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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 9, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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mr. trump sat down with president obama, kushner talked in the rose garden with white house chief of staff dennis mcdonough. his move to the west wing may be complicated by an anti-nepotism law congress passed in 19 67 after president john f. kennedy appointed his brother robert to a cabinet position as attorney general. but when president clinton put his wife in charge of a task force, a d.c. judge ruled the law did in the apply the white house staff jobs. trump adviser kellyanne conway. >> this came about with family members serving on the cabinet. but the president has discretion to choose a staff of his liking. >> reporter: the 35-year-old real estate mogul assumed the reins of his family business in 2008 and married ivanka trump a year later. notoriously camera shy, one of the few times we've heard from him comes from his wife's instagram account. >> i always tell ivanka, don't
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control, just worry about how you react to the circumstances and situations at hand. >> reporter: the anti-nepotism law rarely has been tested. if someone were to sue, it appears the penalty would be to lose a government salary, but, scott, the transition team announced kushner would not be taking a salary. he also will divest many of his assets. >> pelley: and kushner turns 36 tomorrow. jan crawford, thanks very much. ten nominees for the trump cabinet are scheduled to have hearings before the senate this week. including secretaries of state and defense and attorney general. nancy cordes is in heavy traffic on capitol hill. nancy? >> reporter: you'll need your running shoes, scott, because two of those nominees go before the senate on tuesday. four of them on wednesday. another four on thursday. they have been preparing for weeks now, doing mock hearings involving mock senators and even mock protestors while the real senators are just as prepared, especially the democrats, to challenge them. >> thank you.
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tomorrow, the polite meet and greets will give way to a grilling. >> mr. johnson, you're the head person on this entity, have you investigated this charge? >> reporter: first up, alabama senator jeff sessions, the nominee for attorney general who knows the drill. nine others will follow this week alone, a pace that's drawn fury from democrats. >> there is no real chance to vet these nominees. >> reporter: democratic reeder chuck schumer wants a delay. you had seven people confirmed the day president obama took office. >> all the papers were in, and they had complied with all of the rules. these nominees have not. >> reporter: he says the office of government ethics has not had time to examine each nominee's finances for potential conflicts of interest. the director of that office expressed great concern last week, warning that he had not received even initial draft unanimous, disclosure reports for some of the nominees. part oth
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multimillionaires, even billionaires work vast holdings. the sole billionaire nominated by mr. obama took six months to vet. >> i think they'll all pass. >> reporter: the president-elect met at trump tower today with the senate's republican leader, mitch mcconnell, who said there will be no change to the schedule. >> everybody will be properly vetted, as they have been in the past, and i'm hopeful that we'll get up to six or seven, particularly a national security team in police on day one. >> reporter: back in 2009, mcconnell was the one who was angry about the pace of confirmation hearings. the shoe was on the other foot back then. he sent a letter to democratic leaders expressing his dismay. well, scott, today schumer took that letter, he just crossed out the name at the top, put in "mitch" and sent it right back to him. >> pelley: short memories in politics. nancy cordes on capitol hill. nancy, thank you. mr. trump may be facing an early showdown with members of his own party. late today leading
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and democrats said they will introduce bipartisan legislation to impose sanctions on russia for meddling in the u.s. election. mr. trump has tried to downplay russia's involvement. democrats, of course, are still debating how they lost. today "cbs this morning" co-host charlie rose put the question to obama's chief of staff, dennis mcdonough. >> i think people feel right now that it's that basic bargain, that you play by the rules, you work hard, you're going to get a shot. they feel like the odds are stacked... the deck is stacked against them. i think that's what informed a lot of the voting in the fall. >> reporter: but you have been in power for eight years. >> yes. >> reporter: you had the capacity. >> yes. >> reporter: the bully pulpit. >> yes. >> reporter: the megaphone. >> yes. >> reporter: to say to them, that's not true. >> we are not here to only communicate with the american people. we're here to change things. if you were to stack up, charlie, the
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just last friday had the 72nd month in a row of job growth, we chained the health care system, 23 million people have health care. we changed the way we conduct foreign affairs. we changed the way wall street did business. we feel like we made a lot of changes. nevertheless, the american people sll don't feel that. >> pelley: be sure the see more of charlie's interview with dennis mcdonough tonight on the charlie rose show on pbs, and first thing tomorrow as "cbs this morning" begins its sixth year of news in the morning. president obama will deliver a farewell address from chicago tomorrow evening, and cbs news will bring that to you at 9:00 eastern time. we will also bring you the inauguration of donald trump as our 45th president. all-day coverage begins on friday, january 20th on "cbs this morning."
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delivering one last message to vladimir putin: american soldiers and tanks are being sent to russia's doorstep in numbers not seen since the cold war. here's elizabeth paer. >> reporter: fast container ships docked in germany with all the hardware for a full u.s. combat brigade. it's now rolling further east to poland, where 4,000 american soldiers will be waiting. for almost three decades, the u.s. has been steadily pulling military personnel and weapons out of europe, until now. but this month that process has gone into reverse. it's quite a turnaround. last year there wasn't a single american tank left based in europe. now there are 87. this muscle flexing is designed to reassure america's nervous allies, and it's also a warning to russia. not the try in europe the kind
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crimea when russian forces invaded what had been part of ukraine and seized it for the kremlin. america's response was to beef up boat its own force in europe and its support of nato. though president-elect donald trump, who has called nato obsolete, says he now wants to pursue good relations with russia. major general timothy mcguire. how quickly could the new president, as a gesture of goodwill to russia, turn this whole thing around and pull you all out again? >> i'm not going to speculate on what the incoming president may or may not do, but i will tell you, this is in the interests of the united states army to build readiness. >> reporter: meanwhile, vladimir putin has already implied the european buildup is pointless. it's stupid and unrealistic, he said, to think russia would attack anyone. but for the u.s. and nato
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hurt. but that deterrence comes at a price and a hefty one. last year the bill to the u.s. for bolstering european defense came to $3.4 billion. >> pelley: liz palmer for us tonight. liz, thank you. we now know the identities of four of the five people who were shot to death at the airport in fort lauderdale on friday. they ranged in age from 57 to 84. all were either on their way to or returning from a cruise. five others remain in the hospital. the gunman made his first court appearance today. he was assigned a public defender and denied bail. david begnaud is in fort lauderdale. >> reporter: with a steely stair, esteban santiago was escorted into a federal courtroom. he did not explain his motive and said he only had $5 to $10 in his bank account. apis video obtained by tmz
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santiago firing randomly at fort lauderdale airport on friday. santiago shot 11 people, killing five. when he ran out of ammunition, he dropped his weapon and surrendered. a law enforcement force tells cbs news santiago used this nine millimeter handgun in the shooting, the same gun the iraq war veteran had with him when he went to an f.b.i. office in anchorage, alaska, last november claiming his mind was being controlled by u.s. intelligence. he said he was being forced to watch isis videos. santiago was committed for four days to be mentally evaluated. one month later he petitioned to get the gun back from anchorage police. without a judge's order to commit him, police say they had no choice but to return it. karen loeffler is the u.s. attorney for the district of alaska. >> there is a federal law with regard to having a gun by somebody who is mentally ill, but the law requires that the person be "adjudicated mentally ill." this is shot somebody that would have been
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the information they had that law enforcement acted within the laws that they had. >> reporter: david weinstein is a former federal prosecutor. was enough done with this guy? >> new gut tells me that they didn't go quite enough. they should have dug a little bit deeper to find out exactly what was going on inside his head when he gave them the gun and then when he asked for it back. >> reporter: in court today, santiago said he spent the last few years in anchorage, alaska, working as a security guard. scott, prosecutors say he confessed to planning this attack and apparently chose fort lauderdale at random. >> pelley: david begnaud for us in fort lauderdale. david, thank you. well, in orlando, the police department badly shaken by the massacre at the pulse nightclub is now dealing with the pain of losing an officer today. a manhunt is under way for her killer, and omar villafranca is there. >> reporter: orlando police officers stood at attention and saluted as the flag-draped bod
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was removed from the orlando regional medical center. orlando mayor buddy dyer. >> she'll be missed as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter, a sister. >> reporter: clayton was a 17-year veteran of the force. the 42-year-old volunteered for police community events, especially when kids were involved. this morning clayton was on duty at a wal-mart when she confronted this man, 41-year-old markieff lloyd, wanted in the murder of his pregnant girlfriend in mid-december. orlando police chief john mina. >> there was a short foot pursuit, and as soon as she said "stop," he basically opened fire on her. >> reporter: the killing set off a countywide manhunt with swat teams and officers combing through neighborhoods. during the frantic search, orange county sheriff's deputy norman lewis was killed when his motorcycle was struck by a van. the manhunt is now in its eleventh hour, and police
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now focused on a nearby neighborhood where the suspect fled after he carjacked a vehicle from this parking lot. scott, the reward for lloyd is now $60,000. >> pelley: omar villafranca, thanks. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," first drought, now floods. the west is under siege. life and medicare part d. ng you f now with zero-dollar copays on select plans... ...and rewards points on all prescriptions, walgreens has you covered. so drop by and seize the savings! walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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>> pelley: a week of heavy snow and rain in northern california and nevada has led to the worst flooding in a decade. three people were killed near san francisco. carter evans is in the flood zone. >> reporter: from the youtube youtube -- youtube -- yuba river to the truckee river, crews are still bracing for floods in the town of will bewood east of reno with more rain headed their way. tom whiteman livers next to the river. all these guys sandbagging along here now, you think it can hold this river in? >> no.
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will go. there's nothing you can do about it. >> pelley: emergency workers evacuated about 400 homes in reno and schools were closed after nevada declared a state of emergency. in california, hundreds were forced to flee the flooding and cars were crushed by falling trees. mudslides kept road crews busy on the pacific coast highway and interstate 80, where it took dave wood and his crew ten hours to clear the mess. >> this is where the mudslide was at. it's five feet deep, 80 feet wide and 1,000 feet long. >> reporter: california also lost one of its oldest residents. the storm toppled a famous giant sequoia carved into a living tunnel in the 1880s. the truckee river is now slowly beginning to recede. at the height of the storm, the water here in this park where i'm standing was another four or five feet higher and it's not necessarily over just yet. scott, there are another two st h
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>> pelley: for folks with busy schedule, exercise is often far down on the to-do list, but dr. jon lapook tells us tonight new research shows that you can still benefit from working out, even if it's not an everyday thing. >> open those hips on the squat. >> reporter: georgia kopany spends two howrls a week at her local gym working up a sweat, but the rest of the time, not so much. >> it's not easy because, you know, the only thing after a long day that you want to go and just sit down and rest. >> reporter: so she hired new york sports club trainer stephen ferguson to get her off the couch. >> 50 jump ropes. >> 50? >> i'm not getting sick so often. i feel
6:52 pm
my confidence is better. >> reporter: kopani is a so-called weekend warrior, cramming all her exercise into one or two workouts. a study in a jama article compared workouts and found over nine years weekend warriors had a 30% lower risk of death that inactive people. those who exercised three or more times a week had a 35% lower risk of death. both groups got at least the recommended weekly 2.5 hours of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity. >> if you're jogging, walking where you can still have a conversation, that's moderate exercise. >> reporter: dr. jordan metzl practices sports medicine at the hospital for special surgery in new york city. >> when you do nothing and then put 60 or 90 minutes of a workout together as the only thing you're doing, you certainly are at more risk for overuse injuries. >> reporter: so you shouldn't jump into being a warrior, you should ease into it? >> we prefer a gentle warrior, somebody that ease
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they do. exercise is the most powerful, safe and effective drug across the human condition. >> reporter: this is good news for weekend warriors, but, scott, there's still reason to do exercise on a regular basis, which helps a number of medical problems and just plain makes you feel better. >> pelley: dr. jon lapook. doctor, thank you. well, hollywood stars spent the weekend exercising their right to free speech. and today donald trump exercised his. that story is next. targeted therapy... this is big. a chance to live longer with opdivo (nivolumab). opdivo demonstrated longer life and is the most prescribed immunotherapy for these patients. opdivo significantly increased the chance of living longer versus chemotherapy. opdivo works with your immune system.
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it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. >> pelley: donald trump will join ronald reagan as the only presidents with a star on the hollywood walk of fame. mr. trump did not have many fans among hollywood's elite last night. entertainment tonight co-host kevin frazier was there. >> r
6:57 pm
globes' opening moment, the presidential election shared the spotlights. >> this is one of the few places left where america still honors the popular vote. >> reporter: but it was eight-time golden globes winner meryl streep who thurst it front and center. >> it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power, and the capacity to fight back. >> reporter: streep never mentioned president-elect donald trump by name but was referencing when he mimicked disabled "new york times" reporter serge kovaleski at this november campaign rally. >> you got to see this guy. i don't know what i said, i don't remember. >> reporter: this morning mr. trump in a series of tweets called the three-time oscar winner one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood and a hillary flunky, adding, "he
6:58 pm
not mock kovaleski but showed him groveling. > when the powerful use their position to mock others, we all lose. >> reporter: actress alyssa mill law know called streep a true inspiration while meghan mccain tweeted, "this meryl streep speech is why trump won." but actress viola davis, who introduced streep and won a globe for "fences" took a more reflective position backstage. >> there is no way that we can have anyone in office that is not an extension of our own belief system, so then what does that say about us? >> reporter: we've seen celebrities take on presidents in a public forum before, but, scott, this is probably the first time hollywood has seen a politician so eager the fight back. >> pelley: kevin frazier, thanks. and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us on cbs news all around the mom, i just saved a loof
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>> i t hinkthey'll all pass. i think every nomination, they are at the highest level. >> i regret to inform our community one of our heroes in blue was shot and killed in the line of duty. >> it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. >> hello. we have a lot to talk about tonight. the that's in just a moment. first, this is a big week for donald trump. several of the president- elect's cabinet picks will go to capitol hill and president- elect will hold a formal news conference on thursday, his first since the summer. he was in meetings that included a billionaire businen


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