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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 4, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> elliott: pulling the plug. >> first order of business is to repeal and replace obamacare. >> if you are repealing, show us what you'll replace it with first. >> elliott: also tonight, the cyber attack on the d.n.c. the president-elect quotes wikileaks on how easy it was. >> podesta gave out that his password was the word "password." >> elliott: the big gulp. shock over a supersized tax on soft drinks. >> ridiculous. >> i'll give you a second one absolutely free. >> elliott: a wake-up call to consumers about those mypillow ads. and mickey d in the holyee
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some cry blasphemy. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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failed obamacare disaster with its poor coverage and massive premium increases." >> the simple fact is the american people know who owns obamacare. it's the first half of the title. >> reporter: since promised, repeal would be followed by a grace period until his party can craft a new law, but house speaker paul ryan was short on details. >> we have plenty of ideas to replace it. you'll see as the weeks and months unfold what we're talking about replacing it. >> reporter: democratic leader nancy pelosi. >> to repeal and then delay is an act of cowardice. that means we don't really know what we're doing. >> reporter: new york governor andrew cuomo entered the fray, announcing that 2.7 million of his state's residents were at risk of losing coverage. he even broke them down by county. >> the ayes have 51. the nays are 48. >> reporter: two hours later senate republicans voted to start the repeal process. >> we're legislatively at a disadvantage. they have all the cards. ep
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joe crowley. >> they've done absolutely nothing to help advance the cause of health care insurance and premiums in this country when they had the opportunity to do it. now they have all the power. let's see what they do with it now. >> elliott: so nancy, with this fight now squarely in the court of public opinion, where exactly does the american public stand? >> reporter: well, americans are all over the map, josh. take a look at this recent kaiser family foundation poll taken right after the election. 26% of americans say they want the law repealed. 17% say they want it scale back. 19% want it kept as is, and 30% say expand the law. so it's clear that no matter what happens, josh, at least half the country is going to be pretty unhappy. >> elliott: indeed it will. nancy cordes in washington. nanc thank you. president-elect trump continues to question the conclusion of u.s. intelligence agencies that the russians are behind hacking here in the u.s.
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jeff pegues has the latest on that for us tonight. jeff? >> reporter: josh, just this morning mr. trump appeared to agree with recent comments by the founder of wikileaks, someone he denounced just six years ago. mr. trump wrote on twitter, "julian assange said a 14-year-old could have hacked clint campaign chief john podesta. why was d.n.c. so careless? also said russians did not give him the info. some republicans quickly disagreed with the president-elect. speaker paul ryan called the wikileaks founder a sycophant for russia while senator lindsey graham called him a fugitive for from the law with a history of undermining u.s. interests. in addition to posting podesta's e-mail, you'll recall wikileaks also published classified information from n.s.a. leaker edward snowden. that happened in 2013. u.s. intelligence agencies say they have yet to fully recover from those disclosures. >> elliott: so, jeff, mr. trump will get a briefing on the final report into alleged
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russian cyber attacks on friday, the day after tomorrow. what can we expect? >> reporter: well, it's going tony blair in new york at trump tower. this is going to be an unprecedented meeting with the heads of the c.i.a., f.b.i., n.s.a. and the director of the national intelligence, who will brief the president-elect. on top of that, our law enforcement sources are telling us this will be first meeting between the president-elect and f.b.i. director james comey. comb yeah's future at the f.b.i. has been the subject of intense debate after his decision to reopen the clint private e-mail server investigation just 11 days before the election. some democrats believe comey was part of the reason why health hy clinton lost. josh, even many trump has criticized comey's handling of the e-mail investigation at times. >> elliott: jeff pegues in washington. jeff, thank you. late today cbs news learned that mr. trump is considering a restructuring of the office of the director of national intelligence created after the 9/11 attacks. he
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held by james clapper vacant. president-elect trump has well over 18 million followers on his preferred medium of twitter. following him feels more and more like a full-time job as he is about to become the tweeter in chief. here's jan crawford. >> reporter: just this week mr. trump has tackled not only hacking but house ethics, guanabara,#y obamacare, crime d the auto industry. on monday he had this message about north korea for china: china has been taking out massive amounts of money and wealth from the u.s. in totally one-sided trade but won't help with north korea. nice. that prompted this response from china's state news agency: twitter shouldn't become an instrument of foreign policy. foreign policy isn't child's play. but twitter has proven an important tool for trump, a modern way of talking directly to the people. >> i want to tell you what has been done in the last few days. >> reporter: like f.d.r.
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television. >> i have several announcements to make. >> reporter: in today's social media era, trump's tweets can dominate a news cycle. >> he said on twitter... >> he's all over twitter this morning. >> reporter: lesley stahl of "60 minutes" asked him after the election if he would keep it up as president. >> i'm in not saying i love it,t it does get the word out. when you give me a bad story or when you give me an inaccurate story or when somebody other than you in another network or whatever, because of course cbs would never do a thing like that, right? i have a method of fighting back. >> reporter: two former presidential chiefs of staff, democrat bill daley and republican andy card told cbs this morning they don't expect him the walk away from the medium he's made his own. >> i think the tweet world will be our world for a long time. >> think before you tweet or speak. it was before it was before you speak. now it's before you tweet. >> reporter: now beyond foreign capita
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are also rattleling corporate boardrooms and have even affected the stock price of specific companies. josh, as a result, some corporations are making plans for how to quickly respond if trump tweets about them. >> elliott: certainly understandable. jan crawford in washington. jan, thank you. the presidenelect chose wall street insider jay clayton today to head the securities and exchange commission. the s.e.c. regulates the financial industry. mr. trump has made clear he wants the ease regulations on american businesses. and do you remember this? >> you know, i've always been a big omarosa fan, but omarosa, you're fired. >> elliott: that was one of three times that mr. trump fired omarosa manigault on "the apprentice." well, today he hired her to be director of communications in the office of public liaison. and there is pushback against mr. trump's choice for attorney general. six arrests were made last night when protestors from the naacp staged a
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sessions' senate office in alabama. they've blasted his record on civil rights and voting rights enforcement. more now from david begnaud. >> the protesters said they were taking a stand by sitting down. >> they refused to leave senator jeff sessions mobile, alabama, office. this is what they got. six protesters were arrested last night. one of them was bernard simelton, president of the alabama naacp state conference. you were handcuffed, taken to jail, mugshot. >> yep. >> reporter: was it worth it? >> oh, absolutely, absolutely. >> elliott: sessions was the first senator to endorse donald trump and became the first president-elect's first cabinet selection, nominated to be attorney general. critics like simelton say sessions' record as alabama state attorney general and then federal prosecutor make him unqualified. >> ensuring that people like you and i, our civil rights are protected, we this not believe that he will do that.
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sessions admission to the u.s. senate in 1986 that he had previously called the naacp un-american for its advocacy tactics. senators rejected sessions' appointment the a federal judgeship. >> senator sessions may be a good person, but he's not the right person for this job. >> elliott: william smith disagrees. he's from alabama and he's worked with senator sessions for ten years. he's known him for 20. >> the people making these allegations haven't spent any time with senator sessions. you won't find anyone who has spent a substantial amount of time with senator sessions who would make these allegations, no one. >> elliott: on tuesday senator sessions goes before the same senate judiciary committee that rejected him in 1986, although there are new members now. josh, the naacp has taken their protest from here in alabama to d.c. they wouldn't tell us what they're planning. >> elliott: david begnaud in birmingham, david, thank you. today in south carolina, dylann roof spoke to the jury that will decide whether he gets the death penalty for the le
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church massacre. the same jury convicted him of federal hate crimes for the murders of nine black parishioners. mark strassmann is in charleston. >> reporter: dylann roof spoke softly and calmly to jurors. "the reason i chose to represent myself was to prevent my lawyers from presenting a mental health evaluation. forget what my attorneys have told you about my mental health. there is nothing wrong with me psychologically. he did not apologize. he also never admitted to the killings the way he did to f.b.i. agents the day he was arrested. >> i went to that church in charleston. i did it. >> reporter: assistant u.s. attorney nathan williams was emphatic today. "this defendant's horrific acts justify the death penalty. he killed them because of the color of their skin. this case is worse because of the premeditation, because of this defendant's lack of remorse." williams introduced roof's jailhouse jour w
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wrote six weeks after the murders. "i would like the make it crystal clear i do not regret what i did. i am not sorry. i do not shed a tear for the innocent people i killed." clementa pinckney, mother emanuel's pastor, was one of them. his wife jennifer and six-year-old daughter malana were hiding under a desk in this adjoining office during the massacre. jennifer pinckney told jurors, "as roof kept shooting, the petrified girl whispered to her, "mama, is daddy going to die?" by then clementa pinckney lay among the dead and dying. sharon risher's mother and two of her cousins were among the victims. >> to have him non-existence on this earth, i mean, my life still has to go on. if he dies, it's not going to make my life better. > reporter: at one point roof objected to the sheer number of relatives and friends testifying about their
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josh, the judge reminded him, that's because there are so many victims. >> elliott: mark strassmann, thank you. well, chicago, which just had one of its most violent years ever, was the scene of a horrifying attack this week. a young man described as law enforcement sources as developmentally challenged was beaten, kicked and tormented for half an hour. video of the assault streamed live on facebook yesterday. the victim had been reported missing from his home in the suburbs. he is now in the hospital and four suspects are in custody. while in new york today, more than 100 people were injured during the morning rush when packed commuter train crashed as it entered its brooklyn terminal. many had cuts and bruises. the worst suffered a broken leg. the long island railroad train, toe moving slowly, plowed through a bumper block. the from the of the train lifted off the track and crashed into a work area. federal investigators are now on the scene. still to come here on
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big tax on soft drinks hard to swallow. and a consumer alert about those special offers from mypillow.
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>> elliott: this week philadelphia became the biggest city to impose a tax on soft drinks, hoping to bring down obesity rates. even diet sodas are covered, though it didn't take long for some to sour on the idea. jericka duncan found out why. >> reporter: at this shoprite supermarket in philadelphia, people are experiencing sticker shock over the increased cost of sugary drinks. eloise dickerson saw the price of her favorite drink jump more than 100%. >> ridiculous. >> reporter: maurice broadwater misunderstood the 96-cent tax on his juice. >> i thought that was the sale price of 96 cents off. >> reporter: philadelphia became first big city to impose a tax on al
6:47 pm
artificially sweetened drinks. the tax adds 1.5 cents per ounce. grocery store owner jeff brown says it's hurting his customers. >> this three-liter soda, our price is $1.39, and the additional tax is $1.52. then there's sales tax. >> reporter: that's more than the actual soda. before the tax an eight-pack of gatorade with 160 ounces costs $5.99. the new price is $8.39. this gallon of iced tea, which was $2.79, is now $4.71. aside from health benefits, deputy revenue commissioner marisa waxman says the tax is meant to help the community. >> we anticipate that the first year of collections will generate about $91 million that we can put toward pre-k community schools as well as our parks, libraries and rec centers. >> reporter: but irving graham says the city has to find a better way. he returned his i
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realizing he paid almost $2 in beverage taxes. >> i got my money back. >> reporter: some people told me they'll consider traveling outside of philadelphia to avoid the tax altogether, and others say they'll simply start drinking more water. josh, at least four other cities across the country have passed a similar tax on sugary drinks. >> elliott: more water certainly can't hurt. jericka duncan in philadelphia. thank you. still to come here, mypillow, why the better business bureau is on the case.
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>> elliott: a pillow company known for late-night infomercials is now taking some lumps from the better business bureau. anna werner has the story. >> no matter what position you sleep in, this will work for you. >> reporter: the infomercial for mypillow helped sell millions of pillows. >> call now to order one of mypillows. when you do, i'll give yaw second one absolutely free. >> reporter: but it's this advertising that caused the company to come unfi
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minnesota's better business bureau. >> the problem happened when mypillow started to advertise buy one get one free and didn't stop. >> reporter: the purery's barb greiman says a pricing deal with no time limit is just the product's regular price of 232bbb complaints, many came from consumers confused about the offer. the bbb dropped mypillow's company rating from an a plus to an f and revoked its accreditation. >> i want it to come with a guarantee in case it doesn't work. >> reporter: yesterday mypillow inventor and c.e.o. michael lindell explained the buy one get one offer this way. >> that bogo offer is an offer we will not do. we like the change it up. this was so successful, we ran it longer than we would normally run. >> reporter: but it's not the only complaint. in november the company settled a case with district attorneys in california who sued the company over its claims that
6:53 pm
pillows could help with conditions, including sleep apnea, migraines and fibromyalgia. while admitting no fault, mypillow settled and agreed to pay over $1 million in penalties. so how often does the b.b.b. drop a company's rating down to an f? the company says it's pretty rare and only happened after b.b.b. attempted to persuade mypillow to discontinue the buy one get one free offer without success. josh? >> elliott: that will certainly do it. anna werner, thank you. well, still to come here, blessed are those who hunger for a big mac at the vatican. ns we make it easy for you to seize the day by helping you get more out of life and medicare part d. now with zero-dollar copays on select plans... ...and rewards points on all prescriptions,
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neck; or severe pain in your stomach area. serious side effects may include pancreatitis, which can be fatal. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may make existing kidney problems worse. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> elliott: and finally tonight, a new restaurant has come the a holyla
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of place. here's seth doane in vatican city. >> reporter: when gian lorenzo bernini designed the magnificent arched colonade of st. pete ear essquare, he couldn't have dreamt that these arch, the golden one, would pop up around the corner. do you like the milk donald's here? >> mcdonald's? >> si. for four generation, manuel tosti's family has had a restaurant across the street. "mcdonald's is producing a lot of problems," he told us. "he has the same food everywhere, whereas we do pasta that's famous worldwide and typical roman dishes." cardinal elio sgreccia called mcdonald's a disgrace and says it serves food he would never pot.
6:58 pm
consumerism, but the vatican rails against this deal. it owns the building and says it receives 31,000 a month in rent. mcdonald's sticks out in this quaint street. behind me is vatican city, st. peter's ba sill cash and around the corner is another piece of vatican property that now host a different restaurant chain. some inside vatican city are pragmatic. it's an inexpensive meal, after all. "i think there are more serious problems in the world," this priest said. there are greater scandals. there are no signsha tt the vatican will back away from this mcdonald's. up next, starbucks has announced plans to open. it would be italy's first. seth doane, cbs news, rome. >> elliott: and the doors are thrown open. that is the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for scott pelley, i'm josh elliott. we thank you for joining us.
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>> tonight on off script, the new face of local politics. we are talking trayon white. first, democrats and republicans on capitol hill to take battle positions for the upcoming fight over obama care. >> step one will be to repeal obama care. it has failed. >> united in these opposition to republican attempts to make america sick again. >> president obama meeting with congressional democrats to try to save his


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