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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. another shocking loss from hollywood, actress debbie reynolds has died, suffering a stroke just one day after the death of her daughter, carrie fisher. just like her daughter, debbie reynolds was just 19 years old when she landed a leading role in an iconic film, but carrie fisher was star wars. >> her mother, a silver screen classic made in 1952. >> reynolds appeared in many ca
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nomination for her title role in the unsink able molly brown. her messy divorce from eddy fisher for -- she married and divorced twice more. >> i think i can, i think i can. i seem to marry poorly, i have no taste in men. >> the 1970s, she turn to broadway in the nightclub circuit, and was a fixture in las vegas, and opened her own who tell and casino, where she -- hotel and casino where she often performed live. details of her condition spread quickly. she had been reportedly at her son's home discussing funeral plans for her daughter when a call was made to 911 after she complained the breathing programs. her son said tonight, the stress of his sister's death was too much for reynolds. sh
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with carrie, and we're all heartbroken. fisher wrote about her troubled relationship with her mother in the semi novel, postcards from the edge, that was made into a movie starring meryl streep. some>> live look now at facebook and twitter, actually. first from ellen degeneres, i can't imagine what the family is going through. i send all of my love. >> 2016 didn't take debbie reynolds, she left to be with her daughter. that from matthew connect. >> proof he can die from heart break. want you to share your thought any time on our facebook page, and download the w usa 9 app for the latest developments. we have found out since this nightmare happened
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charged with multiple crimes, and allowed to walk free on the streets. >> outrage after the suspect in that brutal murder is being held at dc jail. where a judge said he'll remain throughout his trial. but adrian duane johnson, with a long criminal history, released just week in a theft case are continuing to raise questions why he was on the streets of the murder. >> derek has been digging into that piece of the story. >> reporter: patchwork of law enforce. and court system had opportunities to keep tricia mccauley alleged killer locked up longer, or under closer supervision after he was released from jail. pending trial in ma theft case from late last week. but those opportunities were missed and now johnson is a suspect in a gruesome murder. dc police last arrestdr
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at this cvs store on 14th street. prosecutors say he stole for electric toothbrushes. they charged him with misdemeanor theft. records show a judge held johnson for three days, but at a detention here on the 20th, the prosecution witness didn't show. that no-show witness was the officers who made the arrest. two law enforcement sources tell us. the spokesman told wusa that the department would look into what happened in this case, but the officer's not being present at the preliminary hearings or detention hearings is not uncommon. in this case, one source says, prosecutors did ask for the officer to appear. albeit less than 24 hours before the hearing. the our said he was not available. as a condition of johnson's release in that case, the judge ordered him to report the next day to be placed in a gps monitoring device. when he never showed, the pretrial services agency responsibility for tracking him down did
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any action. the washington post aaron davis, author of an extensive investigation of the court services and offenders supervision agency says a suspect in a minor theft case not showing up wouldn't ring alarm bells. >> there are thousands in this pool. it might take days, not uncommon to take weeks to then have him picked up for that kind of violence. >> reporter: pretrial services director told wusa9 that early in the new year, the agency will be able to have gps monitors installed on defendants at the courthouse right away. "this will eliminate any did he lay -- delay in have the technology in case as soon as it's been ordered by the judge." the court services and offenders supervision agency has declined to respond to any of my questions about the johnson case in particular, or their policies on gps monitoring
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we will keep asking. potential missed opportunities by law enforcement and court agencies is a source of outrage for many victims. >> >> reporter: many folks outraged, frustrated that the repeat offenders keep slipping through the cracks in the criminal justice system, and end up back on the dc street, and keep committing more crimes. jeffries didn't know tricia mccauley, but she knows her story. painfully well. police say mccauley was murdered by a man, a repeat offender, who has shipped through the cracks, but -- slipped through the cracks, but -- >> it's a large crater. if it was a crack, it would be a very small minute amount of cases that you're hearing about. this has been going on, i learned about this huge crater when my daughter was killed
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year-old daughter was killed in a drive-by shooting involving several repeat offenders. she said the murder is sad, but unfortunately, not surprising. >> police officers lock them up, and before they go on their shift, it's like the same offenders are back on the street street. >> reporter: maria can't make sense why her friend was killed. >> it's frustrating. this shouldn't have happened. this person obviously had mental health issues, you know, and no one flagged it. they did flag it, but it was not addressed. >> reporter: whether it's a failure to address mental health or failure to follow up with parolees, or people just falling off the radar, the court services and offenders supervision agency, which cording to our editorial part of the washington post, happens about 150 times a year, just with offenders that are classified at high-risk. it's a complicated problem with a simple outcome: more crime. >> we have the agencies
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it's a loss of piecing -- lot of pieces to the puzzle, but the big problem is the judges in washington, d.c., they are just too lenient. snot revoking -- not revoking probation. >> reporter: greg now frustrated friends of mccauley. >> the defendant was charged with multiple crimes, and allowed to walk free on the streets, and now our friend is gone forever. >> reporter: their friend, her daughter, and tomorrow, it could be someone else. >> it's just such a loss. >> reporter: offenders under the supervision of the court services agency, according to the post, were charged with nearly 1500 violent crimes in the most recent fiscal year, which ended past september. live in the northwest. dc police are asking for your help in finding a 13-year- old girl and getting her back to her family. she is -- she was last seen friday
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the 4600 block of being road. wearing a grown and blue coat, a red sweater, blue jeans and pink slippers. if you've seen her, contact dc police. tonight, prayers have been answered for the family of a missing woman and her great granddaughter. barbara briley, and la'myra briley have been found alive in virginia. they wept missing christmas eave, while driving from new jersey to north carolina to visit relatives. a man spotted the suv in some woods on his property nearby, he found the pair, propped up against a tree. mrs. brileyly was un-- mrs. briley was unconscious. police believe mrs. briley ended up on a dirt road and the suv got stuck after driving over a small tree. live look outside there tonight. washington monument, temp
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skies are clear, some showers could mess up your morning commute, and that means we're rocking a yellow weather alert. >> let's get a look at what's ahead. allison? >> you can feel it, it's chilly and breezy. it was just breezy a moment ago. a winter weather advisory, just. it goes until 9:00 tomorrow. the rape may not be over by -- rain hey not be over by the, but the chance for winter weather will be over by 9:00. this storm is forming, just a few hours ago, there was not much too it -- to it, so i'm going to time it out. big news from president- elect trump, he says more jobs are coming back to the u.s., but why this? photo op with don king. >> you might have seen the hostility over hatchimals. why the holiday's hottest toy is called an epic fail. >> kids
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playing with a christmas gift made just
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to make an announcement about jobs, and
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tweeting again. craig boswell report. >> reporter: president-elect trump told reporters that that more jobs are coming to the united states. >> i was just called by the head people at sprint, and they're going to be bringing 5000 jobs back to the united states. >> reporter: he said the start- up, one web, will hire 3000 people. that company announced in april that it plans to build a plant in florida to produce satellites that will allow people to inexpensive connect to the internet. boss company -- both are controlled by a japanese millionaire. in early december, he told reporters he plans to capitalize on the president- elect's promise to deregulate business. >> we're going to invest $50 billion no the u.s., and create jobs. >> reporter: president
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still on vacation in hawaii. the white house says the call was positive. >> he had a very general conversation, very, very nice. appreciate that he called. >> reporter: earlier, mr. trump tweeted that president obama was throwing up roadblocks in the transition process. he reemerged later with boxing promoter don king at his side. mr. trump said he discussed reforming veterans healthcare with representatives of these of the country's best known research hospitals. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. -- including customer care, and sales teams and it will begin discussions immediately with the business partners, states and cities to determine the right locations in the u.s. to create the jobs. well, hatchimals, of course, you've heard of them. some people, they're not saying
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>> so what's wrong with these things? >> they seem to be going from the most popular toy to the most frustrating? know time at all, and that's because a lot of people say they just aren't working. >> reporter: allen is trying to get in touch with them. >> i called numerous times [ no audio ] >> we're having some sort of technical problem with that. >> i can tell you if. the issue is they're saying them, or they took too long to hatch, or once they hatched, they just aren't working. one son got his, held on to it, rubbed it, nurtured it, it finally hatched, and an eye wasn't working. two hours is too long. the company has put out at least two statements on their facebook page. >> really? >> responding to the
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customers are having a good experience, they hear that some are having some issues. they are pointing people to some video tutorials, and say they are determined to make sure everybody has a magical experience. >> we will get your story fixed. we will come back as soon as that's straight. >> allison? we pivot to you. >> i don't know how to follow hatchimals. >> maybe you can hatch out a forecast. >> we will end the year on a chilly note. and we're talking about the yellow weather alert. the good news here, we did get one degree off, we got a high of 52 actually, high of 4, so we are looking at a yellow weather alert for tomorrow morning, and tomorrow morning only. the temperatures are dropping fast. you can feel the winds, and just breezy for now. it is going to be windy come tomorrow and into friday. 39 degrees right now and the famperatures will continue to
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winter weather possible for areas north of us, not everybody, so let's get to the details. this is going to be a morning event only. showers likely for most areas. this will last until about 11:00, earlier for areas off to the west, mainly just rain for dc, and the surrounding areas. you don't run into a problem until you go to the north and west. that's where we could see sleet or. -- snow, a little goes a long way. on friday, thursday and into friday, we will see some mountain snow, and a lot of it, and with wind as strong as they will be on friday, we could see a couple flurries flying around our region. national weather service issued a winter weather advisory. this goes until 9:00 on thursday. again, morning event only. if you don't have to be on the roads until 9:00, i would wait. if you have to be up early, before 6:00 really for the maryland panhandle, that's where you want to
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higher elevations all day tomorrow, and they might even issue that wind advisory farther, closer to the metro spots. wind will be 20-30 miles an hour symptom afternoon, and into -- tomorrow afternoon and into the metro. higher where the advisory was. this storm has really started to form as it approaches west virginia, this the same storm that will bring a lot of snow through new york, vermont, new hampshire, and parts of maine. just rain for us, but it will bring a lot of up slope snow for areas in west virginia. talking 6-9 inches for areas west of the divide. to the futurecast, you can time out thursday morning. this is a rain event for dc, 3:30 a.m. from frederick, hagerstown, cumberland, oakland, this is when we see the mix or snow, or worse, you don't want the freezing rain. we get the temperature up above that 35-degree later, and showers will continue. as we head to about 8, 9:00 a.m., much of it
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way. by 11:30, liking dryer. however, during the afternoon, here come the winds, it is going to be pretty gusty for thursday afternoon, and into friday. in fact, friday we head to about 40 degrees. it will feel into the 20s for much the day on friday. 51 tomorrow, see the son in the afternoon, but windy as we head to friday, 41 degrees. and saturday, a pretty nice day. we'll see another round afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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wusa9 game on sports. brought to you by: >> of course, defending your home court is big in basketball, and the wizard looking for the 7 7th straight win, facing the feisty pacers. john wallace needs to rest team to catch up. porter is catching up, clutch 3 here. and then automatic does it again. porter deep in the same spot that put the wizard up late, and then john, watch the
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two defenders, the wiz beat the pacers. wall 36 points, 9 assists. a game under .500. college hoops, tony bennett and uva at louisville, and rick patino visiting the cardinals. this wasn't even close. a nice lay-in. later on, virginia plays some defense, defense and hustle on trsplay. ngacki down the loose ball. virginia rolls 61-53. big east opener for georgetown and marquette. hoyas never led. tippedin. good defense here on the transition layup, but not enough as the hoyas fall at marquette, 76-66. college football, middle of bowl season, west virginia/miami. russell athletic bowl in florida. a good
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mountaineers. a touchdown run puts them up 7- 0. but then all miami. a touchdown throw here that, would put miami up 28-7. canes win 31-14. big game, big crowd will be on hand to see maryland try to new york off the best in women's basketball, uconn in itownn college park. uconn has won 29 straight on the road, one shy of the ncaa record, but terps -- pill the -- pulling the big upset. >> you want to play the best, be the in tight games -- be the best, in the tight games. you live to play in front of your friends
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volunteer for meals on wheels. we had an instant connection. what was that? i said, "delivering to you is always a special treat." oh. company, companionship, food... we all need those things. when we get in that spot in life, it's kind of nice to have 'em there. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped deliver over one point four million meals to those in need. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more.
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kids often look for dolls, that look like them. >> so that
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for children with amputee amputees or prosthetics. wisconsin girl clara got her doll for christmas this year. >> i was able to make her a leg that was in all her favorite colors, and so made it look like her leg. it was cool to see how happy she was to see it. >> nelson says she hopes the dolls will show that being unique and beautiful is a good thing. >> and now we have the story about the hatchimals craze that is a dud. >> we got in line at 4:00, we were one of the last two to get them. >> reporter: thanks to one of santa's paying helpers, when tj woke up, he
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hatch. hatching can take up to 40 minutes, but his took two hours. when the egg cracked -- >> it looked like this! >> reporter: one eye tj doesn't mind. >> does he talk to you when you push his tummy. >> reporter: but for his mom, it's frustrating. >> the toy cost $70, and returning it it was not easy. >> like one of the first papers that says if there's an issue with the toy, call such and such. you cannot return to the store. >> reporter: people are reporting broken hatchimals online and criticizing the manufacturer. the company says it's increased the number of reps to deal with the issues. alan is still trying to get
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touch with them. >> i called numerous times, it's an automated system that says they are busy, no one can take my call. if it's important, try to call back, or to send an e-mail so i sent an e-mail, i got automated responses back, saying at this time, we're extremely busy. we'll get back to you as soon as we can. if it's important, call us. >> in a statement, the company that makes them says while most are having a good experience, we've heard from some consumers who have end -- encounters troubles. >> i can tell you. no problem at my house. my wife absolutely fantastic, teaming up with santa early on to make sure the daughter can find this under the
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this was their reaction. [ screaming ] [ laughter ] took about 15 minutes for them to hatch, they have been inseparable from them ever since. the only complainant i have is they have -- that would trigger a melt-down in my house. >> i could watch that video all day. >> it's like that at my house for about 18 hours. >> i didn't know your wife had an in with santa. >> she's on it. yellow weather alert for tomorrow. we are going to see showers and some mix for areas north and
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