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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. a community in marching. 46-year-old tricia disappeared on her way to a christmas dinner. police found her body last night and arrested a man. >> she spent a lot of time teaching -- in her neighborhood where a lot of people gathered to honor a life gone too soon. >> well, police say the
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strange he strangled. -- sorry, excuse me, police say he strangled her sometime between christmas day and late last night. mccauley's friends are worried about one thing, remembering. >> she was a marvelous person. had the type of person personality that could lift everyone around her. >> tricia mccauley moved to dc. >> she is one of the kindest people i know. >> she always had a smile. >> tomorrow those friends lit candles and started to grieve. at times the only thing you could hear was paper me
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when she opened her place up and said come on, try it one time. i said no, i'm not going to do it. but she always made me welcome and that's the type of person she was. >> police say mccauley is not here because this man killed her. tonight no one here talked about johnson, the hows or the whys of the case. they talked about tricia. people here are determined to make sure her memory he never fades. >> family is stronger than your biological family. >> she brought out the best in all of us. >> that's the woman i am going to remember, my neighbor, my friend. >> now, someone called police last
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suspect in the victim's car. police say they arrested johnson shortly after that call, around midnight. they found the car and mccauley's body inside of it. >> thank you, and the man charged in mccauley's murder, will have his first court appearance tomorrow. we have been digging into his background and joins us with what he's learned. >> johnson knows this courthouse well. he's been in and out half a dozen times just within the last few years. his last was last week when he stood in front of a judge that gave him orders to return the next day. >> show an unremarkable crime. a cbs store
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on, age 29, left his store on december 17th without paying for 4 electric toothbrushes. a judge held him in jail but signed off on a deal to release him. instead of high intensity supervision the judge told him to return the next day to be fitted with a monitoring device. but after johnson walked out of court on december 20th. he never showed up to receive the tracking device. no warrant was issued. johnson wasn't seen again by law enforcement until thursday night night. his history is long but nonviolent. johnson was on probation awaiting trial in another theft case. several documents relating to his st
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mental health treatment. although it is unclear if he ever received any. >> johnson also faced charges for theft and failure to appear in montgomery and prince george countys. all of those super seeded by the first degree murder charges that could leave him behind bars for the rest of his life. a lot of questions will persist on this one. a spokesperson from mayor's office issued a statement on johnson's history. saying. >> we're dog to going to be the on top of this story tomo.
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developments in this case. police are chasing down a missing clue in the case of a missing woman and her granddaughter. >> say her cell phone pinged off of a tower. they disappeared christmas eve while driving down i-95 in new jersey. their last known location was an exxon. now police are combing the area between the din witty airport and the city of. >> searching for a black suv that hit and killed a deaf woman. the driver never stopped. police say it happened early this morning in -- tracking metro, a plan is in the works
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free wi-fi access to all underground metro stations. work will begin next summer to bring wi-fi to 60% before neck year. to all the stations by 2018. if you are planning to hop on the metro tomorrow, you better be put bundled up. >> there are some big changes. >> i had to change jackets from earlier today. i was enjoying my nice spring jacket. winter weather fans, winter is coming back tomorrow. it's going to be back with us for the rest of 2016. it definitely feels cool out here. this cold air is starting to work its way in. first thing tomorrow we are going to be in the 50s. consider t
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there but we will stay into the 30s. everyone will be below the 40- degree mark. no 20s tomorrow. a little more typical december afternoon tomorrow. highs inhighs upper 40s. i'm tracking a chance for showers and even a little bit of mix by the ends of the week so we'll have that coming up. >> tonight fans are remembering a woman who could make us laugh through the pain. kerry fisher passed away after suffering a heart attack saturday. looks back at the life ofan icon and a true princess. >> what the hell are you doing? >> somebody has to save us. >> whether the world first got to know kerry fisher, she
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already royalty, princess leea. fisher was a rare for princess, revered for her beauty and her -- she went on to play the role. >> our system has been. >> i think you have got exactly the same eyes as your mother. >> her career over 4 decades. she floor you flourished in shampoo and was meg ryan's gal pal. >> he just spent $120 on a new night gone for his wife. i don't think he's ever going to leave her. >> a radiant bride and a handsome gloom, debbie and he had hey. >> kerry fisher was born into show business in 1956, the daughter of
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and debbie reynolds. in her book rings, she wrote about the relationship with her mother. in 1990 it became a hit film. >> remember my 17th birthday party when you lifted your skirt up. >> i did not lift my skirt. >> this is my house. >> in 2009 on pbs she he told charlie rose she was no longer held hostage by her problems with addiction. >> i'm proud of myself that i've been able to get through this stuff and i've been able to -- i can't overcome it but i can use it instead of -- i have problems. problems don't have me. i'm not afraid of anything. >> kerry fisher was 60 years old old. >> we caught up with star wars fans and we
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their favorite princess. >> with gavea the hut and you're a little kid, had that much adventure and that whole scene was pretty intense and one of my favorite scenes growing up. >> it was the end of the latest movie when she puts the map in r2d2 and calls up and says luke, you're our only hope. >> she's had an impact on i guess popular culture for a long time. >> also an advocate for people with mental issues. a new boost today. who is going to join the protest against donald trump. why this 8 8-year-old was asked to leave the
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the prime minister of japan made a historic visit to pearl harbor. offered condolences to the u.s. service members and civilians killed on december 7, 1941. >> i offer my sincere and everlasting condolences to the souls of those who lost their lives here. >> thank you for your presence here today. >> a historic gesture that speaks to the power of reconciliation. >> the two leaders placed wreaths at the arizona memorial. president obama said that the alliance formed is a model for other nations
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fruits of peace outweigh the plunder of war. president elect trump has been busy on twitter tonight. >> trump said obama campaigned hard and personally in the very important swing states and lost. the voters wanted to make america great again. then just a short time ago trump thanked himself for the u.s. index be, surged the highest level in more than 13 years. thank you, donald. a false alarm today in trump tower. a suspicious package forced -- all they found were children's toys. organizers of the women's march on washington said the planne
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of america has signed on as a partner. the march is set for january 21 january 21st. the day after donald trump's inauguration. to show a united front. a nonprofit group has fired its director after posting about michelle obama. >> right after the election, likened the first lady to a quote, ape in heels. she ran the clay county community services. 8-year-old of new jersey has been kicked out of the cub scouts because joe was born jody. he's transgender. >> they kicked me out because i'm born a girl. >> i felt bad for my son because he was having a good
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time. they had a barbecue. the last day they had a halloween party. they did experiments. he really enjoyed it and he was with all his friends. >> kristy says when she signed up joe she made it very clear he was transgender. she said everything was fine, then she got a letter from the boy scouts and it said for those identified by boys on their birth certificates. >> in case you are wondering, the girl scouts welcomes those that are transgender. welcomes the am fire parade. >> well, there was dancing, juggling and other performances. the parade is put together by the rockville volunteer fire department. it could be hit or miss having a parade at the ends of december but i think they nailedit
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>> yeah, great weather. i saw a lot of people, not too bundled up. not head down trying to. >> right, only in the newsroom do we need those. get ready for winter, it's coming back. some people are excited about this. it feels a little bit more like december tomorrow. it will stick with us through the rest of 2016. with a high of 64. >> what, 68? >> yeah, we got to 68 degrees. we stayed away from record highs of 72 but a difference of 4. got that one wrong but we are going with a high of 48 for tomorrow. feeling a little more promising about that one. i mentioned yesterday it was going to be a tricky one because the scale of temperatures was pretty wide ranging. 50 to our west. west virginia to 70. looking ahead, we
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drop 20 degrees for wednesday. from the upper 60s to the upper 40s. that's still above average. average this time of year, drey wednesday, gorgeous sunshine, blue skies. for thursday we are tracking some showers. a little bit of mix possible. every time i look at new computer model. tells me i don't think there's going to be as much mix as we he once thought. so that's good but we're keeping our eyes on it for thursday. friday is going to be uncomfortable. we are going to have winds howling out of the northwest. mountain snow. but a few flurries falling around east of 81. new year's eve looking good. right where you would expect for this time of year. it will be chilly. we'll track another chance for showers and another mix to start monday morning. winter is back. our coldest y
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fridayment into the 40s for the rest of 2016 and we will actually see some 50s to start 2017. tomorrow morning if you are going to get up early it will be into the 20s. by tomorrow afternoon we're into the 40s and it won't be as breezy as it was earlier this morning. here comes our prehe sip taigs for thursday. light showers, so the brief moment of mixed is -- between 5:00 and 8:00 in the morning, most of it will be showers and it's pretty light. the grounds won't have enough time to get too cold. a lot of us are taking the whole week off anyway so if you just sleep in you'll not notice. by 9:00 we are dry and it will be cool for the rest of your thursday. friday, watch the snow just building through the mountains. some good news
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resorts that will stay there for thursday and friday. a few flurries on friday. it will be uncomfortable. the temperature feeling into the mid-30s for the day. first thing, first thing tomorrow morning, 42 to 52 by the afternoon. thursday we're looking at 47 degrees. as we head through the rest of your week starting off new year's pretty well. 50 degrees and some showers. maybe a little mix mondays morning. >> and then climbing. >> yeah, there you go. >> a weird december. >> i agree. >> it looks like party weather to me. >> and course weather. >> you know it. opening day for conference day in the big 10. have been playing some close games this evening.
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now, wusa9 game on sports. brought to you by xfinity. >> we have all been destroying the fatty foods this week, right. holiday cookie
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getting us closer to a coronariy event. so glad we didn't have another nail biter to put us over the threshold. enter big 10 taking on the fighting illini pick it up in the 2nd half. untouched on his way to 20 points. a couple of minutes later comes fly with me, cow an to lg gill and the foul. maryland never led by less than 9 points. you fail again, you fail again, then you pass the ball. wide open, sinks the 3. they cruise 84-59 the final. they are now 13 and 1. to the ice. berry and the boys. in prison a warm
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brooklyn, a warm day in the use. 8 minutes in, islanders are going to strike first. powering towards the net, get the shot off, deflected. islanders 1-0. skip ahead to the 3rd. crossing center ice, shot on goal, deflected right here but there's alex ovechkin, 540th career goal. the islanders would answer. takes the lead and not look back. they will squeeze in another goal. caps lost. they have dropped 3 of their last 4 games. lebron james heading another medal to his shelf. voted the male athlete of 2016. ending sports heart ache in cleveland. if only he could have played for the indians as
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u.s. olympic gymnast similar own biles was --
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