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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 9, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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resolve this situation peacefully. >> they spotted loyd escaping in her police vehicle. a second law enforcement officer was killed in a motorcycle crash. >> this is probably one of the toughest days for me and my crew. not only did we lose an orlando police officer today, we lost a deputy sheriff as well. >> line of officers saluted as clayton's body was removed on a flag-covered stretcher. the officer was married, a mother of two. the sheriff's deputy identified as 35-year-old norman lewis was killed when his motorcycle collided with a vehicle driven by a 78-year-old man. the suspect in that fort lauderdale airport shooting has made his first court appearance. esteban santiago did not enter a plea. the judge informed him he could face the death penalty
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convicted. he's accused of killing five and wounding six others at the airport's baggage claim area on friday. last november the iraqi war veteran walked into an fbi office in alaska and told federal agents u.s. intelligence was controlling his mind. agents took away his licensed gun for a month but then they returned it. investigators say it's the very same gun used at the airport. a fort worth, texas police officer has been given a ten day suspension with no pay for controversial arrests caught on camera. arrests some call racists and a case of police brutality. a woman reported that a neighbor had choked her 7-year- old son. after officer william martin responded things escalated. martin wrestled the mother to the ground, cuffed her and arrested her and her two daughters. closing arguments are set for tomorrow in the sentencing phase of the dylann roof trial. roof stands convicted of killing nine bl
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back in 2015. the jury must decide whether roof lives or dies. acting as his own attorney roof has declined to call any witnesses or offer any evidence to persuade that jury to spare his life. ment president-elect donald trump's cabinet nominees are preparing for senate confirmation hearings which begin tomorrow. first up, jeff sessions and general john kelley. senator sessions is likely to face some tough questions about his alleged racial comments 30 years ago. accusations that were enough for the senate to deny him a seat as a federal judge in alabama. >> i think they'll all pass. i think every nomination will be. >> the senate minority leader chuck schumer says democrats will know on sessions' record on immigration and voting rights. the fbi showed off part of their massive security apparatus that will be deployed to keep donald trump's inauguration safe. >> the
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lead agency, but the fbi will be in charge of intelligence collection and counterterrorism. and bruce leshan got a look at what they'll be doing. hi, bruce. >> yeah, the fbi washington field office had this kind of show and tell on some of its equipment and tactics for a couple of different reasons. one, to deter anyone who might be plotting an attack and also as a reminder to people to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. >> it's pretty quiet right now. >> here now but it will not be that way on inauguration day. >> from his perch at washington field office command and tactical operations center, will be out to protect the operation after one of the most divisive elections. >> is this the most difficult inauguration you've done? >> all of them are challenging. this is the work we do each and every day. >> the cost of security alone are expected to
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million. >> among the fbi's assets. >> anthrax, these will filter out anthrax. >> a hazardous materials response team. >> this is a hand held radiation detector. >> prepared to deal with any threat up to and including a nuclear weapon. >> what's your move if that goes off? >> a very serious phone call gets made. >> the fbi has bomb techs -- >> x-ray waves through the package and then they can image of what is inside on this film panel. >> there are crisis negotiators. >> can you negotiate with a terrorist? >> my job is to attempt to communicate and negotiate to the best of my ability. >> and if negotiating doesn't work -- >> that is thick. >> it is thick. it's designed to stop rifle rounds. >> there's the fbi s.w.a.t. team. >> i think we have serious problems if we're facing rocket propelled grenades. >> security ci
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this year than in the past. four years ago there were just a few. this year there may be as many many as 400,000 on inauguration day and the day after. preventing the kind of small, violent conflicts we saw between trump supporters and opponents those conflicts we saw during the campaign is one of the other channels facing law enforcement. steps of thousands of intelligence analysts, military personnel and police will be working together to safeguard the peaceful transfer of power. we've got our eyes on it too. inauguration events, information is on our website and our app. the binnedder jewish community center and the baltimore jcc were among a dozen jewish centers nationwide receiving telephone bomb threats today. no bombs were found, that's the good news. the threats caused a
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disruptions. about 300 people were evacuated from the center, including 200 preschoolers. the center's director called the threat part of a disappointing trend. a montgomery county teacher received an antisemetic note after hanging up a black lives matter banner. her car was also egged and toilet paper strung through the trees. >> it's so upsetting to know somebody out there is angry about a banner which states a support for peoples lives. >> police are investigating the incident as a hate crime. the dc humane rescue alliance says a pet owner has agreed to bring his dog inside when it's simply too cold. some video surfaced of a pit bull named mama willing left out in the elements over the weekend. this dog has been neglected ever since she first got to that home this past er
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they tell us there is no dc law that requires people to bring in their pets during certain weather conditions. >> we have video of the dog. she's starving. you can see all of her ribs. her entire body is shaking. she doesn't have any food or water. >> her bowl is bit up. she was a little stand offish but we gave her a bag of treats and food and she just scarfed it down. it looks like she hasn't been fed or let inside for days. >> authorities say they found the dog to be cared for by dc law standards even though the images are pretty hard to take. >> a lot of people can argue there should be some kind of law. a reaction to being stiffed goes require viral on facebook. the days of landmark mall as you know it are numbered. temps going in the right direction now. 53 on wednesday. 62 on thursday. we'll come back though and let you know if you'll need your umbrella to enjoy the warm temps.
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changes coming to landmark mall. the company that owns the mall announced it's going forward with plans to redevelop that space. it will close. it officially bought the macy's store attached to the mall just one week after macy's
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its doors. acquiring macy's was the last step. so the mall will close at the end of the month. these sketches show the visions for the new mall with retail and residential space. it's not clear when the new mall and development will be finished. here's a story getting a lot of attention online today. a server in colorado was stiffed on a $140 tab. >> that's right. she posted a photo of the receipt online. take a look at this. you can see it right there. two big zeros on the tip line. now the woman pointed out that servers make less than minimum wage but she doesn't think most people realize this. she said quote, $400, if that in a paycheck per month. that's not a lot. >> boy that's a tough one. this sparked a big discussi on the wusa9 facebook page and a lot of people like pamela question the server. i wonder about these stories sometimes. i always put a line through the tip area because i always pay in cash. i think from
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write cash tip left. and michelle said if you can't afford to tip go to mcdonald's because your server can't afford to work for free. here here. you won't be seeing tweets from controversial ex- pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli any time soon. she's been booted by the head of twitter himself. he is accused of harassing journalist for teen vogue. tweeted a screen shot from mr. shkreli saying i would rather eat my own organs. in response shkreli posted doctored images of himself with that journalist. he gained attention back in 2015, you'll recall this, when his firm hiked prices on a life saving drug. >> looks crazy. coming up, just how did a 50-pound dumbbell come crashing through a car windshield? a northern virginia student
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school by raising money to pay off hospital bills.
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young man's hospital bills. >> this is a high school student from el salvador who thought he might have to cut his dreams sort short of getting an education. peggy fox shows us why that dream is back on track. >> when the high school student received his bill for a two hour hospital stay he was devastated. he knew there was no way his family could pay it. he thought he might have to drop out of school to get a full time job. then something he never imagined happened. it's an unlikely friendship. ryan alcorn did not meet jonathon on a team or in honors class. >> we met each other in personal fitness class. he came over and we just all hit it off. >> jonathan moved from el salvador. >> he's so grateful for the opportunity to be here and work
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he's taking full advantage of it. >> ryan became concerned when he hadn't seen jonathan in a while. >> i texted him. heyman, i've been sick. >> i felt like my head was going to explode. >> he was taken by ambulance from high school to hospital. an x-ray showed he had pneumonia. he was given medicine and felt better in a few days. last week a $4000 bill kim 4000 bill came in the mail. >> ryan wanted to put up a go fund me page. >> i told him it's not going to work because many people are going to say oh -- he doesn't need it -- >> that's just not true. >> so he put up the account. >> the amount of support that just came out was amazing. it was incredible. >> $2000 came in by the next day and more than $4000 by the day after that. >> what do you think of this? >> i
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thank god i have good friend and now i can pay my bill. >> jonathan says the best way he plans to give back is to do like ryan and offer a helping hand to someone else who needs it. >> now the go fund me account is called primo's hospital bill. right now taking a look at stories making headlines around the world. funerals began today for the four israeli soldiers killed in an attack over the weekend. a palestinian truck driver rammed his vehicle into a crowd of soldiers. the truck driver was eventually shot and killed. benjamin netanyahu was quick to call the act an act of terror. it was a deadliest single attack in the last year of israeli-palestinian violence. a jewelry heist that made
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tonight at least 17 people are arrested in connection with the armed robbery of kim kardashian west. you remember this? back in october she was allegedly held at gunpoint and robbed of $10 million worth of jewels. she was in paris for fashion week. police say those suspects are between 23 and 72. many of them with criminal records. under french law, got to do this quickly. suspects can only be held up to four days before they must be charged or released. wi-fi and cell service are now available at all new york city underground subway stations. new york governor pushed the $3 completed a year ahead of schedule. it's part of his call to modernize new york city's transit agency. one man is in really bad shape after a flying dumbbell crashed through his windshield. talking about bad luck. this happened on the new jersey turnpike near vineland. police say they're working to find out whe
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dumbbell came from. the front seat passenger was not hurt. it may be the biggest winter storm to hit the west coast in more than a decade from are northern california to nevada. strong winds and heavy rain caused some major flooding. at least two people were killed in california. one woman died when she was struck by a falling tree. a taxi driver died after his car split into a river. in reno hundreds of homes were evacuated near an overflowing river and the people that chose to stay scrambled to get what they could, filling up those sandbags and clearing trees. that's a crazy storm. >> it never seems to rain gently. it's either feast or famine. hasn't rained in years then it rains and it's that. >> it's cold out there. >> ton of snow in the rockies from that storm. that's going to bring mild air to us. we have the benefit there. three degree guarantee. >> you moved
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thursday will be golfable? >> yeah. >> well it's monday. >> what's wrong with that? >> just saying it's monday. >> i know. people are looking ahead to thursday for golf. [ laughter ] >> 28 is our forecasted high today. we're in good shape. if it were in the 20s today, only the first time we've had three consecutive days with 20s or lower since january 2014. it's only 24 right now. dew point still single digits. indoor relative humidity is about 8% right now. mostly cloudy tonight. the clouds come back. not quite as cold because of the clouds and the southerly winds. bus stop temp, 16 to 30. could be a mix. primarily light snow. nothing in the metro. not as cold tomorrow. some showers are possible late in the day and then wednesday milder but mainly morning showers. we'll be dancing around showers for a few days this week. i think the dividend will be the temperature. that'll be okay. we can put up with a few
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19 in manassas. temps low to mid20s. by 9:00, 27 downtown. the clouds across the board. then finally some breaks to the south and west. we'll be above freezing tomorrow afternoon. thfirst time since friday afternoon. so day planner goes like this. excuse me. 20s across the board to start. clouds here and there. 31 at 11:00. dry. 35 at 1:00. now wednesday morning showers and 53. a few morning clouds on thursday. then 62, yeah, that's the golfable day. friday, showers. near 60. colder on saturday. could see a mix. primarily some sleet. about 40 for a high. nothing crazy heavy. showers on sunday, monday. back in the 50s next week. >> playoffs -- looking at detroit. giants could have been us. >> it's hard to sit back and watch that. they're looking to make the changes to make the team better and get be
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washington redskins announced they met with former cleveland browns head coach mike pettine to discuss the defensive
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they've also expressed interest in steve wilks and gus bradley. it continues. the bison -- to head their football program. former maryland assistant mike london is howard's new head coach. london coached at richmond and virginia before coming to college park. he's been praised for his ability to recruit local talent. >> start with an attitude and culture about what the expectations are. you know, succeedingen the field. off the field. in the classroom. i think all of them go together. >> i met him back in high school. he was at uva. always heard he was a great man. i was excited. he's going to do big things. i feel. i feel like it's going to be a great change at the university. >> love the excitement from the players. maryland head basketball coach has said many times he really enjoys coaching this year's team. it's a special group of student athletes. that has been translated to his team's performance on the
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terps have had two losses this season. both times bounce back in a big way because of the confidence not just in their coach but thr teammates. >> i think attitude you want to win, whether play or not. you want to win. i feel as though -- . >> young guys, everyone, having fun. we're playing hard. that's what makes this team so fun to be a part of. that's why coach has fun coaching this team. >> of course tomorrow night the activity center is going to be rocking with indiana coming to town. they're kind of creating this rivalry in the big ten. >> thinking about the end of the game. he's jumping up higher than the players. >> he is fun to
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