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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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offices are finding the gang members, the drug dealers, and the criminal aliens and throwing them the hell out of our country. [ applause ] >> we will not let them back in. they're not coming back in, folks. >> the president reached back to the campaign to criticize some of hillary clinton's remarks. and he doubled down on anonymous sources and the media. >> and i want you all to know that we are fighting the fake news. it's fake, phony, fake. a few days ago, i called the fake news the enemy of the people. and they are. they are the enemy of the people. >> president trump told the gathering of conservatives that the movement that he built during the campaign, represents the future of the republican party. outside the convention today. president trump's appearance at
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cpac drew protestors and pranksters. scott broom is at the scene. >> reporter: well, the pranksters here, printed up and handed out little flags with president trump's name on it. some unknowingly waved it. >> small groups of protestors, in front of the gaylord national convention center. but at this event, c pac members and protestors, toned it down enough to actually discuss issues like obama care. here's an example of the exchanges. >> i don't think it should be repealed until there is a replacement plan in place. >> sure. >> for some, it all came off like a refreshing breeze of civility. >> we all live in the united states together. and we all call this place home. and we love the united states. but i think that's common ground we can find with anyone. pe never underestimate the
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trump speech left some speechless. talking unity. >> talked about putting america first. talked about that a lot. >> i thought it was the most unifying thing i've ever experienced. >> it's like the kid's hat says, he's going to make america great again. >> reporter: at least some americans are able to talk about their political differences without screaming at each other. at national harbor, scott broom, wusa 9. >> today, the white house blocked several big news organizations from covering an informal press briefing. those included cnn, new york times, politico and buzz feed. the white house said it decided to add a couple of additional media beyond the pool. reports out tonight say some organizations walked out in support of those blocked. and some who attended the briefing said they weren't aware at the time that some journalists have been blocked. president trump's predecessor grew a big crowd today in new york
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was spotted leaving a building in downtown manhattan. and climbing into his motorcade. the obamas have kept a low profile since leaving the white house last month. we now know the name of the suspect shot and killed last night in washington. he is 47-year-old timothy lionel williams. and here's what police say led up to that shooting. by a witness and posted to twitter. they say williams was armed. ran from us and got into a struggle. two officers were shot. but there's still a lot we don't know. debra alfarone breaks it down for us live where this happened. deb? >> well, lesli. acting police chief peter new credit -- newsham says this t is body-worn cameras. they say if you just lelie on that, it doesn't tell you all of the story. [ gunshot ] >> reporter: two officers are beov
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a suspect, wearing white shoes. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: two shots are fired. >> whatever you have seen so far is incomplete. >> reporter: acting police chief peter newsham says this video is just part of the investigation. he said this all started when officers stopped the suspect they had heard about earlier gunshots in the neighborhood. but we don't know who fired first and who shot whom. >> it appears that only one of our officers fired their weapon at this time. >> newsham says the suspect fired his gun, too. he wants people to see all the video and have all the facts before jumping to conclusions. and even himself. >> that would be irresponsible on my part to make any call, regarding whether or not it was justified or not. that's what the investigation is for. >> one officer is out of the hospital. the other is still in there. newshamnewsham says both are going to be
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plus veterans -- year veterans on the force and they normally patrol this area of trinidad. >> those officers have been placed on routine administrative leave. video of that police shooting was recorded by darren watson. he tells wusa 9, he had just parked his car in the trinidad neighborhood, moments before the first gunshots were fired. watson said he stayed in a car, rolled down his car window, and this is what he captured. watson grew up in d.c. and has witnessed shootings before. but never one that ended up like this. >> watch that with my own eyes. i think that probably shot me. because the thing is, looking at him, looking at me. now he's dead. >> reporter: watson said he started recording the shooting because he wanted the truth to be captured on video. the candlelight vigil now planned for tonight, for an engineer from india, gunned down
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authorities are investigating whether the shooting is a hate crime. witnesses told police last night, the shooter used racial slurs and yelled "get out of my country" before he opened fire. a second engineer from india was wounded along with a good samaritan who tried to stop the shooter. the suspect is now charged with first-degree murder. confirming what many in tampa's muslim community always suspected. somebody set fire to their mosque this morning. the case is being investigated as a possible hate crime. the fire started at the door to the prayer hall. investigators say the sprinkler system kept the flames from entering the building. a string of nice weather, going to come to an end, just in time for the weekend. >> chief meteorologist topper shutt has more on today's yellow weather alert. but for now, we can just enjoy the goodness. >> tonight is going to be great. but tomorrow afternoon, a different story. let me take you through this. this is 10:00 tomorrow on future cast. temps in the 60
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so if you want to do stuff tomorrow morning. a little jog. quick 18. get it in early. by 11:30, showers begin to form, right along i-81. and by 2:00, they're pretty much in our western bushes. gaithersburg, fairfax. as they cros 95, they get very -- cross 95, they get very heavy. especially down into southern maryland. we could see strong, gusty winds for those. we'll come back and let you know if we broke any record highs today. and have an update on the cherry blossoms after this.
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the u.s. is keeping a close eye on important news making headlines around the world tonight t. appears iran -- it appears iran is honoring the conditions of a nuclear deal it struck with six major powers. it is well below its enriched uranium. investigators say iran is not producing weapons-grade uranium, which could be used to produce a nuclear warhead. you know the brother of kim jong-un? it's a powerful toxin, called dx. officials sound swabs taken from his eyes. two women who smeared the poison on his face is in custody. north korea is refusing to cooperate with the investigation. this is the dev station left behi
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devastation left behind from this morning's car bombing. turkish forces drove isis militants out of the region. but the fighters still have a strong grip on neighbors towns. so far, the terrorist group has not claimed responsibility for the attack. a taxi driver from woodbridge gets 11 years in brison -- prison for trying to help a friend join isis. prosecutors say 26-year-old mahmoud elhassan offered himself on line as a sleeper cell. the fbi arrested him in a sting operation last year. after he drove himself to an airport in richmond. that friend was arrested and sentenced to 8 1/2 years in prison. we have a big ruling in the sex assault case of bill cosby. he's charged with drugging and molesting former employee andrea constance at her home, make that 2005. prosecutors have been asking the judge to let 13
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alleged victims testify this summer. but today, a judge ruled that only one may actually take the stand. coming up, new video of bao bao's new life in china. find out what breeders say she is refusing to eat. an arlington teacher, accused of sexually abusing his
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new information tonight about the falls church city teacher, charmed with sex -- charged with sexually assaulting two 6th grade girls in the classroom. jose estrada is now under investigation in manassas park. that's where he worked before teaching at falls church. also worked in manassas and fairfax county schools. there were similar complaints against him in those districts. she also said the falls church middle school told estrada to never be alone with children. >> i think if he had to coach him to begin with, they're aware of the problem and he shouldn't be working there. >> estrada was denied bond in court today. you might remember the name brian vigna, but there are many in the gaming community who really know him. 35-year-old virginia beach father was 22 hours into
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he dropped dead sunday. it was live streaming. so they raised money for the make a wish foundation. police say he had stepped away for a cigarette break when he died. >> wow. how do you plan to spend your tax refund? a single mother in south carolina took a picture of what she did with hers. and that post went viral on facebook. >> christina knack received $6600 back from the irs. she wrote that instead of buying her young children, the latest jordans or fancy electronics. she paid her rent for a year. cristina added that it's a roof over her kids head that is important. and she'll have that $464 a month to do things with him instead. as of this morning, the post has been shared more than 100,000 times. >> she know what is is important. >> that's right. cat owners can relate to this next story. a kitten is somehow got caught in the middle of a busy
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trooper who happens to have a cat, too, knew exactly what to do. >> it didn't -- it wasn't aggressive. didn't hiss, didn't meow. so i just took the chance and just reached out for it to pet it and grab it by the neck, like a mother cat would do. >> the trooper says he wrapped the cat in a blanket and took it to a rescue shelter. he's not sure whether the cat has a home or if it was left intentionally on the highway. the cat was hurt, but not badly. now, the trooper was thinking about adopting it. he says he might name it freeway or 8, because he figures that's how many lives it has left. bao bao appears to be enjoying her new life in china. this is video taken today of the national zoo's 3-year-old giant panda, getting used to her new enclosure. bao bao will split time between the outdoor area, and a smaller inside, while she's there for a
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she understands channeleds in china. she's got to adapt to eating local bamboo and chinese-style bread. and right now, she is not feeling that bread. she's throwing it aside. breeders say bao bao is in good health. but she seems a little nervous in her indoor habitat. which we can understand. >> absolutely don't blame her. >> lotslots to say. focus on your heart's health. and today is your chance to help others do the same thing. >> we're collecting heart healthy, nonperishable food at area wal-mart stores. and our andrea roane is live in calvert county to explain what we need. hi. >> reporter: hi there, lesli. hi, bruce. we are at prince frederick county wal-mart. it is going very well. so well, the bin is so full, we had to get an additional cart to catch some of the donations that people are making. i'm here with gugr
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guzzy, -- gussy, why? >> because i'm a mother of three sons. and i knew what it was like to have rough times. and because of that, i would like to give back to the community. >> we appreciate that sentiment. and go ahead and put it right into the basket. again, we're looking for nonperishable food items. theythings that can last in the pantry. i'm here with sheritta. she's the manager for wal-mart. what stores can they go to, besides prince frederick. >> they can join us at fort to then, prince frederick, chantilly. >> one thing people might not think of as nonperishable is that gallon jug right there. >> this gallon jug of water here is nonperishable. it is our wal-mart brand. >> gotta plug the wal-mart brand. but you're helping the community. everything donated to the area food pantries.
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is sending a lot of people your way, andrea. thank you. >> good stuff. all going to come to an end. >> well, it is. but this weather -- already out. van ness street. take a picture of bethesda. so we actually have an update from the national park service. they're in what they call stage 1, green bud stage right now. that occurred essentially today. earliest it's been in seven years. get to go through all of these stages. then given the past history, they can either be in peak bloom two weeks from now, or four weeks from now. we think more like two weeks. earliest could be march 13th. i put this on our facebook and website. i would try to get in here, between the 14th and 21st of march. the earliest peak, march 15th. we are going to challenge that
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record high, 79. martinsburg, dulles, baltimore, 78 downtown. we claim close. 77 downtown. and 77 in martinsburg. so no record today. but plenty toasty. remember, if it were this much above average in the summer, we would be about 115, 114. live look outside. 67 now. feels like it's may and june. with the clouds and the south wind going to stay warm tonight. reality check. 69. 52 on sunday, which is going to feel more like the 30s and 40s. which is going to make that drop even more noticeable. mid-50s monday. near 60 tuesday. and low 60s wednesday. and a little unsettled next week. we need the rain and we're going to see some showers much of next week. partly cloudy, warm tonight. just a stray shower. yellow weather alert for thunderstorms in the afternoon. critical times, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. brief, heavy rain and strong winds are possible as the front goes through. 10:00 tonight, no worries. temps in the 60s. by 7:00. you can still get some stuff done ou
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develop. you know, cumberland to romney. they move pretty quickly eastward. again, a skinny line. it will be a brief period of rain and showers. boom, by 12:30. knocking on leesburg. look at this. upper 60s, still. then right in the heart of the metro. already clearing, back in the shenandoah. but as we cross 95. look at what happens here. look at all the red. you folks in prince george's county. and folks in southern maryland. could have severe weather. certainly, strong, gusty winds. stay off of the water tomorrow. day planner. almost 60 to start. 68 by 1:00 with showers and thunderstorms already. now, sunday again. blustery, 52. more showers on monday and 54. next seven days, showers on tuesday and wednesday, to then we clear out a little on thursday and friday, with temperatures back into the 50s. >> talking to a legendary coach. >> one of the legends in
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area. recently calling it a career. we talked to good council's bob malloy and foind found out how he filled in to coaching. and it lasted 50-
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now, wusa 9, game on sports with frank hanrahan, brought to you by xfinity. >> one of the great high school football coaches decided. bob malloy said it's time to hang up the whistle. it's part of game on varsity. malloy. he's maryland's all-time winningest high school foll
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he started his coaching career as an assistant in 1967. served as the head coach at whitman before he got to good council in 2001. >> i went to maryland as a -- as a business meeting. and i was just discussing, you know, what am i going to do? i really didn't know. and all of a sudden, this opportunity came up to coach these kids. and boy, it just got into your -- just got into your blood. i've been doing it ever since. >> best of luck to him. all right. let's catch up to swimming sensation, katie ledecky. now at stanford. and you guessed it. no one is catching her in the cool. ledecky, only a freshman at stanford, winning the 500 meters last night. setting a new american and ncaa record in the process. three more years of domination. then we'll see -- she's going to be back in the next olympics
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>> and when she comes home, tell her to come see us. >> yeah. come on down. >> just leaves everybody in the dust. and is just a class act. really. >> we've all got issues. >> probably the next olympics, too, after that. >> yeah. she's got the talents for it -- talent for it. oops ready for the change. 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. a little diagnosisy. some of them, hefty tomorrow afternoon. then there's our reality check, low 50s. dress in the 30s and 40s. showers, monday, tuesday, and wednesday. nothing crazy heavy. and quite frankly, we need the rain. looking at the warmest february. and driest february. >> hey. >> see. he makes house calls. >> cbs is next. >> bruce will be back at 7:00. the rest of us will
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