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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  December 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> pelley: calling out the terrorists. >> it's an attack on humanity. >> pelley: the president-elect says the berlin attack proves he's right about muslim immigration. we've learned that the prime suspect wasei bng watched, but the surveillance was dropped. a new drug brings relief for the first time in a severe form of multiple sclerosis. >> reporter: in your meend, how big a deal is this? >> it's a very big deal. >> pelley: and, a covert operation brings them home for the hodaliys. >>addy! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: as a manhunt spreads across europe tonight, president-elect trump says that the berlin christmas market attack proves that he is right about cracking down on muslim immigration to america. german police say the suspect is an immigrant from tunisia with a connection to isis. julianna goldman begins our coverage. >> what's going on is terrible. president-elect donald trump emerged fra his mar-a-lago club to briefly address the terrorist attack in berl lin. >> reporter: asked whether he's re-evaluating his plans to ban immigration to the u.s. from certain muslim countries and establish a muslim registry here at home. >> and i used the term "extreme vetting"." >> reporter:... mr. trump defended his controversial campaign proposals.
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>> reporter: even before german authorities declared monday's attack terrorism and isis claimed responsibility, mr. trump released a statement saying: language he didn't recognize today. mr. trump appeared again later. >> amazing people. >> reporter: after a meeting with military officers and the c.e.o.s of boeing and lockheed martin, defense contractors he recently criticized for bloated spending projects. the president-elect said they mostly discussed what he's called lockheed's out-of-control costs for the f13 fighter jet program. he's also taken aim at spending $4 billion to replace air force one. today, boeing's dennis muilenburg said the price tag wouldn't be that high. >> we work on air force one because it's important to our country, and we're going to make sure that he gets the best bi
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affordably. >> reporter: mr. trump also announced today that billionaire investor and wall street veteran carl icahn will be his adviser on reforming financial regulation. scott, he'll be doing this while keeping his day job. the transition says he will not be a government employee. >> pelley: well, 12 people were killed in that perlin attack, and today we learned that the suspect had been under surveillance by counter-terrorism police. but the surveillance was dropped three months ago. the germans say anis amri didn't do anything suspicious while he was being watched. charlie d'agata picks up the story. >> reporter: the europe-wide alert names him as anis amri, a you in teegz, but then lists six false names and multiple fake nationalities. police had put a $100,000 bounty on his head and warned he's armed and dangerous. detectives found amri's identification papers in a wallet he left behind under the driver's seat of the truckh
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plowed into the christmas market. but amri had been under surveillance before monday's attack. he's been linked to this man, abu walaa, an iraqi who was arrested in germany last month, accused of recruiting fighters for isis. german officials said amri entered the country seeking asylum in july last year at the height of the migrant crisis when close to a million refugees flooded into country. amri's application was rejected. he was supposed to be deported in june, but that never happened. it presents a worst-case scenario for german chancellor angela merkel, who facere-election next year, and now has to deal with the fallout of a failed asylum seeker with connections to isis who is still on the run. ♪ ♪ this afternoon, berliners banded together in defiance of the terror that's come to their city, still in shock at monday's loss. tonight, sot
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forces are coming under pressure. just last month, they had reason to believe that amri was planning a serious act of violence against the state, and he simply disappeared. >> pelley: charlie d'agata in the german capital for us tonight. charlie, thanks. the state of texas has informed planned parenthood that it will cut off all medicaid funds, about $4 million, that serve about 11,000 low-income women each year. no medicaid money is used for abortions in texas. this funding cut would eliminate things like birth control and screening for sexually transmitted diseases. six other states have eliminated medicaid for planned parenthood, but in every case, they've been overruled by the courts. now, a cbs news investigation into a wide-spread failure to prosecute cases of rape. in many cities, a lack of funding often means that d.n.a. and other physical evidence goes
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unexamined, leaving rapists free to attack again. jericka duncan and producer laura strickler met one woman still waiting for justice after 26 years. >> i had just pulled into the apartment building that i lived at, and i was abducted, and he came up to me with a gun. he broke my nose, lacerated my face, and ultimately, he beat and raped me. >> reporter: this woman, who asked to be called "jane" was raped in 1990. she lives in memphis, tennessee, where the police announced in 2013 they had more than 12,000 untested rape kits. >> you have fingerprint and d.n.a. available to catch someone, and you don't test a kit? i would say they didn't try to catch him. >> reporter: police records show the last time a detective worked on the case was two weeks after the rape. >> whatever road that i was on that night was taken away.
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>> reporter: amy weirich is the district attorney general for shelby county, tennessee. how do you get to 12,000. why wasn't there an alarm that went off at 2,000, 3,000, five how gidon't know how it built up and that number got to be what it was but it did and we immediately said here's what we're going to do. >> reporter: out of the 7,000 rape kids cits that have been sent away for testing, you had some form of d.n.a. on 3,742. >> that's correct. >> reporter: how many people have been convicted of rape. >> 10. >> reporter: that's not a high number. >> it's not a high number but that number dpl up, it's a number that we're proud of because it's taking everything that we have, that we can throw at these individuals, and making sure that they're brought to justice. >> reporter: we examined four cities that tested over 28,000 rape kits, but it only resulted in a 1% conviction rate. houston tested more than 6,000 kits
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far. detroit tested 10,000 kits and to date, just 69 rapists are off the streets. but we found a different story in cleveland where the state paid for testing so the city could afford to hire more staff. >> they could proceed almost like to second base, where they could focus on investigating and prosecuting. >> reporter: senior research associate rachel lovell of case western reserve university studied the rape kit testing results. >> the savings doesn't come with the testing. the savings comes with what you do with that test. >> reporter: the county hired 25 additional investigators and six prosecutors, and that got results. after testing 5,000 kits, they got 239 convictions, more than the other three cities combined. jane's kit was submitted over a year ago for testing. it's possible her rapist's profile could match another assault by him already in
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national database. >> he might be dead, which i hope. he might be behind bars. i might not be able to find out, but i need to know. >> reporter: the statute of limitations for jane's case has expired, and she's joined a lawsuit suing the city for failing to test her rape kit. scott, this is as much about resources as it is prosecutions. in memphis they've now hired an additional investigator and prosecutor. >prosecutor. >> pelley: jericka duncan with our investigation tonight. jericka, well done, thank you. russian hacking to influence the american election has dominated the news, but we've also noticed a hack attack that could be a future menace to america. last weekend, parts of the ukrainian capital, kiev, went dark. holly williams reports that russia appears to have figured out how to crash a power grid with a click. >> reporter: nearly a quarter of a million people lost power in this small ukraine cran city
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suspected russian attack last december. vasyl pemchuk is the electric control center manager, and told us when hackers took over their computers, all his workers could do was film it with their cell phones. "it was illogical and chaotic," he told us. "it seemed like something in a hollywood movie." the hackers sent e-mails with infected attachments to power company employees, stealing their login credentials, and then taking control of the grid systems to cut the circuit breakers at nearly 60 substations. the suspects motive for the attack is the war in eastern ukraine, where russian-backed separatists are fighting against ukrainian government forces. but hackers could launch a similar attack in the u.s. >> we can't just look at the ukraine attack and go, "oh, we're safe against that attack." even if we just lose a portion,
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or washington, d.c. go down for a day, two days, a week, how does life look like at that point? >> reporter: rob lee is a former cyber watch operations officer in the u.s. military and investigated the ukraine attack. he told us some u.s. electric utilities have weaker security than ukraine, and the malicious software the hackers used has already been detected in the u.s. >> it's very concerning that these same actors using similar capabilities and trade-craft are, preparing and are getting access to these networks and getting access to portions of the power grid. >> reporter: in ukraine they, restarted the power in just hours. but an attack in the u.s. could leave people without electricity for days or even weeks, according to experting, because, ironically, scott, america's advanced, automated grid would be much hard tore fix. >> pelley: holly williams, thanks. today in mexico, families
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of yesterday's chain-reaction explosion at a market selling fireworks for christmas and new year's. at least 32 people were killed. 46 are in hospitals. investigators are searching for the cause. this was the third explosion in 11 years at that same market. in california, officials have ordered uber to take its self-driving cars off the road, and carter evans is following this. >> reporter: in just seven years, uber has become a nearly $70 billion ride-hailing behemoth, despierkt or perhaps because of its reputation for ignoring local regulations. but when uber put self-driving cars on the street of san francisco last week and a motorist caught one of those cars running a red light, california's david martin drew the line, ordering uber to get an autonomous vehicle testing
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permit. uber said no. uber claims all of its self-driving cars in this testing phase have a safety driver behind the wheel, just in case. uber is remaining defiant here. >> they operate on the theory of break first and ask permission later. >> reporter: jonathan handel is a law professor at the university of southern california. >> when you're deploying 3,000-pound pieces of hardware that roll through the jurisdiction and have the potential to cause injury or death, that's a different issue. >> reporter: as to why that car ran the red light last week, uber says it was human error, and if the company obtains a permit, it will be required to report those incidents. why wouldn't uber want to report all that? >> these are bits and piece of black moorkz what has been otherwise been a lot of enthusiasm over driverless cars. >> reporter:ube erp says it's oeing unfairly signaled out
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self-driving technology to the auto driver feet our tesla cars and, scott, those do not require permits. >> pelley: you wonder how many humans are running red lights. carter evans for us tonight in california. carter, thank you. coming up next on the cbs evening news, for the first time a drug may provide relief for the worst form of m.s.
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. >> pelley: as many as 400,000 americans suffer from multiple sclerosis, a disease of the nervous system. tonight, dr. jon lapook tells us. a new drug that may provide relief. >> reporter: six years ago, at age 45, jerrie gulick suddenly developed leg and back pain, numbness, and severe fatigue. she was barely able to walk, and working at a demanding job became impossible. >> i had to quit about seven, eight months after i got my diagnosis. and the fatigue was overwhelming. >> reporter: the
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multiple sclerosis. many m.s. patients can manage their disease through the use of several helpful medications, but gulick is one of the 10% to 15% who have progressive m.s., which has no approved treatment, and continuously gets worse. three years ago, she joined a trial of a new intravenous drug called ocrelizumab. it targets an immune system cell which, in m.s., is felt to mistakenly attack the nervous system. in the more serious progressive form that gulick has, the drug slowed down the rate of disability by about 25%. neurologist dr. fred lublin of mount sinai hospital in new york city worked on the trial. >> it's a very big deal. you have to start with the success and this is the start. so this is, for us, the start of treating progressive m.s., treating progressive m.s. era. >> reporter: gulick says this drug is giving her new hope. >> maybe this is what i'm going to have for the next 20 years, and that's okay. whereasor
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in five years, i'm going to be bedridden. >> reporter: so you can see the silhouette of an at least acceptable future. >> yexactly. >> reporter: this drug works by suppressing the immune system and researchers are still looking at it closely for any serious side effects. and, scott, the f.d.a. is expected to make a decision about possible approval by the end of march. >> pelley: doctor, thanks very much. coming up next, a store apologizes after a customer's racist rant.
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>> pelley: tonight, j.c. penny and the mayor of louisville, kentucky, are apologizing after a shopper's racist tirade against two hispanic women. the video was posted. >> go back to wherever the (bleep) you come from, lady. just because you come from another country, that don't make you... you're nobody as far as i'm concerned. probably on welfare. the taxpayers probably paid for all that stuff. >> pelley: the woman has not been
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absolutely don't tolerate this behavior and are working to ensure future incidents of this nature are addressed appropriately. oappropriately." winter began today, a season that many dread in china because the smog is at its worst. in some places this week, pollution from factories and power plants was 10 times safe levels. despite this, one school forced 400 students to take a test outside without masks. the headmaster's been suspended. what's black and white and also black and blue? the poor snowman who had his block knocked off in a playful romp with a giant panda at the toronto zoo. first the panda showed the snowman who was boss, climbed on to his head, but then he tumbled off and brought frosty's head down with him. we'll be right back.
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>> pelley: the best military operations require bold planning, radio science-- silence, and precision execution. what happened-- what happens when you add some holiday magic? jim axelrod found out. >> wishing notre dame a very, merry christmas. congrats on the win. >> reporter: when army lieutenant bo farrell wished notre dame's basketball team well monday, a good night became great for his brother, matt, the starting point guard, grateful to see bo safe from where matt thought was afghanistan. >> i love you, and i miss you very much. ( applause ) >> reporter: but when it turned out bo was
6:57 pm
south bend-- it became a moment these brothers will remember forever. same thing at white water elementary school in virginia last week. jackson rescott had an x-box at the top of his christmas list. >> i think i have a bit of christmas magic for you. >> okay. >> reporter: but santa had a better idea. marine staff sergeant david rescott, deployed overseas the last eight and a half months, left his son's jaw hanging open. ( laughter ) until he reached for a hug. for the last couple of weeks, 'tis been the season-- >> daddy! >> reporter: ...for a battalion of military moms and dads-- >> daddy! >> reporter: sons and daughters. >> oh! >> reporter: pull off the kind of surprise attack. >> is this why you haven't called me back! >> reporter: one minds in
6:58 pm
just this week, a couple of daughters recording the mannequin challenge at their school in oklahoma had a surprise waiting at the end of the line, seeing their dad for the first time in a year. >> i missed you! >> reporter: specialist christine rainey surprised her 10-year-old kayla in south carolina. and air force master sergeant john lang shocked his 20-year-old decatur a hockey nut whose first chicago blackhawks game ever-- >> hi, kim, it's dad. >> reporter: was bittersweet since her dad wasn't there to share it until he was. another holiday antidote to all that news that's left us asking, "what's wrong with the world?" by showing us what's right. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: welcome home. that's the cbs evening news. for all of us at cbs news all
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that's what it is, and it's got to be stopped. >> president elect donald trump speaking today about the attack on germany, the country remains on high alert tonight as is much of europe as police search for this man, a 25-year old accused of driving a truck into a christmas market crowd killing 12 and injuring 48. he's been on the run for 2 days. there's a 6 figure reward for his capture tonight. here at home there are just 29 daysing to until the inauguration. one of those who really knows if


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