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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the eyes in the sky for d.c. police. held for ran some, are cyber criminals to blame for a criminal on the loose after he gunned down a woman in a wheelchair. >> this is where the wheelchair bound grandmother was killed right here heading to the market. police are across the street, and large lights spotlighting the neighborhood to keep it safe. get this, we know that 123 out of the 187 police cameras in the city were hacked between january 12th and january 15th. she was gunned down right in front of her own home january 16th. i've already
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was not recording the morning of the murder. after several attempts to reach out to npd i finally got a hold of them today. and they confirmed a spokesperson telling me that in fact this camera was hacked. everything is up and running but a source close to this investigation tells me if this camera was on and recording it would have offered a much better view of this crime. and the suspect who ran right through here gunning down vivian marrow before running into the complex. now police released surveillance video but it was awfully grainy. the murder is still at large. the police spokesperson says this crime and this investigation was not impacted by the ran some ware. so what do you think? we're in southeast wusa9. >> a neighborhood police commander in that part
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undercover work to develop leads and help get the killer off the streets. as for the hacking the washington post reports two people in london were arrested in connection with that crime. >> sky nine is on the scene of some breaking news right now. we're seeing big flames coming from a recycling plant. it's an industrial park near the old prison there. firefighters are on the scene working to put this out. we can tell you at the hour there are no reports of anyone injured. the horrific murders of an entire family and their housekeeper. it happened inside of a d.c. mansion. the man that police say was responsible for the crime, here he is. tomorrow morning he'll be back in court. >> fridays hearing is happening because three months ago the defense team told a judge they needed more time to sort through evidence. and there is a lot of it. from dna on the crust of
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roany pizza to a box cart stopped near a motel. he allegedly broke into the families home on may 13, 2015. police say he held the couple, their 10-year-old son, and their housekeeper hostage torturing them for hours, until he killed all of them the next day and set the house on fire. for seven days police searched for him and they finally arrested him police say he had $40,000 with him, ran some money delivered to the house. last time he stood before a judge, all the attorneys standing around him argued over the start of the trial. prosecutors told the judge the trial should begin in february of 2008. the defense disagreed and said they needed more time to test hundreds of dna samples. the judge put a pause on it. scheduled another status hearing for february 3rd.
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they'll try to set a trial date again. once it begins the trial could last up to six weeks. >> new tonight from our prince georges county bureau, allegations of racism in the police department. two sources tell wusa9 more than 50 officers filed a formal complaint to the justice department. the doj is looking into it. they learned about the letter today after announced they had put together a panel with the police union to look into the issue. the leaders suggest the panel was in the works long before the complaint was filed. >> the gop controlled congress has voted to undo more rules and regulations of the obama administration. today the senate followed the house in wiping out a rule to keep coal mining companies from dumping debris into nearby streams. and the house scrapped a measure toui
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from people with certain mental disabilities who want to buy a gun. that bill now goes to the senate. the white house clean up after the tense phone call between president trump and australia's prime minister. the call was one of several president trump had with world leaders over the weekend. it ended earlier than planned when the president expressed his frustration over a refugee deal between the two countries. tonight white house officials dispute an earlier claim that the president hung up on the prime minister. homeland security secretary john kelly is wrapping up a two day tour around the border of mexico. he met where state leaders in texas and law enforcement officers from every level. he expects to construct that wall, or at least begin the construction on it in a few months, and that it will be done in two years. secretary kelly also said he's looking at a plan to send
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officers and immigration judges to the border. we're putting the focus on immigration tomorrow night at 11:00. we visit the nations first sanctuary city and it's in our area plus we'll hear from younger people, including a fairfax county student who created a board game called immigrant nightmare. we'll have the latest on a lawyer running a breaking bad style meth operation. why wear red friday is more than just a fashion statement. and wait until you see how big the instagram numbers soared with beyonce's latest announcement. >> there's big changes ahead, the martin luther king jr. memorial library is going to cle.
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(20) 800-0000 makeover. >> reporter: a full blown punk rock show. chances are you probably didn't see that one coming. but then again who would. >> you think of a library, you think quiet. then there's a loud punk show right in the basement. >> so you're probably curious what's behind all of this. the d.c. public library simply likes to think outside the box. you see about three years ago it set up the d.c. punk archives to document the culture of the punk scene. soon after it started hosting shows in the basement of the mlk library. >> we were trying to access the punk community. >> shows often draw around 200 people. punk rock fans like carlos. >> it's all ages. so there's
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anybody can come. it's free. >> the bands love it as well. rena got to take the stage with her group. >> everybody is here to support live music in d.c. >> it was a special performance too due to the construction soon to take place, they got to perform in the last show played in the mlk basement for the foreseeable future. they'll have plenty of memories to rely on. >> i'm thinking back to other shows that i've been here, the energy and the other bands that have played and how fun it was. >> while this is the last show here in the library, the d.c. punk archives says it will have shows in the future it's just trying to determine the place. >> really, the last place you think would be hip is the library. >> i was getting ready to say i wonder if they could feel it upstairs, feel the beat. >> people are coming in be drums, and guitars and symbols. good stuff. tonight we're losing a
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member of our team. >> he's moving on to a job noble and essential. helping our wounded vets. we're talking about our service dog in training. monday our colleague will take him back to warrior k9 connections where he will ultimatelily be paired with a wounded warrior. for the past 20 months she's trained him for his next mission. at her side he's trained a lot of fans. there he is. pink floyd's roger waters. boy the list goes on and on. he is quite a dog. just ask his namesake marine corporal who was wounded serving in iraq. >> he's the whole package, sweet, hand some, beautiful inside and out. >> he's reminded us all of the service, the sacrifice, and the on going needs of our veterans. we will keep you posted when we know
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headed. >> we also want to introduce you to deon wiggins tonightn't he's a photojournalist on our wusa9 squad. >> chris is the guy who saves your life. >> he and all of us hope his story could save lives. that's on the way next. topper? >> going to start feeling like february. looks like temperatures will be in the 20 and is 30s to start tomorrow. then 30s by 9:00. the winds pick up at noon. temperatures only 37 to 41. we'll come back and talk about the windchills, you might be surprised how low they say tomorrow. and we'll look ahad had eto the possibility of a -- we'll look ahead to the possibility of
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this next story could save your life or the life of a loved one. heart disease kills more men and women in the united states than any other condition. 17 million to be exact. >> so we're committed to inspiring you to change your life so that you don't become a statistic. we're calling our initiative heart love. more on that in just
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but first bruce johnson getting personal. >> maybe you're thinking you're too young. the fact is younger men and women can also have heart attacks. i was only 42 when i went into cardiac arrest while on assignment. a video editor, a husband and father, collapsed and died as he headeded out for a jog one morning. then there's the channel 9 cameraman, also a father and husband. he had a heart attack on the job just last month. none of us were sick, so we thought. >> trouble breathing, northbound 295. in the area of the pentagon. >> we got a call a little before 9:00 that morning. it went out for a man that was driving a vehicle along 395 the storm tracker was experiencing chest pain along with trouble breathing. >> no history of heart problems. >> he's talking about channel 9 cameraman deon wiggins. it was january 3rd, and deon was in cardiac arrest. parked on the side o
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morning rush hour. >> how'd he look when you first saw him? >> fear, scared. i felt the energy, i just looked at, he just was scared. >> honestly i just start saying, god help me. god help me, i kept saying that. >> deon's day started out as any other. part of the wusa9 morning team he reported for work at 2:45 a.m. >> it's raining hard, and i get out with the camera to get video. and i start to feel a little funny. >> that funny feeling turned to acute pain. >> the pain was stretching from my stomach then started getting up into my chest area. then i started getting short breaths. and i started to sweat. and i did like this, so i was like this ain't right. i just kept going this ain't right. t
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celebrated his 50th birthday. he had shown up with a flashing head dress to mark the half century. >> the right half went numb and i picked up the phone, and put my code in and dialed 911. >> the arlington county fire and ems dispatcher kept him on the cell until help arrived. >> he was in distress. >> christopher abrams and the arlington county rescue team got deon stabilized then transported to george washington university hospital in d.c. >> they found what he found, that he had a severe blockage and they were going to try to open that up. >> you get to the hospital, what was the diagnosis? >> you had blockages in three arteries? >> one of my main arteries on the right side was completely blocked. >> that's called the widow maker, thas
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that alone could have killed you. >> deon's wife car ren got a call from the hospital. >> they said are you deon's wife i said i am. they said are you aware he's in the emergency room i said no. they said he is we have him on the table. i said what do you mean,they said he's had a massive heart attack, and he has a blockage we have to fix it right away. i said i'll be right there. >> he was not able to return to work when he paid us a visit last week. >> you don't look that bad. >> don't lie. >> how are you feeling? >> feeling good man. >> how are you looking at this? >> i'm looking at this as a second chance. this is chris. >> how are you doing chris? >> chris is the guy who saved your life. >> oh my god. >> oh wow. >> my pleasure. >> oh wow. wow. >> thanks, man. >> glad to seeou
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>> oh man. wow. >> how's the world treating you? >> oh man, good. >> i'm sorry may i give you a hug please? thank you so much. >> any time we're here for you guys. >> how often do you get a chance to go back to somebody that you helped save? >> not often enough. >> i'm just glad that you guys knew exactly what to do. because i felt that it was like it was over. >> deon began the cardiac rehabilitation program this week. there will be lifestyle changes, diet, exercise. consider this every 34 seconds someone in this country dies from a heart attack. i'm bruce johnson, wusa9. >> deon started hits cardiac rehab today. he looks good. and we got a chance to meet chris, who helped to save him. we all just sort of swarmed him
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so grateful that they were able to spring into action and deon is still here. >> can't wait until we see him back here everyday on the job. one thing i really take away from that is if you don't feel right make the call. sometimes you can pass off a feeling of it'll go away, nobody is going to yell at you or you'll get in trouble if you call 911 and it turns out everything is fine. you don't get in trouble for that. >> deon and your family we're hear for you. >> february 8 we're partnering to provide free heart health screenings. >> we want to make sure this doesn't happen to anybody else. find out where on our app or website, search for heart love. and for those of you in maryland and d.c. we'll be holding heart love screenings in your area later this month. let's go to topper with the forecast. e
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called. and a lot of times men are stubborn. >> but he knew. >> he was smart. i'm giving him full credit. if someone else is out there, it's not indigestion, make the call. i was going to tinker with this last night, i didn't. >> you know when you tinker something goes wrong. >> i didn't so we had a bull's eye. look at that. i was going to go 51. i'm sticking to my guns going to go 50. both computer models were going 53 yesterday. i threw that out, i thought it was too high. i'm going to go 43 tomorrow. both models going 45 i think that's too high. 47 as high as it's been today. still a pretty cold air mass what you would expect quite frankly for february. bus stop temperatures 22 to 36. blustery tomorrow. so even though we're talking low 40s, upper 30s in the burbs. leesburg north and west windchills in the 2
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so cold and dry on saturday. but more sunshine and less wind. then sunday a sprinkle, i may have to take the flurry out. sunday looks better and better, looks like more and more sun. temperatures flirting with 50 on super bowl sunday. so your party plans are safe. so for your travel, i don't know about your party plans, maybe they're not safe. a fair amount of clouds, 26 in frederick. by 9:00 we're still in the upper 20s to mid-30s i think we're a little overblown on the cloud cover. even down in southern maryland temps around freezing. by lunchtime 35 in frederick, 31 in hagerstown. these are not windchill, these are actual temps. and by 10:00 friday night you have plans fine take a heavy coat and scarf 27 by 10:00 i
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gatithersburg. it will be a cold night. some folks may get in the teens tomorrow night. this is the forecast for windchills. 10:00 tomorrow morning it's going to feel like it's 30. but feels like it's in the 20s in the suburbs. by noon feels like it's 32 downtown. by 3:00 34. dress for the 20s and low 30s tomorrow. by 6:00 feels like it's 32 downtown. on the day planner, downtown starts out at 32 and holds in the 30s. maybe we get to 40 by about 1:00, by lunchtime. winds begin to pick up in the afternoon. saturday cold but again less wind more sun, not bad. and just chilly on sunday, 48. you could play golf on sunday if you really wanted to iuppose. next seven days, look at monday, play golf on monday, mid-50s. rain on tuesday 60. rain showers ending on wednesday then a little bit colder next sunday back in the low 40s. but it is a
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like snow. >> listen there are a lot of people who are feeling for you. >> if they could. >> and if you like playing golf. >> so my friend, we are in uncharted territory. the wizards going for 16 in a row. and could they keep this winning streak at home alive. lakers the wizards next victim, got the details ahead in sports.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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that's germane fouler in his debut tonight on the cbs comedy superior donuts. and you didn't need any help with social media, twitter lit up during this first episode tonight. nancy tweeted it's a keeper. ryan is on board too posting every neighborhood needs a superior donuts in it. and melissa had a little love for our local star,
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superior donuts and it's hilarious. >> now game on sports. >> this wizards basketball team is a lot of fun. they're a team to root for, good bunch of guys, good coach and it's all coming together as they went for 16 in a row at home tonight versus the lowly los angeles lakers. a team that the wizards should win. john wall rocking those special chinese new year's uniforms. 4th quarter wall hustles to get the loose ball and the lakers forgetting to play defense, wide open three. wiz wins, that's 16 straight wins at home. meantime the mystic making some wins, picking up the best female player on the planet. she th
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third ranked at purdue tonight. turns win 8turps win 58-70. we are counting down to super bowl li this sunday. if you are undecided on who to root for maybe this video will sway you. >> all right. >> say go falcons. >> go falcons! >> how are you enjoying this so far? >> we're enjoying the experience a whole bunch. >> go falcons. >> you've got it down. >> say go falcons! >> go falcons! >> go falcons. >>
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let's tack about the forecast for tomorrow. >> tomorrow really isn't golfable, it's a little breezy, 43. then cold on saturday, and sunday near 50. maybe a sprinkle. and 50s monday and wednesday. it will rain on tuesday. but it's 60. would you swap 60 for some rain, i thought so. >> on the one hand the man is upset because it's not snowing, on the other he's got more golf in this winter than anyone. >> can't
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