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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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point across. i guess they got it. >> reporter: meanwhile, back on the road, people like monica saunders were just trying to get through the detours. >> i'm on my way to work. i mean, i can't get through. it's right there and i can't get there. >> eventually, hours after they began, it was time to face the music. just after1:00, the -- after 1:00, the sign was rolled back up. >> reporter: all right. so the sign was pulled up hours ago. but as you could see, the protestors are still up there. it's unclear when they plan to come down. when they do, no doubt, they'll be facing some charges when we find out what those charges are, we'll be sure to let you know. reporting here at 16th street. evan kozlov, wusa 9. >> and dozens of people are reacting to the story on our wusa 9 facebook page. mike writes, way to shut down the job site for the working people who will lose wages today. arrest them, fine them and assign damages for those who didn't get to work today because of this stunt.
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>> amy writes, i will say this, they're brave. stupid but brave. you don't have to climb a crane to tell us what you think. our wusa 9 facebook page is open 24 hours a day for your comments. a d.c. police village, evacuated this afternoon. it followed a fire in a storage vault that holds drug evidence. this is village lane in southwest. police tell us the building is a storage facility, where they keep evidence. one person did suffer some minor injuries. firefighters are now venting the smoke and decontaminating the employees who were inside. president trump is setting up a showdown, with local governments that provide sanctuary cities in the u.s. the president said he'll withhold money from communities whose policies protect the nation's 11 million undocumented immigrantses from deportation. the commander in chief, outlining his plans today during a visit to homeland security headquarters in washington. >> our order also does the following. ends the
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release at the border. requires other countries to take back their criminals. they will take them back. cracks down on sairveghtsuary -- sanctuary cities. empowers i.c.e. officers to target and remove those who pose a threat to public safety. >> local communities are digging in for a fight. chicago, for instance, has already created a task force to help undocumented workers and pledged $1 million for a legal defense fund. washington and other parts of our area are considered sanctuary cities. stephanie talked to people who are hearing from the trump crackdown. we'll hear from them in a bit. president trump also ordered the construction of a wall on the u.s.-mexico border. it appears the american taxpayers will foot the bill for the construction costs now. the president claims mexi
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states eventually. and we just learned thal mexico -- that mexico's president is considering canceling his trip to washington following that border wall. without offering any evidence, the president claims bogus voters cost him the popular vote in the 2016 election. and he says 3 to 5 million illegal voters were casting ballots for hillary clinton during the election. neither president trump nor his spokesman provided any evidence to back up that claim. well, she was considered one of television's finest and funniest. actress mary tyler moore has died at the age of 80. >> jarica duncan takes a look back at her career as an actress and advocate. ♪ [ music ] ♪ how will you make it on your own ♪ >> reporter: mary tyler moore captivated audiences well beyond the toss of her halt. born in 1936, and raised in southern
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pregnant. she was already divorced six years later, when she got her first big break, playing laura petri, a spunky wife on the dick van dyke show. >> it was the best fun. you just couldn't wait to get to work in the morning and you sort of hated to go home in the afternoon. >> reporter: she married and they formed mtm enterprises. the first tv show, the mary tyler moore show. >> this is our first producer, mary richards. >> it featured the first single woman. >> that's just wonderful. so i'll see you tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it lasted for seven seasons. in 1980, audiences saw an unfunny side of moore. >> buck never would have been in the hospital! >> that's enough! >> reporter: she played an icy, grieving mother in the film "ordinary people." she won
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was nominated for oscar. but that same year, her only son died from an accidental gunshot. in 1983, moore remarried and continued acting in movies, the stage and small screen, often to critical acclaim. her career spanned more than half a century. but she'll always be remembered as the girl who turned the world on with her smile. jarica duncan, cbs news. >> a spokesman said moore passed away in the company of her friends and her husband of over 33 years. she had struggled in past years with diabetes. the cause of death was not revealed. in prince george's county, the suspect wanted for a shoot shooting at a school bus stop. police say children were there. when 42-year-old roland eugene sims started shooting in austin hill, none of them were hurt. sims was arrested this morning, after surrendering. the woman who was wounded is expected to survive. at least one person was killed today
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multivehicle crash in frederick, maryland. sky 9 was over the scene on westbound i-70, near the i-270 interchange. police say two dump trucks and an suv had stopped to allow a motorcade from washington to pass them. when they were rear-ended by a third dump truck. the driver of the suv was pronounced dead. two of the truck drivers are now in the hospital. this all happened around 9:00. and as you can see, it made a real mess of the traffic and shut it down for several hours. >> a 26-year-old montgomery county man is going to be spending the rest of his life behind bars. miles bowersox was arrested today, after being convicted of breaking into the home of his elderly neighbor, who has a mental illness, and then sexually assaulting her at knife point. bowersox was living with his girlfriend in the complex at the time of the november 2015 assault. police say he admitted he knew his neighbor had a mental disability. and a -- in a phone call with his girlfrieha
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recorded by police. a major milestone. it closed above 20,000 for the first time, rising more than 150 points. the s&p was higher, up more than 18 points. the nasdaq up 2. just a little above 55 points. well, there is something new at the zoo. >> that's right. the national zoo here in d.c., welcoming in a female, gray seal pup. its mother cara gave birth last saturday. vets say the pup appears to be nursing, moving and bonding well with mom. the zoo says the pup is the third for cara and her 26-year- old father, gunther. we are just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. top? i don't know. am i in a time warp? is it early april. could be. still 61 in frederick. 63 in fredericksburg. we'll come back and talk about one more mild day. and yes, a little more turn to a winter-like pattern. president trump's expected plan to ban muslim immigrants, hitting close to home for
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syrian man in virginia. and why a local lawmaker wants to prevent teens from buying smart phones. and we'll introduce you to a fairfax student who has been accepted into all four of this country's prestigious military academies. >> amazing. ♪ [ music ]
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two people in a fedex delivery truck, lucky to be alive. look at this. >> wow. >> after a collision with a commuter train. good thing the people in the train were okay, too. police dashboard camera, capturing a dramatic crash. it happened in salt lake city. you don't stop at the train tracks, people. whether you got a little car or big truck. investators are trying to determine why the crossing gates and flashing lights and bells weren't operating before the crash. still -- >> that would
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>> you dont stop on the tracks. the truck's trailer was torn to bits and boxes went flying. but fortunately, again, no serious injuries. so we're talking about sanctuary cities. it's a big focus of what president trump addressed today in his visit to department of homeland security. we're talking to people today who are concerned about what president trump's order is going to be mean -- to mean for everyone. and wusa 9's stephanie ramirez has that. other groups say they plan on going to the white house to protest tonight. some of the people coming tell me they are afraid of the president's words today. they are terrified, but they tell me they are not going to hide. >> this is melvin rivas, who is afraid he'll be taken away from his kids. he's still encouraging people to rally while wednesday, members of the immigrant group, casa, spent a lot of the day trying to quell
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>> there are many communities including here in st. george's county, and montgomery county and baltimore and d.c., and los angeles, who were saying clearly it is safe to bring kids to school. it is safe to bring kids to the hospital, that they are not going to cooperate with i.c.e. and i think that that is still what is going to be happening. [ inaudible ] it never changes. and right now -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: he said he has been trying for u.s. citizenship since the 1990s. he also said he agrees with the president that violent offenders should be kicked out. but he feels the president is inaccurately painting the immigrant community as the offending. >> i never committed any crimes. it's going to be difficult for me to even stay. i'm going to start to be afraid. >> reporter: group that organized what is
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called many languages, one voice. they are calling on the mayor and d.c. city council to ensure that the district remains a sanctuary city. in northwest tonight, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. various immigration groups say they will continue to fight the president and his administration for immigration reform. so it is getting to be that time of year, when high school seniors and of course their parents, start sweating. will they get into the college they want? >> will they be able to pay for it? but one remarkable young man in fairfax county, doesn't have to worry about any of that. and bruce leshan is here to explain why. hey, bruce. >> hey, lesli. you know how hard it is to get into america's military service academies. it's like getting into harvard. but you need a congressional nomination. so imagine a clean sweep of all four. ♪ [ music ] >>
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school in fairfax, christian park has hit one of life's highest notes. >> this is the first i received from the naval academy back in october. >> he's just been accepted at all four of america's military service academies. westpoint. the naval academy. air force and coast guard. >> i am feeling just absolutely amazing right now. so excited. >> stellar grades, test scores, community service, fitness. >> second-degree black belt in tae kwon do. >> we know it's rare to get in. but we can only guess how rare. >> it's about 1% if not less than 1%. whole country. >> of the whole country. >> reporter: timothy's grandfarth was in husan, north korea, when the americans landed. forever grateful, eugene park always provided free medical care to korean wa
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debt of honor that he wanted to pay. >> timothy's dad continues the tradition of service as a lieutenant colonel in the u.s. army. >> we're very proud. and very happy. >> my number 1 at this point is westpoint. but i'm still keeping my options open. >> timothy admits, it is a little daunting. but he wants to lead. and at his school, they are certain he will succeed. >> honestly, i would say it's almost a miracle. [ laughter ] >> got a smile out of him. civil air patrol, cross country, national honor society, cellist, nine ap classes, 10 honors. that's what it takes. and we all have to wish him luck. lesli? >> when did he sleep, bruce? my goodness. . >> i know crazy. >> great to see him smile. amazing kid. but he's not so different from a lot of young people. still hasn't figured out his major. could be physics, could be history. but whatever it is, the
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is free. for parents who have kids going off to college, tuition is free, that's like magic. >> i had a parent -- >> and you have three. >> i had a parent tell me this before my charge were applying to college, if they get any money to apply to a school, they will not go to that school. that is correct. >> oh, yeah. >> i'll just say that is correct. >> then you just say to them, oh, this is so nice, you get to fund your own education. >> yes. didn't happen. no. let's talk about today. i guess it was a beautiful day in january. i would prefer snow. and again, 17 years ago, it was snowing to beat the band. check out my facebook beige to check that out -- page to check that out. 3-degree guarantee. feeling pretty good. went 59. feeling pretty good. we'll add up the numbers tonight at 11:00. but we're feeling pretty confident. that wind out of the southwest really brought in milder air. this is just a gorgeous picture. just tweeted this out a minute ago. live lou
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michael and sons weather cam. still 57. dew points are still above freezing. and that's really again, kind of unusual for january. expect the dew points in the 20s or the teens with more to care. we just don't have any of that. winds are still out of the south at 7. i widen the radar. yeah. showers, essentially crossing from ohio into west virginia. not a lot of moisture with this front. yeah, a couple of showers possible late tonight. generally north and west of town. and then some showers possible tomorrow morning, south and east of town. but that's not really the main headline. main headline tomorrow really will be winds again. i picked up all day this morning. more winds tomorrow. 3 miles an hour or higher. some clouds tonight. maybe a late shower. bus stop temperatures. 42 to 52. and again, a shower south and east. so think waldorf, la plata, st. mary's city, that area. windy with a chilly finish tomorrow. and breezy and colder tomorrow. maybe a flurry friday. i'm looking at every model i can find to find a snowstorm. the
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european model. uzbekistan model. i can't find anything. it's quite sad. a little more like january, though, the next five days. we're looking at 56 tomorrow. 46 friday. and low 40 saturday. and probably just south of 40 on sunday and monday. future cast. 10:00 tonight. clouds start to come back in. but still 51 downtown. and still 48 in manassas. by morning, there are your showers south and east swosouthern maryland. again, nothing crazy heavy. 50 to start the day tomorrow downtown. 49 in bowie. 49 also in leesburg. and by 9:00, we're generally clear. and temperaturesurn 40s, low 50s. winds, still southwest at 1:00. that will help temps get to 56 degrees, before they start falling. winds turn more westerly. and by 6:00, everyone is back in the 40s. and of course, our friends across the divide, this is really good news. for wis and for timber line, they're looking at the snow tomorrow night. and probably light snow on and off through the weekend. for us, 50 to start. 56 at 11:00.
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56 at 1:00. look at the winds, west/northwest at 21. now, on friday, maybe a flurry. 46. seasonably cold on saturday. 42. now, the next seven days. cold sunday. cold monday. maybe a snow shower monday morning. wouldn't worry about it right now. back to 50 on tuesday. and then colder again on wednesday. perhaps more snow showers on wednesday. >> top, thank you. we've got breaking news out of northeast d.c. and it involves two teenagers shot. one of them was hit in the leg. the other was grazed. they're both expected to be okay. this all happened somewhere along the 4100 block of minnesota avenue. and police aren't sure how close this was to the metro station there. but they are looking for two people who left that scene in a white sedan. if you know anything about this case, give police a call. a virginia lawmaker wants to ban the sale of cell phones. and other devices with cameras, to kids under 18. delegate bob marshall of prince williams county said his bill would help cut down on
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in an e-mail to supporters, marshall wrote that the lives of many are destroyed when explicit pictures end up in the wrong hands. the devices would not prevent parents from buying devices with cameras for their kids. issue over pockets of his 700 acres of land in hawaii. zuckerberg purchased a property. but some locals claim they inherited parts of the land from their ancestors. the facebook ceo had filed a lawsuit that would allow him. but he backtrd,acke saying he's reconsidering the lawsuit out of respect for hawaiian traditions. straight ahead, moms who are growing illegal marijuana in d.c. and why an ominous book from yesteryear is a best seller on amazon. got those stories and even more coming up in tonight's consumer al
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on this. at least one protestor, still high atop this crane, over 15th street, right near the white house. when will they come down? what will police do when that happens? here's a live look. we'll be taking it throughout the show.
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caught on tape, a dramatic explosion in ecuador. a surveillance camera. caught the flames shooting through the factory before, explosion and fire ball threw debris into the air. three sheds were destroyed in that blast. firefighters eventually got it under control. we don't know yet about any injuries am. marijuana is now illegal in some forms in half of all states, including washington, d.c. >> that means many are getting into the industry. many of them, moms. licenselicensed to distribute medical marijuana in the district. while it's legal in d.c., it is illegal under federal law. she says her job comes with a stigma, and it's one she's trying to break. and hoping her four kids won't be judged by here career. >> it's okay
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to do. but it's very hurtful for them to judge my son, where he's innocent in this. >> reporter: there are now eight medical marijuana growing centers in d.c. and popping up all across the nation, as more and more states legalize medical more marijuana. new data from the national association of realtors finds more homes were bought and sold in 2016 than in any time in the last decade. the realtors association counts nearly 5 1/2 million existing sales last year. that's the biggest number since 2006 before the housing market crashed. sales dipped in december, though, with few homes up for sale. and mortgage rates creeping higher. a survey finds those rising interest rates are a real concern for many of you. the study finds 49% of u.s. adults, basically half, are worried about the rising rates. and that number is up 8% from this time last year. and a white house adviser's comment about
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has pushed george orwel -- orwell's 1984 book to the number 1 spot on the amazon best sellers list. orwell's book was published in 1949. and it envisioned a world, controlled by double-speak. straight ahead, a local county leader is considering a run for governor. >> artists fight back against the drain the swamp movement. the best way they know how. and we're going to talk to a local syrian man who is trying to become a u.s. citizen. we'll talk to him about donald trump's plans to ban muslim immigrants.
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reaction and harsh criticism tonight of president trump's plan to restrict refugees from entering this country. >> the president plans to sign an executive order tomorrow, blocking refugees from syria, and six other middle eastern countries for 120 days, until tougher vetting policies are in place. wusa 9's delia goncalves is live on capitol hill with reaction to this. hi, delia. >> with this move, the president bypasses congress and puts an immediate stop to refugees, trying to flee their country for fear of persecution. one person watching this very closely is a syrian journalist that we talked to at length. earlier today, his name
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almack dad, he came to this country in 2012 as a syrian refugee. and he says he underwent an intense vetting process that lasted a whole year. >> they go through an incredible process. what are you going to add to that? >> so i have a cousin now. he's a very hard-working person. and he was approved to come here tonight. and now he may be ending up continuing his life in the refugee camps. >> do you think that's a legitimate fear? >> at some point, it is legitimate fear. at some point. i was threatened by isis. i received threatening messages from al qaeda and isis. i'm not that different from you. so what they are doing, they are mixing things together. so for them, refugees can consider a threat. they are our gnarl allies. these people are fleeing
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and as a human being, we need to do something. there is the -- an anonymous guy out there. we don't know who he is. we don't know how he looks. so what we going to do? until we figure out this guy. we're going to paint 7.5 to 7 million refugees with a brush? is that a rational way of thinking? is that a rational way to address this problem? or are you trying to justify something else? >> you feel like there is more behind this effort. >> i do believe that, yes. because simply, we are all in favor. >> what do you think is really behind this? >> racism. >> reporter: now, almadad said he loves this country because he can freely express, even those controversial views by some, on camera, without fear of persecution. he is just months away from getting his american citizenship. but he now fears that because of
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perhaps that could be delayed somehow. almadad joins care, the council on american-islamic relations and denouncing and speaking out against the president's executive order. we're live on capitol hill, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> sounds like there will be quite a few people in limbo. with the refugee ban, it will be smaller. with 50,000. right now, there are 100,000 living in the united states. following trump's decision to put his support behind two oil pipelines. >> the president signed an executive order today, putting resources toward the proposed construction of the keystone xl. and unfinished dakota access. many republicans say the projects would create jobs. >> reporter: a publishe
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under fire for saying she'd rather do jail time than take a bullet for president trump. according to the washington examiner, carrie o'grady made the comment during an october posting on facebook. she reportedly ended her comment with, i'm with her. a reference, of course, to hillary clinton. o'grady said her post was a reaction to an infamous 2005 video. this one, where trump made lewd comments about women. the secret service tells cbs news, it is aware of the report and is taking quick and appropriate action. there's a big new art project about the district. and it is growing all the time. >> it is going after the president, specifically. one of his favorite sailings. wusa 9's pete muntean is here to tell us about it. >> this project is against this. the idea that d.c.'s only lawmakers and lobbyists. i'm a district resident. you and i both know it's not. now, this project wants to show the world. >> drain the swamp! >> reporter: those three
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started this. a shrine to d.c. culture online. it's called d.c. is real. >> to make sure that people understand that people do live in washington, d.c. >> reporter: morgan west started this. we talked over skype. this is really simple. here's how it works. you tweet or instagram your thoughts with #dcisreal. >> the drain the swamp rhetoric is something i think we've gotten tired of hearing. so i think this is a great opportunity to get d.c. to rallying around shifting the national narrative. >> reporter: you can shift your thoughts on a creative d.c., that's the article west started. there's a form. there's also a running feed of submissions. >> it's not just federal government. we have so many people here who are do things in community that are alongside federal government. but not necessarily linked to them. >> the tweets just keep coming. there's been more than 1,000 of them. responses get compiled and do a tiny movie, known as a gift. >> i think if you're in
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washington, d.c. none of these will come as a surprise to you. we all know d.c. is a multinuance place and it is extremely creative. >> reporter: artists are also getting over i.r.l. that means "in real life." they showed this all off in a benefit last week. >> prince george's county representative baker said he is considering a challenge to maryland governor larry hogan. and baker said he'll make a final decision after the current legislative session ends in april. baker has been touring the state to gauge interest in his candidacy. he's one of several democrats, considering a challenge to hogan, who is one of the most popular governors in state history. so trending now. why mcdonald's is giving away thousands of bottles of its secret big mac sauce. a zero calorie pizza, with a catch. and the story behind an 89-year- old woman who moved in with her much younger neighbor. and hollywood actor.
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these low temperatures tonight are still above the average high temperatures for this date in january. only 47 doubt. 50 in fredericksburg. 44 in hagerstown. and 46 tonight for a low in cumberland. can't say how unusual that is to go below freezing in january. we have a cold front. we'll tell you what that means for your weekend plans.
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all right. let's get to what's trending tonight. love. an unbreakable bond, between a 31-year-old actor and his 89- year-old neighbor is really pulling on our heartstrings. norma cook and chris salvatore met three years ago, when chris moved into her hollywood apartment building. they became fast friends. they had wine nights. >> including norma's battle with leukemia. in fact, she only has a few months to live. she is lifting out her final days with chris, who is caring for her. their bond is best described in their own words. >> the grandson i never had. >> she's changed my life. >> i love you so much.
5:40 pm
>> and they encourage otherring to be open. norma and chris are still documenting their adventures on social media. just search for the #myneighbornorma. >> love. just love. you will love this, too. jolene getting a lot of attention tonight. >> here's sophia, belting out her version of the song. >> darling, darling, darling ♪ please don't take my man ♪ ♪ darling, darling, darling please don't take my man ♪ >> oh. i am feeling it. >> you know how mom shot it behind her. >> she replaces
5:41 pm
darline in her private performance. >> please don't take my man. >> it has more than six million views on facebook. yesterday, dolly parton said it warms my heart to see my music reaching the littlest of fans. >> i think she's like yes. >> just unfazed by anyone around her. a national pizza chain is advertising a new zero-calorie pizza. sound too good to be true? >> yeah. >> it is. >> i got your zero calorie pizza here. it's my phone. on the menu. the alternative facts pizza. a six-slice pie, topped with bacon, pepperoni, ham, sausage and extra crust. and there's too much on the pizza. >> it's all for zero calories. of course, it's a play on kellyanne conway, using the phrase to defend the white house to claim donald trum
5:42 pm
largest ever. >> so now, after seeing pizza, now we've got to talk about big macs. >> bring it. starting tomorrow, mcdonald's restaurants will be giving out bottles of their big mac special sauce. >> it's to promote healthy eating. it's the sauce. right? [ laughter ] they're giving out 10,000 bottles of sauce. the giveaway coincides with new size offerings of the big mac. and this might encourage people to try the sandwich. only 20% of the millennials have even tried the big mac. >> how is a bottle of calories going to encourage anyone to try a sandwich? >> it's not heart healthy. straight ahead. one of the longest running bands in the history of rock and roll lost a founding member. >> but first, a blind date, a house fire and a virginia woman and her two children, nowhere to be found. why one father is still holding out hope up next.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet,
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don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. after protestors scale a massive crane that overlooks the white house on 15th st
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that says "resist." they have curled up that banner. but protestors remain. at least two of them on top of that crane. not too much movement on there now. but waiting to see what the next movement is. lesli? >> days go by. and a father is still clinging to hope that he will see his son come home safe. tonight, police continue to search for monica bogar lanking. -- lannening. >> it has been an negotiable and exhausting waiting game for kevin and moira lamping. as they hope for answers to come in soon. their 7-year-old son kai is still missing, along with his ex-wife, monica lamping and daughter mariah. >> they are hoping someone has that one nugget of information that is going to set this case ablaze. and hopefully it will come to a resolution quickly. >>po
5:47 pm
say monica and the kids vanished, after an early morning house fire in virginia beach. hours before that, kevin and moira say monica went on a blind date with a man named chad. by now, the story of this mysterious disappearance has gained national attention. >> it makes me hopeful. there's still concern, though. because as much -- as quickly as it spread, there's still not many more answers than we've had, you know, two days ago now. >> the family's family's desperation has led them to hire private investigators as well, to help with the search. but with police reassuring the family, they're doing all they can. kevin hopes it won't be long until kai comes back home. >> at the end of the day, we're waiting on law enforcement to do their job and do it thoroughly. and i have every indication that they are doing just that. >> only takes one person to spot them to call and tip off law enforcement. you know, nationwide, please keep your eyes out for them.
5:48 pm
>> now, police say monica's green cheep cherokee was due early sunday morning in the beach area. one of the founding members of the allman brothers died. the 69-year-old drummer died why yesterday. we don't know why. he was one of two drummers in the band. he is the second member of the almond brothers to die. duane allman died in a motorcycle crash in 1971. a tweet from billionaire investor, elan musk. exciting progress on the tunnel front. plan to start digging in a month or so. what is he talking about? here you go. the ceo of tesla referring to his plans, compared to traffic jams in los angeles. musk first mentioned his plans in december. he wants to build a tunnel- boring machine and start digging. because that's just what you want in los angeles. more i have vi --
5:49 pm
ground. and more holes under the earth. should work out well for everyone in the end. he says the starting point of that massive tunnel is going to be near his desk at space ex. >> he'll feel all the vibrations too. lawmakers are considering a bill in virginia that would allow students to trade foreign language classes for high-tech instruction. under the legislation, high school students can receive credit for taking computer coding classes, instead of foreign language courses. that option would not be available in cases where a foreign language is needed for an advanced diploma. it does feel like we're in some sort of a time warp. 50s. 57 downtown. dew points above freezing. winds out of the south at 7. all rights. -- right. let's talk about radar. some of the showers we get into places like garrett county.
5:50 pm
maybe even into hagerstown. but this cold front itself does not have moisture with it. that's not its signature. winds will be the signature again tomorrow afternoon. some clouds tonight. again, maybe a late shower. bus stop temperatures, 42 to 52. and shower possible south and east. primarily st. mary's county and calvert county. maybe southern charles county. windy with a chilly finish tomorrow. temps will fall in the 40s by evening. and then breezy and colder friday. we could see a flurry. at least temperatures will get sort of back to, a little bit more like january. 56 tomorrow. 46 on friday. and then 42 on saturday. and upper 30s sunday and monday. again, you snow lovers, snow storm in sight. flurries are possible friday. 50s and flurries saturday. could see flurries monday morning. big picture. 10:00 tonight. 51 downtown. 52, still in fredericksburg. a few clouds come in. notice the showers, not very organized. off to the west. showers just approaching oakland. and even there, temperatures are running in the upper 40s. by 6:00 a.m., most of
5:51 pm
looking at generally a dry commute and mild commute. 50 to start the day at 6:00 a.m. in fact, even 46 in hagerstown and 48 in romney. and 47 in cumberland. that's crazy mild. beautiful at 9:00. it will be breezy. but low 50s downtown. by 1:00, we're 56. temperatures in the upper 40s to the north. and then you jump the divide. here's the cold air. down to 32 in oakland. and starts to snow, west. divide. it will probably snow on and off right on through monday, which is good news for ski resorts. by 6:00 p.m. about this time tomorrow night, we're clear. and temperatures in the 40s. 47 downtown. 45 in frederick. and 41 now up into hagerstown. and cumberland. by 10:30 tomorrow, low 40s downtown 40 in hagerstown. and 41 in culpepper. so it's colder air. it's not arctic air. but colder air moving in. this is the forecast. our wind gust tracker. 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. winds not crazy. southwesterly around 20. that's the peak gust am. and it's the forecast.
5:52 pm
36 miles per hour in leesburg. and 36 in martinsburg. i haven't even finished picking up sticks from the last wind storm. by 9:00 tomorrow, winds still 28 to 32 miles per hour. windy tomorrow will be the signature. low 50s to start. 56 with sunshine by 1:00 on the day planner. flurry possible friday. 46. yes, the atmosphere will be cold enough to support a flurry. low 40s on saturday. just seasonably cold. next seven days. sunday, cold. maybe some morning snow showers on monday. maybe a flurry after midnight on sunday night. back to 50 tuesday. some snow showers possible on wednesday. temps fall back to about 40. now, wusa 9, game on sports. brought to you by xfinity. >> the georgetown hoyas. yikes n. a must-win situation tonight, hosting 16th ranked crayton.
5:53 pm
the georgetown hoyas and jt3 are in a real tough bind. one in 6 right now in big east play. and they've got a 500 record overall. about two-thirds of the season through. georgetown gets a visit from crayton tonight at verizon center. they have lost six of their last seven. and season is hanging by a tread right -- thread right now. can get it tonight against crayton. we shall see what happens. inside the paint, i'm frank hanrahan. tipoff just over an hour away, at 7:00. and a local rivalry game happening in fairfax. where george mason is going to host gw. coming up, president trump says he wants to make america safe again. starting with a wall along the mexico border. up next, the extensive efforts to save five trees from the chopping block. and then at 6:30, on the cbs evening news with scott pelley, president trump says torture work
5:54 pm
policy on the practice?
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
it was moving day
5:57 pm
antonio's hemisphere park. one of five oak trees being saved for destruction, heading for its new home. and sue calvert was there. >> how much do you think it weighs? >> 71. >> it was just another day at the offices, moving one very old oak out of harm's way. 200 feet to the north, to avoid new construction. >> you know, with the tree in the ground, it's hard to get perspective on just how big a job this is. but look at the hole they're going to put this tree in. it's bigger than i am. and i'm 5'6." >> the tree is 20 feet tall. 40 by 60 feet wide. and how many pounds? we're taking bets. >> going 82. >> i'm going 83 man. >> what do you think? >> 53. >> 53, oh, the low ball of the group. how much do you think? >> it will be closer to 70. >> after days of preparation and careful rigging, it was time to rock. >> green means go. >> a few inches at a time. >> for the crane operator, it's like rocking a baby, if your
5:58 pm
>> with every rock back and forth, you can hear the roof breaking underground. there was resistance. so they improvised. and it was up, up and away, at a dainty, 110,000 pounds am after this beauty safely in their new home, they'll start over, four more times, thanks to tree heroes who donated to this campaign to save some shade for future texans. >> that's a big boy. hemisphere park was built to host the 1968 world's fair and to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding of san antonio. construction is now being done to prepare for the 300th anniversary celebrations, coming up in 2018. right now at 6:00. president trump declares today is the day the u.s. begains to win back control of its borders. good evening. i'm les li foster. >> and i'm bruce johnson. president trump moving quickly to fulfill some of the biggest
5:59 pm
today he took action on building a wall and other measures. he also had claims of widespread voter fraud. >> reporter: president trump signeddage order to build along the border. >> the security of homerand security, working with myself and my staff, will begin immediate construction of a border wall. >> reporter: he tells abc's david mueller, mexico will pay for the wall, eventually. >> so the american taxpayers will pay for the wall at first. >> that will be separate from the traction to mexico. >> the president talks about extreme vetting. >> he talked about restricting countries that harbor terrorists. and he wants some deported. >> we're going to
6:00 pm
possible popular -- the popular i.c.e. program. >> he will also work on sanctuary cities. >> he wants to launch a massive investigation into voter fraud. >> the president said he would have won the popular vote, if not for illegal voters voting for hillary clinton. >> i felt sad for the president making this claim. i felt sorry for him. i even prayed for him. >> they launched their own investigation. >> they're -- they've sent names. >> the state officials told cbs, quote, we are not aware of any evidence that supports the voter fraud claims made by president trump. >> president trump is promising to crack down on sanctuary cities. it's a term you've probably


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