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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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candy woman. she lovingly gave candy out to the neighborhood kids. william morrow said his mother was shot on the way to the store. >> i want to cry right here. but it's done. >> who would do this to a woman in a wheelchair. what do you have to say to the person responsible? [ inaudible ] >> reporter: as morrow takes his mother's wheelchair away, he is still in disbelief. >> we love her every day, regardless. >> reporter: and police are still looking for at least one suspect. they've oven only given a vague description. if you have any information, call d.c. police. we are live in south park. wusa 9. >> ridiculous. things like this should not happen. d.c. police not say figure there is any relationship between the two victims. now to the breaking news in fairfax county. check it out. the scene on covered wagon lane.
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[000:00:59;00] police officer shooting at a suspect. wusa 9's garrett haake, with more on what is happening. garrett, is it still unfolding? >> oh, shoot -- >> reporter: yeah, adam very much so. detectives still on the scene. quite a lot for first responders here to deal with in this condo community. here's what we know. police got to the scene. came to a call of a double shooting. when they got here, they confronted a man inside one of these townhouses. a witness here told me that at that man at one point -- came on the back of the home. he went back inside. at some point, fire broke out inside this condo building. it's unclear who started it or why. but eventually, police did go in. and a police officer shot that man, inside the home. he has since been taken to a hospital. along with two other people. if we believe, the people who are initially shot here tonight. i can tell you that the suspect, or the man who was shot by police officers, has
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died at the hospital, as we come back ou the two people who were initially taken to the hospital, are being treated there. a third person was treated for injuries here on the scene. we don't know whether that's related to the shooting or to the fire or something else. but as you can see, an active scene here. a lot of questions still to be answered. we're hoping to talk with fairfax county police here in a little bit and try to get more information for you coming up soon. for now, garrett haake, wusa 9. >> also breaking. turkish media reports. police have caught the alleged gunman who attacked an istanbul nightclub on new year's eve. 39 people died, more than 70 were hurt. isis claimed responsibility. an international manhunt ensued for the suspect. meanwhile, dozens were arrested for helping the killer in his attack. on this martin luther king, jr. day, muriel bowser, the mayor of d.c., kicked off the 11th annual peace march in honor of the civil rights leader.
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live in downtown >> reporter: a spirited and wonderful day here in downtown anacostia. and what was new? well, for the first time in parade history, a whole decade of history. organizers changed the parade route. normally, the parade starts up the hill and goes a little further into congress heights. this year, they came down the hill, ended here at the iconic big chair in downtown anacostia. >> reporter: now, they changed the roof this year. >> yeah. i was shocked. they usually up that way. >> reporter: a new roof but still a crowd pleaser. >> what was your favorite part so far? >> the cheerleaders. >> reporter: hundreds of residents lined the streets to take in the parade, honoring the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. >> why is he such an important man. >> because he tries to make the world better. >> reporter: young and the young at heart came to celebrate, learn and share the lessons of the slain civil rights leader.
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>> the lesson i found in his life is at have a short life. but he knew he had a gift. and he had to share it with the world. >> we're still continuing in the fight of civil justice. righteousness and fair equality for all. >> he is a good inspiration for kids and adults. >> school systems, you just don't learn as much as we would like about our african american community. i thought this would be a good experience for him. >> coming altogether as a nation. not really looking at race. and everyone is equal. and trying to implement that to him. >> reporter: there was plenty of activism today. toya carmichael started her day, sevenning in congress heights. >> we talked about changes in the law. because we're lawyers. that's what we know. that's what we do. the united planning organization is also here, providing food to people in the community. >> all us humans learn how to get along with everybody in love. that's what we need in our
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world back today is love. >> reporter certainly feeling the love here in downtown anacostia. today was, indeed, a day of service for so many, who said they're neighbors and sponsored community cleanup. we're live, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> today, the mayor launched d.c.'s my brother's keeper. they nounced president obama's -- announced president obama's call for opportunities for boys and men of color. also, the annual wreath- laying ceremony. this is the sixth year this has been done, aimed at honoring the late civil rights leader. the war of words between the president-elect and civil rights icon congressman john louis, continues to make headlines. >> reporter: but the man who witness walk -- once walked side by side with dr. king, chose not to address trump today. he oftenned these -- offered
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these words instead. >> the way of love is a better way. the way of peace is a better way. >> last week, lewis called trump an illegitimate president. trump responded on twitter that lewis is, quote, all talk. the son of martin luther king, jr., weighed in on the dispute between president-elect and john lewis. the two shook hands today. king said sometimes things get said in the heat of emotion. they also talked about fixing a broken system. now, just four days from the inauguration of donald trump. a million people expected to be here for the event. as well as the protests. a frederick county school worker is sharing her story after she was fired for a tweet, suggesting a student learn how to spell.
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w usa 9's stephanie gailhard is live with the debate on social media. fill us in. >> reporter: lesli, that's for sure, a shiewj debate. -- huge debate. she said she was just doing her job. engaging students on social media in a witty way. the school district didn't see it that way. they fired her. >> reporter: it began with this tweet, from a student. close school tomorrow, please. katy nash, the then web service coordinator for public schools replied back. >> but then how would you know how to spell tomorrow? just trying to be witty and banter back and forth with the students. >> that tweet cost her, her job. >> i think i was in a state of sort of like shock and not able to process it right away. >> she said the school district told her, they didn't like her tone. >> the school district gets a
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lot of instant messages, tweets, please close school, please close school from the students. for me, this was just another part of my job and i was remying quickly. >> reporter: quick -- replying quickly. >> quickly, it started trending on social mead media. the mother said she is thank for. >> i did hear about katie being fired and it was totally uncalled for. poor decision on the district's part. >> it is not something to fight or be fired over. >> the district said she uses the wrong tone. >> the student later tweeted, he didn't take nash's tweet personally. and thought it was funny. >> i know my intentions. and i have been really overwhelmed by the community and their support.
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and their belief in me that my intentions were good. account and lesli and adam, she said she's already started looking for a new job. reporting live tonight in frederick, stephanie gailhard, wusa 9. >> thank you, stephanie. police have arrested the wife of the gunman responsible for the orlando nightclub massacre. noor salmon is charged with aiding and abetting, as well as obstruction of justice, after being arrested in san francisco. s.w.a.t. team members killed her huds, omar mateen back in june. but not before he had slaughtered 40. it's the worst mass shooting in american history. a mystery in northeast d.c. police are trying to figure out how two people dide. they were found -- died. they were found overnight, inside a home near the intersection of limonplace. that road was shut down for hours while police canvassed
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the area. and heartwrenching video dog who was hurt in a house fire this afternoon. this all started on the first floor of a home, near cringle and 45th street northwest. the dog was rushed to a nearby animal hospital. no one else was hurt. the last man to walk on the moon died today, at the age of 82. >> gene sernon was only one of two astronauts to fly to the moon on two occasions. the second time, as commander, of apollo 17. he spent three days on the moon's surface. in 2014, a documentary was made about sernon's life. no word yet on a cause of death. we are just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. well, cloudy, illy day today. i am tracking showers coming through loudoun, central and howard county. we'll tell you why tomorrow is going to be a yellow weather alert day. and also why we're looking at possible rain for inauguration
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day. and a man lookin president obama. ringling brothers brothers and barnum and bailey, explaining what their big concern is, now that the big top is folding up. and right after the break, the story behind god zilla, caught on camera, in florida. what's the deal with that? >> that's his name is? >> that's his name.
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godzilla. well, this is not jurassic park.
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this is real. this giant gator that sadam affectionately named -- adam has affectionately named godzilla. shows the reptile walking around in nature's center. it's been shared more than 16,000 times on facebook. as long as he stays there, we're good. >> i used to swim in the lakes in central florida. never going in the water again. >> all right. well, you could go in. you might not come out. >> that's true. >> the women's march on washington happening on saturday, is expected to be the largest demonstration of the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. >> peggy has more. >> the event is still in the planning stages and not everything is confirmed. but we do have hard facts about when and e wherand the numbers. they're expecting at least 200,000 people. >> reporter: the grass roots idea of a women's march on washington, has turned into a major event. lots of info is on the website. and this facebook video. >> everyone is welcome to march. no matter your age, gender identity, or how you chose to
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te 10:00 a.m. saturday, near the u.s. capitol at the intersections of independence avenue and third street. >> there will be speakers and a short rally with performances. then, we will march about 1 1/2 miles together. >> organizers are not saying yet who is performing or where they'll march to. but it's believed they will march toward the white house. >> reporter: the women's march on washington has a permit for the route that we have chosen. there will be d.c. police present to protect our route, and marshalls trained in nonviolence for crowd control. >> reporter: d.c. police will have rolling street closures, along independence avenue. and north on 14th street to constitution. then west to 17th street, next to the ellipse. >> it is our mission to make sure that this march is as accessible as possible. there will be space for people with disabilities, pregnant women. and the elderly. we'll have portable toilets for all. >> reporter: if you're going,
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organizers ask that you bring s, no backpacks or large bags are permitted. the best way to get there? metro. >> yellow and orange. red line to judiciary square. or amtrak or commuter rail to union station. walk toward the national mall. there will be signs everywhere. >> now, given that the election was so divisive, march organizers are even putting out a legal hotline number, in case people get in trouble. they are advising people to come with a buddy, make sure their cell phones are fully charged. and let someone else know where you are. adam? lesli? >> all right, peggy. thank you. as information has been coming in about the women's march, westbound adding it to our wusa 9 app. find out the celebrities who have already committed to attend the event. circus mate not go on. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey is folding up the tent, after more than 100 years. the parent company says the
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biggest concern is making sure their 400 animals are taken care of. >> we continue to provide the high level of care that we always have. and our -- our job now is to find suitable homes for all of our animals in the next few months. >> your last chance to see the show in our area is in march and april in d.c. and in fairfax. the circus performs its final show in new york in may. >> i bet tickets are going quick. an ice storm being blamed for at least six deaths this evening. more than an inch of ice, crippled parts of the central plains and midwest. the weather devastated highways, leaving drivers -- look at that, spinning out of control. this is dash cam video from a kansas state trooper. making a narrow escape. after a tractor-trailer loses it on the oncoming traffic side of the road. just spinning out there on the icy road. meantime, heavy rain and flooding pounding texas
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overnight. and a tornado touching down, really? austin shep ender spotted -- shepherd spotted the funnel cloud and said it passed right over a houston freeway. you can see a car there, literally driving down the wrong way. >> i would definitely turn. >> looks like a weaker one. >> he looks like he's driving toward it. >> it may have come so quickly on him. and upon him, he didn't probably realize until it was over him. >> now, is this all part of that system that was just drenching, california, nevada, with all that rain? >> yes. yes. so the storm came out of the southwest to produce the ice, snow, severe weather in texas university. and -- yesterday. and we're still tracking it. >> got some rain coming in here for tomorrow. >> yeah. sort of the fringe on that storm is what we're going to be dealing with. what we're dealing with, even this evening, just lighter showers. and i do want to start with first alert doppler. some of the agents of that
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storm storm system. ontario, in towards erie pennsylvania. >> a few light showers, coming across northern suburbs. areas moving west and east. 40 miles an hour. this stuff is we'll take you up north. northern loudoun now. everything moving east into carroll county out of frederick county. even howard county, seeing some of that shower activity as well. germantown to rockville now. we've got showers. i want to zoom in to the 70 corridor. taking that east toward the redland area. only the showers are coming in. north to rockville, coming out of german town. and boy, it's even up to clarks burg. don't be surprised if the streets are west here. moving east, 40 miles an hour. laurel, 5:42. columbia at about 5:46. and other showers will still be passing, again from west
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virginia, western maryland, toward frederick and carrollton. up there, it's coldest. only in the upper 30s in hagerstown in westminster right now. rest of us, low to mid-30s. fredericksburg, 46. and we've got 41 coming this from reidville right there. and our michael and sons weather camera. clouds, kind of a so-so day, if you will. we will see warmer temps head this way. but not until tomorrow. and said with, you're going to love. 44 now, feeling like 40 with a south wind at seven miles per hour. but that is nothing compared to the cold in alaska. 30s and 40s below zero. there have been some wind chills in the 60 to 65 range. i point that out. in canada. these are way above freezing. fort mcbird, 45 in january. cold air will stay to the north. there's some cold air. but that arctic cold, doesn't have a chance for the maybe next 1 to 2 weeks. the storm system that adam and
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lesli and i were talking ou it is. all of that pink on the north end, that is freezing rain n'w sleet. icy mess in northern iowa, in towards central wisconsin and central michigan. but for us, just a couple of showers tonight. tomorrow is going to be a yellow weather alert day. because we have rain showers expected here. especially in the morning. as we get into wednesday, we'll clear out. i just want to show you this quickly. by thursday, we're looking okay. but look at this in the mississippi valley. this heads our way friday afternoon. so inauguration day. could be a wet one. 36 to 41 overnight tonight. isolated showers. tomorrow morning, a few alerts. 30s and 40s. in the afternoon, can't rule out a few. tell be milder. as we head towards wednesday. 59 with the breeze. once again. thursday. friday, the afternoon rain. and looks wet again later sunday into monday. >> all right. straight ahead. air b&b blows up with people looking to rent rooms during
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inauguration week. anys from getting scammed on inauguration day. all that and more in tonight's consumer alert. and a man rescued by d.c. firefighters makes a surprise
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. store in tonight's consumer alert, air b&b hosts will make good money, as thousands come in for the inauguration and women's march. that home-sharing service is more than 5200b&bs. and air rentals are going for more than $1,000 a night. apparently there are bookings all over the place. for the inauguration. the better business bureau is warning inaugural participants to avoid online ticket scams. check reviews at legitimate tickets to certain events are handed out by your house representative, senator, or the presidential inaugural committee. you have to pay with a credit card, never cash, and never
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wire money. and if that ticket deal sounds probably is. so of course, save your money and walk away. samsung has completed its investigation into the galaxy 7 note. it has concluded that the batteries were likely the problem. they determined the problem was not related to the hardware design or the software. this guy woke up in the hospital. and he was told that he died. and today, he got to say thank you to the first responders who saved his life. >> quite a shocking piece of news. two months ago, d.c. firefighters arrived to find robert law iv, blacked out. unable to breathe. he didn't have a pulse and went into cardiac arrest. crews performed cpr, and robert said he's grateful they did. >> their call of duty. they went above and beyond. above and beyond to save my life. but they're in the business of saving lives. and they proved that d.c. fire knows their stuff.
5:27 pm
they know >> i've been on the job for 13 years now. and this is the first time i've ever met a victim that we've saved. >> reporter: engine company 25 also received a certificate of appreciation for saving rpt robert's -- robert's life. two people are recovering from eye injuries. >> these things just keep happening. what is wrong with people? and we catch up with president obama and the first lady, as they call on americans to help others on this mlk day.
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only from fios. president obama, spending his last martin luther king jr. day in office, the same way he's commemorated the holiday, his last seven years. as craig boswell reports, he is working to help others. >> reporter: the president and first lady helped paint a mural, featuring dr. martin luther king, jr., at a family southeast of washington, d.c. it's all part of their annual day of service project. >> i just want people to know, i did not do all of this.
5:31 pm
[ laughter ] >> across town, gathered as incoming vice president mike pence visited the martin luther king jr. memorial on the national mall. they said they will never forget their stuff. >> kind of like the pinnacle of the weekend, before we head back to dallas. >> reporter: there are extra layers of emotions for those who planned their visit to the mlk memorial on the final few days of president obama's presidency. >> president obama's presidency brought a lot of pride to a lot of families, but in particular to our family because we're african american. it's a big deal for us. and we're sad to see that era end. >> one of the hottest tickets in town is to get into the new museum of african american history and culture. >> i was so excited. >> lisa payton and her family came from new york. >> it's nice to see a change and see what the past has done, and where we're at now. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump had been planning to have visit the museum today.
5:32 pm
but canceled, due conflict. >> a trump spokesperson said the president-elect will visit the african american history museum, after he takes office. >> so the process of moving the first family into their home in calla ramma is under way. we were in the neighborhood this afternoon. and snapped this photo. moving trucks outside the multimillion dollar home. the obamas will move out of the white house. of course, friday morning. this is about a five-hour switchover. >> awesome article on it on our website, wusa or on the app. the obamas are expected to stay in d.c. at least two more years until sasha graduates from high school. when it comes to president barack obama, it seems even golf is getting politicized. >> today, the mayor of a small montgomery county, made good on his bet. jeffrey slaven resigned as members of the woodmont country club appeared deeply divided
5:33 pm
over whether or not to invite es leaves office. scott broom is live in montgomery county with the latest on this. scott? >> reporter: yeah, you figure, obama moves to. and will want to play golf. but slaven, which has family belonged to for 60 years, will not say, whether or not they will invite president obama to join, because of an intense political debate among the members. >> reporter: woodbun country club in rockville. one less member tonight. jeffrey slaven. called it quits today, as club members debate, whether or not to offer membership to barack obama. the club founded in 1913 by jewish members, ironically, blackballed them -- themselves,
5:34 pm
slaven shameful. it's shameful that it penetrated to a country club. >> reporter: woodmont was slated to be the favorite for obama. because it has no history of discrimination. but that was when -- before the jewish member shop was heavily divided over obama. publicly, they have remained silent on the issue. slaven said that's why he's quitting the club. >> most people are out there to get away from the world. and now to make it an issue is completely absurd. >> reporter: so slaven objects because club leadership is silent. a lot of club members have not been silent. here's a sampling. quote, i completely support the
5:35 pm
club and mr. obama, due to his israel. that was one comment. another said, president obama has repeatedly showed himself to be a friend of the jewish community. not just in word or deed. so sharp division there. and of course, one member weighed in and said she just didn't want to deal with the secret service at the club. reporting live in montgomery county. scott broom, wusa 9. >> and neither the woodmont country club's president or the general manager have responded to our question for comment. stop pointing at the aircraft. it's just dumb. a maryland man is facing charges after allegedly point a beam at a state police helicopter. you know you're getting caught. a trooper and pilot, both recovering from eye injuries tonight. it happened early this morning, while the chopper was flying over westminister. the cockpit of the aircraft was hit about eight times. investigators figured out that the beam came from a home in sykesville. and that's where carroll county deputies found the pointer and
5:36 pm
arrested this guy. laurel along the road this afternoon. one person suffered critical injuries after he drove his ford mustang off the streets. this happened a little before 1:00. eastbound route 216, near stevens road. you probably know that area. the car struck two light poles and a guardrail, then flipped on its roof. and the driver was not wearing a seat belt. there were no other vehicles involved. and prince george's county, we now know the name of the man found shot to death in an suv. police say 32-year-old ricardo andrew foote was killed saturday night. his body was found in a parked car, on barlow road, in glen arden. there was a reward for information, leading to an arrest. >> nearly 40 people are dead after a cargo plane crashed into a residential neighborhood in kyrgyzstan. that plane departed from turkey. it was approaching the main airport in kyrgyzstan when it just went down. and many were killed on the ground. 15 people were sent to the hospital.
5:37 pm
&about half of the hospitals airport were destroyed. we're learning a little more tonight about president- elect donald trump's plans to repeal and replace obama care. now, trump's goal is to get insurance through everyone through marketplace solutions. that's according to the incoming press secretary, sean spicer. he talked with the today show. he said trump will supposedly make that happen, by bringing down costs and allowing competition over state lines. trending now, the snl sketch that has the president- elect's blood boiling tonight. a dating website. specifically designed for donald trump supporters. and an attachment for your smart phone that lets users plant a kiss on you, halfway around the world. pucker up. >> pucker up. hey, whenwise. cold one tonight. with all of this moisture, that's the reason for tomorrow's weather alert. i'll have the forecast in just
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for bladder leaks time to get tickled by what's trending tonight. [ applause ] >> hello. thank you for coming. i'd like to start by answering the question that is on everyone's mind.
5:41 pm
yes, this is real life. this is really happening. trump, will become the 45th president of the united states. and two months later, mike pence will become the 46th. >> that, of course, alec baldwin, reprising his impression of donald trump on s.n.l. over the weekend. poking fun at mr. trump's news conference from last week. and the president-elect once again, slashed out at the show, tweeting saturday night live is the worst of nbc. not funny. cast is terrible. always a complete hit job. he seems to watch it, though, week to week. >> and they make fun of everybody. equal opportunity maker funner. a california businessman wants to make dating fun. >> david gross. he's got the last name to make that happen, huh? he started a website called trump bam. he said he came up with the
5:42 pm
idea, after hearing stories ou pol politics were getting brought up. >> it's a place where people can come meet each other. and they don't have to worry about going on that date. and talking politics. talking about politics and all of a sudden, that person getting upset and leaving. amber williams has already been on two dates. >> the first one, we went shooting at our local gun range. shot ar-15s. never done that before. so it it was fun. >> gross said he and his business partner screened every apcannot cant -- applicant to the seat -- site. creators call at this time first mobile kiss messenger. the rest of us call it creepy. >> yeah. it's called the kissenger. pucker up, butter cup. it has hooks on the phone. has sensors. both things can kiss the phone at the same time.
5:43 pm
and it's supposedly like a kiss. come on. seriously? right now, it's just in the prototype stages on the apple devices. so now, we already don't talk to each other. now we won't kiss each other anymore. the mcdonald's restaurant in vatican city. began handing out free meals to the homeless. >> we're going high. >> generosity follows a bit of outrage after the restaurant opened up just steps from st. peters square. mcdonald's plans to give away 3,000 lunches to the homeless every monday. the fast food giant apparently pays monthly rent to the vatican for the store front. >> all right. wizards. hot from the 3-point line today, as they continue their hot streak. we got more from them on the way in sports. >> and oh, just wait until you see this little cutie. she reads more books in a day than a lot of people read in a year. and that's not even the most
5:44 pm
impressive thing about this
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
preschool reading phenom. stay tuned for this one. a maryland sheriff's deputy, injured during a shootout last mont is out of the hospital.
5:47 pm
>> thank goodness. ot shock trauma this morning, according to a tweet. from queen anne's sheriff. hogan was shot back on december 28th. that's on maryland's eastern shore. and investigators say they exchanged gunfire. rich died as a result of his injuries. the city of alexandria is going to have a new police chief soon. michael brown will take over next week. he suck seats the new inter-- succeeds the new interim chief. brown spent years working in law enforcement in california. he is leaves his job with the national traffic highway safety administration, where he serves as director of the office of impaired driving. republican delegate bob marshall from prince williams county, introduced a bill that would detonate? employees -- designate some employees to carry a handgun. similar legislation has been unsuccessful in virginia in the past.
5:48 pm
eight states have passed though, that allow employees to carry guns. one of d.c.'s most expensive restaurants is closing its doors after being open for three months. >> yeah. they shuttered yesterday. and gained a lot of attention as this new restaurant as a top chef contestant. but owners say the pricey menu wasn't attracting customers. here's how much dinner for 2 could cost. over $1,000. >> all right. >> yeah. yeah. just two weeks ago, the restaurant lowered prices. but unfortunately, the business did not pick up. i spent the morning emceeing a prayer breakfast in honor of dr. martin luther king today. and more than 1,000 people attended the event, marking this holiday of service. and we spoke with retired colonel charles mcgee. mr. mcgee is a tuskegee airman and a congressional gold medal recipient. >> i wish we had several
5:49 pm
marketin luther king jr.s -- martin luther he came around at a time of need and touched people in so many ways. >> colonel mcgee, by the way, is 97. he holds a u.s. air force record of 409 combat missions flown in world war ii, korea and vietnam. we could not even begin to thank him enough for his service. all right. now to one of my favorite stories of the day. this 4-year-old from georgia. you want to just pinch her cheeks. but she's probably read more books than you have in your lifetime. her name is dalia aranna, and she's making headlines for reading 1,000 books. and she's only in preschool. >> when i was 3, i was sometimes reading like a little book. but now, i'm reading like a smart kid. so last week, dalia was invited to the library of congress, where she served as librarian of the day.
5:50 pm
she got a tour from carla hayden, who is the first woman and african american to head the library. she said books are a great gift to mankind. at the aim of 4. >> did -- age of 4. >> did she read them all while she was there? >> imagine what she's going to do. >> how do you follow that? >> just going to go right to t. we have a little rain moving in tonight and on tuesday. tomorrow, yellow weather alert day. big storm out west. same snow on the ice. still bringing it into parts of nebraska. for us, a little moisture is now moving north of town. and a little more out west in the mountains. but i want to focus in montgomery and frederick. carol, howard. these showers, although they're light, they're making the roads wet, around 40 miles an hour. from laurel now, sneaking around odenton. just south of damascus. notice, brunswick, you're kind of almost done with the showers.
5:51 pm
moving toward frederick, 340. myersville. going to move toward 314. another following the one that passed over 314, into calvert county. a little heavier shower, southwest of buckeystown. looks like it's going to pass on the south side of urbana. temp in the 30s up north. we're in the low to mid-40s. and we're not going to drop off that much more tonight. but it is going to be chilly with the isolated showers. 36 to 41. tomorrow morning, 30s and 40s. there will be showers around. yellow weather alert. could be a slower commute for you. then in the afternoon, still a couple of showers around mid- 50s, milder. even better on wednesday. sun breaks out. breezy, 59. thursday, nice again. 55. inauguration day. whether you're going to support it, protest, whatever. watch out for rain in the afternoon. and looks like a better chance of rain later sunday into monday. ♪ [ music ] now, wusa 9 game on sports,
5:52 pm
with kristen berset, brought to you by house of horrors, recently for opposing teams. capitals haven't lost since september 23rd. but for the washington wizards, it's been even longer than that, since december 8th. we take a look at our latest home victory. this one, a pretty comfy one. wiz hosting portland for an mlk matin a -- matinee day. today, they were red-hot from beyond the arc, with 13 threes. john wall with 24. and they didn't even play the whole game wall making one final case on this last day of all-star voting. wizards scored stiff -- 75 points in the first half of the game. they beat them, 120. they put together a pair of impressive wins last week, over indiana and illinois that
5:53 pm
helped them move back up into the top 25 of the nicely atop the standings. maryland women. senior breanna jones is having a heck of a week. named national player of the week. by espnw. after a career performance against penn state. tying the record of 42 points and notching her 1,000th career rebound. another week and a coaching candidate. this time for defensive coordinator. expected to interview rob ryan to fill the vacancy left by joe berry. former head coach of rex ryan. his performance record, though, not the shiniest. in 12 seasons as a coordinator, it was four different teams. the latest being new orleans in 2015. ryan has allowed two top five finishes in yards allowed. but he's also found himself at the bottom of the league, three times in the same category. so when this was announced today, i would probably say redskins fanls, not -- fans, not as excited about this possibility.
5:54 pm
>> we are scratching our head >> that does need to ride a motorcycle. >> see him? >> yep. >> leather jacket, the beard, everything. >> stay tuned. coming up at 6:00. president-elect trump meets with the son of martin luther king, jr., as another congressman says he is skipping the inauguration. plus, a 7-year-old, crediting his grandfather for knowing what to do with a fire breaks out around him. and at 6:30, on the cbs evening news with scott pelley an obama care appeal eminent. we'll hear about those whose lives depend on it. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh!
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best check-up ever. a 7-year-old louisiana boy is being hailed a hero, after getting everyone out of a burning house over the weekend. whitney yates reports, the boy was just following his grandfather's advice. >> lesean leberrier is like any typical 7-year-old ready to play with his friends. but what's what he did that has his friends calling him a hero. >> a fire started before i woke up. >> it started to come through? >> lesean's mother, britney leberrier said she dropped him off at the babysitters, friday night. around 3:00 a.m., she got the call that there had been a fire. >> words just can't explain. thank god i live around the corner. >> desean was sleeping near the wall where the fire started. >> sounds like fireworks.
5:58 pm
and i was like, who had fireworks made li >> reporter: so he said he got up, put a blanket over his head to protect himself, and started getting everyone up and out of the house. >> and he was banging on the door so hard that everyone woke up. and then we ran outside. >> leberier believes her son had a guardian angel. >> i knew my dad was with him. >> he was a volunteer fireman for 30 years and harbor policeman for 35 years. less than a year ago, he passed away of lung cancer. >> my dad always instilled fire safety. >> he said he is glad to see a legacy of safety being carried on by his late friend's grandson. >> it's important for them to know the importance, when they're out, teaching fire education, that is really our best thing to do is fire
5:59 pm
prevention. 5 lives, saved by a >> you helped save everybody's life. >> uh-huh. >> he did great. >> this my daughter, lucia. what would you do if there was a fire? >> i'd get everybody out of the house. >> she'd get everybody out of the house. nice. nailed it. investigators believe the fire was electrical in nature. >> great job, lucy. right now, it's 6. speaking out on donald trump's view, with the civil rights leader who walked side by side with dr. martin luther king jr. and d.c. ice rink, damaged by fire. and president obama welcomes one last world championship team to the white house, before he leaves office. good evening, everyone. i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us. we start with breaking news out of turkey. police captured the man, accused of killing 39 people at a nightclub in istanbul.
6:00 pm
a photo shows him in police >> turkish media say police found him along with his 4-year- old son, hiding out at a friend's house, in istanbul. isis claimed responsibility for the massacre, saying it was revenge for turkey's military operations in syria. turning elsewhere. president-elect donald trump met with the son of late martin luther king jr. martin luther king iii attended, intending to play peacemaker between donald trump and the civil rights icon, john lewis. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump shook hands with martin luther king's son. >> we provided at least a solution to begin to address a broken holding system. that was the dialogue as we talked about constructively. >> reporter: mr. king also weighed in on the dispute


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