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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 1, 2017 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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we are starting off monday and tuesday with a yellow weather alert. that is the top of the wusa9 news after the late show. we are looking at showers entering the area and we'll have rain around to start your morning commute. moving in a bit you can see the rain making its way toward the fredericksburg area, charlottesburg as as well and this tracks north. here's your futurecast closer into 5 a.m., light rain blanketing the metro area and it will be cold enough in some of those northern counties to
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possibility of some locally pockets of freezing drizzle or freezing rain that could lead to some slick spots on roadways first thing early on your monday morning. otherwise the rain will stick around for tuesday. then it turns very cold later in the workweek. coming up in about 15 minutes we'll talk more about just how cold it gets later this week and whether we see any snow possibilities in the forecast. we'll have that for you coming up. >> thank you so much. a night of heartbreak, as the redskins come up short in their quest to make the playoffs. frank hanrahan will break down tonight's 19-10 loss against the giants in a bit, but first we catch up with john henry who talked to fans in arlington about the game. >> reporter: a long night for redskins fans, one that was very similar to their season, a game full of ups and downs. skins fans at the bracket room in arlington wanted this game, no, needed this game more than any in rt
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back playoff appearances since 1992. with the win against the giants they could finally snap the streak. >> i wanted the win. i was born and raised in d.c. >> reporter: that's doug johnson. at the start of tonight's game he and his friends had hope that the redskins would actually pull it off, but unfortunately for them the the giants had other plans. >> one minute they get you up of the next minutes -- up. the next minute it's down. >> reporter: while the redskins briefly were able to tie up the game they n seemed in control. for much -- they never seemed in control. for much of the night they seemed in doubt and in the end a kirk cousins pick would seal the deal for new york. giants fans relished the victory. >> when kirk cousins is like that, how do you like that interception, buddy? >> reporter: meanwhile washington fans needed some time to
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had just happened. >> they lost. they were horrible. it was so sad. >> reporter: as for doug johnson, his heart was torn apart. >> it's crushed, yeah. >> reporter: but don't worry. he's still a fan even if he once again has to wait till next year. >> dallas sucks as always. >> reporter: a long night for redskins fans especially as we are enter into a long winter as people question what's next for this team. john henry, wusa9. >> and frank hanrahan joining us now with more on what just went wrong, frank? oh. >> a lot went wrong, no other way to put it, painful and disappointing months. so much on the line and to play for for the skins and they just weren't ready to play. the season is over being unable to beat a giants team that had really nothing to play for. down 13-10 late one last chance for the redskins in a final drive that
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kirk cousins with the bad kirk interception to end the game and the season as well. >> this isn't my first time dealing with this, you know. tough times don't last. tough people do. i sound like a broken record, but i'm going to keep saying that until i retire. all i know is it's going to give me an edge. i'll go back to work this offseason and have a hunger that has always been there, but certainly when the season ends this way, it will there be and it will be strong. >> we shall see if the redskins are going to pony up and pay him because for one way to end that game, that was not the way you want it to end if you're kirk cousins. we'll have much more coming up in sports and game on overtime. >> and he's so positive. >> yeah. for a guy that maybe lost a lot of money, too. >> we'll be watching you late on game on overtime and in sports, of course this, show. thank you. redskins were the top trend on twitter. darrell green, redskins super bowl clasp and hall of famer put it bluntly. there's no other way to say
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was an embarrassing showing today. enjoy your offseason. from jamie, kirk, that was a hard loss for all of us and redskins nation, but i know we are a better team than we showed this year. head on over to the wusa9 facebook page. join the conversation. vote in our poll. do you think that the redskins should resign kirk cousins? well, tiny but mighty is how friends are remembering charlotte zaremba. the 16-year-old was shot and killed in howard county around 2 a.m. this morning, her mother also shot. stephanie ramirez tells us the suspect then turned the gun on himself. >> she just always was smiling and she was always really happy and i don't know. she was just really sweet like a friend. >> reporter: isabella kushner said she and 16-year-old charlotte zaremba were martial arts sparring partners for a little while. kushner's father was the instructor. >> she was quiet but strong mi.
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this is devastating. >> reporter: howard county police say around 2 a.m. zaremba's mother suzanne heard a scuffle coming from her daughter's bedroom. when she entered, police say a 15-year-d gunman shot suzanne, charlotte and then shot himself in their ellicott city knoll glenn road home. police say another person was inside not hurt. for much of the day there was nothing but silence outside. many of the neighbors here know the family involved and the victim. relatives and friends took their grief to facebook. one woman wrote she was not even driving yet. another posted a photo of this bridge saying the 16-year-old made this on a sort of junior peace corps trip to costa rica. >> she was a strong person. i mean when you talked to her, you could feel her personality. >> reporter: suzanne zaremba suffered a nonlife threatening gunshot wound. she's out of the hospital. >> the en
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howard county is trying to support everybody in her family. >> reporter: in ellicott city stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> the suspected shooter is in critical condition at the hospital. police haven't released a name, nor a motive. we're told charlotte zaremba was a louder high school student. a silver alert tonight for a missing montgomery county woman. take a look. 91-year-old gloria adams left her home on south leisure world boulevard to visit family in bethesda between 5 and 6:00 this evening. she suffers from dementia drivg a jetta with maryland tags that's silver. call 911 if you see her or the car. tonight a deadly new year's eve attack in an istanbul nightclub leaving 39 people dead and 69 wounded. a turkish newspaper released this video of the attacker armed with a long barreled weapon as he shot his way into
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the reina nightclub early sunday morning. the attacker also killed a policeman and civilian outside the club. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. turkish officials say the gunman acted alone. tonight that suspect remains on the loose. it was a deadly new year's eve at 1 local hotel when a guest fell into a boiler shaft and plunged 10 floors to his death in the hotel's basement. this happened at the dupont circle hotel in northwest washington. d.c. police say 23-year-old john leonard of herndon, virginia, fell around 2:30 this morning after he went to the hotel roof to get a view of the city. a tech rescue team that specializes in rescues in confined spaces recovered leonard's body. a search is underway in prince george's county tonight for two men wanted in connection with a home invasion. that home invasion took place just after 6:00 tonight in the 400 block of east tantallon drive in ft. washington. prince george's county police say two men
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family function was going on. the suspect stole money and a shotgun, then took off in a dark colored car. donald trump returns to new york city today following a holiday vacation at his florida estate. this week he's scheduled to get briefings from intelligence officials about russian interference in the u.s. presidential election. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette reports from new york. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump will get briefed by intelligence officials this week about russian hacking of political groups during the election. the man he picked to be his white house press secretary suggested sunday that sanctions levied by president obama against russian intelligence agencies and other individuals last week may have been unfair. >> i think one of the questions that we have is why the magnitude of this? you look at 35 people being expelled, two sites closed down. the question is that response in proportion to the ti
11:51 pm
he's still not convinced russia is behind the attack even though that's what intelligence agencies say they found. >> i just want them to be sure because it's a pretty serious charge and i want them to be sure and if you look at the weapons of mass destruction, that was a disaster and they were wrong. >> reporter: the state department says the several dozen russian diplomats who were expelled at the result of the sanctions have left the country with their family members. republican john mccain will hold a senate hearing thursday on the hacking. >> we strongly urge our colleagues to enact more meaningful and stronger sanctions against russia because of their attack on the united states of america. >> reporter: mr. trump says he'll disclose information about the russian hacking later this week. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. >> the incoming in white house press secretary also said mr. trump will continue using twitter to make policy announcements and to communicate with americans. maryland republican governor larry ga
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vote for president-elect donald trump for the election, but hogan will attend the inauguration this month. a spokesperson for the governor says hogan is committed to working with the trump administration on issues to interest of maryland. that includes economic development and transportation infrastructure. a swearing in ceremony tomorrow morning for the d.c. council, 2017 marks the return to politics for former mayor vincent gray. gray beat ward 7 council member yvette alexander in the primary before going on to win the general election. the new year got off to an exciting start for one rockville, maryland family. little imane noor made her way into the world as the first baby born in 2017 at the adventist healthcare shady grove medical center. the baby girl arrived at 12:15 this morning weighing in at 6 pounds 13 ounces. her mom says imane's new year's day arrival wasn't what she had planned. >> i
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she wanted to be a star today. i didn't want her to be the first one in 2017. i want her to be the last one in 2016. i think my 2017 will be perfect. >> mom and dad and little imane and her two big brothers are doing well. the hospital plans to send the family home with a special gift basket full of toys, clothing, books and other essentials for the new baby. protesters disrupt a fitness run in d.c. this morning. they say they want body cam video released from a deadly police shooting, that
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the family of a missing 11- year-old girl from northeast d.c. needs your help. brea breaniya todd hasn't been seen since about 1:30 yesterday afternoon. call d.c. police with
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the mayor has been called upon to release body camera footage from a shooting christmas day. wusa9's janice park spoke with the family who calls the shooting death senseless. >> reporter: 1,200 runners came out for the d.c. fresh start 5k, but instead of cheers were shouts of protesters at the finish line. >> we are the mother of trayvon hall. >> reporter: demands for police and the mayor to release body camera footage. >> release the tapes! >> reporter: from the shooting death of jayvon hall, the 29- year-old father. >> he didn't have to be shot. we want to see the tape. >> reporter: hall's family wanted to confront the mayor today but say they were ignored. >> that was a senseless killing and she just kept on walking. she didn't respond. we wasn't important enough. >> it is unaccountable when you have top leaders who walk past grieving families like this and don't address the issue. this has to stop. >>
11:57 pm
hall had a knife in his possession when he was shot by police christmas morning during a domestic dispute, but hall's mother is disputing that and says her son was unarmed. >> the bottom line, she killed him. she -- they killed him. they shot him for nothing, for no reason. he was not armed. >> we want to be 100% transparent. a lot of the footage we have shown to the family. it's an ongoing investigation and when we can release more of the footage, we will look to do that. >> reporter: the family crowded around harris during our interview and he had to walk away. >> i can't do this, though. i can't do this. >> reporter: a family who says that they won't stop ever. >> we are going to keep fighting until they release those tapes. >> reporter: in southwest d.c. janice parks, wusa9. >> the officer involved has been placed on administrative leave. 2016 saw fewer homicides and a decrease in other cr
11:58 pm
in washington d.c. there were 135 homicides in 2016, a 17% drop from 162 last year. but still it's more than 2014 when there were 105 homicides. robberies were down 13%, burglaries down 16%. and in chicago the news much more grim. 762 slayings in 2016 and that's the most homicides in two decades, the biggest spike in 60 years. last year there were 485 homicides. president obama has ordered his team to upgrade technology at the white house two weeks before he leaves office which includes newer computers and faster internet, but president- elect donald trump is a bit more cautious about technology. he told reporters saturday that sensitive information is best hand delivered by a courier. britain's prince philip attended a new year's day church service without queen elizabeth today. the 90-year-old queen
11:59 pm
that forced her to miss christmas day church services a week ago. the redskins may have lost today, but 1 local family walked away from fedex field with tears of joy. they thought they were going to up 0 a video greeting from their mill -- to watch a video greeting from their military loved one. then this happened. [ cheering and applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, here he is. >> special leo watkins surprised his wife and children on the field. he's a lifelong redskins fan who has been serving in guantanamo bay for the past nine months. the redskins shared this emotional moment on facebook today so we could all enjoy that happy reunion. that is wonderful. >> i love seeing stories like that and thank you to him for his service. >> absolutely. thank you so much. happy new year's day. >> happy
12:00 am
>> i know. howard is enjoying a little time off and also tomorrow when it's raining outside. we have that as the big story, lots of rain heading this way, but first ladies have been doing the 3-degree guarantee all week. today our forecasted high was 54. the actual high was 56. i got those reversed, but anyway it's correct. >> good job, ladies. >> we are looking at yellow weather alert starting off your workweek. tomorrow tuesday keep your wusa9 app on hand. there will be times where we'll just see rain blanketing the area, times of showers, drizzle and mist. we have a wet morning commute tomorrow and likely a wet morning commute tuesday as well. you can see all the rain moving northeast from the deep south and that arrives here already tonight at midnight. we're tracking a few spots on first alert live doppler where we have pockets of rain already reaching the ground south of
12:01 am
county and showers entering your area and towards the south near fredericksburg more showers. these will move northeastward throughout the overnight. already by 3:00 to 4:00 it's raining up near the border with pennsylvania. temperatures in our far northern counties in the valley locations going to be cold enough to where they're flirting with that freezing mark. the weather service put out a freezing rain advisory tonight through 10 a.m. monday morning. these locations could expect light freezing rain, especially the valley spots. don't be surprised if there's a little glazing of ice on some of the bridges and overpasses. as we go into the overnight hours, looks like the futurecast is messed up. the rain will arrive and the rain will be around first thing tomorrow morning. it will last into the afternoon hours qeas well. so your day planner starts wet and ends wet. noon time tomorrow still dealing with rain and we'll see that continuing into the 3 p.m. hour. a lot of peop
12:02 am
tomorrow, but those of you heading back to work tomorrow, give yourself extra time. that rain will mean wet roadways and will slow things down in your morning commute. then it just looks very winter- like outside. here's the next three days, periods of rain and drizzle monday, tuesday, wednesday turning freezing. then it's colder, 30s on the way for thursday all the way into next weekend. >> happy new year. well, over 1,000 runners showed up this morning for mayor muriel bowser's d.c. fit fresh start 5k, part of that d.c. fit initiative. today was the day for folks to work on their new year's resolutions and get some great exercise at east potomac park in southwest d.c. d.c. fit is a program that encourages all people who live in d.c. to get out and walk and run more with the goal to reach 1 billion steps. singer mariah carey is taking a beating on social
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