good friend should. while weir still waiting for prince harry and meghan together, nobody is going to ever forget the sight of katy perry and orlando bloom o cf1 o paddleboarding. there's a reason why we're not showing you the bottom half of the photo and orlando stepped out solo and how he talked about l s girl kats y wataa to surprise. >> she's amazing. she's -- i'm super proud of the work that she does. she's a voice that speaks to so many and it's remarkable to see her champion this cause. it's amazing that we happen to do this together. >> could it seriously be that what katy and orlando like best about each other isn't this sort of freedom naked and unafraid in italy or is it that he proposed this giant engagemenngt ri which we haven't seen for a few weeks
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giving back. >> he's been a unicef ambassador for over ten years and i've only been for two years and he's shown me some of the ropes and everyone is a teacher in a relationship, and we've taught each other a lot. >> is orlando husband material? that's for katy to decide, and we do know he's an adoring dad to 5-year-old flinn. >> i think my level of compassion, being a father, you know, you kind of have a new sense of responsibility. orlawando s joined by another hot celebrity dad in new york at another unicef in new york, david beckham, who talked about son cruz's music career. ♪ ♪ >> the 11-year-old cutie just dropped his first single. ♪ ♪ >> he came to us five weeks ago and we realized he has a cute little voice, and a good little voice, and a passion, and he said why not do a christmas song and give the funds to a charity of his choice, and we said great idea.
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>> can we expect to see posh spice, mom victoria, do a duet with cruz one day? >> i don't know about that. i doubt that. i'd love to see it, but i'm not sure it would happen. >> it's hard to believe that none of david beckham's boys are playing soccer and there's still hope for the family. little harper besides ballet is still playing the game that made her dad famous. >> michelle joins us from new york because kanye was an unexpected detour today. >> let's just call kanye an unexpected bonus. you know, kev, i came here for the premiere of will smith's "collateral beauty" and you know there aren't many stars that can light up the red carpet the way mr. smith can. >> normally it's the paparazzi shouting. last night it was will. >> what is going on? you are on one tonight. >> no, i was just having fun. it's ctmhrisimas te in new york, and it's just a beautiful energy. >> everyg thinis fun and it's incredible.
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>> he's such a natural leader and such an extraordinary person. >> one world where will will not rule is with daughter willow. nearly 16. >> can we talk for a minute about the picture of jada and willow together in paris? >> i know, she got her license and me and jada watched her drive away from the house saying my baby is 16 now. it's a new day, you know? >> can the fell as come knocking on the door yet? >> you know what? willow can handle herself on that one. they knock on the door and the first couple of questions that willow asks sort of shuts it down. >> she got that from jada, right? >> yeah. the smith ladies are a lot. >> 7-year-old cutie alyssa cheadham. >> did he give you advice when you were doing the movie? >> he did. he gave me a lot of advice and i became a great actor.
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>> you knowwwill and jada are celebrating their 19th anniversary on new year's eve and it will be low key because will told me the turn up will happen next year for the 20th. ♪ ♪ >> next, the secrets about the carpool karaoke that took a year to come together. what corden is only telling us about putting bruno mars in the passenger seat. >> i've never had that much fun >> then after flames nearly destroyed dollywood. >> y people, my family. >> how dolly is bringing the country's biggest stars together to help the wildfire victims tonight. >> we're back with the finaa four before the stardd-stued finale. >> it's kind of breathtaking. >> but first, katherine heigl is an obsessed ex-wife in this first look at her new thriller "unforgettable." >> right in front of me! >> she's jealous of her former husband's new fiance rosario dawson and goes off the rails a la fatal attraction.
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♪ ♪ former charlie's angels cheryl ladd plays heigl's mom katherine shot unforgettable before she was pregnant with her son-to-be and
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into james corden's car for a round of carpool karaoke, and we have secrets from the ride. ♪ ♪ >> secret number one, this carpool karaoke was more than a year in the making. >> you said he was your dream guest. >> bruno mars. bruno mars. bruno mars. >> and now you'veedone it. >> he didn't let me down in any way. >> secret two, there is a crazy corden costume change. ♪ ♪ >> at one point, james loses this dark polo and puts on shade, a white 24 karat cap just like bruno and a gold chain. ♪ ♪ >> carly got a wardrobe preview last month. >> there you go. >> oh, my god! >> that reaction -- secret number three. the timing. >> thank you so much for helping me get to work today. >> tonight's segment was taped in l.a., near where corden filmed and that's the same day
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and he was in town to perform that weekend on the vmas and since then he's been on a media blitz from victoria's secret fashion show to tonight's finale of "the voice." tonight's witness tells "e.t." that while filming carpool karaoke, they didn't see any crew following the car and it looked like they were having a great time and that brings us to secret number four, and james says it's the best one he's ever done. >> i've never had that much fun at work ever in my life. dpauz he's just got the songs and the funk and it's bruno. >> he got funky? >> oh, my god. you're not going to believe it.. >> he got funky? >> oh, my god. you're not going to believe ian. >> he got funky? >> oh, my god. you're not going to believe it.. >> he got funky? >> oh, my god. you're not going to believe i!!. >> he got funky? >> oh, my god. you're not going to believe it. >> we may get to see bruno and james together again at the grammies and bruno is rumored to performing. >> that is 24k magic. i must say. we told you about bruno being on the voice tonight. >> still ahead, we are with the finalists with four of tonight's final showdown, but what is
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miley and her man liam? >> then dolly parton after dollywood nearly went up in flames and how she is saving christmas for families affected by the fire. >> so many of our friends and neighbors lost everything. >> j. law and chris pratt's smackdown. how far will these two co-stars go to embarrass one another. >> before our sex scene, i took two pepto bismol. >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ ♪ no! you die, i die! things are dire for chris pratt in the new sci-fi thriller "passengers." when it comes to two stars i've never seen anyone have more fun. >> it's the best possible way to promote a film and they don't even mean to do it. they're having an incredible time and it's been non-stop llughs between the two of them and mostly at each other's expense. >> bring it in! >> what are we bringing in? >> you'll see. >> that was last night on kimmel and a little paybacc j. law style. what you didn't see on the show was the shot of liquid courage jennifer took just before she dished out some spray can vengeance. >> wait, no,pp
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chris cropping jennifer out of pictures. he's been doing it for weeks now, posting the back of her head and check this one out. j. pratt? >> that will be a good lesson for him for the next movie. >> i should hhve given him devil eyes. >> it's not too late. let's give him devil eyes. >> chris and jennifer met on the set of their new movie and totally hit it off. >> listen to the insults they shot at each other on a recent bbc radio show. >> how does it feel being in the stupidest marvel movie? >> you are so stupid that your 3-year-old son has probably taught you everything you know. >> i recently told you that you act like adele sings. i hate adele. >> where do you keep your oscar? >> that was really good. >> before our sex scene i took >> ooh!
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each did it in our interview. p> we were naked for some parts >> we were nude. >> but it's not over yet, after last night's prank chris tweeted his reaction. if it's war you want, ohh can't wait to see what happens next. your move, pratt. >> i think, yeah, you did the right thing here. >> love these two, and because we can't get enough we'll be with chris and jennifer tomorrow night at their hollywood premiere. who knows what they'll do, but i can tell you this, it will be fun. >> it will be a lot of fun tonight on nbc and the voice will crown a new champion and etonline is all over the two-night finale and like sophie, miley cyrus has been more of a spectator than a participant because she doesn't havv a performer in the finale. >> a source tells "e.t.," miley is getting plenty of love behind the scenes courtesy of her man and frequent voice set visitor liam hemsworth. just don't ask her about him.
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and friendly on set, but any liam talk is off limits. >> that's my anthem. it is unclear if liam will be backstage for the finale, but there will be plenty of starpower on stage when the final four contestants do their duet with some of the biggest names in music. >> working with john legend. hello? >> listen. listen. it's kind of breathtaking. he doesn't need much practice. it's him, but me, i'm just practicing, constantly, constantly, constantly. >> and justin bieber's fave, billy gilman will belt it out with kelly clarkson. she gges off during rehearsals and you just stand there and go, my god, it's coming out of this 4'10" girl. >> stevie wonder, bruno mars, the weeknd and ariana grande will also perform. >> the nerves, how are you handling it? >> no nerves. >> what does your family say to you? >> they cry. >> did you ever envision this night in your head?
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thought that i could make it to the final four. >> once you start seeing things like top ten, top eeght and then you're, like, oh, snap. this can actually happen. >> oh, snap is right. you may remember just two weeks ago that dolly parton performed on the voice with miley and today we joined dolly in tennessee where she's doing something really special and she was talking to people who lost their homes in the fire that also threatened dollywood. >> these are my people. this is my home and the woods that i roamed around when i was a little kid. >> more than 18,000 acres burned since the fire broke out november 23rd. >> oh, my gosh, my people and my family and my blood kin in addition to the neighbors that feel like family, and we were blessed that none of my family properties, but so manyyof our ndfries and neighbors lost everything. >> damage is estimated at over $500 million prompting stars like taylor swift to donate money to rebuilding rteffos.
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>> taylor swift, i've noticed through the years she's the first to throw herself right into any good cause. is always there to make big donations and i am so thankful to her. i just think she's precious. ♪ ♪ >> and tonight, dolly is taking things a step further by putting on a live telethon featuring performances by kenny rogers, reba mcinentire and chris stapleton. >> oh, my gosh, we have everybody in the world coming in. kenny rogers is here. i'm singing with kenny and we've got a list so long that you wouldn't believe it. i think people will absolutely love it. >> you can watch dolly's three-hour telethon including the great american country channel and you can stream it online, and if you want to make a donation for this great cause do it at dollywood >> we'll be right back.
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even hollywood's latest sweetheart needs to... punish the porcelain occasionally. but to avoid embarrassment... i give every bathroom the v.i.poo treatment. spray generously before taking your seat and v.i.poo forms a protective layer trapping the icky smell of your devil's donuts. so, no red faces in front of your boss, hollywood's hottest director. even a vip needs to v.i.poo. anything, but i'm a ghost. totally. >> watch it at
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mark wahlberg's new movie "patriots day" is set to release on the 21st and that is because it wants to be eligible for oscar voting. >> it is a fantastic movie and it tell us the boston marathon bombing and you learned so many things that you maa not have known and tomorrow we're heading with mark as we head back to the hometown. >> his beloved boston. bye, everybody. >> we're in beantown with mark nggivi us a hometown tour. >> i haven't forgotten where i'm from. >> ben affleck's big night out in the big apple. >> i'm super thrilled. >> revealing his holiday
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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arctic blast. >> reporter: minnesota knows how to deal with frigid temperatures. matter of fact, this is a beat the cold party, happening in one fame lae's backyard. you can see they have turned it into an ice rink. the upper midwest and great lakes regions will both deal with 15-20 degree below normal temperatures for the rest of the week. that arctic air will head east and new england could see record breaking low temperatures by thursday. there is another storm system brewing in the pacific northwest, and that means that temperatures will be below normal for half of the country. as that cold air heads south and east. scott. >> jamie yuccas, thanks. the cbs overnight news will be right back.


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